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"Racist" Smear Used to Displace Euro-Canadians

September 17, 2018

(The message here is that people of European origin will be a minority.) 

statistics-canada-2016-immigration (1).jpg
Illuminati Discriminate Against Europeans 

Whoever promises to stop this banker-inspired third-world invasion will win the next Canadian election

Prime Minister Castro-Trudeau (see him making a Satanic hand sign below) smears as "racist" anyone opposed to his immigration policy.
The issue is not immigration but the fact that it is designed to make Canada's founding European peoples a minority. Castro-Trudeau is a proxy for the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel dedicated to destroying racial and national identity as a step to undermine social cohesion. 

Canada was founded and built by people of European origin. However, by mid-century, they will be a minority. 
In the last 50 years,  immigrants of Asian origin have climbed from 5% to 48% of the total, while immigrants of continental European origin have dropped from 50% to 21% (see chart below). 

"Canadians are dumb driven cattle, obediently following their leaders while casting a wistful glance over their shoulder at what they might have been."  Historian A.R.M Lower (1889-1988)

Canadians! Phone your Members of Parliament, especially Trudeau and Scheer. 

Globalist Traitors Replace Canada's Founding People  (Updated from Oct. 28, 2017)

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 


The 2016 census released last October documents the racist Illuminati (Masonic Jewish banker) policy to make Europeans a minority in Canada.  In the last 50 years, immigrants of Asian origin have climbed from 5% to 48% of the total, while immigrants of Continental European origin have dropped from 50% to 21%. Immigrants from the British Isles have dropped from 30% to 7%, and US from 9% to 3%. 

"More than 60 percent of new immigrants come from Asia (including the Middle East), by far the largest source. Africa, however, has now surpassed Europe as the second-most important source of new immigrants, increasing to 13.4 percent."

Canada's visible minority population has jumped from 4.7% in 1981 to 22% in 2016 and is expected to reach 34% in 2036. Europeans will certainly be a minority by 2050 and they are already a minority in Toronto and Vancouver. 

Meanwhile, the census reveals that the aboriginal birthrate is four times that of the rest of the population. They and immigrants tend to be traditional, immune to Justin Castro-Trudeau's white depopulation program (i.e. mainstreaming homosexuality and feminism) which further justifies immigration. 

(Justin Trudeau-Castro, globalist traitor) 

All in all, Canada has accepted 1.2 million immigrants in the last five years alone. Trudeau-Castro plans to admit a million more in the next three years.  It is reasonable to expect that immigration would reflect the demographic character of a country. But the Masonic Jewish bankers that run the West see whites as a threat to their hegemony and consider a fragmented divided society easier to control. Thus, unlike Israel, the future capital of the NWO, Western nations are not allowed to keep their racial character or culture. 

I think immigrants revitalize a country but that applies to European immigrants as well. The demographic character of a country should not be altered without democratic debate. There has been none. The media is a dog that won't hunt. Politicians dance around the issue. Even Maxim Bernier, Canada's Trump, won't face the racial discrimination against whites head-on. 

Another smear-word "White Supremacist" is applied to any European who doesn't want to become a minority. 

On top of immigration, an estimated 50,000 "asylum seekers" (aka economic migrants) mostly from Africa have entered Canada from the US
since the beginning of 2017 at a cost of about $300 million. Virtually all have been allowed to stay.   Yet when a woman raised the issue, Trudeau-Castro castigated her saying, "Racism has no place in this country." 

(Left, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, a Somali refugee himself, predicts that by 2036 100 percent of Canada's population growth will be as a result of immigration, it stands at about 75 percent today)

No self-respecting country in Asia, Africa or South America would countenance such an invasion, but Westerners are expected to grin-and-bear-it at risk of being smeared as "racist" by the closet-communists in charge. 

A conversation about whether whites are to become a minority in Canada is long overdue. Race is not just about skin color. It is about culture. Some third world immigrants to Canada tend not to assimilate and to promote their values over those of European-origin Canadians. Trudeau-Castro also hopes they will return the favor at the ballot box. 

