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October 3, 2019

The Judaic Imperium  (in response to "Andrew Joyce- The Four Pincers of Cabalist Control"

The Pincers of control are not abstractions or qualities or influences but
 institutions, policies, and Agentur.  What Joyce is talking about, 
essentially, is the Judaic Imperium - the latter term being a term in 
Roman law that designates the investiture of sovereignty and command.  

by Linde

In ancient Rome, this was, of course, in the state. The precise term for this Imperium is Judeo-Masonry.

With the Judaic Imperium, we are talking about the central banking cartel which owns the state, specifically the nation-state as an asset of the cartel.  In the West, this is called monopoly capitalism.  In the East, it is called Communism.  (The central bank is the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto).   

The JI owns the consols of the central bank as a private, dynastic interest and monetizes that ownership to the state as a credit issue loaned at interest.  This can never be repaid; it is the sovereign debt.  Thus Usury is not a practice as such among contracting parties, it is the foundation of the state and its economy.  And above the government, there is no separation of Synagogue and state.  The population/s of the nation state-owned by cartel are bonded entities.  The United States - all apparatus of government - has been owned as an asset of this cartel since 1913 and even provided itself with a new constitution 1871 in anticipation of this ownership.  This is what World Bank whistleblower Karen Eudes means when she says the US has two constitutions. (the United States Code Title 28, 3002)

The Judaic Imperium owns the Revolution inaugurated in France 1789 - the Republican phase was established for the overthrow of the entire ancien regime of Europe - which it did.  The Owners inaugurated the Communist phase of this Revolution in Russia in 1917.  The Bolsheviks (financed by the cartel) seized the organs of the Russian state in Moscow and the United States Marines sent by Woodrow Wilson fought the Russian army and prevented them from marching on Moscow and removing the Bolshevik Cabal, just as General Marshall and the marines were posted to China after WWII to deal with General Jiang Kai Chek who was mopping up Mao Ze Dong.  Can't have that.   

The Communist phase of the Revolution is for the conquest of entire continents and this was achieved in the twentieth century and two world wars.  The Owners will, of course, need a third to consolidate.

The Judaic Imperium owns the large tax-exempt foundations and enterprises and intelligence agencies.  These are established for the socialist reconstruction of the nation-states owned by the cartel.  Through these foundations, we have hybrid warfare.  For example, the  Rhodes Scholarship Foundation was set up by Rhodes to supply the think tanks, councils, foundations, endowments with the best and brightest for not only the reconstruction but also the creation of the ZOG policies for the Imperium's global hegemon.  

Nicholas de Belleville Katzenbach, for example, Under Secretary of State 1966-69 crafted the no-win war strategy for the US and South Vietnam wherein the US would hand the Indo-China peninsula to Communist China utilizing the US military in a 'screw-up' capacity.  [This policy was also for the demoralization of the American ZOG - basically a two-fer ].  Katzenbach was (no surprises) a Rhodes scholar at Balliol and Bonesman.  

Cecil Rhodes was financed directly by Jacob Rothschild as he states in his will.  Thus, Rhodes is the godfather of the US Trilateral Commission and CFR (ZOG governing class and political elite).  These are in charge of the culture wars and psy-war on the population.  This includes the  schmaltzification and corruption of the American national culture together with the creation of pseudo-cultures of alienation, sterility, despair.  

The Long March through all institutions - will enlist the schools, the churches, all media, and the arts and letters.  It will undertake the subversion of all pillars of human identity: gender, family, national heritage, race, and religion.  The foundations fund the Activist cadres and their astroturfing which are organised around the ideologies and official narratives like : climate catastrophism, UN Global Compact on Migration, Kalergi ethnic cleansing of European ethne, feminism, marriage equality, the race narrative, the civil rights narratives, the  anti-War movement of the 1970s, the Hippies, the Yippies etc.  

The whole schmazz of bleeding heart liberal causes, Victim Status brigades, enraged and alienated dysfunctionals are deployed here.  They vacuum the useful idiots into their causes and demonstrations.  The supreme narrative is, of course, the anti-Semitic narrative.  Jewish Privilege defines 'anti-Semitism' through the official organs of its Imperium: the ADL, JDL etc and dictates to the ZOG whatever is the current definition.  It is ZOG's job at all levels of government to criminalize 'anti-Semitism'.

All corporations and businesses are financed through the cartel.  The corporate predations of Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Pharma and its health care model, Big Abortion, Big Whatever creates the corporate and business culture of the ZOG and roll out the program through the official narratives and mantras.  In ZOG East - these are agencies of the state.

The services of the Gentile Masonry to the Imperium for the socialist reconstruction of the world can not be overstated.  They are responsible for schmo screen maintenance and conceal the racial supremacy of  the Judaic Imperium.  They work out the statecraft of the Imperium and middle manage the goy plantation throughout all institutions of the ZOG below a certain level.  They are Overseers of the nation-state that is an asset of the central banking cartel.  In fact, Masonry itself, as a religion, is the basis of the social order on the goy plantation.  The United States was founded upon Masonry and the principles of Masonry / French Revolution in the same way that in England, ( when the tribes were baptized as ethne and their little kingdoms united to form the monarchy and its state), the basis of the social order was the Church of Western Nova Roma.

The agents of the High Cabal like Christian Rakovsky acknowledge this role of Masonry as Agentur, as does The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.   The Roman Catholic Church (not the Novus Ordo 1963 - ?) acknowledges this and always uses the correct term: Judeo-Masonry for the Imperium, its ruling elite, and its masonry.  The best exposition may be found in La Civilta Cattolica vol VII, no XIV (Oct, Nov, Dec). English translation 1998.

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