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Israeli Argues for a White Europe

November 23, 2018

(This is what Germans look like.)

The satanic Masonic Jewish world banking cartel have always regarded 
people of European ancestry as their primary opponent because of their
Christian heritage and values. This is why they instigated two catastrophic
world wars. Now they are hammering the last nails into the coffin of 
Western Civilization by inundating the West with migrants. 
Disenfranchised and dispossessed, Europeans are slandered as "racists"
if they even notice this vicious attack on their identity. Every people deserves to thrive in their own country. 
Michael Berg, an Israeli who is not Jewish and is moving to Russia,
 sings the praises of the White race and sounds the alarm. 

by Michael Berg

Many White Europeans have accepted their genocide via immigration. They have lost their sense of identity as a distinct racial and ethnic group with unique physical characteristics and behavioural tendencies.

Indeed, Europeans are being erased so effectively that people around the world are having a hard time recognizing that, throughout history, Europe has been racially White and that the "browning" of Europe via non-White immigration is only a recent phenomenon. It did not exist up until the early 1960s.

As a person who just recently found his true Aryan identity (I am German by blood), I am very worried by the current trend.

It's very much like the boiling frog fable. First non-White immigration into Europe in the 1960s and 1970s was justified under the guise of "guest workers". Then the excuse was "family reunion". Then came the excuse "Aging population" (which is also engineered by the Illuminati Feminist movement). Now the excuse is "refugees".  Different excuses who all lead toward the same goal - the ethnic, racial and cultural genocide of the native European population. 

Even if we weren't the greatest race in history by any reasonable honest standard, Even if we weren't responsible for over 97% of world-changing scientific and technological breakthroughs, Even if we didn't create a system of law that benefited all of mankind, Even if we didn't create the art and music that had warmed the hearts of billions worldwide - we still have a right to live and a right for our identity. But the fact is that not only did our race - the Aryan race - create all of the human advances I've just mentioned. It did even more. 

In 1969 a group of NASA professionals made largely of former German Nazi scientists (brought by America in "operation paperclip") and headed by German-American scientist Werner Von Braun, did the unthinkable. They put the first (White) man on the moon. Niel Armstrong. By doing so they represented mankind himself - Mankind's quest to reach the stars is now a reality. 

Now after this marvellous achievement in 1969 made by our race, the White race, our very blood is under existential crisis within our own homelands. Yes people hate us for existing, filling the youtube comment section with remarks of denial of our very existence as a distinct racial group while at the same time forgetting that the very computer technology that they are using was originally invented and pioneered by our race - the only race people around the world are allowed to hate without being called "racists".


The "Modern Germany" presented in the following video resembles more like Iraq or Saudi Arabia than it does the Germany of Wagner, Beethoven and Bach. 

Please ignore the prank itself and witness the reaction of "New Germans" in the video:
First of all, As you know, I am of originally of German descent (Yes my both German parents and grandparents had converted to Judaism but their blood remains German).  I am White, blond and blue-eyed and looks like a typical German. But when I see the videos of the "new Germans" I cringe. Why? Because of how anti-Whites in the YouTube comment section had referred to them. 

Young Landlord Wrote: "hilarious German humor! Very original I have to say"

Pinky Mixology Wrote: "everything German is terrifying."

Ugandan Knuckles Commando Wrote: "The German people are so friendly! I'm surprised.."

MrHaze NL Wrote: "So that's German humor".

The brain dead people that commented above had forgotten to mention that none of the people involved in the prank (including the presenter himself) is racially a German yet they refer to them as "The German people" which none of them is (because real Germans are racially White)

They are all obviously racially non-German and non-White i.e. they are of Arab or middle eastern background. Their dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair as well as their hooked noses say everything about their racial background. They are NOT ethnic Germans! Why isn't it so obvious?!

Just Imagine flooding Japan with these Arabs and then calling them "Japanese" ?! This is unthinkable!

No one would regard them as "Japanese" if it were in Japan. But when it comes to White people  - suddenly everybody from anywhere in the world - that floods in to say Germany, Britain and Sweden can be regarded as "German, British or Swede" even if they had originated from Sudan or Iraq or any other third world hellhole. This is a complete denial that the people of Europe actually exist and indeed have a right for their own homelands, cultures and their rights for self-determination,

Basically, according to our present Illuminati-controlled culture, White people don't have a right for their own identity, for their own culture, for their own countries. In fact, White people DON'T EXIST according to our present culture. We Whites don't even have a right to self-determination as unique ethnic, racial and cultural entity,

Yet International law and the UN clearly says the following :

"The right of all peoples to self-determination is one of the core principles of international law and, by virtue of its erga omnes status, it is the responsibility of all states to ensure that this right is realised. The obstruction or violation of this principle, particularly through the use of force, constitutes a very serious violation of international law"

Who will speak for me as a White person, who will speak for us White people and "Who will speak for Europe?"  

