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Michael Hoffman Attacks Nostalgia for Hitler

December 3, 2019


"Revisionist scholar Michael Hoffman revises the revisionists with this new chronicle of the unprecedented disasters Adolf Hitler needlessly brought down upon the heads of the German people, and countless others.

Excavating Hitler's occult initiation, his Nazi ideology of self-worship, and his first high profile bloodshed -- the murders of his own colleagues -- the culmination of Hoffman's thesis is his review of Hitler's invasion of Soviet Russia, demonstrating that it had no chance of victory, and was in fact a mass suicide operation by a reckless, apocalyptic gambler who saw himself transcending the fate of the burned, beaten and prostrate German people as he was transfigured into the presiding spirit of Götterdämmerung, the final act of Wagnerian legend."

See Michael Hoffman's reply below my review.

by Henry Makow PhD

The promotional blurb above summarizes the thesis of Michael Hoffman's latest book, "Hitler - Enemy of the German People."
Hoffman believes that Hitler does not deserve the veneration he gets from the alt right because he was delusional, leading a woefully under equipped army to inevitable defeat.

Hoffman repeats this thesis again and again with sparse evidence.  He claims that Stalin had no intention of attacking Europe
but he ignores the fact that the Soviet armies were made vulnerable because they were in offensive formations. Stalin and Churchill had a secret agreement to attack Germany.  Moreover, the Nazis could have defeated the Russians had Hitler allowed his generals free rein.

In fact, Hitler sabotaged the Nazi war effort, and the question is why. 

Herein lies my biggest complaint. Hoffman attributes Hitler's behavior to "magical thinking" i.e. Cabalism. Although this was a factor, Hoffman has not sullied his mind by consulting my many articles making the case that Hitler was an Allied (Illuminati) agent and a traitor. I argue that he was in cahoots with Stalin and the "Allies" to kill as many gentiles as possible and debilitate Western civilization.

I hold Michael Hoffman in the highest regard and often repost his work. Apparently the respect is not reciprocated.  Nevertheless, I will always
tip my hat to this prodigious researcher who, who with the late Texe Marrs, has done more than anyone to expose Judaism for what it is.  See also "Judaism is Satanism."

However Hoffman has many blindspots. He seems to go out of his way to absolve Jews of blame and spread it around among the goyim.

In my opinion, this is a major lapse. Otherwise, he may have noticed that the Protocols say that no one is allowed to lead an antisemitic movement except by design. This is the key to Hitler's failure and to Hoffman's.


Below, I will provide links to articles that show Hitler was false opposition mandated by the Illuminati to destroy Germany. However before I conclude, I will take note of some of the gems that can be found in this book.

Hoffman debunks the popular alt right notion that Auschwitz was a country club for Jews, replete with swimming pool and orchestra.
He quotes the Nazi camp physician Eduard Wirth on the effects of typhus: " I discovered intolerable conditions for the prisoners. There was no running water, no [proper toilets, no means of bathing. The barracks ... were unheated, overcrowded and the beds were missing. Lice literally swarmed on the floors, clothes, bodies of the people. The walls were black with fleas. The people...wasted to their ribs, plagued with vermin, the dead lying between the living and the dying. Every day, hundreds of dead were carted off, often after lying for days among the living. I was so spiritually demoralized that I soon saw suicide as the only way out." ( p. 180-181)

In this perspective, gas chambers at Auschwitz seems like a moot point. It was a death camp.

Hoffman devotes 35 pages to Gregor Strasser whom Hitler had murdered in the 1934 purge. He shows that Strasser and many other victims were killed because they were sincere, capable and idealistic socialists who wanted to keep Nazism true to its original promise.  Hitler's cold blooded murder of about one thousand of his former comrades in arms, without trial, is a measure of his depravity.

Finally, Hoffman is very good on Cabalism:  "Time and time again, [German soldiers] reported that they had ...little or no ammunition, food, tanks, transport, spare parts or winter clothing. They were told...that these were merely perceptions ... due to the failure of their will....What is the occult in this context? It is the human being raised above the Creator to the Cabalistic egomania of the magician...The black magic consists in ...the belief that the imposition of the magicians will on nature, shall alter reality itself in the process." (Revisionist History, Oct.- Nov.2019)

No doubt this was a factor, but the reason Hitler spared Great Britain and attacked Russia, is that he was an Illuminati agent, in collusion with Stalin and Churchill, tasked with leading Germans to a catastrophe. 

