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Who's Still Afraid of James Wesley Howell?

March 12, 2018

(Howell was being set up to be a patsy but turned himself in instead. He hasn't committed a crime.)

Latest- Howell Calls from LA Jail - Not a Patsy 

As of today, James Wesley Howell has been in jail 21 months without a trial.
He could expose the Deep State false flags once and for all.  But cowardly Americans are afraid to get the truth.  Every scam requires a willing dupe. We have 330 million of them in the US, gradually committing collective suicide.

Everyone is afraid of James Wesley Howell. His Public Defender quit her job.

Then there's the CIA. The MSM. Alex Jones. Jeff Rense. David Icke. False flag expert Kevin Barrett, G. Edward Griffin, Robert David Steele, Gordon Duff.  American Free Press. The ACLU. Judicial Watch. Tucker Carlson & the mass media. Every criminal lawyer in LA. None will reach out to Howell or champion his cause. 
What a shithole country!

21 months ago, June 12, 2016, Howell, 21, was arrested in Santa Monica CA with a small arsenal of weapons and bombs. A leaked story emerged that he was a CIA-sponsored "terrorist" assigned to attack the gay pride parade. (This was the same day as the Orlando nightclub attack.) He realized he was being double-crossed and surrendered to local police before he could be murdered. 
In the 20 mos since his arrest, he has not been tried. No one has tried to get his side of the story or offer support. He has rotted in jail (location below article) while his trial is continually postponed. Is there no one in LA with the courage to reach out to him? He didn't actually commit any crime. 20-year-olds make mistakes. 

(Updated from August 27, 2016) 
by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

James Wesley Howell is the smoking gun that proves terror events worldwide are sponsored by intelligence agencies. He asked Santa Monica police for protection June 12, the morning of the Orlando "massacre."  He told them he was supposed to bomb the gay pride parade but had backed out when he learned Omar Mateen had been killed in Orlando. He said he had trained with Mateen at a CIA camp in Virginia.

Police found items no freelance or ISIS terrorist would be able to assemble: "He had twenty-five (25) pounds of Shoc-Shot, an explosive used for blowing up targets by high-velocity bullets most likely to cause a crowd widespread panic, and a possible escape by assailants in smoke and mass confusion. The two components needed to make the Shock-Shot explosive had been mixed. Howell had an Anderson Manufacturing AM-115 .223- high velocity round caliber rifle. The rifle had a round in its chamber and additional rounds in a 30-round magazine attached to it. Another 30-round magazine was taped to the rifle. He had a .30-06 bolt-action rifle with a round in its chamber, and a high velocity .22-caliber Ruger semi-automatic pistol. He had a mass murdering commando assassin's arsenal."

The FBI swept in and took charge of Howell. Since then, there has been barely a word about his case in the media, proof that he was telling the truth.  Most disturbing is that both the mass media and alternative media won't touch this story. No lawyer or advocacy group has taken up his case.  It proves that the American people are complicit in the charade that is the "war on terror." They are accomplices at best; victims of Stockholm syndrome at worst. 

Howell's latest inmate information is below the comments. He has pleaded not guilty.  His Public Defender is Angelo Tarallo 310-727-6232   If you learn anything, please contact me at

Other possible sources of information:

Law enforcement: 

Sean Carney  Assn't District Attorney LA County      Phone    213-257-2226         Email:

FBI Spokesperson Laura Eimiller (310) 420-6441

Santa Monica detective Dereck Leone (310) 458-8949 who arrested Howell. 

Mainstream Media who initially covered the story and went silent:

Mathew Hall - Editor Santa Monica Daily Press  310-573-8350 

Michael Anthony Adams Reporter at Indianapolis Star  (317) 444-6123. 

It is mind-boggling that NO ONE in the mainstream media has followed up on this case.  It is heart sickening that no one in the alternative media has followed up, not even G. Edward Griffin who first headlined the story. He has since erased the story from his site. I have written 4-5 alternative media types and also didn't get a reply. 

Let's get off the bs did follow up. What they found, if true, was bigger than Watergate:  Howell Implicates Hillary, CIA in False Flags, Trump Assassination The website is now shut down. There is some question whether they were legit. There is no record of a visitor. But why would the deep state implicate itself? 

Where is American Free Press, Gordon Duff, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Michael Rivero and the hundreds of other websites that pretend to present the truth? Have all these people been warned? (Where are Russia Today and Iran's Press TV?) Happy to see this article comes up on google under "James Wesley Howell." 

