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Why are Zionists Backing Brexit?

May 31, 2019

boris-wall.jpg(left, Boris Johnson, favourite to succeed Theresa May is for Brexit. Claims Jewish ancestry.
He is one of many pro-Israel candidates.)

Last Sunday, Brabantian wrote about the Zionist billionaires funding
Nigel Farage. I asked him to explore the reasons why. 

Zionism (Trump, Netanyahu) is Cabalist (Satanic) Jewish imperialism by the nationalist route. Communism (Biden, Soros, Justine Castro) is Cabalist Jewish imperialism by the globalist route. 

Brabantian explores the reasons the British elite might favor the former. 

by Brabantian

As the George-Soros-tied globalist camp dominates Western media, we tend to think that the 'establishment' always prefers the globalist-type programme, such as Britain's membership in the European Union, as part of the road to one world government.

And given Theresa May's horrid, betrayal in sabotaging the Brexit that was supposedly set in stone to take place on 29 March 2019, it's understandable to assume Brexit is what the establishment doesn't want.

But let me take you back to the earliest tip-off that Brexit was secretly the long-term goal of at least a major sector of the British establishment.

The Brexit vote took place on Thursday, 23 June 2016, and next day the world woke up to a 52 to 48 per cent victory for Brexit.

But in the weeks before Brexit, with UK airwaves full of debate, one grand sign told us that the UK establishment was secretly angling for a pro-Brexit vote.

On 25 May 2016, a month before the Brexit vote, a televised debate noted by millions of British people contrasted the images of the debaters.

In favour of Brexit, is the UK Tory MEP Daniel Hannan, a cultivated, well-spoken, eloquent individual, hugely popular and respected all around.

Debating against Brexit is the often cross-dressing, trans-gender-theming then-54-year-old UK comedian, Eddie Izzard. Izzard is also popular - British people have long liked male entertainers dressing up as women - but he is also someone that many British people find a bit repulsive and disgusting. Late-mid-life transvestites, do not tend to be exactly 'cute' in common perception.

In short, Eddie Izzard became the 'public face' of 'Remain in the EU'. To put it in the rather crude 'alt-right' terms, the symbolism was that the EU was 'globohomo', whilst Brexit is 'normie', what a normal person would want.

Savvy commenters on the web noted - this Eddie Izzard intrusion, was the 'tell', that the City of London wants Brexit ... People suddenly could see that Brexit was going to win. Why else would they hire the goofy-appearing Izzard to be the face of 'Remain'?

The City of London - the banking interests centred there - have some strong motives to not remain in the EU:

(1) London bankers do not want to be under EU regulation - with EU regulators sometimes showing great strength and will against powerful corporations. With immense courage, Danish EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, left, has dared to impose billions of euros in fines, upon cabal powerhouse Google - one of the bravest things an EU Commissioner ever did.

(2) London bankers foresee financial crises in which the euro currency may well collapse, the euro is generally understood as a 'scam' as Italy's former prime minister Berlusconi put it, a scam favouring Germany greatly, and especially devastating the lives of citizens in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. When the big crisis comes, euro-zone banks start collapsing, and countries start leaving the euro ... It will be better for London bankers to be out of the EU and not needing to pay to help pick up the pieces.

(3) Britain's economy is already heavily dependent on banking, and an arguably better future for London banks is if Britain becomes a much bigger type of the Cayman Islands, the key money shelter and financing source for much of the world. That can only be done if the City of London has all its laws and regulations made locally.

No doubt, many in Britain's elites would like to stay in the EU, and the Brexit vs No Brexit case is likely argued in the most intimate circles of oligarch leadership.

Very possibly, after the Brexit vote, some of those anti-Brexit factions became at times more powerful.

The oligarch cabal perhaps also had a great deal of fun, seeking how far they could push the British voters, with the most egregious and oily betrayals, a task ultimately assigned to the unhappy Theresa May, rumoured to have allowed her Brexit 'deal' to be mostly authored by the offices of Angela Merkel working with Jean-Claude Juncker.

And they indeed found, there was a point at which British anger began to explode. Not just the pro-Brexit voters being angry, but also a great many others, not so certain about Brexit itself, but quite certain they were witnessing democracy being sabotaged ... and Britain being treated badly and insultingly, both by EU elites and by Britain's own House of Commons Parliamentarians.

Britain's Tory (Conservative) party has its roots in the late 1600s and is sometimes thought of as the oldest political party in the world. Yet it now faces destruction, its support in single digits, because of the Brexit betrayal. Tory leaders know they must deliver Brexit of some kind in the weeks ahead, if the party is to survive at all.

But of course, the real question is what the 'insiders' want here. If the cabal wanted to remain in the EU badly enough, the death of the Tory party after over 300 years is a price they would pay.

But that is likely not what they want. From promoting Eddie Izzard as 'Mr Remain in the EU' to reviving the media love affair with Nigel Farage, left, in recent weeks. We see another direction in insider strategy.

In general, in these times, the 'nationalists' are proving more psychologically attractive to populations, than the globalists. As often noted on this site, there is a faction of the ruling cabals, that believes it is a better strategy to rule the world via co-ordinating nationalisms.

1930s Europe had a lot of fascist and authoritarian governments, coordinating quite nicely without any over-arching 'organisation'. You had Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain, Hitler in Germany, Horthy in Hungary, Pilsudski in Poland ... it was a grand trend, and if the cabal hadn't pushed a war onto everyone, this model might have held for decades longer.

And maybe that is the model they are bringing back now. Nationalistic leaders all coordinating with one another ... and this time, all coordinating with Israel as well.

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Comments for " Why are Zionists Backing Brexit? "

Robert K said (May 31, 2019):

Alternatively, the various options in these debates might be being put forward by "actors" playing assigned roles. How many times must the public be deceived by politicians before realizing that normally their words are not intended to represent truth but, rather, to elicit a manipulable psychological response in their audience? Recall what Adam Weishaupt said about the need for members of his Illuminati to master the art of speaking first one way and then another; i.e., dissembling.

Peter G said (May 31, 2019):

There is little doubt that a general election must occur in the United Kingdom at some point soon.

There is no effective government at the moment and the operating majority with the Coalition of the Democratic unionists is incredibly thin.

If the results of the European elections recently held were to be repeated in a general election the brexit party would return the most seats.

With the current gang of lady boys and some ladies currently vying for the leadership of the Conservative Party there is every likelihood that if they elect a wimp as they are likely to do then the brexit party will win at the most seats at any General Election despite the endeavours of the slippery snakes the liberal democratic party

If Boris Johnson doesn't win the leadership contest of the Conservative Party there is every likelihood that he may choose to cross the floor and join the brexit party if that happens it will make them unstoppable.

That will alter the odds of brexit party winning the most seats at the next general election from the current position presently between 6 and 8 to 1 to something much shorter.

Remember Waterloo

JG said (May 31, 2019):

The "good old days" of the sun never setting on the British Isle are gone. England has pulled up stakes in most of their occupied territories around the globe. However, the Rothschild agents are now implementing control with globalism by installing the political leaders in Western Europe, and Canada. They remain obedient not to their citizens but to the people who financed and prompted their careers.

The nations who choose to support Israeli national sovereignty does not guarantee their own nation's political sovereignty or a return to nationalism. Only their own elected leaders can do that and not the compromised leaders that they have.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at