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The Sex Trap

August 2, 2019

"I always kept wondering why sex was so overrated. I thought 'maybe it's me, maybe I'm not doing it right', but really though, I finally came to realize that we live in a Satanic Matrix that brainwashes you to slave for money so you can have lots of sex (and that is supposed to make you happy.)" 

A male reader reflects on the role sex plays in society.

by Ice

Henry, I've read something on your site that I've never seen anywhere on the internet, that sex/romance/relationships are overrated, and that blew my mind. I want to strengthen this vision because everything about the modern life is about "slaying pussy" and/or finding a "soulmate", and like you said, this has replaced the worship of God. 

I'm in my mid-30's now and only recently I'm starting to break free from this omnipresent sex-cult mentality. I've always found sex in general to be a rather vapid experience (good sex, bad sex, it didn't matter), and I'm beginning to think its intended function is just procreation. 

When sex is utilized seductively it promises everything (which makes self-control difficult)... but once you finish the act there's only emptiness left or a sense of; "is this all there is to it? this is what life is about? this is what people kill for?" etc. 

Sort of similar to what happened to Adam & Eve after they ate the forbidden fruit (instead of becoming Gods, they died). I always kept wondering why sex was so overrated. I thought "maybe it's me, maybe I'm not doing it right", but really though, I finally came to realize that we live in a Satanic Matrix that brainwashes you to slave for money so you can have lots of sex (and that is supposed to make you happy.) Drugs/alcohol/entertainment etc. are secondary, but sex is always at the top. It took me over 20 years to break free from this absurd cycle.

Once the Satanists started flooding the world with false science such as evolution, "alien" cosmology (I don't believe in NASA's photo-shopping either - they're all Freemasons) and thus general nihilistic thinking in order to hide the True God, they then needed another god to keep the masses opiated and in check, and that new god was sex. The lie presented here, and the meaning behind it is that there's no afterlife so "be happy, for tomorrow you die" (because they want you to go to hell instead of bumping into Romans 10:9). This will continue to go on until something else appears of the likes that you read in the book of Revelation.


While they're pushing heavily towards anti-hetero homosexuality now, the so-called "American Dream" is still alive and kicking more than ever in the form of the old sex/romance/relationships song we've heard, and keep hearing, a million times. 

If you're a straight male you're in a tougher position in that you have to worship and spoil rotten the female/feminist "demigod" in order to "earn sex" like some lowly dog -- which is a mockery of the fact that men were not only created after the image of God, but they were created first before women. 

If you're too much of a so-called beta loser, you can always masturbate to tons of free porn on the internet that the Satanists provide. If you're gay (or worse), you're now on the sexual pedestal, and even considered a modern-day revolutionary/saint by the socially engineered world. (Satan's job is to invert towards destruction whatever he can). 

It becomes obvious that the Gay Agenda stems from the modern worship of sex. According to "them" no one should ultimately be denied the "mystical experience of sex", regardless of sexual orientation. Denying someone the "joys of sex" (i.e gay-bashing) is considered a crime punishable by death these days, which is why their useful idiots (let's call them the Social Justice Warriors for now) are so rabid when it comes to the rights of sexual deviants. I'm also aware that the Gay Agenda may also be used for population control in the West, and perhaps even other things (it's a multi-layered game).


I'm not against normal marriage, and I think most people should marry 1) in order not to burn in the illusory passion by which the devil operates (1 Corinthians 7:9, 1 Thess 4:4-5), and 2) to fulfill their natural need to raise children in order to populate the earth (or just simply not to be alone in the world if they feel as such). However, the critical point here is that marriage should be presented as optional, and NOT mandatory for "happiness". 

 God is your soulmate. Church leaders need to stop bragging about their wives every time they open up a sermon and instead realize that some people are better single. Many have been peer-pressured into marriage or relationships without that being their true calling, and I've seen the disasters (myself included.)

Also, "loving your wife" should not be some uncontrollable hormonal infatuation like you'd experience in high school, or like you see in Hollywood movies, but should rather be an intimate form of friendship. 

This is the mature way of "love" that's less likely to collapse into lust-fueled adultery and divorce like almost every marriage these days -- because again, modern marriage is founded on the satanic delusion that relationships are absolutely synonymous with pleasure & happiness. Nowhere in the New Testament do I read that marriage equals joy, but rather the opposite (1 Cor 7:7).

