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Soros Funds the Left for the Illuminati

October 15, 2010

Illuminati Jews, the Kochs, fund the Right. Meet the man who funds the Liberals and the Left. Both Koch and Soros are Rothschild shills. (See  "The Zionist Billionaires That Control Political Discourse.") Notice he is making a Masonic triangle sign with his hands. 

by Stephen Volk
[email protected]

George Soros' Open Society Foundations impose 21st-century Marxism on democracies.

Like Maurice Strong who funds all sides of a UN debate, George Soros funds Democrats and Republicans in America for everything from judicial supremacy to abortion, euthanasia and sames ex "marriage."

A key funder in a wide spectrum, from the liberal extremist to funding John McCain since 2001, notice how the foreign policies of McCain, Obama and Soros are the same...

The globalist antics of Soros bring to mind the historical observation, "Where can nobler men be found in all history than those who conceived and processed the American Revolution which gave birth to our country, having freed it from the barbarism associated with the phrase 'The Divine Right of Kings'."

But as the worn out cliche goes, "Those who refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeat it," here we go again, with the "Divine Right of Soros." Never has fiat currency in the hands of a single Illuminati made such an impact!
Known as the man who broke the Bank of England, 80-year-old Soros funds liberal activists in the United States. At least 80 wealthy liberals pledged $1 million or more, each, to fund a network of "think tanks" and advocacy groups to compete with a once-potent conservative infrastructure.

The result is a political class of liberals and Neocons  committed to the de-Christianization of western civilization. Unrestrained executive orders and judicial supremacist rulings sweep America with the winds of Soros...
Soros wrote that to preserve "Our Global Open Society," the world needs "Some Global System Of Political Decision-Making" in which "The Sovereignty Of States Must Be Subordinated To International Law And International Institutions."

In other words, the goal is to make free America one more colony, destroying sovereignty through interdependence and worldwide privatization.


Soros made $2.9 billion betting against the American economy. If that wasn't bad enough, Soros also has donated over $32 million to liberal candidates and liberal causes across the United States; including Neoconservative John McCain.

John McCain founded a non-profit institute called The Reform Institute. Where does it get its money? The donors list includes George Soros' Open Society Institute and The Tides Foundation among others.

Arianna Huffington, a long-time Soros organizer serves on its advisory board. Ms. Huffington actually organized a series of Shadow Conventions for fundraising for McCain prior to his previous campaign for president, for which Soros contributed about a third of the funding.

In 2002 McCain teamed up "Americans for Gun Safety," a second-amendment abolition group funded through Soros, advocating all sorts of draconian controls on America's constitutional rights. One can rest assured that if he ever wins the presidency, he will march to the beat of George Soros' drum on this issue. Practically all gun control groups in America are ultimately funded by Soros through various channels.

Co-chairs for the Soros-funded Iowa Justice Not Politics coalition appear at first glance to be bipartisan, with Republican Joy Corning, Former Lt. Governor, and Sally Pederson, Former Lt. Governor, Democrat. Like McCain, Corning is a state coalition co-chair example of a political-class neocon.

Richard Cizik, a rather open leftist, over the years has shifted from right to left, so his affiliation with Ted Turner, and then Soros, seemed natural. He created the left-leaning New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good.

Initially after his NAE departure, Cizik was affiliated with Ted Turner's United Nations Foundation. Then he became a fellow at George Soros's Open Society Institute, concurrent to his creating the new liberal evangelical group.

Cizik was unrepentant about his evolving views on same-sex unions. Meanwhile, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League alleges that George Soros, who funds the notorious "Catholics for Choice", is also supporting "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good."

Evangelical and Catholic organizations, at first glance appearing to be on the right, are actually Soros-funded evangelical and Catholic left.

A group funded by George Soros called FreePress is advocating an Investigation into talk radio and cable news, as they feel these entities are engaging in "hate speech." FreePress plays the usual hate speech and racist card all liberal organizations use, in order to shut down opposition. FreePress is run by a man named Robert McChesney who is already a known Marxist.


Remember the Marxist Popular Front during the Great Depression?

Let us examine the Soros Front, the Illuminati Front, by considering one American state as an example. is the Soros coalition builder for Iowa. Its job is to make the will of Soros appear as the will of the Iowa "grass roots."