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69% of Illegal Border Crossers Given Official Asylum in Canada 

Immigrants cost $23B a year: Fraser Institute report

The Suicide Mission of the Trudeau Government 

First Comment from Chris G

I have pity for the millions of Russians and Ukrainians that were butchered by Jews during the Bolshevik revolution.  However, I have no pity for the mostly lazy whining whites in Canada that feel entitled to North America which is a whole ocean away from their ancestral lands in Europe.

I was born in raised in Canada from hard working good parents that immigrated from Jamaica.  It was about grade 6 in Oakville Ontario when I discovered some whites feel superior and had the gall to tell me to back where I came from;  They looked dumbfounded when I told them the same.  I remember some of my white friends had a virulent hatred of East Indians and called them "Pakies" which makes no sense because Pakistanis and Indians are different ethnic groups that generally don't get along.

I've had interviews over the phone that went well but when I show up in person I can see the noticeable fear of pigment in the job interviewers eyes, then be asked ridiculous questions. I've had police in Ontario pull me over in my car, 3 times in a day and half.  One cop went digging through my guitar case like he was going to find cocaine.

I've watched hard working East Indians build up areas like Surrey BC and Chinese build up areas like Richmond BC from farmlands;  At a real estate seminar in the 90's I overheard this white man rant "The Chinese are buying up all this property in Richmond!" like they needed his permission.  I applaud the hardworking Asians that succeed while whites mostly watch hockey and drink beer.

I was able to buy my first house when I was 26 because I learned to avoid whites if I wanted things to go smoothly.  My agent was Pakistani, my mortgage broker was Chinese.

Nation (ethnicity) is blood.  Canada never was a nation, it's a corporation owned by Queen Elizabeth II and she can do whatever she wants with it.


Canadians are livid at this invasion and destruction.   My country was my home, now its a hotel, and they think I'm going to be a waiter.

The sole issue Liberals will not compromise on is the urgent need to replace the White population of all nations with the Third World asap.

(Castro-Trudeau is an Illuminati satanist. Here he is making the "vav" hand sign-666)

Is it really plausible that the leaders of dozens of White nations have adopted similar policies antithetical to the long-term survival of their own peoples, yet none of them knew what they are doing?

When the government targets a population by race, and then pledges all its resources to find anywhere there are "too many whites," and openly goes after community, or county, or state, or country, that is WHITE GENOCIDE.

Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone IS White Genocide.

ITs a crime, not a policy option.  

Thank you for speaking out.  Politicians, bureaucrats, media and business elites PAST and PRESENT must be held to account and pay for this crime.  

I wrote an essay on it:

(Cabalist hand sign is invocation of the devil.) 

Canadians Speak: The Prime Minister's 150th-anniversary 'dialogue' on Canada's future.

People of European origin are also in deep decline in Canada in terms of culture, says Mike, an immigrant from Eastern Europe.  

by Mike

An on-going war is being waged against the European race in Western Societies. It suffices to look around you, listen to the mass media and watch the news - the NWO agenda is being fully implemented as we speak.

I've been living in Canada for 15 years now. My wife and I came here as white legal landed immigrants from Eastern Europe with our own money and our professional skills. 

We've been trying to foster and teach our kids those family values and ties that Eastern/South-eastern Europeans are known for - so far so good with positive results.  But......what one can see here in Canada is in a severe state of decline and degeneration of the white race. 

Many of them have tattoos all over their bodies and remind one of some snakes or lizards; many of them are morbidly obese, lazy and totally disoriented. Trying to have a conversation like this one with an ordinary white Joe from Canada is usually a waste of time. 

You either encounter a totally obtuse person with an evident lack of education/interest/information, or you touch some kind of an invisible wall made of fear and ignorance. 