This is a sign that the country is paralyzed by fear.  It remains for ordinary citizens to demand information from the authorities. If you live in Los Angeles, I'm asking you to visit James Wesley Howell and offer moral support. Other terrorist suspects get intense media scrutiny. The fact that Howell is being largely ignored suggests the leaked story may be correct. 

Our fate is bound up in his. JWH is our best chance to prove that the government is waging a terror war against its own citizens. If he is allowed to "commit suicide" or slip down the memory hole, that war will continue. 

Have we forgotten that more than 3000 innocent people died on 9-11? Their murderers have not been brought to justice. They are holding James Wesley Howell prisoner today. His life is in danger.  How many more people must die before the real CIA terrorists are stopped? 


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First Comment from Gary:

"Where is Gordon Duffy, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Michael Rivero and the hundreds of other websites that pretend to present the truth? Have all these people been warned? (Where are Russia Today and Iran's Press TV?)"

This is a valid and very profound question. Considering some of the volatile subject matters covered by these Alternative News sources, I think we can remove any possibility of them being threatened (warned). However, it poses a bigger and darker question: Are Gordon Duffy, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Michael Rivero and hundreds of other websites just pretending to present ALL of the truth?  Are these alternative news sources merely Government-controlled opposition to give the illusion of high-profile, internet Patriots seeking the truth?

I remember when this story broke shortly after the Gay Night Club incident in Florida. The unanswered questions in Florida seemed to mimic the ruse of another false flag -- the same stratagem was reflected with James Wesley Howell. It shows that the War on Terror is totally bogus and that many of the "alleged" terrorists are Government-trained/financed patsies.

LASD bannerThis information was current as of: 03/12/2018 07:45 PST)


Booking No.: 4679768       Last Name: HOWELL       First Name: JAMES       Middle Name: WESLEY 

Sex: M       Race: W       Date Of Birth: 03/31/1996       Age: 20       Hair: BRO       Eyes: BLU       Height: 600       Weight: 170 

Charge Level: F   (Felony)

Case No.Court NameCourt AddressCourt CityBail Amt.Fine Amt.Court DateSent. DateSent. Day(s)Disp Code
SA********   2,000,000.00 .00 04/04/2018   

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Comments for "Who's Still Afraid of James Wesley Howell? "

Amber said (March 16, 2018):

Absolutely agree with Joe’s every word (comment March 13) and resonate with also wishing to get over to another star system entirely! It is tragic and heartbreaking to see this beautiful, breath-taking Planetary paradise created for Humanity alone and for Humanity’s ongoing conscious evolution [good stewards of the Planet (Bible) as well as conscious co-creators with God—“khalifah” in Islam] being run and ruined by certifiably insane billionaires and psychopaths—who were never meant to inhabit and dominate our present, nor our future, and certainly neither our collective destiny.

Given James Wesley Howell’s predicament, do we know how far down the rabbit hole really is? Here are some ways of the making of a patsy, suicide bomber, or whatever:

Just peruse down through the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Florida (in the link given above) and know that this is no time to cower or retreat from the truth of the so-called Deep State and its diabolically evil agencies. Shine the light as hard as you can—unafraid—and all that is Evil will retreat. That is the Law of Good and Evil. However, what is required of us to make it happen:

On the authority of Abu Saeed al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say, “Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then [he must change it ] with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then [he must change it] with his heart. And that is the slightest [effect of] faith.” (Recorded in Muslim)

Looks like Henry you are doing all three. You are a true, brave and good Human being, God bless.

Allen M said (March 13, 2018):

You are absolutely correct-it is an SH-HOLE place.
No one NO ONE desires eyes to ears to hear...a heart that is DEAD as well as BRAIN DEAD.
I have tried and FAILED many times to reach out and try to wake them up.A few confided that the NEW AGE oath taken was "ever conceal and never reveal".
Riding their masonic hobby horse into eternal damnation & oblivion.
The "US" is end-time Babylon-located on the small horn called "BABYLON" conveniently located 22 miles from NYC.
The US is GREAT BRITAIN doing "business" as the "united states"....
Never ever makes nor justifies any of the unrelentingly planned evil...but in every way enables EVIL to be carried out. ( EVIL NEVER HAPPENS BY ITSELF)
Thanks Henry for keeping this in the spotlight.
the tragedy is obvious...Babylon quite literally destroys itself. The Babylonian tower if countless 666 LIES is about to complete its fall-and what it has SOWN will be REAPED.