In reality, these groups are funded by Soros. Leftist groups including human rights, Interfaith, liberal Catholic, environmental, planned parenthood, etc. These now unite, for example, in a crusade to re-elect standing Iowa judicial supremacists.
The Soros popular front includes Iowa Association for Justice, Iowa Citizen Action Network, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Iowa Farmers Union, Iowa Planned Parenthood Affiliate League, Iowa Pride Network, Iowa Safe Schools, Justice Reform Consortium, Des Moines League of Women Voters of Iowa, Linn County Stonewall Democrats, Mason City Human Rights Commission, Methodist Federation for Social Action, Iowa Chapter, Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities, Davenport National Association of Social Workers, Iowa Chapter Northwest Iowa Labor Council, One Iowa, Ottumwa Human Rights Commission, Progressive Action For the Common Good, Teamsters Local 238, Teamsters Local 90, Trinity United Methodist Church, Des Moines, Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City... You have the leftist picture.

In all the above, one could easily replace "Iowa" with "Soros." Every state should be aware of similar cronies in the King Soros dynasty...


Billionaire globalist George Soros told the
Financial Times that China will supplant the United States as the leader of the New World Order and that America should not resist the country's decline as the dollar weakens, living standards drop, and a new global currency is introduced.

There you have it. Illuminati Jew George Soros, who confessed to Steve Kroft that, in the Holocaust, he helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews (, is a billionaire who hates America. Unfortunately he and his ilk control political discourse. How can we take any of it seriously? How can we regard politics as anything more than shadow boxing?


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(Stephen Volk is the author of The American Poetry Holocaust, New Age Deception in the Holy Land and New Creations in Israel now available at


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Comments for "Soros Funds the Left for the Illuminati"

From a Socialist Dupe said (October 16, 2010):

Your article is garbage and you're probably a rightist illuminati schill yourself (or just a typical confused knucklehead who thinks he can get a piece of the pie). The go between man is the machiavellian Henry Kissinger who
networks between the illuminati and the US military industrial complex, both of which are VERY FASCIST and very rightist. He has always been their front man in their efforts to secure the world for themselves. They are reforming our world back into an assortment of feudalist monarchies and those monarchies will be the
multinational corporations and their owners.

George Soros represents a counter
ballance to them, has enough wealth and influence to do so and you rightist bastards can't stand that he presents one of the greatest threats to your power.

In your antisocial ideals you can't stand that he (and other liberals) supports
philanthropic efforts that help 96% of the rest of us that do not have 80% of the wealth in the world.

Dear Socialist,

Thank you very much for writing! Your perceptions of Kissinger are absolutely true. Most appreciated! "Republican" Kissinger professes to be the Master over the duped Palin and "Republican" colleague Gingrich. This is the neoconservative Right which, as we have seen, funded in part through Soros affinities with McCain...

The word "fascist" was originally coined by communist propagandists for confusion. A minority of professional Marxist-leftist propagandists use it very effectively and consciously to these ends... while the majority remain confused, which is its intention. Fascism always was and always will be a word restricted to WWII Italy. Too, if you call the military/industrial complex rightist, upon which the Federal Reserve is dependent for ongoing profits, then what do you call Eisenhower who warned against it in 1960?

If Soros funding to curb population growth to 2.5 billion - as recommended by the Club of Rome and envisioned in Humanist Manifesto II,
through such immoral controls as abortion, euthanasia, and samesex "marriage," as the billion-per-annum collagen industry and Jewish abortionists like Morgenthaler prosper - is philanthropical, then at least on the issue of euthanasia we can call Hitler's public-works projects philanthropical. Don't forget that, like Hitler, it's well documented Soros betrayed his own Jewish race in WWII, much like Jewish drug dealers do to Israel today.

Stephen Volk

Ty said (October 16, 2010):

The plan of the people like Soros

What we see going on on a global scale is the empowerment of China,Russia and the east, and the planned decline of the west, eventually culminating in a WW3 that sees that "Israel" is the only one who survives somewhat intact, as all other nation/states are dismantled by the same folks who fund both political parties in the USA. I might also point out that I believe that "Israel" will be demolished to a large extent, but some will survive like in the USA. Then the survivors of Israel and predominately those of the former predominately European/Christian based nations will go through a grand exodus out of "Egypt", to cross the "sea" to a new Israel made up of a combination of these people. Here we will see the gathering of the 12 tribes that include the house of Israel and Judah. This, however, is where it get tricky because it is then we will see the main anti messiah falsely take credit for the victory against our enemies worldwide, as he steals the show and erects himself a chief priest and executive of world government and religion. He will rule for a short time before the true Lord, Jesus Christ returns and establishes his Kingdom on top of what Anti Messiah claimed as his.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at