Finally, with sex comes the neurotic obsession for physical appearance, attention-whoring and a dehumanizing 1-10 rating system for "hot/ugly" people, when in truth is that only character and personality matter. 

If you think that sex or romance will make you happy then knock yourself out, but I will say this - it won't last. For more than 20 years since my hormones kicked in, I've been pursuing that "great orgasmic sensation" only to find absolutely nothing every single time! 

 I got way more satisfaction out of eating, drinking, and hobbies. I often feel like I'm the only one noticing all of this, and I've rarely met someone who isn't a totally deluded sex-fiend-drone.
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------------Sexual Depravity is Hallmark of Satanic Possession 

Makow Semi-Related Comment-  (Memo to myself.) In romantic love, you are really looking for yourself, or that special someone who will give you yourself. You want someone who laughs at the same things, likes the same music, enjoys the same movies. Get it? You are looking for yourself. Your soul mate is you! Your ideal Self.

In a marriage, it is very liberating to realize your mate is not like you and to see her in her own terms, and not as an extension of yourself.

 First Comment from Bruce-

That is a mind-blowing article about sex. The author hit the nail on the head regarding the pitfalls, traps, and dangers of sex as it is presented in our modern culture. No wonder we have a generation of mental and emotional misfits. The part that really hit home for me: "Also, "loving your wife" should not be some uncontrollable hormonal infatuation like you'd experience in high school, or like you see in Hollywood movies, but should rather be an intimate form of friendship. " Going to be 64 soon. I have been with my wife for about 8 years; together for 12 years. And I have to say it is the best relationship I have had in many years because I see her as my best friend.

Thank you Ice for an inspiring article.

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Comments for "The Sex Trap "

Art said (August 3, 2019):

There you go again cheerleading an intellectual twit, who has no idea that there's a difference, between sex & Love Making. Yes love making, an acquired skill.

You're old enough to remember short wave radios. They required much tuning & dial turning. Women are the same.

In good old South African slang, "you gotta know how to tune your chick".


Thanks Art

I wasn't cheerleading an intellectual twit. I was showing how one man thinks.


JG said (August 3, 2019):

Looking back at the life of fornication that I once had I can say it was, for the most part, an illusion with love for all the wrong reasons.

All sex outside of marriage never has a good ending. It primarily exists in the physical realm only along with distorted emotions of what you think is "love". Sex can be a big deceiver.

The saints are the ones who have conquered the fresh desires of this world and they should be our role models instead of the fornicators on the soap operas.

G said (August 3, 2019):

Sex is what we do with it. I mean, it can just be satisfying a biological urge or it can be the nurturing of a sacred union with your partner. I say "sacred" because it can hold the potential for creating life, and it can, if properly nurtured, create a bond of intimacy and trust, two things that enhance life and make it easier to walk through.

So in relationships, if it's not sex that's the most important thing, then what is? I'd say shared values, which really is an indicator as to whether or not the other person's integrity is in the proximity of your own. When you see that in the other it is a very attractive thing, and goodness (another word for integrity) becomes a turn on, an aphrodisiac, so to speak.

I can only speak from personal experience, but when I see my husband going the distance to do the right thing, or going against the grain (the crowd) to stand on his beliefs, that is so endearing to me that I keep falling in love over and over again, and when that happens, sex automatically improves because you love the person so much, so deeply, that you want to give your whole self to them.

Maybe what I have is rare, I'm not sure, but I'd say, GIVE INTEGRITY A GO!! In other words, look for goodness, fairness, compassion, as you cultivate those qualities in yourself. Life's work, I know, but what better use of our time when the payoff is real love?

Jim said (August 2, 2019):

For those men who read this article I would like to share my view as a male growing up during the sexual revolution that has occurred over the past 60 some years in America. I will celebrate my 81st birthday next week.

I have lived during the sexual revolution that began in the late 1950s deifying women and the experience of sex.
Both are but a lie. Women are just girls. Nothing special. No more special than us males.

Certainly, some are absolutely gorgeous, but, underneath their skin, they are all girls, just females.
They are not a goddess. Just people like us males.
Certainly, sexual experience with women can be wonderful. But, it only lasts for minutes.

We men have been conned, sold a bill of goods. Scammed. Sex with females is great, but there is more to our purpose in life than the momentary pleasure of orgasm.

I believe we men need to focus on the reason why they have been created and put on earth at this time in history.

We need to live our purpose, not our pleasure.
Think about it

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