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The Devil is Money

October 5, 2018

(Devil worshippers create money and use it to cast an evil spell over us.)

The NWO is dedicated to enslaving us spiritually.
Money is its primary instrument.

For the love of money is the root of all evil.  Timothy 6:10

"None can be an impartial or wise observer of human life but 
from the vantage ground of what we should call voluntary poverty."
--Henry David Thoreau

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

We scoff at the idea of Satan but we wrestle with the devil every time we focus our energy on money. 

People who live pay check to pay check have an excuse but for most people, the wolf is not at the door. Rather, we suffer from a spiritual malaise.

The stock market is a giant casino. Everyone in the world can trade from their smartphones.

The technology is magnificent, I grant that. But the effect is to enslave billions to the all mighty buck. Gambling is fun when you're winning but read "conversations" on yahoo finance (individual stocks) to see how many people are getting skinned alive and are feeling the pain.

Checking stocks constantly. Feeling the rush or the sinking feeling in the gut. This is what slavery looks like folks. 

Enough is always a little more than one has. There is never enough to sate a spiritual hunger. Even Illuminati trillionaires like Jacob Rothschild gamble. 

In the form of debt, money is a far more palpable form of control.


The stock market is a giant ponzi scheme. Everyone who buys a stock does so in the expectation they will sell it to another sucker at a higher price. There must be a constant supply of buyers to maintain the price, like sand pouring on the top of a hill while the bottom melts away. 

The stock market today is driven by sentiment not earnings. Certain stocks are hot; others are not. Evaluations today often are based on what a company might be worth in five years under ideal conditions. Companies with solid businesses and profits often are wallflowers. 

Money is the devil. He distracts us from affirming our humanity through constructive activity and reduces us to frenzied gamblers at a casino table.    And that's just the stock market. The gambling industry is worth $240 billion in the US alone. 

For most of us, poverty is a state of mind. But we have been hypnotized. Instead of being taught to live within our means and devote our energy to serving God in some way, we have been taught to seek as much money as possible. Get it? Serve the devil.

"No one can serve two masters. ...You cannot serve both God and money."  Mathew 6:24

We have also been conditioned to shut down at the mention of God or scripture. More proof of our satanic possession. They block the way to happiness. 

We can reject the devil if we refuse to think about money. We need to mortify ourselves to the world. We need to consecrate ourselves to God.  Of course, we can best do this if we secure our basic material needs.

This is the salvation we are really seeking. (I assume I am not alone.) 


"Money" is an abstraction, a medium of exchange, a measure of value that can magically transform itself into almost anything. Money is the blood in the body politic, the electricity in the global matrix. 

Every day hundreds of millions of financial transactions take place. Do you think actual "cash" changes hands? That would be impossible. 

The only thing that changes is the number of "credits" in your bank account. 

Beyond satisfying our material needs, for many of us, money is a diabolical spell that keeps us asleep. We die without ever having really lived. That's why there is such a cynicism and despair in society. (Is it just me?)

The banks are all franchises of the central banking cartel. So essentially, they keep the Ledger. It makes sense that people who want to destroy our gender identity also use money to enslave us

Banks all promote the progressive (i.e.Communist) agenda. They fund gender dysphoria and hire mostly minorities ("multiculturalism" "gay rights", i.e. anti-Euro Christian discrimination.) Does it make sense for us to entrust our "money" to these people? 

I won't go into sex here, but sex is the number two method of enslavement. Men have been brainwashed into seeing every woman in sexual terms. Can you blame female for behaving accordingly?

I know I am cutting my own throat here but don't just tune out money. Tune out the world! Any society that has banished mention of "God" (i.e. the Design of Creation) is a satanic cult. Secularism is just a mask for Satanism.

We don't want to vibrate at their frequency. 

I am speaking to myself here. I should restrict my contemplation of the madhouse that passes for the world to just an hour two or three times a day. The rest of my time should be dedicated to something better. We don't know how to worship God. We must turn away from the world to find out.

We talk about "draining the swamp."  We need to "drain the swamp" in our being.  We all wrestle with the Devil every day. 

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First Comment from JG

I can't think of a better example of money enslavement than what a friend of mine goes through every day.
He has inherited wealth that he has invested and is held captive by his computer with the stock market results hour after hour.
He lives in a large home but admits he's only using basically two rooms. 
He's also an admitted alcoholic and tells me he has to drink because of all the pressure involved in keeping his fortune.
He has known some nice women but his relationships seem to fall by the wayside not long after he has been dating them. He tells me they are just interested in money.
Sounds like enslavement to me.

