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Genocidal Hatred Now Extends to all Whites

March 6, 2019

(left, short video documents Cabalist hate of Germans)

I am either an alarmist crackpot or a visionary. My parents survived the holocaust by posing as non-Jews and my grandparents were murdered. I don't want this fate to befall anyone. I am raising the alarm because the world is controlled by a satanic death cult -- Jewish Cabalism (Freemasonry. Illuminati) -- that is preparing another holocaust under the guise of a Third World War to consolidate the NWO.  This cult has a propensity for genocide and Donald Trump is a member.  When migrants from the Third World are flooding into our countries, when most TV commercials promote miscegenation, when an heir to the British throne marries a mixed-race woman, and pledges to raise "gender fluid" children, it's clear the Illuminati are dispossessing people of European descent. Dispossession is the start of genocide. I'd rather be a crackpot but fear I'm not.

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Written by a Jew before the Jewish holocaust, this book accused Germans of acting like stereotyped Jews.

"The population of Germany, excluding conquered and annexed territories, is about 70,000,000, almost equally divided between male and female. To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to only sterilize some 48,000,000 -- a figure which excludes, because of their limited power to procreate, males over 60 years of age, and females over 45.

Of course, after complete sterilization, there will cease to be a birth rate in Germany. At the normal death rate of 2 per cent per annum, German life will diminish at the rate of 1,500,000 yearly. Accordingly in the span of two generations that which cost millions of lives and centuries of useless effort, namely, the elimination of Germanism and its carriers, will have been an accomplished fact. By virtue of its loss of self-perpetuation German Will will have atrophied and German power reduced to negligible importance."

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I realize that Nazi Germany and the USSR were engaged in a genocidal death-struggle and that the Nazis committed many atrocities and had a grim fate planned for Russians. But the revenge inflicted on civilians by (((the Allies))) during and after the war suggests the larger, more sinister agenda. 

The Morgenthau Plan would have deindustrialized Germany. Ultimately the plan was abandoned because the West needed Germany as a bulwark against Russia in the Cold War charade. 

"In the summer of 1944, the U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry R. Morgenthau, Jr. (left) and Assistant Secretary Harry Dexter White [both Jews, White a Soviet agent] devised the Morgenthau Plan, more formally known as the Treasury Plan for the Treatment of Germany. Morgenthau was outraged by the Nazi Holocaust, details of which were just becoming known in Washington DC, and seemed to be looking for revenge. 

If adopted, the Morgenthau Plan would have led to the death by starvation and pestilence of ten million Germans in the first two years after the war ended, in addition to the one million who had perished in the saturation bombing and the three million killed in the enforced expulsion from Germany's eastern territories. Both Roosevelt and Churchill unthinkingly initialled the Plan, as these documents show."

"After lobbying by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Generals Clay and Marshall, the Truman administration realized that economic recovery in Europe could not go forward without the reconstruction of the German industrial base on which it had previously been dependent. In July 1947, President Truman rescinded on "national security grounds" the punitive JCS 1067, which had directed the US forces of occupation in Germany to "take no steps looking toward the economic rehabilitation of Germany". It was replaced by JCS 1779, which instead stressed that "[a]n orderly, prosperous Europe requires the economic contributions of a stable and productive Germany".

The most notable example of this change of policy was a plan established by US Secretary of State George Marshall, the "European Recovery Program", better known as the Marshall Plan, which in the form of loans instead of the free aid received by other recipients was extended to also include West Germany. "

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Comments for " Genocidal Hatred Now Extends to all Whites "

JJ said (March 6, 2019):

This is a very good and alarming article. There are two issues that need to be addressed regarding white peoples' apathy.

First of all, most if not all white people know one thing - they can get married. With interracial marriage, there ends up being disparities but for the white person with fair skin, hair and eyes and that European DNA that is highly prized around the world, marriage is always a possibility. It doesn't matter how fat and unattractive and poor a white person is, somewhere in the world there is someone (or whole groups of people) to whom this is inconsequential.