Yes some people say that the UN genocide laws should not be enforced on behalf of Whites, in other words, Whites should not be protected by international genocide laws. If this is not a racist double standard against my race, the White race, then what it is ?!

Some people in the comment section are awake. They are not brain dead and they recognize the silent genocide of the German people that's implied indirectly in this video that the people involved in the prank are indeed non-Germans:

James Witteveen Wrote :    "This is Germany? This looks like Iraq Imao, literally not a single German in the video. Much worse than I thought."

MC Wrote :  "Germany Welcomes All Middle Eastern Immigrants"

Before I conclude, I must say that I do not have any racial hatred towards non-Whites. I have a lot of Brown and Black friends in Israel, of all faiths and I do respect them and they respect me. I just attended a wedding of one of them not long ago. I really have no hatred toward them but at the same time, I do not want them to destroy my race via race-mixing for the same reason that I wouldn't want to destroy theirs. 

But didn't Jesus said "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

I do not have to "hate" my own race in order to "love" other races. I can respect and thus "love" both.No need for self-hatred or any hatred.

This is true love.

(I am not a Christian but I do recognize true words when I hear them)

But such is my love for my race â¤ in Germany ó¾“¨and indeed in the ENTIRE White world (At the same time I do respect all peoples and races)
First Comment from Marco A

It's called globalization. Germany will become like the next Canada - a miserable country without a culture where all races conglomerate fighting and working for the latest iPhone and Mercedes. In other words, a materialistic moral relativist hell-hole where the average man instead of fighting for a better tomorrow, goes home after work to watch some porn while the world goes to ruin. 

I pity the Germans and the Celtic peoples. They have been raped and pillaged at behest of high aristocratic families and occult orders for centuries. Their cultures have been utterly destroyed and when that happens, the people lose their soul and are just rudderless ships waiting for their conquerors to destroy them. If you lose your culture - you are finished. 

Don't lose it, and please don't go to the setup organizations such as the alt-right to teach you a phony version of it!
Forget about trying to find honest souls online, you will only find disgruntled alt-right types who are of the same flavour as a Zionist Jew.

 You won't find any moral outrage in your average German though in regards to their continued destruction, whether Northern German or Southern - the people have become neutered and weak. Few of them even believe in God, what do they care about the future of their children? They are materialistic and nihilistic. In other words, they have succumbed to globalization and have become selfish cruel weaklings like everyone else in this wonderful new world.

They are very much like Canadians - let in the hordes of races, let them even have our daughters, just don't touch our wallets! ... Our tax dollars are important.

The White race is resilient, the European has suffered more than any other race in history - two thousand years of constant butchery, torture, slavery and war. However, the Masonic masters of this world will see to it that they have an inglorious end by first being corrupted to become like the little demons that rule in the lodge before being utterly ruined in the brave new world we have entered. Corruption before destruction, in some revenge fantasy only a truly evil monster could imagine. 

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Comments for "Israeli Argues for a White Europe "

RL said (November 24, 2018):

My comment Mr Berg which part of Russia are going to try and reside in the part few see thru out the world that are under threat and are afraid to even whisper anything against Putin or maybe the part you think your free and white but are Being u dear watchful eye of the communist or Zionist that are in control there also ,to me you are blind to the real situation all the key players are controlled by the same forces even USA so enjoy your new home while you have those pretty illusions of grander !

Frank F said (November 23, 2018):

I have to respond to your latest article. I am Caucasian of Anglo/Scandinavian extraction married with kids to a Japanese woman. I have worked intimately with recent migrant-refugee populations most of my life.

I find that the love/hate relationship between migrants and their hosts are simply another facet of the human pathos. Born out of economic necessity, migrants have learned to cater to our Christian and liberal posture to get what they need while secretly despising us for their situation. They do bring crime, disease and all of the plagues that they are trying to escape from.

However, the trend toward stability and cultural assimilation is usually positive. Both in the host country then through relations in their former homelands. This is a feature of the human condition and not too different from our own ancestors experience.

Historically, we find that the "settlers", particularly in Canada, were a very diverse bunch. In Northern B.C. you will find townships that were originally established and populated by Chinese migrants that today may only have one or two token families. Usually in the restaurant trade.