Peter G said (March 13, 2018):

Henry it's because you cover stories like this when no one else does that we know you're legit.

I think what needs to happen here is that we should re lyric the song that they wrote about Nelson Mandela and we should call it "Free James Wesley Howell" I'll make a start with one of the lyrics it goes something like this "21 months in captivity are we so blind that we cannot hear his plea"

Now everyone else carry it on
Lets get a video out

Al Thompson said (March 13, 2018):

You said; " What a shithole country! "

The men of Western Civilization, for the most part with few exceptions, have been so femininized by the school system and the media that they cannot stand up to the injustice. Which leaves the one who would like to help people like this with no backup support. Clint Eastwood calls it the "pussy generation."

I've been rejected by friends and family for standing up against the lies of the government so I have a lot to say and have experienced this myself. The tendency of the people is to support the government no matter if that support breaks the moral order which God created. If the people would make their judgments using morality, there would be no government. The government exists completely outside of the moral order.

The attorneys are scared shitless because if they put up a proper defense for this young man, they would bite the hand that feeds them. Attorneys are liars by trade and they are worthless in any kind of defense like this one.

This young man is going to get steamrolled. Just remember, when anyone goes to court, they are entering a process that is completely demonic and unfortunately, this is what this young man is going to experience.

He is going to be legally fornicated. This is a good example of why all people should stay away from the government. If they work for the government, then they should quit. The government has no value to society. I would say the same thing about the religions too.


Thanks Al

The US had a government that allows elected reps to sell themselves to the highest bidder. But it is possible to have a government that actually serves the electorate.


JG said (March 13, 2018):

We are no longer about truth and justice as a nation. And, I don't know whether we really were for too long if at all since colonial times.

America has been blessed over the years with great courageous people who put their lives ahead of their own personal well being and security for truth and cause with the hopes of a justice that would follow.

Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain by a public and government who lacked the courage to finish what they started. Our personal comfort zone is far too precious to be put in the danger zone.

We all know who these great people were, I don't have to name them.

Our liberty has been taken away from us a little more each day and that's fine by us because it's delaying the inevitable on the installment plan.

Well, the fact of the matter is that we have now run out of time. We will soon be reaping what we have sown. And that whirlwind of corruption will be on our plate.

Joe said (March 13, 2018):

In reference to "Who's Still Afraid of James Wesley Howell?":

You said, "What a shithole country!"

You're 100% correct and I'm ashamed to be an American.
The majority are a bunch of patriotic, flag-waving idiots.

Almost every day I wish I were living on another planet
in another star system. That's how messed up this place
(the whole planet) is.

Keep smiling, laugh often, happy birthday, and I hope
you live another 68 years!


Thanks Joe

It's great to be a voice in the wilderness and get a response!


JC said (March 12, 2018):

A great article Henry. It is good to keep up the pressure. It is even more complicated in Howell's case because he is being held in the state of California - where the entire legal system is very corrupt.

The Howell case is not the only case where there has been a strong link of evidence and proof that false flags/authority conspiracy are real.

The Las Vegas massacre and the recent Parkland shooting also are extremely dubious incidents lacking official investigation or reasonable explanations. Which says a lot. If any real investigation was done in any of these it would be undeniable that these are covered up and implicate the authorities as not telling the truth and spreading lies. We know they are..we can guess why.

Those of us that have paid attention to Q Anon were assured by whoever Q is that silence on Las Vegas will not last forever. The FBI has profound corruption and has played a clear role in hiding, dragging its feet and obstructing real investigation in all three of these cases and many others. The FBI needs to be cleaned up or "smashed into a million pieces and scattered to the winds" before we can have any chance of getting to the truth.

Donald Trump knows this and he himself has had to watch the FBI spend over a year trying to find Russian collusion for a reason. Taking out the massive globalist corruption interweaved in the US requires a plan and the sequence is critical. It also required Trump building his patriot base within all these organizations and establishing trust before the purge can begin. Lots of potential critical whistleblowers within the FBI, US Intelligence including the CIA etc, have had to come to trust in Trump's motives and capabilities before they could tell the truth.

