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Revilo Oliver-The Jewish Technique

July 28, 2019

Revilo Pendleton Oliver (July 7, 1908 - August 20, 1994) was professor
of Classical philology, Spanish, and Italian at the University of Illinois.

Revilo Oliver is considered a "white nationalist" and racist.
Apparently, Jews are the only "race" in the West permitted to have a country of their own.

Oliver says the Jewish religion provides a perfect cover for a conspiracy against the human race.
I would go further. Judaism is a conspiracy against humanity, including Jews. 

Here, Oliver shows how Organized Jewry champions liberal/socialist causes
for subversive rather than altruistic motives. 

Any resemblance between the Jewish technique and Communist technique is not a coincidence.

"The Jewish technique consists in finding large groups of goyim who can be isolated from the rest of the society [by] some economic, occupational, regional, cultural, sexual, or racial [grievance], persuading them that they are "oppressed" by the wicked society .. making them greedy for the profits they think they can gain by 'demanding their rights.'"

Editor's Note: Mankind is a family. I believe that all races, nations and religions should retain their distinctive characteristics, with none claiming to be superior.  The NWO wants to meld them all into one while only Jews remain distinctive. I disagree with Oliver's pejorative remarks about Blacks.)

Judaism is Cover for Conspiracy
from June 15, 2014
by Revilo P. Oliver
The Jewish Strategy, Ch. Seven (2002)
(Excerpt by

The [Jewish] religion is a perfect cover for conspiracy. When the Jews invade a country, they normally make themselves inconspicuous by infiltrating, a few at a time, and planting a few of their number in every city, town, or even village where there is money to be made by exploiting the stupid natives.

If the scattered groups of invaders maintained a close liaison with other members of their race ... on the basis of any common interest except religion, they would soon be identified as an alien and enemy conspiracy, but by claiming that they ... worship ... some god, they persuade the citizens to think of them as merely [harmless] votaries .. and ... overlook the real solidarity of the invaders.

The religion is the perfect means - and this is most important - the perfect means of making certain that Jews will be persecuted. It must be realized that the Jews' success depends on their cunning in having themselves "persecuted."

alinksy.jpg(left, Communist Jewish subversive, Saul Alinsky. Communism is a satanic cult.)

By perpetually whining that they are a poor, helpless, persecuted minority, they effectively disguise their real power and their success in wrapping their tentacles about their victims, and by exciting the pity of soft-hearted and soft-headed goyim, they can use those goyim as weapons against the others.

By establishing a reputation for being persecuted for their religion by awfully wicked pagans, they can make it seem that they, poor innocents, are suffering for their piety whenever their depredations and malevolence have so exasperated their victims that the latter try by legislation or violence to free themselves from the aliens who are exploiting and oppressing them...

The Jews' religion, which, as presented to the goyim, seems to validate their boasts of a peculiar "righteousness," makes possible the greater part of their secular (i.e., economic and social) subversion and eventual destruction of the nations they invade.

It must be remembered that the Jews operate by discovering and exploiting causes of dissent within nations, inciting classes and comparable groups within the nation to reciprocal antagonism, and exacerbating the rivalries to the point of civil war, until the nation is paralyzed and reduced to masses of individuals who no longer feel they have anything in common except the geographical territory they inhabit.

Herbert_Aptheker_1965_2.jpgThe Jewish technique, as was too candidly explained by the notorious agitator, [Communist] Herbert Aptheker, left, consists in finding large groups of goyim who can be isolated from the rest of the society on the basis of some economic, occupational, regional, cultural, sexual, or racial interest they have in common, persuading them that they are "oppressed" by the wicked society, inciting them to hatred of their "oppressors" and making them greedy for the profits they think they can gain by "demanding their rights," and thus setting each group against all others until the nation is paralyzed by pseudo-legal contention that may hopefully be expected to eventuate in civil wars, massive massacres, and a reversion to total barbarism.

The Jews, who are always careful to wail that they are a "persecuted minority" with a passion for godly "justice," are thus ideally prepared to incite the "underprivileged" to outbreaks for "social justice," and it is, of course, well known that all of the multiple forms of subversion are directed by Jews, often quite openly, although they usually try to associate with them some hired or light-headed members of each group they are inciting to what will be, in the end, self-destruction.

The same parade of religiosity facilitates the other principal offensive against the occupied nation, if it belongs to our race, which is morbidly susceptible to rhetorical appeals to sentimentality and "ideals," i.e., fancied changes of the real world to make it more pleasant, usually by some magical transformation of human nature.

hclinton.jpg(left. Hillary Clinton did her thesis at Wellesley on Saul Alinsky. Obama was another Alinsky acolyte. )

Aryans, especially females, are easily intoxicated by rhapsodic talk about "all mankind," "the brotherhood of man," "world peace," "equality of races," "all men are born equal," and similar nonsense. That adult Aryans believe in such things without help from lysergic acid or even alcohol is simply proof of Kipling's observation that "Words are the most powerful drugs used by mankind."