In conclusion, Hoffman fails to appreciate that the Illuminati (Cabalists) were in control of both sides, and that the war was a ruse to destroy Western civilization and kill "the best of the goyim." This war continues today.

Hoffman complains that the book is getting "the silent treatment" because the alt right won't face the facts about Hitler. What does he expect when he addresses a book to a minority desperate to believe in anyone?

In my view, this book was misconceived because Hitler's acolytes aren't worth the bother. Hoffman's next book should be a collection of the best articles with broader appeal from his excellent Revisionist History newsletter. 


Michael Hoffman replies:

I don't ignore or dismiss your work. You call it "Illuminati." I call it the magical thinking of the Neoplatonic-Hermetic prisca theologia, as expressed in the Kabbalah. I'm not sure what you think I'm missing. 

We agree to disagree on your insistence that Nazi Germany could have defeated Russia had the generals been given free rein. Defeat them with what? Non-existent bullets, tanks, fuel, spare parts-- and manpower for an army that could not replace its hundreds of thousands of dead?  (See the attachment in this e-mail).

You believe Stalin had a secret agreement with Churchill to attack Germany based on this exceedingly thin material: I have not seen any credible documentation to support that thesis.

Have you read Stephen Kotkin's Stalin Waiting for Hitler? If you have, can you refute it?  Stalin feared and respected Hitler. Until June 22, 1941 he despised Churchill.

In attacking my arguments concerning the Protocols you ought to answer the issues I raised about the virtual suppression of Johann Andreas Eisemenger's far more powerful and indisputable book. Why use a text whose provenance is subject to considerable dispute when there is an indisputable source? You say nothing about it.

I wonder where you get the idea that I reject the proposition that both sides, Allied and Axis, were evil and destructive of Western civilization? Is there a page in my book that says or suggests otherwise?


Makow reply-   You don't address my point. Hitler was not just delusional, as you say. Hitler was a traitor.  He was working for the Cabalist Jewish bankers he pretended to oppose. He actively sabotaged the German war effort. You have still not read any of the articles I cite above.

Moreover, the proposition that we should ignore the blueprint of the NWO, the Protocols of Zion because Jewry casts doubt on it in favor of Johann Andreas Eisemenger's seventeenth century expose of the Talmud is laughable. Your book is getting "the silent treatment" because it is out of touch with reality. Hitler, FDR, Churchill and Stalin were all Freemasons -- all in cahoots. 

Your appraisal of the Wehrmacht flies in the face of their near victory. The fact the Nazis did not enlist the Ukrainians and Russian anti-Communists but instead earned their bitter enmity is another example of Nazi-Soviet collusion. The real war is against humanity.

This link is from Erkki Hautama"ki re. Stalin-Churchill secret pact.

"On the 15th of October 1939 an agreement was signed between Stalin and Churchill (the allied forces). The core of it was the plan to destroy Germany both militarily and economically. Churchill's old plan regarding the Scandinavian operation was also accepted.

When the general courier of Stalin was transporting the strategic war plans from Churchill, the Luftwaffe compelled the airplane to land on 9 Feb. 1940. During the examination of the air crew and the passengers, all documents were photographed. Hitler received exact information about the Allied attack plans on several fronts. He thus started a preventive attack plan in Norway. Stalin did not know that the plans had been revealed."

Despite our differences, I am your biggest supporter. As such, I have a duty to tell you when I think you are in error.

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Comments for "Michael Hoffman Attacks Nostalgia for Hitler "

Milton said (December 5, 2019):

I do not agree with Hoffman.

According to Ice Breaker by Viktor Suvorov, an Invasion of Germany was planned by Stalin.

Hitler was caught in a vice and if he had not attacked Russian he would have been attacked instead and the end result would have been the same but sooner.

The war was prepared beforehand by the injustice of the Versailles Treaty. Hitler was set up and helped to power and then destroyed to fulfill the pre-planned agenda.

JJ said (December 4, 2019):

When one listens to Carolyn Yeager's research which simply deals with Hitler's governance and all the ways he sought to work with Germans on decisions and his patience with the churches who kept harboring enemies of the state etc, one is under the distinct impression that he didn't want to be worshipped, that he used his persona simply to unite the people.