Steadily since elected there has been a very strong campaign to discover who is a dirty globalist and remove them. A safe and secure "sanctuary" had to be established and trust needed to be built to get those FBI and other good people to stretch their necks out and tell the truth. Meanwhile, the globalist traitors including James Comey have been threatening whistleblowers and sending messages to try to prevent their stronghold of corruption from crumbling.

Trump has succeeded massively using truly incredible and GOOD people to get rid of globalists one step at a time.

The mainstream media is next to go and social media platforms need to be ordered to stop their censorship games (IBOR). Once that space is weakened and clear.THEN time for FBI to go down..and by down..I MEAN PRISON.

TRUMP has all the orders and the stage is being set to begin the phase #3 and it will be awesome. It could well start within the week or by the end of March. Not sure. Globalists are on the run around the world now and CNN is dying fast. They continue to tell alarming and threatening lies about Trump - BUT THEY HAVE NO BITE. Leverage they used to have is gone.

So let's keep the pressure on but just like Trump pardoned a couple Navy guys charged with treason under crooked globalist Obama while Hillary was selling out the US - expect to see Howell and probably Cruz set free after a full purge and order is restored. I'm an optimist but I speculate by the end of 2018?

Lloyd said (June 28, 2017):

I re-read your article about James Wesley Howell. I think you are correct about the significance of his case. I continue to be astonished about the aversion of the mainstream and the alternative media towards this story. I have come to realize that it is nearly impossible to communicate with most people about what is really going on and what are the dark forces that are in control. I think one has to do a substantial amount of serious reading and analysis of the origins of the Deep State and the oligarchic banking families before you can grasp the depravity of the world we live in. Only then can you begin to contextualize seemingly random and individual events.

My own journey down the rabbit hole began with reading a book on the history of the current Japanese ruling family. In it was a chapter about the planned, decades long looting of Asian nations and colonies by the Japanese royal family. A great deal of the treasure was brought to the Philippines. This led me to a second book, "Gold Warriors," by the same author. The latter chapters are quite extraordinary and they document what happened to the treasure. Some of it served as seed money for the black accounts of the CIA which have been used for a whole range of illicit activities, from drug trafficking, organ trafficking, to regime toppling.

My point is that people are not wired to comprehend stories such as that of Mr. Howell, or that Hillary and Bill are CIA operatives with an intelligence community provided matched set of get out of jail free cards. Unless you know the depth and dimensions of the iceberg, you can't grasp the reality of individual outcroppings.

Gary said (June 13, 2017):

Why did he accept the weapons and explosives from the CIA, FBI, or whatever crap organization in the first place? You run from these bastards. He is learning a good lesson. Might be his last.

Al Thompson said (June 12, 2017):

This should be a good lesson for anyone to never, ever, get involved with the government at any level if at all possible. No good can come from working or contracting with the "government" which is nothing more than a private company that preys on innocent people.

From what I've read from the story, he was willing to blow up or bomb a lot of people in public and only turned himself in, not because of his conscience, but because he didn't want to be a scape goat or a patsy. So, no one is going to help someone like that and few people would want to defend him.

Blind loyalty to something called "the government" is one of the worst things a man can do. Young people are better off learning a trade that is actually productive than going to work for the government who are a group of liars, thieves, cheats, and murderers. I suggest that anyone who works for any government at any level, to quit and get a real job that is productive.

Robert K said (June 12, 2017):

You ask "why would the deep state implicate itself?" False stories and other diversionary tactics are constantly being used by the dark governing forces in order to both collect evidence on people's sentiments and mislead them into fruitless avenues of concern. Don't forget that half of their means of getting the results they want is "make-believe".

As for this case being "THE smoking gun", there are thousands of these. A recent one was Theresa May affirming after the latest incident in London that, "In terms of their planning and execution, the recent attacks are not connected." In stating this as a certain fact (there is no qualifying "It is believed that"), she is also, by unambiguous implication, stating that everything is known to her about the planning of these events. People should be asking how this could be possible unless government intelligence services are running the "terror".


DZ said (August 30, 2016):

2 days before the birth of my 1st niece, 3 buildings fell across the Upper Bay from my home on Staten.
15 yrs later...

"JWH is our *best chance* to prove that the government is waging a terror war against its own citizens."

My minds' boggled.

LC said (August 29, 2016):

Thank you for publicizing the strange case of James Wesley Howell. We must not forget this little "anomaly" that occurred on the road to Orlando, like the rest of the media apparently want us to do.

Like you, I am amazed that none of the "alternative" media has picked up this story. It really does make one wonder....