The norm in human demographics is that nothing is static. Scientifically and otherwise, we still haven't a clue where we came from. Yes there appears to be an on going conspiracy to degrade populations into retrograde feudal empires but how successful was that in the past? Many of these migrants are escaping the dour confines of totalitarian regimes both on the left and right. Social experiments in nationalistic or ethnic enclaves may have had short-term successes previously but tend to be rejected by participants as your guest writer suggests in his article. The overriding theme of your blog, Henry, if I'm not mistaken, is the struggle for higher expression of human conscience. Ideological in it's external expression but very much an internal process for each individual. Good and evil generally gets decided instantaneously and is not always defined successfully through religious conditioning. I'm fairly optimistic about our spiritual evolution and am attracted to your blog among others for the same reasons. Europeans, and westerners by extension will define our own future irregardless of the influence of powerful elites and not, of course, without growing pains.

I thank you for your efforts and look forward to many more thought-provoking articles on your site.

Michael replies

It is quite revealing that the people like Mr. Frank F who support genocide via assimilation and describe it as "usually positive" are people who themselves are involved in it and are thus biased. There's a lot of evidence that mixed-race children hate themselves and their parents for it. Exceptions do exist but PROMOTING race-mixing as "usually positive" as you do is a PERVERSION. Your children will have no identity. They will be neither White nor Japanese. Yet you "celebrate" it!

I wonder why don't you promote race mixing in Japan which by the why is 98% Japanese (the rest of the 2% is also East-Asian), Or in Africa or In Iraq.

What's "usually positive" in something that has no precedent in history?. What's "usually positive" in wiping out a distinct racial and cultural branch of mankind and turning Europe itself to another version of Iraq?! (Isn't there already Iraq in existence?). What's "usually positive" in destroying the existence, culture and physical beauty of the White race and ONLY the White race in White Countries via race mixing?. What's "usually positive" in wiping and replacing the European population with a low intelligence, more criminally inclined population from Africa and the middle east?. I do not accept your pro-genocide position and your desire to see my race - in Germany and Europe - wiped out. The fact that I feel great pain seeing my race in Germany (and Europe) being destroyed means nothing to you!

And I must say that I will dedicate a lot of my energy to awaken people to the genocide that's taking place - while you just sit there and excuse this genocide as "usually positive" BECAUSE you are involved in it first hand (you are in a mixed relationship).

Again I don't criticize you for choosing that path. I just criticize you as something positive or "usually positive". (Obviously, you don't believe the White race have the right to exist). The difference between me and you is that I believe that ALL RACES have a right to exist while you believe that once race - the White race - only shouldn't exist and you do it while falsely believing that God and justice are on your side.
(God isn't on the side of race-mixing otherwise he WOULDN'T HAVE CREATED different races and cultures)

Paul said (November 23, 2018):

Many among White Nationalists would argue differently. They would say Europeans are being targeted because of their intelligence and innovation, because the industrial revolution took place in Europe (and, no, the gods did not come down to teach us).

Many, many Europeans are not Christian. Many Filipinos, for example, are. Are Filipinos being targeted? Nope.

And, yes, while Christianity played a vital role years ago in European cultures, few nowadays would be able to figure that out unless they did a great deal of research.

One observation by some coming out of the Illuminati is that nationalism, not Christianity, is the biggest threat to a NWO. And the Christianity of nowadays will rarely lead to nationalism.

James C said (November 23, 2018):

You wrote: (This is what Germans look like.)

Believe it or not, this is also what true biblical Semites look like too. If we use the biblical description of true Semites as our guide, we must conclude that true
biblical Semites are a fair-complexioned people, not a darkish-complexioned people as is commonly believed.

For example, Adam, the name of the first man, is ultimately derived from a word meaning having the ability "to show blood (in the face),
i.e., flush or turn rosy" (see Strong's Exhaustive Concordance nos. 121, 120, and 119). The white race has this ability to be red in the face because its
nonpigmented skin allows hemoglobin--the red coloring matter of blood--to show through.

Likewise king David, a direct descendant of Adam, is described as "ruddy" (1 Sam. 17:42; 16:12). The word "ruddy" in these verses is from the Hebrew word admoniy. Strong's no. 132 defines this word as "reddish (of the hair or the complexion)." To have a ruddy complexion is to thus to have a healthy red color of the face, a healthy rosiness or a blush.

And there are other biblical descriptions of true Semites.

JG said (November 23, 2018):

Excellent message by Mr. Berg.

I'm not a White American /European Christian Apologist like the many lost souls out there who let Hollywood and the MSM do their thinking for them.

The globalist powers around the world are pushing forced non-white migration in Europe and America with the goal of making them "mingled" nations that are void of structure and identity.

London is a good example of the end result of a mingled city. Crime in London is now running rampid. Poverty and homelessness are on the increase. And, London is flooded with 3rd world immigrants. Things won't and can't get any better. Strength is in unity and not in cross continental racial diversity.

The NWO globalists want to reduce the White Christian nations to the lowest common denominator of existence and this can only be achieved by flooding their nations with immigrants who have little or nothing in common with their culture or ethics.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at