The Jews cannot be held responsible for the mental weakness they exploit, nor even for their success in exploiting it. In the United States, for example, they have for decades been openly inciting the [Blacks] to plunder, beat, rape, and murder their white "oppressors," and the white Americans are not only so craven and masochistic that they submit themselves and their children to the savages' outrages, but so fatuous that they believe the Jews' pretence that they are acting out of concern for the "underprivileged" savages rather than out of hatred for the Aryans as well as to profit from the misfortunes of the modern Canaanites, whose country they have effectively occupied.

The Jews' contempt for their befuddled and spineless victims is probably justified, but I think it obvious that their success was made possible in the United States, as, according to Philo, it was in Canaan, by the awe excited by their religious professions in the minds of the unwitting enemies whose country they invaded.
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Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews
Website dedicated to Oliver's Writing 

First Comment from Dan:

No doubt Revilo Oliver had the appeal of an erudite, larger-than-life persona.  You should listen to the recording his 1961 speech before 5,000 members of the 'Dallas Indignation Committee'.  He had them mesmerized, as can be heard from the thundering cheers and applause.

As I read Oliver's major works and studied his curriculum vitae and bio in depth a few years ago, red flags popped up all over the place.  Some are esoteric.  Familiar ones include:

- During WWII, Oliver was a director of research in charge of 175 'analysts' for an 'unnamed agency' of the War Department from 1942 to 1945.  From there he wrote and met with rightwing groups spreading the word of Soviet subversives in the DC establishment calling for a "housecleaning" of the government.

Oliver's rhetoric referred to Jews as "the Sacred Sheenies" destroying "Aryan civilization" - yet - during this time (1946-47) he was supported by a Guggenheim Fellowship, hired at the U. of Illinois, and received a Fulbright Fellowship to live Italy from 1953-54.

- During 1955 he helped Willmoore Kendall start up the NATIONAL REVIEW magazine, and groomed his student - William F. Buckley, Jr., to take the helm.
- Next, Oliver spent 1958 helping Robert W. Welch, Jr. found the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY. 
- Want more?  After the Kennedy Assassination, Oliver published an article in the Birch Society American Opinion magazine that theorized the Oswald was a Soviet agent, trained in Russia to assassinate Kennedy.   As for Kennedy, Oliver maintained that HE was Communist puppet who had outlived his usefulness after thwarting the Bay of Pigs invasion.  (This of course is exactly what the CIA had planned for the public to think).

So Oliver went straight out of an "unnamed" intelligence agency to almost single-highhandedly set up the Cold War era American Right Wing Establishment.

The only problem with this is that we've since learned that everything and everybody Oliver was involved with turn out to be CIA Controlled Opposition.

Finally, when you read enough of Oliver's articles you can catch on that he actually held the American public - and democracy -  in utter contempt.

From Henry :

Thanks Dan. This certainly is eye opening information. Does he talk about the bankers or just about Jews in general? If its Jews in general, then clearly stirring up anti Semitic fervor may be part of the Illuminati agenda. Still, much of what he says, like his description of the "Jewish technique" rings true.

Dan replies:

I've not come across any tact in Oliver's writings and speeches to distinguish between the Jewish Mafia and Jewish people.  He divided people down racial, and gender lines pretty much.  Things like "The Aryan mind is natively aristocratic".   and, "a Jew feels himself a part of a superorganism, his race, of which the god is merely a personification."

Yes, this kind of surgery with sledge hammer does skew how we interact with other groups of people.   My impression from his speech to 5000 people in Dallas in '61 is that he was an agitator.    He could whip up a crowd of white middle class in Dallas and pick up a nice honorarium, and fly expenses paid back to his job as mild-mannered professor of obscure ancient literature the next day, without being involved in the consequences.  

I don't think he was faking his contempt for Jews, blacks, Christians, "rubes", women, and "puppets" like Roosevelt and Kennedy, or 'Aryans' that let their guard down due to compassion or sentimentality.    In fact he would have gone straight to the top of the Third Reich if he'd been born in Germany.

He's one of those people I can't figure out entirely because influences that shaped and taught him, guided his early career are hidden.

Again, thanks Dan:

"A Jew feels himself a part of a super-organism, his race, of which the god is merely a personification."  As a Jew, I don't feel this way; but again this rings true of Cabalists.  My sense is that if Oliver were some kind of agent, he would have received a wider hearing in the msm, as Alex Jones does (or did.) 

Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Revilo Oliver-The Jewish Technique "

Marcio said (July 29, 2019):

That is an excellent summary of the revolutionary mindset, tactics and strategy. Had the West known that before, we would have lived and still be living in peace, harmony and prosperity as we would have prevented and avoided falling prey to such traps. It is worth spreading the news abridged in such article as an introduction to the satanic conspiracy against God and mankind as written on :

"The Jewish technique consists in finding large groups of goyim who can be isolated from the rest of the society [by] some economic, occupational, regional, cultural, sexual, or racial [grievance], persuading them that they are "oppressed" by the wicked society .. making them greedy for the profits they think they can gain by 'demanding their rights.'"

That is something which must be memorized and known by heart.

Unfortunately, some of your readers try to use the ad hominem fallacies in an attempt to discredit Revilo Oliver (for what purpose?). No matter what he had done before, he drew very accurate conclusions from his analysis.

Ordinary people do not know how to recognize the truth, even if it is told by a toddler; they are only able to trust authority figures and that is why the West has been fooled by infiltrated wolves in sheep skins for centuries.

Pierre said (June 21, 2014):

Having just finished Revilo Oliver's The Jewish Strategy, in the end he is giving the Catholic Church almost as much of a hard time as the Jews... in short, in history, it's (almost) all made up and we will never really know the truth, apart from faith, about Jesus, or any of the other similar big-wigs of the messianic cult movements. If I may, quoting the last paragraph in full.

"The development of Christianity in all the sects of the Western world during the past two centuries has been the progressive elimination from all of them of the elements of our natively Aryan morality that were superimposed on the doctrine before and during the Middle Ages to make it acceptable to our race and so a religion that could not be exported as a whole to other races. With the progressive weakening of our racial instincts, all the cults have been restored to conformity with the "primitive" Christianity of the holy book, i.e., to the undiluted poison of the Jewish originals. I should, perhaps, have made it more explicit in my little book that the effective power of the alien cult is by no means confined to sects that affirm a belief in supernatural beings. As I have stressed in other writings, when the Christian myths became unbelievable, they left in the minds of even intelligent and educated men a residue, the detritus of the rejected mythology, in the form of superstitions about "all mankind," "human rights," and similar figments of the imagination that had gained currency only on the assumption that they had been decreed by an omnipotent deity, so that in practical terms we must regard as basically Christian and religious such irrational cults as Communism and the tangle of fancies that is called "Liberalism" and is the most widely accepted faith among our people today. I am a little encouraged that today some of the more intelligent "Liberals" are at last perceiving that their supposedly rational creed is simply based on the Christian myths they have consciously rejected. I note, for example, that Mary Kenny, who describes herself as "a former radical" (The Sunday Telegraph, 27 January 1980, pp. 8-9), has come to the realization that "so many of the ["Liberals'"] political ideas... are religious at root. The search for equality in the secular sense is a replacement of the Judaeo-Christian idea that God loves every individual equally. ...The feelings of guilt or, indeed, pity, which once went into the religious drive, are being transferred to secular ideas to the ultimate destruction of our civilisation.

So far as there is hope for us, it lies, I think, in this belated tendency to take account of biological realities. " and I might add, Jungian style archetypes.

Dan said (June 16, 2014):

I wish people would just get an education. Peter R (below) says 'everything' I wrote about Oliver is ad hominem.

Ad hominem is "the attempt to reject an argument on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author".

Did I reject anything that Oliver said? Absolutely not. I just pointed out the fact that "Oliver went straight out of an "unnamed" intelligence agency to almost single-highhandedly set up the Cold War era American Right Wing Establishment. The only problem with this is that we've since learned that everything and everybody Oliver was involved with turn out to be CIA Controlled Opposition."

That's not irrelevant. If I'd written, "Oliver was gay and blew J. Edgar Hoover", that would be Ad hominem.

Peter R said (June 16, 2014):

Not a single word from "Dan" or "CF" deals with Oliver's serious charges against the Jewish cabal. Everything they write is ad hominem.
I have rarely seen anybody like Oliver who had them figured out down to their bone marrow. And he didn't keep it to himself. That's why they hated him so much. A guy like him would never find employment at a university today. He was part of a dying breed that would never be replaced, thanks to the kulchural "revolution" that was forced down our throats. The cabal
has been making sure of that.

But Oliver's accusations stand and don't go away. As long as people like "Dan" and "CF" don't deal with what Oliver said but concentrate on where
he came from, what he did a long time ago or his writing style, their posts are evidence that they stand there with their pants down. Very reminiscent of leftist tactics, i.e. when the accusations are true they don't answer but go for the man... and even try to appear intelligent
about it. Very typical. They just try to divide and conquer more people. It's their way.

