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Homosexuality is Not a Life Sentence, says Ex-Gay

July 17, 2019


P who lived as an openly gay man for 30 years writes:
"The homosexual world is a dead-end. 
It is filled with just about every perversity imaginable. 
I am living proof that, yes, it is possible to change and 
get back on the right track." 

As you read this, consider that this "lifestyle" is promoted 
as chic by our "leaders" and introduced to school children. 
Conversion therapy is banned.  We are so far gone that we can't 
recognize that society has been subverted and is under occult attack.

(Disclaimer- Homosexuality is a developmental disorder caused by father absence and sexual molestation in youth. Gays seek to regain their masculinity through promiscuous sex. We do not wish to add to their suffering but rather to offer hope that like P, they can change. We also acknowledge that there is a small minority of homosexuals who are monogamous.) 

by P

I am a 52 year old man who lives in Canada. Let me tell you my story.

You wrote in some of your articles that being gay is a developmental disorder. You were and still are absolutely correct. I lived my life as an openly gay man for 30 years. It wasn't working. I was miserable and had been for many years. God always takes care of his loyal children. I prayed for answers. He knew of my sincere desire to change and he gave me those answers when I was good and ready to receive them.

When I was 2 years old, my parents took me to the hospital to have my tonsils removed. Mom stayed with me but Dad had to leave for work. To an adult, this is quite normal. But to me, in my little 2-year-old head, I thought my father was abandoning me. I was way too young to understand and I was convinced my father would never come back. Normal for an adult but traumatic to a 2 year old.

From that point on, and for many years afterward, I was never close to my father. In my head, my father was the bad man who had abandoned me. Dad tried his best to make me understand and to get close to me but the damage was done.

I first began to feel homosexual impulses when I was 5 years old. I thought this was normal. The outside world told me it was not. They were right. This was in the early 70's, a time when such things were still seen as shameful by the majority of people. I grew up hiding my true nature.

I actually considered coming out as a young teen in the early 80's. But then AIDS arrived and drove me even further into the closet. I finally came out as a young adult, in the mid-80's.


I never was happy as a gay man. I was always the one who sought out a monogamous relationship. This is something that simply does not exist in the gay community. It's all about sex. No depth, no sincere feelings, no nothing. Massive promiscuity, depravity, drug and alcohol abuse. I could go on and on.

Suffice it to say that when I reached middle-age, I simply said to myself, "Ok, this is not working. I want out". I turned to God. He knew I was ready. He gave me the answers and the tools I needed. If you are sincere in your repentance and do not repeat the sins, he will be there for you.

Things began to change when I made a sincere effort to get close to my father. He had actually been there all along but I was "blind" and did not see him. Slowly, bit by bit, my relationship with my father improved. Greatly improved, as the weeks and months went on.

First thing I knew, my homosexual impulses began to fade away. I realized that, because of my childhood trauma, this perceived abandonment from my father, I had for years sought out the company of men as a replacement for this "absent" father I thought I had. I finally understood. I finally saw the light. I'm over-simplifying this because this process took a long time.

As you well know, only a very, very small percentage of gay men are actually born that way. Very small percentage. The large majority have become gay because of either childhood sexual abuse, usually at the hands of another male, or because of a distant and/or absent father they could never bond with, coupled with a domineering, overbearing mother. Having lived my life as a gay man for 30 years, I know this to be fact.

As you have described so well in some of your articles, the homosexual world is a dead end. It is filled with just about every perversity imaginable. I am living proof that, yes, it is possible to change and get back on the right track.


I once heard a phrase that has stayed with me. It goes like this : "Do not allow evil into your heart. It will make a home there". I thank God that he has opened my eyes and allowed me to not only recognize evil when I come across it but to see it for what it is : a dead end.

Henry, do not worry about humanity being destroyed by a nuclear war. It will not happen. Nuclear annihilation is nothing but a fear tactic. The threat of nuclear destruction has been held over our heads for decades in order to keep us in fear. It never happened and never will. But people living in fear are much more easily controlled and will much more readily give up their rights and freedoms, begging the government for a solution. Nuclear war, weapons of mass destruction, are nothing but bargaining chips. It's all a game, Henry. The idea is to control the planet, not destroy it. If it is destroyed, they will have little or nothing left to control. They don't want that.

Evil is not sustainable. Oh the NWO may well come to fruition. But it will not last long. Such a high level of evil and corruption is simply not sustainable. It's like an organism stricken with cancer. It will fail and die. Evil will end up destroying itself. It always does. Like the scorpion, they will sting themselves to death with their own venom.

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Comments for "Homosexuality is Not a Life Sentence, says Ex-Gay"

Helen said (July 18, 2019):

I want to thank you for your efforts to educate us, such a lot of research stuff you are putting forth, am learning a lot, and I thought I know everything!

Your post of July 17, the gay guy from Canada, his expression, “evil is unsustainable”, love it, love it !
Am going to remember it.

JJ said (July 18, 2019):

All one has to do or should do is go to the gay community and simply listen and observe. Gays for the most part can't stand each other. They use the f- word on each constantly.

Gay porn will often have straight actors who have practically addiction-free lives, actors whom they interview constantly to give the distinct impression that gay sex is just for fun and doesn't affect anyone or hurt anyone. You can still go back to your family. Most gays who are in the depth of addiction see these role models and wonder why gay sex for themselves always leads to near-fatal, out-of-control, very expensive, marathon sex sessions that are very unsatisfying.

The other day I and another guy made the decision that if we were going to do the job we were paid to do we would have to stand in rain for a couple hours. The good feeling we had about ourselves and the camaraderie we had, the unity we had, beats anything the gay community could ever have.

Two men who sacrifice for their wives and families and have shared experiences have a deepness of friendship that gay sex cannot replicate. The friendships of David and Jonathan and Jesus and John, by the way, were not gay for the simple reason they promised to personally take care of the family members of the other person. Gay men don't do that because gay men are socialists who always hand over their own families as well as everyone else's families to the government.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at