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The Zionist Billionaires Behind Nigel Farage

May 26, 2019

(From left to right, Arron Banks, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage & Andy Wigmore)
The two paths to Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) world government seem to be Communism/globalism (George Soros, Obama etc.) on the Left and 
Zionism/nationalism (Netanyahu, Trump) on the Right.  
There are no conservative nationalist parties that are anti-Zionist. 

While we applaud Brexit, Brabantian reminds us that Brexit leader Nigel Farage is backed by fanatical Zionists.  Money makes the world go round and nowhere is that truer than politics. 

By Brabantian

We all can sympathise with UK voters feeling insulted & cheated out of the EU Brexit departure for which they voted in 2016, 'set in stone' for 29 March 2019 but shamefully postponed twice already, now till Halloween.

And many of us have enjoyed the UK's witty & eloquent Nigel Farage, lampooning EU bureaucracy and now apparently leading a triumphant counter-charge to see that Brexit takes place.

But taking a deeper look at Farage, We note links to Jewish billionaires & other insiders financial backing, & to ultra-Zionist anti-Palestinian settler lobbies. -We see that oligarchs and their Jewish elite partners, seem to have two rival factions, the internationalist-globalist symbolised by Soros and the co-ordinating nationalist one symbolised by Netanyahu. Do they represent a genuine elite disagreement or merely a dialectical method leading to the same conclusion? 

In any case of globalist vs nationalist tension, you always have Jewish-tied, oligarch-serving, controlled opposition ready to tilt for either side ... in this case to help channel the anger of British voters over their Brexit betrayal, in ways elites favour. 

Re Farage: "Farage is an Israeli front, a most obvious one if the money trail is followed. Farage has received vast sums from Arron Banks, a British financier closely tied to the Israeli lobby in the US ... other routes for funds flow from the US Israeli lobby to Farage"
3 billionaire families dominate financing of the USA Republican party:
- Jewish casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson & his wife Miriam
- Billionaire brothers Charles & David Koch
- Jewish hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer & his daughter Rebekah

The Mercers are the most secretive of the above; their Jewish identity confirmed in Israeli media here:

(Farage in Masonic grip with UKIP MP) 

"In 2014, Steve Bannon set up Breitbart News in London with the specific intention of helping & supporting Farage's campaign to take Britain out of the EU. The money came from Robert Mercer, the hedge-fund billionaire who would go on to become the single biggest donor to the Trump campaign."

On a lower level of wealth, Farage & his Brexit parties have been funded with millions from two UK figures, 'insurance tycoon from Basingstoke' Arron Banks, & 'former diplomat & businessman' UK-Belize dual citizen Andy Wigmore.

"Arron Banks has rented a house in Washington DC for Nigel Farage to use when he visits the US to meet with President Donald Trump. Banks, who has donated over £1 million ($1.2 million) to [Farage parties] since 2014, has signed a five-year lease for a three-bedroom house in the Georgetown district of Washington along with fellow Farage ally & Brexiteer Andy Wigmore. Banks & Wigmore have nicknamed the property the 'alternative British embassy' & expect it to host a range of high-profile US politicians as Farage continues to develop his close relationship with the US President.

Farage, Banks, & Wigmore describe themselves as the 'bad boys of Brexit'. All three have met with Trump on a number of occasions, including when they posed for a picture with the businessman-turned-politician in Trump Tower."

Arron Banks once famously tweeted, "I suppose there are good Jews & bad Jews, then George Soros."

(Future PM Borris Johnson in Masonic grip with James Cameron) 

Nigel Farage's political vehicle was UKIP until he resigned from it in December 2018. From the Farage days at UKIP:

There is a "strong level of UKIP involvement in a recently formed group dedicated to supporting Israel's war crimes. 'Friends of Judea & Samaria in the European Parliament', has been set up in response to the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment & sanctions against Israel. 
It seeks to build a direct link between the Brussels institutions & Israeli settlers. The group was founded by Yossi Dagan, chair of Samaria Regional Council, local authority for some of Israel's illegal settlements. Fifteen members of the European Parliament support the new group, three of the 15 belong to UKIP, the only party to have more than one."

There are questions & investigations as to the dubious sources of  Arron Banks & Andy Wigmore contributions for Farage's political parties.  "The United Kingdom's Electoral Commission has referred Arron Banks, a British businessman who co-founded one of the campaigns to exit the European Union, for criminal investigation for concealing the source of $10.3 million in campaign funds that were allegedly obtained improperly."

"The EU has launched an investigation into claims that wealthy Brexit donor Arron Banks splashed £450,000 on a luxury lifestyle for Nigel Farage following the referendum. The European Parliament's advisory committee will probe the Brexit Party leader for failing to declare the lavish expenses."

It's not that fulfilling the wishes of Britain's Brexit voters is wrong ... but the 'Brexit leaders' we are being given, have their own aspects of controlled opposition and ties to the power elites of the world.
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Soros fund the Left  (note Soros is making same Masonic hand sign as Trump) 
Kochs fund the Right   (Zionist and Communist billionaires control politics) 

First Comment by R-

Unlike Trump, I don't think that Farage is entirely compromised. He's got political charisma and the powers that be know he could upset their plans. On two separate occasions, I believe that they tried to kill him, like Diana, using supposed "accidents". 