CF said (June 16, 2014):

The tip offs revealing Revilo Oliver's writings as directed (hired) manipulations are as follows: His writing style is rambling and barely coherent; the names and terms chosen for various groups are purposely inflammatory (not academic); his religious/racial hatred spills out all over the place; and remarks/quotes from historical persons are tenuously related to the topic.

Directing our attention to the very real connections between Zionism and Communism is to point to the obvious; yet still requires logical delineation and clear verifications - sans emotionalism and universal contempt. Oliver's writings, however, seem more of a contrived mash-up with just one single, programming theme: Hatred... More «Divide et Impera», only coming from a different angle.

Pierre said (June 16, 2014):

I am amazed these days how much useful and truthful information there was early last century until the Rothschild creation of the greatest anti-semite ash-kenless-nazi party. They saw the writing on the wall and seized the bull by the horns and steered it using Hitler as a (somewhat feral) Judas goat for the German nation.
In a world now almost a century later I am not so sure that even territorial commonality is a unifying point, at least as long as the utilities and food keeps on coming, and the screens go blank along with the faces glued to them.
Did you know that the night before Henry Ford was due in court to be ADL'd for his truthfullness he had of all things a car accident and, no doubt, an offer he couldn't refuse, resulting in his taming. His factories made the trucks in USSR for North Vietnam in the 60's and did well out of the Nazis too.

Joseph K said (June 15, 2014):

I recall that Tacitus and/or Gibbon called the Jews "haters of all mankind", a phrase I once thought "over the top". Maybe not so over the top - maybe a timeless truth. A few years ago someone reported that Palestinian Arabs and native Palestinian Jews (not "Israelis") were genetically indistinguishable.

Taken together, these facts suggest that Judaism is primarily not a race but rather a troublesome social movement that may primarily inhabit one race (Near Eastern or Central Asian) and then gradually come to inhabit another race (Nordic) through admixture and conversion.

Young Hillary's Wellesley photo shows a basically Nordic female who does however have a bit of a Semitic look to her - the admixture at work. There are many such people in the Ivy League colleges.

Something analogous to the Jews, is the so-called Scots-Irish of North America. Really these people were a select group of English who had been used by the English empire as a vanguard against the Scots (e.g. during Edward I) and later against the Irish (during the Tudors). Which is why they are "lowland Scots" not "Highlanders", and Protestant Northern Irish, not the Catholic Irish with ancient roots on the Emerald Isle.

Then these same people, basically the "shock troops" of England, were sent against the Amerindian in Virginia, while Massachusetts got the misfit religious fanatics. Though the "Scots-Irish" Andrew Jackson type is genetically English, he has a radically different culture, and has been selected over the centuries for a few genes that make him in practicality a much different animal from the average Englishman, let alone from the average North German who decided to stay home and not molest the Britons.

There is an "invasion of the body snatchers " aspect to Judaism. Of many examples I could give of the "body snatching" process, let's consider just one:

To "promote the general welfare" we need "income tax" to fund "education". Translation: the government, under Jewish control, usurps totalitarian inquisitory and confiscatory power, and under threat of things that should be done to no human being, such as lengthy imprisonment, etc., seizes almost all capital. Then in the name of "education" all the little girls are required to take a test to see if they are smart enough to add 2+2.

If they're smart enough to add 2+2, they're offered a large amount of their father's tax money back, if they'll only go to "graduate school", which basically means sitting next to the "brilliant" Jewish boys until they marry one. Then the next generation of Jews is less Asiatic, more Nordic. They've skimmed the cream off the Nordics just as they skimmed the cream off the Asiatics millennia ago.

JG said (June 15, 2014):

This explains the "grand chessboard" of World Order Communism very well along with it's creators using religion as a guise for their apparatus.

Yes, I agree, communism is a satanic cult that is in opposition to God. It was designed to thwart all religions who recognize God as all knowing, all powerful, and all present. It is opposed to Christianity because it does not accept God's plan for the salvation of man through Jesus Christ. Christianity unites all races and Communism has always tried to destroy that.

Their goal is your demise through Satan and his present worldly kingdom. If you worship this worldly kingdom than it's just a matter of time before you'll soon be worshiping the rulers and creators of that kingdom instead of God.

It's no secret that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were students of Marxism. The once American White House is pretty much the "Red House" now with a foreign policy of tyranny and destruction through the politically engineered division of the nations to create war and destruction in order to render them helpless to resist the coming New World Order.

Yes, Marxism was a Jewish created doctrine that was propagated as a political party for equality and the sharing of wealth with religion named as the culprit that had to be removed in order to fulfill that goal. Once religion is outlawed then the Marxist pagan gods becomes the oppressive occupational force within those nations.

The riches are then stolen which creates poverty and austerity. The only equality of it all is equality in persecution and starvation like that of Russia during the Communist reign of the 1930's.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at