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November 23, 2018

john_f_kennedy_we_are_opposed_around_the_world_by_a_monolithic_and_ruthless_conspiracy.jpg55th Anniversary of the JFK Coup d'Etat

by Anonymous

After 55 years, a lot of research has been done and some reasonable conclusions are pretty well established. The assassination was also a coup. The accomplices came from both major political parties and from many different branches of society, as well as from at least one foreign country. 

The motives were plentiful: JFK's threat to abolish the CIA and his firing of Allen Dulles, his failure to back the Bay of Pigs invasion, his desire to pull out US troops from SE Asia, his threat to dissolve the Fed and his actual issuance of some debt-free genuine US currency, his denunciation of secret societies, his program to end the oil depletion allowance, RFK's war against organized crime, and even residual ill-will stemming from the Kennedy/Bronfman feud over bootlegging territories during the Prohibition era. 

This is just a partial list. You can throw in LBJ's ruthless ambition, and the serious defect in the Constitution that provides for automatic succession of the Vice President upon the death or incapacitation of the President. That defect may have surfaced during the Hinkley assassination attempt on Reagan and in several other incidents in American history. Lee Harvey Oswald was quite obviously a naive but completely loyal Marine who was duped into believing that he was on some bona fide national security mission, realizing only too late that he was a patsy for the murder of the President. 

Some details, such as definite proof of the identity of the actual shooters, still seems to be lacking. Common sense would tell you that they were snuffed immediately afterwards, to prevent them blurting out unwelcome thoughts in a bar. So where does all this leave us? Because of the fact that the truth is actually widespread, and nobody has been called to account for this assassination/coup, we have to draw the conclusion that the republic we thought we had died on that day. What we have left is a conspiracy of the military/industrial/intelligence/media complex that is hostile to the generous intent of the Bill of Rights, and has the deepest contempt for all elements of the Constitution that run counter to their plans. They have every intention of packing the courts with loose constructionists to interpret what is left of the Constitution in line with their program of a surveillance state with no respect for individual freedom. 

So we must conclude that the eternal battle of those who wish to be free against those who wish to control every aspect of our lives has taken on a new level of intensity. Of course, that fight is never over. And of course, a piece of paper cannot make us free. That freedom can only come from our intelligence and an iron determination to be free.

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