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Latest Visit Leaves UK Ex-Pat in Despair

June 9, 2018


Left, The Muslims were brought in specifically to create division and social disorder. 

"Semper Castleton" is a British expat living in Thailand. 
He visited his mother in England and was shocked at
the changes he saw in British society. "The British are more
sheeplike than ever..they are beyond saving." 

by Semper Castleton 

What on earth is going on in UK today? 

The simple answer is that the people of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are controlled by fear and division ( divide and rule.)

People are in fear of losing their homes, their jobs and their reputations.
The Muslims were brought in specifically to create division and social disorder. There is even a Muslim Mayor of London and Government Home Secretary to legitimize the presence of the Islamic invasion. No coincidence whatsoever. 

Born in England during the 1950s, the writer left for foreign parts in 1989 with the knowledge that the UK was on the social decline, having read Eric Blair's 1984 and followed the prophetic words of Enoch Powell.

Both Mr. Eric and Mr. Enoch have proved to be correct. 

The second English civil war is just around the corner. The rivers of blood will flow eventually. 

The UK from 1950 up to 1990 was a relatively quiet period compared to 1990 to present day 2018. However, the twelve years rule (1979-1990) by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher completely and ruthlessly decimated the working class as the Tory Government sold off all the mining, shipbuilding and manufacturing industries. It was a very shameful period. 

Churchill was a liar. Then we had Thatcher. 

Thatcher did a fantastic destruction job and greatly pleased her Rothschilds masters. That was the start of the current UK austerity. People today have forgotten that Thatcher also sent hundreds of Argentine sailors to their deaths in 1982 during a pointless war for an island thousands of miles away from England. 

The 1982 Falklands War was a very costly distraction for some political stupidities.  It should be highlighted that any government prefers to control a population that is poor, living in fear and divided by religion or politics, compared to a population that is healthy and strong and educated.. 

The great 2001 New York 9-11 illusion and subsequent Iraq Wars gave the British Government an excuse to introduce greater powers for the Police to stop, search and retain  British people upon suspicion of terrorism. 

In Barcelona Spain 1995 the heads of all European governments colluded with Islamic countries to allow mass immigration of Muslims into Britain and Europe. Such measure simply amplified the threat of Islamic terrorism in UK.

The streets of UK in 2018 are no longer safe. 

Everything has been falling apart in UK. 

The quality of the British Government is a complete joke; from the management of Brexit to the Windrush people to the Grenfell Housing tragedy to the members of parliament simply lying through their teeth. 

More British people are poor and homeless.

The education system has imploded.

The health service is no longer adequate. 

The list of problems is endless.

But it is all deliberate to keep the people in fear. 

If people complain about anything or write to the editor of mainstream newspapers they lose their jobs. 

Well done to the Rothschilds and the many occult secret societies that want to destroy the UK to bring in the new order. 
Job done. No coincidence.
First Comment from Z

Britain's fate was sealed a lot longer ago than the article implies. It started with the English Civil War and the process has been unfolding throughout the years by intermarriages between the English nobility and their Jewish bankers. All of the world navies were financed by Jewish money - Venice, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Great Britain, the USA. One could literally trace the movement of the Jewish diaspora by following historically the rise and fall of these Navy military power empires.

I find it hilarious when English people try to take the credit for the biggest Empire in the world. I mean come on, get a reality check, you've got a little island with a dreadful weather and almost no significant resources which could fuel such a powerful machine. Intelligence alone could not achieve it. It's the Jewish elite's skill to manipulate and deceive that created the so-called British Empire. The Indian East Company, for example, was a pure Jewish creation.

Which is why England and especially London has always been an attractive place for all sort of dodgy international characters like Lenin, Stalin, Marx and most recently the ex-Soviet Jewish oligarchs. But the money now is moving East again and deserting the old outposts in Europe and America.

So what we are witnessing now in the Uk is simply the advanced state of the decay. The parasite has exhausted the host and it's moving on.


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Comments for "Latest Visit Leaves UK Ex-Pat in Despair "

Allen said (June 10, 2018):

This is spot on. The NWO game plan was LITERALLY Daniel 7- put out there in 1971-1972.
The first 3 plucked up are goners. The US-Western Europe-Japan. All on cue from respective acting "anti christs". The conspicuous 4 mentioned in Dan 8.
All the "men" became as women. Yupp-that is what happens when you join the hoodwinkers.

