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Mike Stone - Negative Emotions affect Your Health

March 30, 2019


 Conversely, all forms of love are healing, 
whether it's love for a child, 
love of country, or even love of one's job. 

The world is run by psychopaths and
moral cretins but we should not allow that 
to make us sick.

by Mike Stone

Did you know that your emotions correspond to specific organs of your body? For instance, the emotions of envy and jealousy correspond to the gallbladder. That's where the expression "green with envy" comes from. Gallstones produced by a debilitated gallbladder are bright green in color.

Anger corresponds to the liver and often results in high blood pressure or skin rashes. Perhaps that is why anger is associated with the color red. 

Fear corresponds to the kidneys. That's why a person who is frightened will sometimes lose control of their bladder. Grief corresponds to the lungs, etc.

In order to improve your health, particularly if you've been diagnosed with a major illness, it's important to work on your emotions. By "work," I mean to release as many negative emotions as you can. Granted, that's easier said than done, but it's essential for healing the body.

If you're having trouble releasing negative emotions, you might want to try concentrating on their opposites. If you have a lot of anger in your life, try cultivating kindness and generosity. Be extra nice to others until your anger subsides. If envy is your thing, try practising gratitude. Be thankful for the little things in your life. 

You can also look for the benefits of negative emotions. Anger can be a great motivator. If channelled correctly, anger can lead one to an attitude of "I'll show them," with very productive results. As a sophomore, Michael Jordan was deemed too short to make the varsity basketball team in high school. His anger spurred him on to become one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Fear is another great motivator. If it wasn't for fear of spending eternity in hell, the majority of Christians (aka traditional Catholics) would be committing mortal sin on a daily basis. If it wasn't for fear of arrest or being socially ostracized, most humans would be breaking the law on a daily basis. Indeed, you could make an argument that fear is necessary for any civilized society to survive.

On the flip side, positive emotions also correspond to organs of the body. Joy corresponds to the heart. If you want a healthy heart, then in addition to exercise and a good diet, find things in your life to be joyful about. Does a child's smile bring you joy? Spend some time around children. Do colorful flowers brighten your day? Spend some time in nature or the local park.

Cousins was diagnosed with a rare heart disease and told he had a 1-in-500 chance of living. He did two things: First, he started taking huge doses of vitamin C. Second, he began watching comedy movies, hoping that the laughter and joy they produced would stimulate his heart and immune system. It worked and he healed himself. Cousins wrote a book about his experience called "Anatomy of an Illness."

Cousins is not an isolated case. Tens of thousands of people in this country have healed their bodies through emotional release work. Traditional Chinese medicine has stressed emotional healing for centuries.

Have you ever been in love? The euphoria you felt at the time was the best immune system booster ever. It's actually quite hard for someone in the initial stages of romantic love to get sick. The excitement that they're feeling strengthens every organ in their body. (Note: I'm not talking about lust, which can be debilitating to the body. That's why old-time boxing trainers admonished their fighters to avoid sex - and especially what they called "strange stuff" - before a fight.)

Don't fret if you're single and in need of emotional healing, yet the prospect of romantic love seems a dark and distant dream. All forms of love are healing, whether it's love for a child, love of country, or even love of one's job. Anecdotally, I've noticed that artists who create works of beauty rarely get sick. They tend to remain healthy and age gracefully.

So do your best to release negative emotions and cultivate positive ones. Your health will improve, others will find you pleasant to be around and become attracted to you, and who knows - you just might fall in love.

Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles -  - Available exclusively on Amazon. His book, It's Ok to be White was banned by Amazon.
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First Comment from Stephen Coleman (Naturopath)

Mike Stone is correct about his beliefs that negative emotions affect one's health. However some of his specifics are incorrect regarding cause and effect. Nevertheless, hopefully it will awaken readers that we are 100% responsible for our feelings and our feelings strongly affect our physical and spiritual health.

But there is a caveat. The vast majority of our feelings are hidden within our subconscious and accessing them can be difficult. Feelings our mother had when she carried us in the womb or that time the kindergarten teacher yelled at you for something minor. It is all within our subconscious and the subconscious forgets nothing. 

The use of prescribed drugs and cannabis are useful for temporarily covering over difficult feelings. In fact the majority of addictions, both negative such as drugs and sex or positive addictions such as exercise or overachieving, all are temporary helps to "forget" and "forgive". 
Negative feelings, including subconscious feelings always weaken us. Be it anger, fear or hatred. 

