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June 18, 2019

Notre Dame Fire--Decapitating Christianity  from Benoit

You haven't addressed your title "Why the Illuminati Burned Notre Dame" if only briefly in the first paragraph.

"WHY" was the Cathedral burned (tried to -) ? Simply to cast a magical curse/spell over Christendom !!! Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral can be considered with "a high degree of confidence" (; )) the second holy place of Christendom in the world after Saint-Peter of Rome, the Vatican. So, casting a curse on the former would be as effective as casting one on the latter, the Vatican.

The main giveaway of a magical operation against Christendom is the fact that they retrieved twelve statues of the Apostles and Evangelists from the top of the Cathedral around the base of the spire bell tower one week prior of the arson. The giveaway is not the when... but the how : they DECAPITATED all statues to take them out pretexting a mandatory operation in order to "securely" take them down. This is pure absolute BS ! It is obvious that no one ought to take the head off a statue in order to lift it from it place... securely !

The real aim of the deed was to strike a magical blow against the christian faith hence... on Christendom ! Period.

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