Family values lie in ruins. It's all about YOURS, MINE, and the "After us, the deluge" attitude. Thanks to the aggressive Nazi-style feminism in full swing, many white men turn to Asian women as their prospective partners for life, because white women have grown distant, cold, selfish & lazy.

I think at this moment Canada probably represents the most successful NWO product/experiment so far. The bankers and their lackeys fixed the last federal elections and enabled a complete idiot and charlatan, Justin Trudeau, to seize power and plunge this beautiful country into debt and further impose a collective guilt onto the white people of the European origin(s). 

Stephen Harper before him had already brought in about 500-600 thousand Filipinos - a low quality, but cheap labor (they don't stay cheap for too long, they learn their immigration and "diversity" lessons fast). We bow to the aboriginal Indians, Jews (Israel), homosexuals & colored immigration every day, with the CBC News as a torch-bearer. 

(Gay Pride, Toronto.)

We are creating the third gender, legalizing marijuana and other drugs and make such a tremendous and hastily pass the Physician-Assisted Death bill - so they can start killing us legally.   As one of the so-called "G7" countries, Canada Immigration and the Canadian Government are importing en masse black "doctors" from Africa to treat Canadians, as well as homosexuals, war criminals, and other third world scum. They usually come to Canada unchecked and begin DEMANDING their rights given to them by P.E. Trudeau, the father of Justin Trudeau, a Freemason, and creator of the venomous "Charter of Rights."

I have to say (though I hope I'm wrong) that with the mental and moral state of the white population in Canada at the moment, I see no potential for any reversal of the white race's steep slope of decline. 

At least not in Canada and most likely not in the USA. There is simply too much of a social & economic decay, materialism, "Judeo-Christian" propaganda and fear.

(from July 5, 2016)
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AW writes:

First, THANK YOU Dr. Makow for continuing to remind your readers that, "The Migrant influx is part 2 of the Zionist plan to further dilute the European character of the West. Part 1 was to attack and destroy Muslim countries."

As a Palestinian Muslim raised in America AND a lifelong justice seeker: I feel just as sad and angry when I read about the destruction of white/European civilization as I would about the destruction of Muslim lands in the Muslim East.

Come_To_Canada_online_tool_EN (1).jpg
I admire the white race and their achievements and I don't want Europeans to become a minority in their own homelands as we Palestinians became one in ours.

I don't support the lawless behavior of some of these migrants and don't know of a single Muslim who would defend their CRIMINAL actions.

How can I convince your readers (the ones who are sincere truth seekers) that the actions of these migrants do not represent all Muslims and DEFINITELY do not represent Islamic teaching.

I also feel sorry for the REAL refugees (helpless women and children) from Syria, Gaza, Libya, Somalia etc. whose homes and nations have been destroyed by the Globalists and who now have nowhere to go.

This issue has caused me so much anguish and I have been trying so hard to alert anyone I know about what is going on...

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""Racist" Smear Used to Displace Euro-Canadians"

JJ said (September 18, 2018):

One of the things that those who promote multi-culturalism don't realize is that cultural loyalty is hard work. A loyal and concerned mother takes care of her children first. She doesn't abandon her children to take care of other children. This is the same with culture. We must take care of our culture first. This is one thing that really irks many whites about the minorities that come here. They don't care about their own cultures.

To the Jamaican, Chris G., why didn't you mourn that your real estate agent and your broker were not Jamaican? You don't mourn because you don't care because you don't even know what the issues are. I say this to all who come here. What about your own cultures? I have come to realize though that we don't have the best of other cultures moving here. We have the worst. As Ann Coulter repeats over and over, my and her ancestors were settlers. They came to build a country and to give - not take!

MM said (September 17, 2018):

Your article ‎["Racist" Smear Used to Displace Euro-Canadians] refers. I am an ardent reader of the articles you post in your website and I always agree with your views and opinions about historical as well as current world events. But I will disagree with you on the issue of "White Depopulation agenda" which I find to be a myth and really smells like the hoax known as the Holocaust.

