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April 12, 2018

Do women overeat because they are sexually frustrated?

This afternoon, I sat in the sunshine on a bench outside a small bakery.
(When you're 68, a bench, a cigar, and sunshine are all you need to be happy.
Sometimes there must be a cigarillo.)  For over an hour a steady stream 
of frumpy-looking women over 40 entered the shop and left with cake and pastry.

Just women, no men. They weren't fat, just blousy. Does Anonymous' explanation for female obesity (below)  apply?  

by Anonymous

In response to,
 Anonymous said:

The mind does 'substitutions'...

Here's a case study from a leading clinical psychologist:

A young woman married her sweetheart and after a couple of years she began to put on weight (she had never had a weight problem before marriage) and exercise and diet had little to no effect of reducing her growing size.

Eventually she ended up seeing a psychologist and he uncovered from her subconscious that her husband didn't 'completely' satisfy her sexual needs. She truly loved her husband and cheating to satisfy her 'sexual hunger' was out of the question.

So her subconscious created a substitute 'hunger' for food.

A food hunger is easy to satisfy, all you need to do is go to the fridge and eat!

Once the psychologist counseled her husband concerning his wife's needs and the husband acted accordingly then the wife's weight came right off (without diet/exercise) and she went back to her normal weight.

There is a myriad of such case studies of the mind creating substitutions for one reason or another.

I once read that ninety percent of male homosexuals have a 'difficulty/issue' with their father.

If this is true then I can easily see how the subconscious could create a need for a man to seek 'love' (albeit perverted) from another man as a substitute for a father's love.

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