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Yoichi Shimatsu recalls Zionist Godfather Samuel Bronfman

April 27, 2019

SamuelBronfman.jpg(Samuel Bronfman, 1889-1971 made his fortune running alcohol during prohibition) 

Samuel Bronfman-sponsored Zionists made a deal with the Japanese to tie down
British troops in Palestine during WW2. In 1946, his terrorists killed 91 people when they
blew up the British HQ in the King David Hotel. But his crowning achievement was the role of his attorney Mortimer Bloomfield in the assassination of JFK.  

Zionism and Illuminati Satanism are one and the same. This is seen in the involvement of Bronfman descendants in the NXIVM sex cult. (See complete article) His family still finances Canada's governing Liberal Party. 

By Yoichi Shimatsu
(Excerpt by

My recollection of Samuel Bronfman was of a rail-thin man in a tailored silver-gray silk suit who stopped midway across the steppingstones to take in the shimmering reflections off the pond at the Heian Shrine in Kyoto. Kawasaki Aircraft had asked my mother, the only person in town with sufficient English fluency and high-society status to host the most honorable Bronfmans, loyalists of the Rising Sun. 

Later at dinner with his wife Sadie, of delicate tempura seasoned with seasalt rather than sauce, the Canadian tycoon eschewed alcohol, nothing more than a sip of Fushimi sake from a tiny cup, being a taster by profession and not a swiller like his customers in the Lower 48.

Though as a gentleman, he insisted on taking the tab, an impossibility in so discrete an establishment, in a rare lapse Bronfman gave up and accepted the hospitality from my mother who showed the elderly couple around the old capital following his meeting with the Jewish elders of Kobe, who had acted as liaison between the wartime Japanese militarists and a desperate Zionist movement. Of course, he realized that the bill was picked up by Kawasaki, the wartime partners of Dornier and Daimler-Benz, whose fearsome Type-5 fighters shot down hordes of American planes, and inventor of the world's first nuclear-powered bomber.

Even though his booze-smuggling trade had put him in partnership during Prohibition with Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky, Sam Bronfman was at heart an old-school gentleman of quiet demeanor, the quiet man behind the bar whose greatest gift of all was to finance the cruise ship for Jewry floated out on a sea of whiskey to former Palestine. There was nothing boastful or self-aggrandizing about him. Bronfman was content to be a servant of his people in diaspora, out in the faraway Canadian wilderness. His dark business dealings with America's most heinous gangsters was matched by Bronfman's readiness to forge a clandestine alliance with the Japanese-led Greater East Asia Co-prosperity sphere at a time when no civilized Western nation would accept Jewish refugees from Nazi-dominated Europe, especially the WASP establishment in Great Britain and the United States.

In exchange for Japanese military-intelligence agent Chiune Sugihara, undercover as a diplomat, providing visas to occupied Manchuria for Jews from Lithuania (including the Lubavitcher elite rabbis), Bronfman made arrangements with FDR's Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau Jr. to forestall American naval intervention against Japanese territorial expansionism in China and Southeast Asia. In a show of loyalty of the Zionist cause to Imperial Japan, younger Jewish exiles in Harbin, Shanghai and Kobe enlisted in the Betar, a Zionist youth militia, to receive guerrilla warfare training from Japanese soldiers in gunnery and explosives,-handling.

A clandestine operation smuggled the vanguard of the Stern Gang (who would emerge as the Irgun guerrilla movement), into the British Palestine Mandate to launch attacks in June 1941 (five months before Pearl Harbor) against the stunned Royal Army, which culminated in the bombing of the officers quarters at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The sabotage campaign was intended to tie up British forces in the Near East, preventing dispatch through Suez Canal of sufficient manpower to prevent the fall of Hong Kong and Malaya, with its huge Royal Navy base in Singapore, to the Japanese offensive in December 1941.