Neo-Nazis need to realize that Hitler or no Hitler, the problems back then are the same problems as now. There is a lack of authority, infrastructure is falling apart, societal rules and norms are disappearing and because of selfishness there is a lack of unity.

What does one do in such a situation? One has to stand strong and hold to their own integrity. If, for example, everyone around is cheating on taxes, you make sure you don't.

My distinct impression of Neo-Nazis I have met or observed is that their own lives are out of control therefore they feel that the world needs a dictator.

Anonymous said (December 4, 2019):

I agree more with Kurt view of Hitler. Hitler wants an alliance with G.B. ( with the no Jews elements of the British government) against communist Russia Jews and slave subhumans. A risk for western civilization. Maybe he was not full awake that G.B. was complete dominate by Rothschild. I believe that he was manipulated by G.B. but not a conscious traitor.

I agree with you that Hitler eliminate in cold blood many honest comrades as Georg Strasser, Ernst Rohm and many others . So is criminal and traitor. Also to fight to the last men in Berlin is crazy and complete criminal.

The conditions at the end of the war were terrible for all Germans. Is logical that condition in a concentration camp where terrible with hungry, lice and typhus and cold. But is not the same to say that there where gas chamber and where extermination camps

--Thanks Mario

That quotation was from Sept 6 1942.

David C said (December 4, 2019):

I've followed Michael Hoffman's website for well over a decade, and read some of his books too. Because Hoffman is a member of the Roman Catholic Church, which I consider satanic, I've always had doubts about him, and this is yet more reason to question Hoffman's opinions. The fact he dismisses the "Protocols of Zion" is telling: anyone who reads the "Protocols of Zion", yet can't see them in operation around us (as Henry Ford did), does not have "eyes to see". I'm not sure about your spiritual or religious beliefs Henry, but as a born again Christian I consider the Bible, including New Testament, as the "one true faith" of God. Religions are all concocted by satan, to lead people away from the one true faith - that's my opinion. As for Germany: if they had held back their military forces, and used them to defend Germany, nobody - including Stalin's forces, could have successfully invaded Germany. It was because Hitler spread their military forces so thin, and used them so unwisely, that Germany was defeated. Isn't that why some of his best generals tried to assassinate Hitler more than once? Although the assassination attempts could have been staged to increase his popularity, I'm inclined to believe his generals really wanted Hitler dead, because he was the worst enemy of the German people - especially the military forces who were supposed to be protecting Germany. If Hitler had stopped after his invasions of Poland and Austria, which arguably were justified, the war may have had a very different outcome. Supposedly the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland, the central bank of central banks, we used to continue funding Hitler's Nazi war machine throughout the war. Hitler was a useful idiot, and tool of international finance, itself a tool of the evil entity that controls this world, at least until the return of the "son of man" (what he called himself, also mentioned in Daniel, and book of Enoch). The climax of the end times is coming at us like a train's light in a tunnel, and there is only one way out - through Jesus Christ.

MC said (December 4, 2019):

Greetings Henry. I read the book. Your big-picture scenario , rings more true to me than anything else I have seen, (although Michael Hoffman comes fairly close). After reading your critique I think I am going to read the book again. My first impressions were that, although he did not , would not, come right out and say it, he left room for the possibility that Hitler was being controlled (Eckhart book), or just outright aware and complicit with the whole thing and part of , one of the controllers at a conscious level. So far there are only a few voices that I know of that believe this (Hitler as just part of the stage/puppet show cast ) and you and Michael Hoffman are two of them.

I kind of shook my head when Michael Hoffman plainly stated once on twitter, that the entire false flag hoax mass shootings were just a psyop to fool all the truthers. That the killings were real and we were all being sucked in by their psyop. Over the last five years if I have studied anything it is mass shooting false flags, and the evidence that I have seen, that they are fake is overwhelming, and the in your face disappearance from right in front of your eyes of this evidence showed me there is extreme efforts to keep the lid on this. I was online while vegas were happening, there were some very good live streams from that hoax and they, and many other posts were scrubbed immediately as the event was still live. Hoffman either has (had? …he scrubbed this twitter post but did not refute his statement), a serious ignorance of the facts that have been revealed, or a baffling huge blind spot in that amazing intellect of his.

I am at a loss to explain many things and like I said I am unsure there are any honest voices left. The few I cling to and have hope for seem ready to fall and I seem more sure all the time that any truly honest voices all meet the same fate as Prof Hall , they are scrubbed before anybody even knows their names.