Just like Chris G observes in his comment immediately after the article, Whites (so called) are not native to any part of the continent of America. Moreover, wherever the "white" man goes, he destroys indigenous traditional cultural systems and imposes instead his values that always lead to degeneracy and decay of social and moral values of the indigenous population, as has happened in India, Africa and the greatest of all, America (f*#k yeah!).

So if the "white" population in the American continent is reducing (which I really doubt) then maybe instead of complaining about it and blaming someone else (i.e. Avoiding responsibility, something you teach in your website), simply do the natural thing and reproduce like the rest of us Africans and Asians, like the way Jehovah commanded in the Bible.

CR said (September 17, 2018):

You said: "Third world immigrants to Canada tend not to assimilate and to promote their values over those of European-origin Canadians. "

However, those same European-origin Canadians are mostly unwilling (or incapable) to reproduce at a sufficient rate to maintain the population, and the majority seem to have bought into feminism, homosexuality, and whatever the latest form of gender-bending may be. Can you, in good conscience, recommend for immigrants to emulate the Canadian majority? I'm not a Muslim, but Sharia law sounds preferable to the direction in which this country is heading.

Peter said (October 30, 2017):

Great article.

This new immigration policy will be the end of democracy.

It the future people will vote according to their race.

Parties will represent race.

William said (October 29, 2017):

I see we have another apologist of the multicult here in the comments. Mohammed [below] repeats the oft-expressed lies of the left about how our forebears were nothing but murderers who slaughtered the idyllic Indians. He might want to look at other cultures throughout history that have conquered foreign lands and see what happened in those cases. That would require him to take off his anti-white colored lenses, however. He could start with Africa's wars of conquest among the various tribes there (and the slavery that existed long before the white man showed up). He could then look at how the ever-peaceful Indian here in North America engaged in bloody inter-tribe wars. Show me a case where the conquered get to lord themselves over the conquerors, like here in Canada.

Canada, as a nation, is settled and built (has been for a long time) and we don't need mass immigration. We have people here who are unemployed and need to work. The corporations all bleat that there's a labour shortage. Sorry for my language, but that's sheer and utter horseshit. What they really mean is that there's a shortage of people willing to work for poverty-level wages. That's the real reason they want Canada filled with immigrants from the third-world. These people will live ten people to an apartment and work for next to nothing while never standing up for themselves. This works to the corporation's advantage and to our society's detriment.

We're rapidly heading toward a balkanized Canada. We already see evidence of a dearth of social cohesion and a "Screw you, I have mine" mentality. Imagine how it will be when whites end up a minority in the land our fathers conquered. The guests who come to our country have their heads filled with how terrible the white man is. It won't be pretty when it all comes to a head. Maybe the white man will develop a backbone before that happens.

As you say, Henry, I don't mind minorities living among us, but it has to be a limited amount to preserve our culture and heritage so that the tail doesn't start wagging the dog (as is happening with the eager assistance of our traitor drama teacher "leader").

Lest anyone fall for the myth that mass immigration is a boon to our economy, I would recommend readers take a gander at this report:
Immigrants cost $23B a year: Fraser Institute report

Wake up, Canada.

Mohammed (South Africa) said (October 28, 2017):

Henry, isn't it a bit rich for whites to talk of foreigners replacing Canadas "founding" people when these founders have so much of blood on their hands?
what they did to the native Indians & other peoples who lived all over the land cant be just ignored & we cant pin that completely on the Zionists(for a change).

at one point the so-called founders of Canada were the immigrants & now its the turn of a new wave of immigrants- they just happen to be mostly not whites.
so what?-as long as they become law abiding, productive members of society.
maybe if they are given time, they will prove to be great assets to Canada- surely we cant say that ONLY whites have the ability to be productive citizens.
i agree that the Zionists are trying to flood Canada with mostly non-whites but the way it's being presented as if these people are somehow inferior.
many whites wont like me saying this:

in the past 100 years, nobody has killed more innocent people than white nations & most of the people they killed were darker skinned people whose land or resources these whites wanted to steal.

