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Does Anyone Really Believe the Clown Show We're Seeing?

July 1, 2019


"How can any voter with even the slightest degree of intelligence take any of these candidates seriously when almost all of them have proven themselves to be nothing but charlatans and deceivers?" - Mike Stone

Generally I have the Demon-rats on IGNORE. They have gone beyond the pale of civilized behavior and rational discourse. Think Ford-Kavanaugh; think Jussie Smollett; think Russian "collusion"; think Antifa thugs.  They have proclaimed their true Communist-Globalist-Satanist identity.  Communism is dedicated to the destruction of civilization. Western civilization is Christian; Communism is Jewish Cabalism.

Makow comment-  No one could be so incompetent. The Demon-rats are deliberately self-destructing in order to ensure Trump's re-election. It's all part of the Masonic Jewish tag-team, Zionism (Right) and Communism (Left) working for the same end, Rothschild world tyranny. Next time we won't put our faith in a New York shyster developer who is constantly making Masonic hand signs; that is, if there is a next time. 

by Mike Stone

Did you watch the Democratic debates last week? If so, you saw a white woman, who pretends to be Native American (Elizabeth Warren); a half-Jamaican and half-Indian woman, who pretends to be African American (Kamala Harris); and an American man of Irish descent, who pretends to be Mexican (Beto O'Rourke). His real name isn't Beto, it's Rob. He's about as Latino as I am, which is zero percent. Yet there he was, standing on stage, answering questions in Spanish.

According to the fake news polls, the person leading this clown show is Joe Biden, a serial groper, who makes Arnold Schwarzenegger - the Gropenator himself - look like a Boy Scout.

How can any voter with even the slightest degree of intelligence take any of these candidates seriously when almost all of them have proven themselves to be nothing but charlatans and deceivers? 

(AOC wearing designer clothes & jewellery. Classic Communist, enriches herself while promising to help the poor.)

They're about as believable as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crying in front of parking lot, while pretending to weep for incarcerated children.

Every one of the twenty candidates pledged that if they were elected, they would give free health care to illegal aliens. Think about that. Thousands of homeless American veterans on our streets, who nobody cares about, yet these individuals all want your vote so they can take money out of your pocket and give it away for free to foreign invaders.

An actor friend of mine described the whole situation as eloquently as I've ever heard: "These people are evil, liars, and worst of all bad actors. I watched those debates the other day and all I saw was garbage acting. They pretend to be Native American, Mexican, from bad neighborhoods, grew up poor. Harris's father was a professor at Stanford University. My dad was a telephone repairman, who died when he was 37 and I was 6. These people make me sick!"

Shades of 2016, when the Democratic nomination was blatantly stolen from Bernie Sanders, two unconventional candidates - Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson - said their microphones were turned off so they couldn't respond to key questions. Their claims are backed up by the fact that they received only 3 and 5 minutes of speaking time, compared to over 11 minutes each for Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders.


A President's first duty is to protect the country as Commander and Chief of the armed forces. Did any of these candidates strike you as someone you would trust to lead your nation into battle? Aside from Tulsi Gabbard, not a single one seemed to have the faintest grasp of foreign policy.

Do any of these twenty candidates, with the possible exception of Gabbard, possess even an ounce of the statesmanship that President Donald Trump demonstrated last Sunday when he just ditched the Secret Service and strolled into North Korea. (North Korea!) Can you imagine any of these candidates doing that?

Say what you will about Trump, he's right about one thing: If Hillary ("We Came, We Saw, He Died") Clinton had won the election, we'd be at war right now with Korea. And Syria. And Iran. We'd be fighting wars on three fronts with a pro-homo, tranny-infested military.

Media-Cartoon-1529663026.jpgAlmost as bad as the candidates themselves, is the fawning, fake news media. By legitimizing these candidates, they proved, once again, that they are the true enemy of the people.

It's the middle of 2019. We've have a full 16 months of this nonsense ahead of us. A full 16 months of listening to talking morons, who all want to be the next President of the United States. God help us.

Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon. His book, "It's OK to be White" was banned by Amazon.

First Comment from Reddit Conspiracy-

Why Are Democratic Party Candidates Pretending to Compete After What We Saw Last Time? Do people really get behind Sanders, Warren and Gabbard when they saw what happened last time? The DNC claimed it had the legal right to rig the primaries.

Are the candidates insane, or part of the hoax?

Tony B writes-

(Sigh), when are Americans, even many of those close to power, going to understand that Americans no longer "elect" anyone to high office, that the cabal in London simply tells its wholly owned American political parties and it's wholly owned American media (and its wholly owned everything else supposed to represent "authority") whom they want in which office so that is what is scripted to please the master.  Vote counts, never reported truthfully, are not any part of the true process.

It was back in 1991 that a Bilderberg type bragged to an employ (a bilingual American whom he must have thought not a U.S. citizen), "Americans are too stupid to elect the president, WE decide who will be president."  He further bragged, "When we put Hillary in, she will declare martial law."  Hillary likely blew her turn with the child stealing, child selling, raping, murdering Clinton Foundation, which someone was exposing with facts that were obviously leading to the cabal at the top during the last phoney presidential vote, hence the usual fake "landslide" suddenly took a turn downward for her with the media backtracking all over the place.  But they still lied that she won the "popular" vote (fat chance when even the hardest core lesbians hate her guts.  Probably a concession to the prostitutes in the media more than to Hillary.

The actor in the article got it mostly right:  American elections today are THEATRE and with a passel of really lousy actors and actresses.  Reagan was a third rate actor but he was light years ahead of the sad bunch today, no matter the party.

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Comments for "Does Anyone Really Believe the Clown Show We're Seeing?"

G said (July 2, 2019):

It's not just the candidates (actors). It's the whole paradigm that presents itself as "for the people." It's the Government, hijacked by dual-citizens, dedicated to global communism and likely to fulfilling the goals of The Georgia Guidestones. Let not this electoral theater continue to deceive and serve up false hope, false legitimacy. The people and their rights are the way forward, and only those who advance those inalienable rights are worth considering for any form of representation.

JG said (July 1, 2019):

I agree, the Democratic debates were a situation comedy gone bad. I was sorry that Kamala Harris felt she had to launch a personal attack on front runner Joe Biden to gain some ground by bringing the debate down to the low level that she did. She had her Perry Mason moment but now it's time to move on.

Can anyone even name all the candidates let alone know who they are?

If Joe Biden was smart he would have answered all the questions and accusations in Spanish like the rest of some of those jerks on the debate.

Like a lot of people I found the debate as cheap entertainment that I didn't have to pay for. I can't wait for the next episode and I'll be staying tuned.

Skip said (July 1, 2019):

Great article short and to the point, however it's not just these candidates and the likes of them that are evil, it's the people that vote for them, that are either evil, or too stupid to know they are.

Question, how do these evil candidates continue to get re-elected if not for the evilness or stupidity of those that vote for them?

This is not a problem that reared its ugly head recently, it is one that has existed for what, close to a century now. Regardless of party affiliation, the evil continue to keep or take office for the want of the voters that are like them.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at