The way we can tell we haven't rid ourselves of negative feelings is thoughts may arise a few days later regarding the same subject we "let go". 
No, we didn't let it go. Most people just can't let it go anymore than a 14 year old girl can stop being pregnant just by telling her to stop being pregnant. 

If we can't forgive a trespass, it's because our subconscious is protecting us from that trespass from reoccurring. If we hate somebody, our subconscious is protecting us, reminding us constantly that person is a threat to our wellbeing. 

But our body and spiritual wellbeing suffers. It could even shorten our lifespan. 

What can we do? It's far more difficult to just let feelings go than we believe because our subconscious is protecting us. 

The new energy release techniques that are popping up all over the internet breaks the hold of negative emotions that won't go away. They have been brought to us through divine intervention. 

Modalities such as EFT (Energy Freedom Technique). or
BSFF (Be Set Free Fast) are miracles and I have seen many people overcome mental illness, chronic pain and even cancer using these modalities.

But the crown jewel of the energy release techniques is Inner Influencing, developed by Paul Greblick. It's fast, safe, very effective and doesn't look as silly as some of the other release techniques.

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Comments for " Mike Stone - Negative Emotions affect Your Health"

RA said (March 31, 2019):

Is not the right attitude in relation to life to consider its end? Death, then eternal life with God, if we wanted to live for that end, by keeping His commandments.

So life is the time of trial, the great test.

In truth, one must face the difficulties of life with this point of view: Our Eternal Father (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) guides us, corrects us in preparation for this last end of eternal happiness.

Everything must be received as coming from the hand of the Father who loves us; our joys, our sorrows as a display of God's attention and love towards us. If we live like this our body and our psychology will probably not let go, because they are planned for that.

Essel said (March 30, 2019):

Very interesting and largely accurate article. But incomplete. Incomplete, because it is difficult for many to control their emotions with the sole aim of maintaining the health of the body. Why?

For it is a purely naturalistic goal which is contrary to human nature. Indeed, not only does man have a body, but he also has a soul, and it is located much higher in the order of dignity. The mind must, as far as possible, control the body. And not only in sexual matters.
Human actions, according to Saint Thomas Aquinas in accordance with traditional Catholic doctrine, must always be directed towards the search for the greatest good. In any situation, no matter how terrible it may be.
I can personally testify that every time such an act, however small or even invisible it may appear in the eyes of the public, is experienced with unspeakable joy and the evils of the body are simply forgotten.

Pleasure is the exultation of the body that we share with the animals. But joy is the exultation of the soul.

This does not necessarily make the health of the body, which, let us not forget, is mortal and subject to sickness as a punishment for original sin, but it does make us forget our miseries.

However, this is a consequence and a desired end for itself.

Of course, there are humanly incomprehensible events, such as the death of an innocent child, before which it is impossible not to be deeply saddened. Even Jesus wept when he saw the suffering of those who loved Lazarus and also before the fate - as He knew it - of the sinful Jerusalem.
Here is the answer to such situations. God is infinitely good and infinitely just, while we, miserable contingent beings, are limited in everything and cannot understand divine "management".
I have thus witnessed several times that Catholic families animated by a deep and reasoned faith (as it should be) have accepted, albeit in tears, the death of a child without being desperate.

In short, seeking health for a purely human purpose ("to enjoy life before death" as the pagans say) denotes a search for a bad end that implies that we exist for ourselves, which is ridiculous and above all false. There is no doubt that this will be paid for at Judgment Day. Be careful, I am not saying that this is Mike Stone's thought.

Marcos said (March 30, 2019):

Coincidentally, I just finished Dr Gabor Mate's book "When The Body Says No" which I recommend.

Yes, emotions can ruin your health and most auto-immune and inexplicable diseases are caused by them. Americans, who are taught to be tough since childhood, are the champions in this area.

However, the solution is exactly the opposite of what is recommended in the article. If you keep appeasing people and pretending everything is alright, forcing yourself to have "positive" thoughts, you will end up dead, because you are denying the problem and making it worse. Denying feelings is what put you in the situation in the first place. It is still trying to be tough but in a more sanctimonious way.

Instead, take care of yourself, learn to say no. Be honest and assess problems and emotional hurt with open eyes. Get rid of poisonous and abusive people. Acknowledge your weaknesses, learn to lose and trust God with what can't be dealt with.

Much of life sucks indeed. Deal with that so you can enjoy the good parts. That's maturity, in other words.
Only then you can be in a position to help people who really need and appreciate your help.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at