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James Wesley Howell Says He Was Not a CIA Patsy

March 23, 2018

There has been speculation that James Wesley Howell was a CIA patsy who was supposed to attack the gay pride parade in Santa Monca June 12, 2016, but sought protection when he learned that his CIA teammate Omar Mateen was killed in Orlando the same day.  

Michael Herzog of RBN alerted me to the following:

In a 25-minute telephone interview Thursday with Rudy Davis, of, a Texas Christian prison ministry, Howell says he is not a patsy. He is in prison for gun-related charges, most of which are unique to California. 

He says he has been gay all his life and is taking hormones to transition to a woman. "I don't look anything like my pictures anymore."  He says his intention was to "attend Pride as a gay gun owner."   He says the Santa Monica Police Chief, Jacqueline Seabrooks, who retired in May 2017, started the rumor he was on his way to attack the parade.

He says he was offered a 7-year plea-deal but is holding out for four years since he has already served two years and would be able to walk soon since it would be cut in half. He is segregated with other gay prisoners and has not been mistreated except when another prisoner broke his nose. He is writing a book. He says no lawyer will touch his case for less than $20,000 and he is considering a gofundme campaign for this purpose.

Apparently, the story that he was a CIA patsy promoted by the now-defunct getoffthebs website was disinformation. This included an elaborate story of seeing Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin at a CIA mass shooter training camp, which may have been designed to discredit them. He says he was never interviewed by "lawyer" "Brenda Carpion" who supposedly was badly beaten and left in a dumpster after the interview. 

While I am inclined to believe him, if his case is so innocuous it does seem strange that he is being held on a $2 million bail and has been in jail for 21 mos without a trial.  It is also strange that his arrest occurred on the same day as the Orlando attack. Also, his Public Defender refused to provide any information and quit her job. His current PD did not respond to inquiries. No one volunteered the facts of this case. He waited for 21 mos to clarify his status. 

I believe Howell but I am mindful that he would have to deny the original speculation to save his life. 

The whole patsy story may have been a fraud. I was taken in, with the very best of intentions because most mass shootings are staged for political purposes.  Not sure what purpose this patsy story fulfilled.  Perhaps it was simply an attempt by getoffthebs to get clicks or to discredit conservative Internet voices. 

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First Comment by FS

James Wesley Howell: a life-long, career gay, transitioning to total transgender, intending to "attend Pride as a gay gun owner"; yet already locked up for 21 months and facing a 7-year prison stretch with bail bond set at $2,000,000 on gun-related charges and no lawyer willing to champion such a politically correct, career-advancing case for less than $20,000????? 

By rights, you'd think they'd give this iconic folk hero the keys to the city and make him mayor.

Sounds more like desperate, 11th-hour damage control for the inconvenient truths leaked out in the first story. 

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Comments for "James Wesley Howell Says He Was Not a CIA Patsy "

George said (March 23, 2018):

Doesn't look anything like his pictures any more?

Maybe dead.

Tony B said (March 23, 2018):

The government has had this guy for going on two years. I am inclined to believe the original story, not this confused, extremely unrealistic baloney.

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