Secondly, many people, many white people, have an enclave mentalilty. I can articulate to a white person the present threats that exist to the white race and they will respond with, "But all the people on my street are white," or "The Tim Horton's I was just at had a bunch of white people in it." Really? This is like Americans saying when Pearl Harbour was attacked, "But there are no Japanese soldiers in my village."

People are unfeeling and selfish. Our racial brothers and sisters can be in the process of being slaughtered in some border town because of their race and we ignore it and say it's not even a true story and that they deserve it and that Mexicans were here first (so much for Solutreans) and that white people are naturally supremacists.

G said (March 6, 2019):

Today's article stabs like a knife, and it twists into our collective experience with a very big "Take this!!" It's everything we see in front of us, but the bigger enemies, bigger than those wielding the knife, are the ignorant and programmed, those who still worship at the alter of false history and accept the "official" narrative. They, too are all around us, swarming like robotic entities that no amount of shaking can deprogram.

I wonder what the ratio of woke to unwoke is in the world, or even in North America. No way to really gauge that. But the woke are charged with being in hyper-woke to make up for the robots amongst us. Every day is a day of sounding the alarm, and your alarm is loud and clear and louder than most.

Thanks, Henry. You are no "crackpot." But indeed you are a "visionary." And indeed you are an "alarmist." What could the world need now more than alarmists? NOTHING. Annoying and unnerving as it is, for those who know the story to not be sounding the alarm is a most grievous sin. Like withholding food from the starving. Alarmists R Us, but if we win, and I have to believe we somehow will, we can again be peaceful human beings who just want to enjoy life and help it evolve.

JM said (March 6, 2019):

Not a crackpot.

Exactly how things are..

A grateful reader,

AM said (March 6, 2019):

Regarding how the Nation of Germany has been under assault by Chabad Lubavitch; Regarding that Jews themselves hatched a plan e.g. the holocaust, and even by proxy selected and groomed Hitler into conducting genocide of seemingly innocent victims that posed no threat to the free world; How a nation of Germans even up to this day provide reparations for past war crimes. How can this happen? How can reprobates like Chabad Lubavitch even see their day of jubilee?

Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Start with Luther’s betrayal of God’s Church and then work your way up from there. If you seek to destroy Almighty God; rule number one; That’s futile. So you instead destroy yourself. And in this case the people of Germany.

There’s no way to shake off evil doers period! Unless you fulfill Lord God’s mission for His love of souls not yet lost! The strongest Army against wickedness The Traditional Apostolic Universal Holy Roman Catholic Church and it’s members thereof.

Tony B said (March 6, 2019):

sometimes commenters make me gag. Ignorance is not bliss but it is rampant.

Eisenhower, by his West Point documentation, was a Swedish Jew who graduated next to last in his West Point class, yet he was promoted over everybody to run the war in Europe. He simply hated all Germans, murdering somewhere between one and two million by starvation in total exposure to the elements with no facilities of any kind AFTER THE WAR WAS OVER. Anyone who tried in any way to help these poor, people, mostly old men and boys, was ordered to be shot on sight. May he rot forever in hell.

He was put into the president's chair to keep Taft out because Taft was not a prostitute to the cabal as was Eisenhower. Taft would have put a crimp in the cabal agendas.

Robert M said (March 6, 2019):

Yes, "We're all Germans now," 😏

For all your research and writings on this subject, including your two most recent articles, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

JG said (March 6, 2019):

General Patton was well aware of Henry Morgenthau's plan for further war atrocities against Germany after WW2 had ended and had vehemently opposed him. He died in a German hospital not long afterwards under mysterious conditions.

President Eisenhower was a staunch Anti Communist and the Communist Red Scare trials were not mere political theatre. They were for real. Some people were jailed, blackballed, and put to death. Richard Nixon in his memoirs said that Ike chose him for his VP because of the work he did as a prosecutor during the Red Scare trials.

The Marshall Plan was not a sham either. It ushered in the modern golden era of peace and prosperity for America, England, and Europe that existed until the Cold War ended. And, the NWO has been in charge of the political chessboard ever since.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at