maybe in Canada we could say that its only because these whites did all the dirty work(killing natives etc) & built Canada into what it is today, that these immigrants see it as an attractive destination but im sure that if these darker skinned immigrants were the pioneer immigrants, they would have been living in harmony with the local Indian tribes.
maybe canada would not be as developed as it is now but there would definitely not have been as much bloodshed as the whites were responsible for.

why cant we stop looking at race so much & educate the ppl about the architects behind all this social engineering? the normalising of gays & lesbians, pedos, abortions, porn, promiscuity & teen pregnancy etc.

most immigrants have strong moral & religious beliefs & are also deeply upset by these things-its just that most don't realize who is really behind it. they just believe its the "white man".


Give me a break Mohammed. It is the Masonic Jewish bankers not ordinary white people who are responsible for wars.


Robert K said (October 28, 2017):

These immigration plans are developed by bureaucrats who have the benefit of anonymity, which is a clever arrangement designed to nullify the sentiments of the electorate. Cabinet Ministers are sometimes salesmen but most often mere fronts for policies handed to them; for the most part they, as novices in their areas of "responsibility" (actual parliamentary responsibility, once regarded as an indispensable element in our political system, is now a forgotten concept), are putty in the hands of their hidden advisers. When the media report that Trudeau did this or Trump did that, you should respond with a hearty laugh--as if being elected into office somehow instantly makes one an expert on all sciences, foreign affairs, the national economy, international trade, military capabilities, health matters, etc. Knowledge that others spend a lifetime acquiring is assumed to come to these political tyros, if they are even that, in a magical flash.

As for JG's proposition [below] that high levels of immigration are necessary because there are not enough native-born persons to fill the jobs needing to be done, apparently, he/she has missed the warnings of expert analysts that in the next ten to twenty years technological change will render about 50% of current employment positions redundant.

In the age of ramifying drones and industrial robots, the notion that providing for ourselves materially constitutes a big challenge is preposterous.

Marco A said (October 28, 2017):

Queue the Muslim apologist... Oh, there he is. I am sorry, but every time Islamists commit unthinkable crimes, there are always Muslim apologists who come out with the primary concern of making their religion seem less of a threat with their snake-like comments. They will seemingly condemn evil and then justify it at the same time claiming their religion is beyond reproach; 'a religion of peace'.

When there are no-go zones showing up all over Europe, Muslim minorities petitioning for Sharia courts and law, and a huge rape epidemic of white European women since this influx of invaders (with a large number of them always appearing Middle Eastern and by the name of Mohamed), we know there is a systemic problem with this Islamic religion.

Or should we place the problem on a racial issue instead?

Muslims are under complete mind control, they simply cannot condemn their own religion on any grounds. It is a warlike materialistic religion with a contempt of the rights of others who do not submit to their demon god Allah.

I am a Catholic, but when a doctrine of my faith says that all must submit to the 'Holy Pontiff' or face eternal damnation, I reject it as a monstrous lie and seriously question the Church. Can my 'brethren of the book' reciprocate on this sentiment.

"Some of the Companions of the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So Allah, the Exalted, sent down the Qur’anic verse: (Sura 4:24) "And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right hands possess." (Abu Dawud 2150, also Muslim3433)"

JG said (October 28, 2017):

I have nothing but good things to say about the Asian immigrants. The Asians are not the problem and we all know it. They don't come with the attitude that something is owed. They never have and never will. They're too busy working and raising their families. And, they are grateful for having the opportunity to do so.

If the NWO was out to destroy the Canadian culture there are "third world" immigrants like the ones that were sent to Germany and Sweden that could accomplish that and quickly.

The population of White Europeans around the world has been decreasing. Their birthrates are down and have been for years.

The White European nations like America, Canada, and England now have to bring in immigrants to keep their nations working because there are not enough people to fill all their jobs.