Al Thompson is also spot on.
Daniel 9:2 is up this year- 1948 to 2018.
Whatta way to end with "worthless paper script loaned i to circulation against our slave numbers.

Well, only a few prophecies remain to be fulfilled.
Then THE MOSY HIGH will finish off what haughty arrogance snd PRIDE brought about-
Worthless fruit and uneatable anything- endless wars and pedophilia without measure.
Thanks for another good accounting, Henry.

Asim said (June 10, 2018):

The divide between Muslims and non-Muslims will only widen with such comments expressed by the likes of Christina, SS, Mr B and Semper Castleton. Their vitriol against Islam and Muslims is nothing new but evident of the extreme success in which the Illuminati have had in pushing their agenda of a clash of civilizations.

One needs to use logic, common sense and objectivity when dealing with such hostile sentiments-if there was an ounce of truth in the garbage put forward by Christina's comments, or SS and Mr B, why are more and more people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds such as docters, scientists and mathematicians embracing Islam with critical appraisal? Muslims are the new Jews, the acceptable face of hatred and enmity, and more and more people will disavow human decency to vent their hate and bile under the guise of intellectual pseudo clap trap, such as Christina.
Semper complains on the other hand of the UK going to the pits-has he not got the IQ to figure out it is those who yield power and authority that are responsible? And Semper, in your name, a million Muslim men, women and children were mass murdered in Iraq? What say you? At the end of the day, Henry, it is too easy to hate Muslims, and people have become outright cowards, jumping on the band wagon of Islamophobia. Role on the New World Order!!

Al Thompson said (June 10, 2018):

All of the countries of the earth are now communist. If it has a progressive income tax, property tax, and a central bank, then it is communist. Communism comes from Satanism and Luciferianism. The people readily accept this system so it only follows that they are accepting all of the bad fruit that comes from it. Falling into despair is exactly what the PTBs want. I suggest that people stop accepting their crap and take action to stop it.

Do not send your children to public schools as that is the main instrument of indoctrination.

Take care of your own health through more a more sensible diet and that will solve most of the medical problems. I believe that the medical care that we get now is not relevant to having good health. Refuse all vaccines. I believe that most of the medical treatments today are methods of genocide and are not of any value to good health. Taking care of yourself goes a long way in taking the power away from the govtards.

Here in the States, we have a huge problem with homeless people. The main reason is that the government takes the incentive away from the people through excessive regulations and taxes. This cannot be fixed and it will never be fixed because the whole purpose of the government is to destroy everything that is good about the life the God gave us. Separation from this nonsense is the best way to achieve a happy life, however, I haven't found a way to jump off this planet....yet.
You can't fix stupid so don't bother to try. Do those things that have some benefit to yourself and others. The commies will eventually destroy themselves but we don't have to participate in their cesspool.

I suggest that people stay away from groups as they tend to get corrupted and they will leave you hanging and twisting in the wind. Take care of yourself and your family; mind your own business.

I believe that oath-taking is the main ticket to hell. Do not swear oaths unless hell is your destination. It is taking the Lord's name in vain and it is the one thing that can be easily avoided and will keep you out of their slave system.

JG said (June 10, 2018):

It is a tragedy what has happened to England in the last 20 years especially.
I think of all the great preachers of the Christian faith that came out of England like Wesley, Whitefield, and many more who helped evangelize the world during 'The Great Awakening'.
Then, 200 years later England was exporting rock and roll and recreational drug use to the world instead. England had now fallen into apostasy.
Yes, they have had a lot of help in their decline from their silent rulers who control their money but they also have to carry some of the blame themselves.
The Church has lasted 2000 years because it did not compromise its teachings and doctrine. A Church that makes compromises with the devil will not remain a Church for too long.
England has made costly compromises and now they are bearing the fruits.

Bruce said (June 9, 2018):

This article confirms what I heard from two Brits I spoke with back in the middle 1990's. I worked at a hotel in my Pennsylvania home town where those Brits were over here in the states to work on a project on a local industrial park. I got to talking to them about England. I shared with them my favorite author was Charles Dickens, and I asked what London was like. Their reply was direct and to the point and not in a good way. They said London was a shit hole. They said one would be hard-pressed to find a native Celt or Saxon walking around. One of those gentlemen met a lady from here in the states and eventually married and has been here ever since.

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