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Comments for "The Devil is Money"

AC said (October 6, 2018):

Your article on money is right on target, we are all tied to it in our belief that it is absolutely necessary and we never have enough!

The Old Testament begins with Adam and creation and no mention of money, but wages or payment for SIN was death - and so it began.

At first man helped fellow man with favorable conditions trading excess goods and many specialized their trade as work. Barter was simple and effective until various means of exchange were experimented with until gold and silver coins became the most trusted medium for centuries.

As you know, what came next was a "Certificate of Exchange" to hold wealth on a temporary basis during war.

The goldsmiths were the original bankers and the soon learned to swindle the depositor by filing the edges of the coins and then by lending more paper money than they had in their vaults.

Soon lending money to Royalty and Governments led to Usury aka interest.

So we went from barter to coin to paper then plastic (credit cards) to digital ( numbers on a computer.

I currently am working on an investment property for almost 2 years with NO income, my wife makes more than enough for our family as a Realtor. We do pay taxes (theft with no benefit) and love being self employed except we have no health benefits. So we prefer natural nutrition and stay away from drugs and doctors.

I survive by trading with others to the point where I don't use money and it is liberating. At some point I will have accumulated enough resources to allow my wife to retire and we will become our own bank.

Your website has been a daily training ground for many subjects and money is an important topic. I learned early on (and that you repeat) that money is only a means of exchange

Essel said (October 5, 2018):




The spirit of poverty is the sine qua non-condition of Christianity, but there is even better: poverty (which is not misery). Some do it voluntarily, I know a family like this. They are always happy and caring with everyone.

Without going that far (for my family), I have a living level voluntarily lower than my income. Being retired, I hardly ever mention my degrees (for which I have little respect because they constitute a proof of allegiance "to the system"). We can talk about voluntary "burial".

It is thus easier to live his faith "in truth" and, in "the small people", one discovers a whole intelligent world in the etymological sense of the term (ability to read inside the real). A world that was ignored and almost despised. It is right that "the last ones become the first ones" and vice versa.

AS said (October 5, 2018):

"Seems we are all black magicians worshipping money."

Don Jaun
Carlos Castaneda Tales of Power

LC said (October 5, 2018):

Henry I am proud to be in the same spiritual family as your good self. Your articles are of the very highest quality in content and impact. Oh how I can’t wait, to forward the above article to friends, and discuss at length. How long before the Great Work on the Cross reaches its finale? Thy kingdom come indeed is our earnest prayer. Let us be heartened by Christian resurgence around the world, despite many persecutions.
I always wait patiently for your Truthseeker articles. They are just wonderful.

SB said (October 5, 2018):

Hi Henry,
Great article. I like WF's comment that investing in stocks is not better than a UBI. I have reread Michael Hoffman's "Usury in Christendom" and it does make sense to me now how even interest-bearing is evil.

"Good people ought to be producing and earn lots of money," I thought. Now I see that the world entangles and even most industries have a downside. How much of the economy is more "ilth" (Ruskin) than wealth? Even the real work and productivity the stock market is loosely based on has frivolity and waste and short-sightedness weaved in it.

Dan A said (October 5, 2018):

We are the only species on this planet that need money to survive.

As you know, I use to make a lot of money for over a decade. My life is much different now. And better in many ways. When I made a lot of money, looking back, I feel I did not care for others in any noticeable way. Today I clearly care for many others, even those I do not know. This I feel makes me a better person. Being at the bottom has made my soul more attractive.

WF said (October 5, 2018):

The old religious relation of sin and indebtedness, righteousness and wealth, is singed on everyone’s brain. Most people are creepy little Calvinist’s now, who for some reason think living off dividends is less parasitic than a universal basic income. Meanwhile, the Satanists, who’d rather be evil than a loser, say God-Satan approves the whole system since ‘nature is cruel’ and ‘corruption is only a concept for those not involved.’

Although it was one of their own who said ‘money is like manure, it’s only good if you spread it around.’ Certainly, the parasitic structure of the current system is making everyone, poor and rich alike, increasingly bored and boring. Fatally so. So spread that dirty money around bitches, if you know what’s good for you.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at