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Jeffrey Epstein & Cognitive Dissonance

August 14, 2019

(left, Trump and Ivanka as a child

Cognitive dissonance is when what you are told does
 not correspond to what you see. We do not yet know 
why Epstein was arrested, and then murdered or allowed to escape 
but one thing is sure, it contributes to a sense of
cognitive dissonance in the public and a growing
distrust of government and reality itself. Could this be deliberate?
Could this be part of satanic possession? 

by Henry Makow PhD

Cognitive dissonance is a big part of US politics. I am going to 
illustrate this by listing a few examples related to the Epstein case, and 
a few general examples.

1. People have known about Epstein's pedophile sex trafficking for decades but there were no charges. A sweetheart deal was made in 2008. 
Why did the authorities finally decide to get serious in 2019? 

2. Why hasn't Ghislaine Maxwell been charged? She is as guilty as Epstein. She is in the US.

3. Epstein's lawyers "requested he be removed from suicide watch" and the warden agreed? This after he supposedly tried to commit suicide?
Surely this was a preliminary step to murder or suicide. 

(Left, Warden Shirley Skipper Scott makes Illuminati hand sign) 

4. Epstein was the most high profile prisoner in the history of the US. If the warden did nothing else, she would ensure his security. Having bungled this, the warden was merely "transferred"? Obviously, she was complicit in whatever transpired. Similarly, we are supposed to believe guards "fell asleep" on the job?   We're supposed to believe they couldn't put CCTV cameras in the cell or they were not functioning? 

5. Attorney General William Barr's father had a longstanding relationship with Epstein. Are we to believe Barr doesn't?


Fostering cognitive dissonance is central to US political discourse. 

1. 9-11. We're supposed to believe a jetliner crashed into the Pentagon and another crashed in Pennsylvania even though there were no wreckage or bodies. We're supposed to believe jet fuel downed the twin towers when there is ample evidence that a direct energy device was used. WTC-7, a 47-floor building disintegrated into its footprint although it had not been hit by a plane.  
Why was it wired for demolition? And the twin towers weren't?

2. Trump and Congress pander to Israel but no one questions this and asks why. Congresscritters go on all-expense-paid junkets to Israel and no one questions the propriety of this. 

3. The assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, Seth Rich, Andrew Breitbart, Vince Foster and a long list of Clinton associates get a pass. 

4. Pizzagate. 

5. Countless mass shootings under suspicious circumstances. 

6. "Pride" and "Transgenderism." The idea that naked men parading in public are worth honoring and children should be allowed to choose their gender. 

7. "Russian Collusion" occupies media and government for years without any evidence that results were actually affected.

8. The absurd idea that national borders should be erased and the billions of people living on $2 a day should be allowed to come to the West to form an alien entity and enjoy welfare benefits. 

While the goal of cognitive dissonance may be to turn off the masses, it is having the opposite effect.  People are realizing that everything that conspiracy theorists have been saying for decades is true. The world is run by the Illuminati, a satanic cult that engages in pedophilia and ritual human sacrifice.  

Nothing better demonstrates the bankruptcy of government and the media than the farce summarized by the words, Jeffrey Epstein. No longer will society believe what it is told. 


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First Comment from George:

I do not think that the affair can be called a matter of pedophilia or child-trafficking. There is obviously a lot of that going on elsewhere, for reasons of feeding personal perversion, organ theft, blackmail, etc. This was a matter of underage prostitution used to blackmail persons of influence in any area of society. Epstein was not the mover and shaker. Ghislaine Maxwell's role has been fully described by the underage prostitutes. She recruited them, and instructed them in the details of prostitution to men they would not normally find attractive. 

Epstein reportedly handed them $300 for a typical session with himself for training purposes, and a reported $10,000 to a slightly underage Virginia Roberts for sex with Prince Andrew. What a bargain! What paparazzo would not leap the chance for that video for a measly $10,000? The girls were not victims. They were prostitutes, often, no doubt, the pride of their parents who saw them consorting with the rich and famous. 

Wexner was undoubtedly not a bona fide victim of this college drop-out nobody who was a master of blackmail of the influential. He was a con artist a lot like Trump and a million other con-artists. His alleged wealth was probably smoke and mirrors, a stage prop, as will be apparent to the gold-digger prostitutes claiming victimhood. 

Just look at their faces in the photos, beaming with pleasure at their glamorous roles in life while their honest contemporaries are slaving away at Starbucks. Ghislaine Maxwell had the connections to set Epstein up with the marks like the idiot Prince Andrew and the insatiably greedy and degenerate Clintons. Like her father, Mossad Master Spy Robert Maxwell, she did a superb job of entrapment. Poor Jeffrey was just the training guy who showed the girls how to perform the tasks Ghislaine taught them. 

Of course lots of guys would flock to a Craigslist ad with that job description, just as lots of teenagers actually did flock to Ghislaine's enticements. As the old saying goes, nice work if you can get it. Ghislaine's reported assessment of her stable: "I consider them trash."