After brilliant initial victories, the Japanese suffered major defeats at Midway and the Coral Sea, and attrition campaigns ending in US Marines performing summary mass executions of prisoners, as depicted in Raoul Walsh-Norman Mailer "The Naked and the Dead". To Commander Hideki Tojo, Bronfman conveyed Morganthau's assurances that the White House would accept a truce rather impose a surrender ultimatum, according to the private secretary of Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka, as told to me in an interview. But then Roosevelt died.


It was President Harry Truman who broke the secret Zionist-Japanese agreement, and rather emphatically by ordering the atom-bombings, but he was unable to completely break the hidden relationship when Eleanor Roosevelt's closest confidant was Morgenthau, nor could chipper Harry stop the 1952 San Francisco Treaty (which created the UN) from restoring the Zionist alliance with Japan. 

Samuel Bronfman did not go to the gallows for treason, but instead was rewarded by Eleanor-Morgenthau and Josef Stalin for providing intelligence on enemy state Japan and was rewarded with the creation of Israel in 1949. In his secret dealings with gangsters like Capone and the war criminal Tojo, Samuel Bronfman showed nerves of steel. It was Bronfman and not the British stooge Rothschilds who had the chutzpah to finance the Irgun rebels and the cunning to create Israel.

Long after Bronfman made his deal with those Mephistos to win the gold ring, the Devil has now come asking for his due in the ruination of everything the ruination of all achieved: his grandchildren shamed, the family fortune dissipated, his beloved dream of Israel now an insane asylum for Hassidic maniacs on par with their jihadist foes, and North American Jews more devoted to #MeToo sexual affairs and occultism than to any semblance of religious heritage. Ambition has proven to be the seed of destruction.

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Comments for " Yoichi Shimatsu recalls Zionist Godfather Samuel Bronfman "

FF said (April 29, 2019):

I believe that this article is very important in that it indicates quite clearly how deeply the Zionists will betray all sides in the pursuit of their sick dreams. I have also read from Yoichi's revelations about the Aum Cult and wonder sometimes if the Zionists were also somehow involved in that disgraceful incident.

I happen to know personally that there isn't a weird cult out there that the Bronfman family will not support. In the early 1970's they sold the gigantic Belvedere estate in Tarrytown, upstate New York to the Moonies, turning down other offers. The estate became a very important training ground for the Moonies for many years. Keep up the great work Henry and keep showcasing the excellent research of Yoichi Shimatsu.

Pedro said (April 28, 2019):

hi, for


I would not be as quick as Yoichi to write off the Jewish project, as
the international crime syndicate has been at it for millenia and they
are joined to the hip (and gonads) with Western dominance. Furthermore
having it all go to muck is just fine and dandy for the followers of
Shabbatai Zevy.

Yoichi is excellent, has been onto Fukushima (muck on steroids) since it
happened, and until recently could be found here.

some wayback archives here though.*/

JG said (April 28, 2019):

This is quite an amusing article. I disagree on most points.
1)the House of Rothschild is nobody's stooge and never has been.

2)Harry Truman did not act on his own in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan.

3) The "Zionists" are nobody's real friend outside of their own sphere. They establish diplomatic relations with all the nations it can for intelligence gathering and political advantage. The give away classified defense secrets of their "allies" and play them against each other in order to gain control of the grand chessboard.

4) Samuel Bronfman did not establish Modern Day Israel. It was already in the process with the Belfour Declaration during WW1.

5) The bombing of the King David Hotel was to let the British know that their efforts were not appreciated and that they didn't belong there.

I still don't believe that the House of Rothschild and the "Zionists" are the same political entity.

JJ said (April 28, 2019):

This article is another reminder that if men don't take care of themselves someone else will. Many men go to these war situations partly for money and party for group belonging because they don't form cohesive enough groups on their own that will start their own business' and take care of their own needs. We are truly lions being led by sheep.

GW said (April 28, 2019):

wow! what a blockbuster of an essay = talk about Revision-ist History! in light of more and better information!

Yoichi Shimatsu recalls Zionist Godfather Samuel Bronfman

we won't see THAT on the front page of the National Post.

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