Sid Green said (August 29, 2016):

Do you realize, this is basically the last site to post real opposition information? All the others have been co opted by the Illuminati and turned into total disinformation which makes no sense to anyone who can read.

Maybe Jews get special slack, or maybe they realize mostly nobody believes this site except a very few amount of people. but I hope you can continue to expose the darkness...and be safe from it.

Chad said (August 29, 2016):

Comment regarding the other alternative media sites. They are busy focusing on Hillary and Trump as well as trying to promote products to fund their operations. JWH is out of the limelight. Could they be afraid of posting information about JWH? Possibly. But they do publish other things questionable to the System. We can’t expect the “hard core” handful to be ever present. Just keep hitting up all the sites. There’s a lot more than the ones mentioned in the article. Go after Activist Post, Common Sense Show, Another Day in the Empire, Boiling Frogs, The Free Thought Project, Truth Stream Media, The Anti-Media and the dozens of others.

Use this as an opportunity to promote and build other competitive alternative media sites. Keep the documentation going. It’s like tending a garden. Even if the guy ends up pushing daisies, we can still keep his memory alive and forever haunt his tormentors with pestering harassment.

Lois said (August 29, 2016):

Love it! You really called their bluff this time. It might even keep him alive. As reading your article the same thoughts were going through my mind....just where in the world are these 'investigative reporters' and how come they didn't know about this. HA! They know about it all right. They're just more of the same old pseudo reporters trying to make people believe how 'diligent' they are in getting
'breaking news' to the people. I really believe the average listener/viewer is on to them and if not let's hope your article brings this to their attention. Keep it up

Tony B said (August 28, 2016):

Why has there been dead silence with Henry Makow as the ONLY apparent media outlet asking questions? One mention at the outset and then down the memory hole is MSM, not alternative media. This event is a good separator of the true true tellers from the sellers of crisis, etc.

As "Mady" de Shismareff made it clear to me about 50 years ago, the great majority of leaders of "patriotic" organizations are false opposition. Especially those who get media coverage of any kind. I have personally seen small truly patriotic organizations, after they forced themselves into the media ONE TIME, immediately infiltrated and made worthless, usually by some brand new "gung ho patriot" volunteering for the job no one wants - secretary - who then worms his way into secretary/treasurer which becomes the control, if not the end, of the organization.

The enemies of free mankind know well how to control most anything by controlling the cash flow. That's why they have criminally bought a monopoly on "money" creation, world wide. Through it they now control all things at the heart of civilization. It is doubtful that this man in custody realizes these facts but his knowledge is nevertheless a true threat to the whole opaque Tower of Babel; therefore the media has been ordered to make of him a non person.

T said (August 28, 2016):

Lengthy list of military-sponsored mind- controlled murderers and some that time forgot. There us so much pride in the US that not many desire TRUTH.

Dan said (August 28, 2016):

Takes me back watching Lee Harvey Oswald's live press conference in Dallas on CBS. Oswald had a swollen black eye from being a beating. That's when yelled out "I'm a patsy!" and the Federal Marshals grabbed him and whisked him away.

I was only seven, but ever adult in America believed Oswald, not the government. Next time we saw Oswald on television two big big cops held him in place for Jack Ruby to shoot him - also on live TV.

Lee Harvey Oswald "I'm just a patsy"

I'm not surprised that no MSM reporter has followed up on Howell. They do what they're assigned. There have been hundreds of loose ends stories like this over the years. We're never going to hear what happened to this guy.

Al Thompson said (August 27, 2016):

I don't think anyone's fate is tied to his. Assuming this story is true, he stepped in it when he got involved with the Cocaine Importing Agency. Anyone who gets involved with any government agency is completely batshit crazy. If he went to some alleged "terrorist" camp then the question should be asked: Why? So, he was going to blow some people up but figured out he was going to be the patsy and changed his mind?

If he didn't know he was the patsy, would he have set off the bombs? This guy put himself in a very immoral position and he got bad results. Unfortunately, this man is in deep shit and the "authorities" are having a difficult time with this situation.

Young people should always stay away from any government operation. Remember the words of Henry Kissinger when he called military men "dumb animals." The govtards will use people and then throw them away when they are done with them.

Being involved with any government is like being involved in a street gang. There will be no happiness in life being a part of the government and to have a career in government is to be a big loser. Only dumb and immoral people work for the government and this is a perfect example of why one should stay away from it.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at