It's sad, but the world we once knew is gone.


Dan said (July 5, 2016):

I'm astounded by this blatantly obvious sex addict Trudeau flaunting himself in every photo. He's an exhibitionist. Every time I see him he's leg-humping somebody...Premier Wynn, strangers, little girls, little boys, etc.

When is the next election?

TW said (July 5, 2016):

n response to Tony B and IF, I have to point out that Canadians, by and large, have a "don't rock the boat" mentality. Couple this with a school and media system that pounds culturally Marxist ideas into their heads, and you have a nation of unthinking fools who only respond to feel-good credos and who admire and defend their captors (leaders). People here will decry you as a complainer and malcontent (at best) if you dare say anything that goes outside the bounds of our politically correct dogma,

In the United States, while dwindling in numbers, there are still a few people who have the old revolutionary spirit of standing up for inherent, God-given rights and who have a good degree more common sense than your average Canadian.

Canada is a social experiment playground for the NWO. We have to be the most pliable and unwittingly suicidal people on the face of the earth. They flood us with immigrants from third world countries and we think it makes us "vibrant". They turn gender on its head and we think it's "progressive". They trumpet loudly the perceived rights of men who bugger other men (among other vile and stomach-churning practices, such as "rimming") and we cheer and celebrate.

To my fellow Canadians, I have to ask, "What the hell is wrong with you people?"

TW said (July 5, 2016):

n response to Tony B and IF, I have to point out that Canadians, by and large, have a "don't rock the boat" mentality. Couple this with a school and media system that pounds culturally Marxist ideas into their heads, and you have a nation of unthinking fools who only respond to feel-good credos and who admire and defend their captors (leaders). People here will decry you as a complainer and malcontent (at best) if you dare say anything that goes outside the bounds of our politically correct dogma,

In the United States, while dwindling in numbers, there are still a few people who have the old revolutionary spirit of standing up for inherent, God-given rights and who have a good degree more common sense than your average Canadian.

Canada is a social experiment playground for the NWO. We have to be the most pliable and unwittingly suicidal people on the face of the earth. They flood us with immigrants from third world countries and we think it makes us "vibrant". They turn gender on its head and we think it's "progressive". They trumpet loudly the perceived rights of men who bugger other men (among other vile and stomach-churning practices, such as "rimming") and we cheer and celebrate.

To my fellow Canadians, I have to ask, "What the hell is wrong with you people?"

Tony B said (July 5, 2016):

I have known for a long time that certain desires of the moneyed are first floated in Canada, where the people seem easier to coerce, mostly more controlling law such as mandatory seat belts, mandatory auto insurance and mandatory health insurance, while individual safety from accidents and poor health is a prerogative of individual common sense, NOT a legitimate obligation of government. Of course, those laws, like so many others, turn out to be basically "revenue enhancers," i.e., ways to fleece the public, enriching local courts and engorging insurance corporations (almost all owned by the international bankers) with cash.

But I had always thought the U.S. was way ahead on moral decline but it now appears that the race is about a tie. Makes sense as both nations are basically protestant which allows everyone to be his personal Pope, defining his own morals.

IF said (July 5, 2016):

Regarding today's article: I find it hard to believe Canada is a more successful example of NWO subversion than the U.S.A. Complete dysfunction is promoted here as a lifestyle choice. In the U.S.A. there's no point of trying to speak with anyone at all, white or not white. They don't speak any language fluently. They say Americans only speak one language but that is not true they do not speak English. They speak an emotional language of trigger codes derived from promptings from movies and the media.

They identify with non existent characters and are not even minimally educated, even when possessing up to an MBA. I am sometimes shocked by the illiterate inarticulate people who go around claiming all kinds of degrees. To get a degree all you have to do is go into debt. Also, obesity MUST be worse here, it is completely the norm, even encouraged in the media. It is honestly truly disgusting and people here talk about moving to Canada but I guess there it is also not good.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at