 The overall format was not that different from the so-called Profumo Affair, in which fully willing, completely adult prostitutes like Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies compromised political leaders. It is possible, of course, that in the highly unlikely event of some of the girls wanting out or demanding blackmail payments for themselves, that the ominous temple on Little S. James Island served as a not-so-subtle hint. It is also possible that Jeffrey Epstein pocketed some personal blackmail assets that were not in his job description. That has been known to happen in such cases as the Mossad New Jersey Governor McGreevy entrapment by Golan Cipel. But however we view this Epstein Affair, it was not child trafficking or pedophilia. Like Victoria's Secret lingerie, it was a class act.

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Comments for "Jeffrey Epstein & Cognitive Dissonance "

George said (August 15, 2019):

If cognitive dissonance is defined as a disconnect between what you are told and what you see, it is the essence of magic tricks. For most people, what they hear takes overwhelming priority, particularly if the speaker is an authority figure. That is the essence of Han Christian Andersen's timeless masterpiece, The Emperor's New Clothes. It takes a very rare person to see what the magician is doing with the hands. The patter is the essence of the magic trick.

Al Thompson said (August 14, 2019):

I find it difficult to believe anything the government and the media says but this nonsense is over-the-top; even for me. The problem with this is that the evidence is not clear or concise but the dots seem to connect. If they (power freaks) are trying to drive the public into madness, then I think they are doing a good job.

Our western society is turning into a pit of raw sewage without the natural morality in place. We all know what it is but we refuse to abide by it. Those of us who try to remain moral have a very difficult time of it because we have to mingle with the shit-people.

Governments are not necessary; morality is necessary in order for mankind to have successful lives. The animals don't have government, and if we are so advanced, why do we need it? The governments of the world are proven failures. I had figured this out long ago when Robert Kennedy was assassinated. I was watching it all on TV at the time and I realized at 20 years old that there's nothing good about government and that the people don't really choose anyone. It is run by a bunch of kikes Freemasons, and they are all full of shit. Their foundation is Satanic and they will try to destroy anything that is good and wholesome.

They will put everyone on the Epstein merry-go-round and never arrest very many pedophiles. I think the problem is much worse than described and it is the result of having government idiots and perverts running our lives. The government is evil on purpose. And this is a good example of it.

MG said (August 14, 2019):

Hey Henry, just want to share note: Three top characters in the Epstein saga have been females. The Warden: Shirley Skipper Scott
The State A.G: Letitia James
And the Chief Med Examiner: Barbara Sampson

I don't think Epstein killed himself nor that he was murdered. Four facts that should make you go hmmm...

1)He had a meeting with his lawyer the night before his reported suicide.
2)One of the two guards were reported to be a non-corrections employee.
3)His cell mate was moved from his cell prior to the reported suicide.

How easy it would've been, once transferred in the dark morning to the Manhattan hospital just a short ride away from MCC, for Epstein to make the escape.

An escape is the only conclusion that makes sense to me. And his "death" occurs right before this NY child sex abuse law went into effect. And Right after thousands of pages were unsealed for all to read. It seems to me those files were released to give us something to dwell on, now that he's gone. We may have more people to focus on, but the bigger story is that this guy with unlimited power and resources is gone.

And why would he commit suicide having all the power he does? And with all the blackmail power he held why would anyone kill him rather than help get him out? No sense.

Andrew said (August 14, 2019):

I agree Jeffrey Epstein's case is a perfect example of how US intelligence agencies including the DARPA, NSA, CIA and State Department, in collaboration with private "democracy" NGOs are now being used against the American public. Trump's become a walking, talking, Twitering PSYOPS in his own right. I hope you're right that, "No longer will society believe what it is told." But I fear the Global Elite are in process of staging a REGIME CHANGE PSYOPS right here in America just as they've been doing for the last 30 years all over the world.

In that connection F William Engdahl published his 2018 best seller, MANIFEST DESTINY: Democracy As Cognitive Dissonance on this very subject replete with examples.

George Orwell's famous novel, 1984, is a masterful fictional account of a state which imposes cognitive dissonance on its citizens to control their perception of reality. It is summed up in the statement, "War is Peace; Freedom is slavery; Ignorance is strength." The story of this book, Manifest Destiny, is an account of how agencies of US intelligence including the CIA and State Department, in collaboration with private "democracy" NGOs, developed and refined techniques of Orwellian doublethink or cognitive dissonance to create a series of regime changes around the world that sounded noble, democratic, but in reality were not.

William Engdahl describes the background beginning in the 1980's with Reagan's CIA Director leading to the creation of a series of private NGO's to covertly manipulate aspirations for freedom and democracy from Poland and other communist countries in the late 1980's, to the Soviet Union to Yugoslavia and China. The book details the refinement of what came to be called Color Revolutions by the early years of this century in Ukraine, Georgia and later with the US-orchestrated Arab Spring. It's an account of how elite circles in the USA and Europe along with their think tanks refined methods to impose a new tyranny on countries from Ukraine to Egypt to Libya and beyond. The aim was to use democratic aspirations of ordinary people, often youth, to topple regimes resisting what David Rockefeller once called a One World Government, a global corporate tyranny. This is an almost incredible chronicle of how select NGOS speak about freedom, human rights, democracy in order to bring war, violence and terror. The book is a must-read for anyone wanting to truly understand world events of the past three decades or more.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at