Nigel Farage claims someone 'deliberately tampered with his car' in France causing an accident on a motorway

Nigel Farage claims someone 'deliberately tampered with his car' 

Nigel Farage claims someone 'deliberately tampered with his car'

The Ukip leader claimed one of his wheels fell off on a motorway near Dunkirk in France, after it had been tampered with...

That was in 2016. The year before a light aircraft he was travelling in while campaigning also crashed, nearly killing him:

Nigel Farage: After the plane crash, I lit a fag. Not a great idea close to aviation fuel 

Nigel Farage: After the plane crash, I lit a fag. Not a great idea close...

In the second exclusive extract from the Ukip leader's book, Farage relives the terrifying details of the plan...

As fate would have it Farage escaped serious injury and now after a brief absence, he's back in the political arena. So now I believe that the "Zionist billionaire" are trying a new trick, where the British security establishment failed. Rather than try and kill him, which would be counter-productive now as many would suspect something was amiss, they are trying to win him over with faux friends and allies. 

Hence "Zionist billionaires" are now supporting him. It remains to be seen whether he will succumb to their blandishments but the Zionists are trying to win him over, as they did once with May, because they know he could become a force to be reckoned with in British politics.

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Comments for "The Zionist Billionaires Behind Nigel Farage "

Paul said (May 26, 2019):

I have spoken with Brits who could absolutely care less, even on a good day when someone might even pay for them to care, who is funding Brexit. They only care that Brexit happens, preferably sooner than later. Why? Because they honestly think that all their social benefits will continue (and come to think of it they might with the same bankers funding it).

Anytime an entity becomes independent (children from parents, wife from husband, subsidiary from parent company, province from nation) there is a cost, a sacrifice. None of this is being mentioned or talked about and the Brits I have spoken with are unaware of the possibility of sacrifice. It's crazy! There is something really wrong with this picture!

Jarle said (May 26, 2019):

Jewish Leninism for the World, the Perestrojka Deception (Bolsheviks moved to Israel > America)

Aleksandr Dugin / Nikolai Klokotov in "Foundations of Geopolitics" (1997):

"Next, it turns to Britain. The book's authors say Russia should encourage Britain to leave the European Union, and thus weaken it. That's right. Russian strategists were openly arguing in favour of Brexit in 1997 when it was still just a glimmer in Nigel Farage's eyes."

But perhaps most amazing part of the book is when it calls for Russia to “introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics.” If that reads like an accurate description of Trump's inner-circle, again remember that this text was written twenty years ago.

Dugin argues way back in 1992 that there needs to be a smashing of the UniPolar world order - America and globalism with a MultiPolar world order - guess who? Pan Eurasian co-operation between Russia, China, Europe and now...Israel.


“It was a very different type of immigration,” said Lily Galili, an Israeli journalist writing a book about the impact of the tidal wave from the former Soviet Union. “They didn’t want to integrate. They wanted to lead. They changed the nature of the country.”

“For many years the joke was that Israel had become the 51st state of the US. Instead we have become just another Soviet republic. It’s quite a twist in the story.”

The Communist New Silk Road is being run by Israel-Russia and China.


"And then...the real nightmare...brought to light by Diane. A grandmother in Tennesee. Israel and its Russian Polish commies have managed to write themselves into US legislation. As is ILLEGAL to abandon israel. This flows into the emerging legislation on hate speech and the BDS movement. Here is its INCREDIBLE original legislative writing...congratulations America, you're LEGALLY married to a Commie paracite called israel. Here is The Talpiot Program in LEGISLATION - binding the US to israel."


JG said (May 26, 2019):

England is a pretty sad place these days. They have lost their identity and they are helpless against their new controlled leadership.

Theresa May once worked for the Bank of England and the English believed that she would bring stability and prosperity to the UK. Neither happened! Brexit was a plan to bring back hopes for a sovereign England. I doubt if the powers that be in London will approve it, it defies the NWO and their plans for globalism.

All recent prime ministers and false opposition leaders have all had one thing in common, their are anti nationalist and anti labor.

The conflict between Zionism and Globalism is real. The Israeli neocons haven't fared well with Democrats in recent years because the Democrats follow George Soros and the globalists agenda. The Republican Party follow the Israeli Neocons and recognize their right to a non-multicultural and non-globalist controlled state.

I hate to admit it but George Soros has made far too much ground around the world with his plan for de-nationalism and multiculturalism. I don't believe Western Europe and England will ever be the same, at least not for a long while.

RL said (May 25, 2019):

The phony Nigel Freemason , how many con jobs do we Have in today’s world where over loaded with them and they just keep coming , soon heaven is going to have its day and then as it says there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, look at trump big smile full of pride thinking he’s doing a stand up job for his handlers ,foolish man indeed

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