Kurt B said (December 4, 2019):

I have great respect for both Michael Hoffman and Henry Makow. However, with regard to Hitler (the real Hitler, not the myth), I feel both are wrong.

Hoffman paints Hitler as a reckless gambler infused with delusions of Wagnerian grandeur, while Makow sees him as an agent of British intelligence.

My uncredentialed opinion is that Hitler was a true zealot who was duped into believing that British race patriots of the royal families supported him in a desire to eliminate Jewish Bolshevism. He failed to understand that the decedent and inbred royals were merely mannequins for the Rothchild banking syndicate.

In hindsight, he should have captured the BEF at Dunkirk and stationed them, along with the Jews, in major German cities that were potential bombing targets. He should have disavowed the Tripartite Pact if either Japan or Italy waged a war of aggression against anyone to keep the U.S. out of the war. As for Barbarossa, if Hitler had waged a defensive war in event of a Soviet attack, he could have enlisted the Baltic states and Ukraine as allies by acting as liberators rather than conquers.

Had Hitler limited his attack on Russia to within the logistical limits of his supply chain, neutralized England and kept the U.S. out of the war, perhaps Europe’s Jews would today, be safely living in Madagascar.


Thanks Kurt

Hitler would have done all this if he were the person you think he was.


JG said (December 4, 2019):

I still remember talking to a German WW2 veteran years ago who was in the Battle of Leningrad. He said he had a nervous breakdown after the war.

I asked him how he ever got involved in the war and he said the recruiters came into his village and rounded the men of age up.

I asked him if he ever saw Hitler. He said he saw him once on the train from a distance and once at a military gathering.

I also asked him if he noticed anything odd or unusual about him and he said he didnt.

My father was an MP at Fort Hood, Texas during WW2 where they were holding German soldiers. He said, like the American soldiers, they didn't want war either.

Brabantian said (December 4, 2019):

Hitler has remained a figure more cartoonish than real, in part because the average mind struggles with the truth that is complex

It's common in far-right discourse to exalt the unique Nazi 'economic miracle' of 1933-39 ... whilst ignoring evidence that Hitler was receiving a great deal of financing from the cabal in Britain & the USA, involving even the Bush family

When 1930s Germans had a few years of solid economic upturn, they were being fattened up for the cabal's war, and driven to fanatic loyalty by the combination of temporary prosperity & propaganda

Hollywood's largely Jewish media moguls, have further stirred the pot by so eagerly painting Hitler & Nazis as 'total evil', 'unrestrained power', that they've made 'Nazis' fascinating & intriguing, as if having a bit of glamour

Given how the current Western system is so corrupt, it's only natural for humans to ponder whether what is portrayed by the establishment as 'ultimate evil' - the Nazis - was maybe somewhat good ... Barely a day goes by, that the young guys on 4chan, don't have a 'Hitler was a great man' thread, desperate to have some image of a fighter against Bolshevik-type tyranny, which many young people feel is encroaching upon us

Henry's note above that, "No one is allowed to lead an antisemitic movement except by design", brings to mind today's ultra-popular, millions-of-visitors-per-month, over-the-top-anti-Jewish 'Daily Stormer' website of 'neon-Nazi' Andrew Anglin ... the site co-run by computer wizard 'Weev' Auernheimer, whose own mother says out loud that she and Weev are Jewish

My thought is that the key moment when Hitler proved himself a war-mongering monster working against his own nation, was in his extortion and occupation of Prague on 15 March 1939, the first time that Hitler's Germany began to occupy non-German, unwilling people ... that one stupid, destructive action, for no benefit to Germans, gave Churchill, Stalin, Poland's strongman Marshal Rydz-Śmigły etc., everything they needed to get the war machine rolling against the 'Nazi menace'


Tony said (December 4, 2019):

've been following truthers n citizen journalists since about 2007. Guys like Alex Jones David Icke and you were some of the earliest truthers/bloggers Henrik Palmgren and many others I was exposed to as well. I've since moved on to other blogs and posters but I always came back to your site Henry, thank you. Your news feed is diverse and i like that. You've turned me on to others like Unz and WinterWatch good journalism and information that is not covered by mainstrem media.

In regards to the Michael Hoffman post, you have open me to his writings and doings. I'm not an expert but he seems like a Zionist apologist I saw him at the Farrakhan thing in Chicago as that's where I'm from, and he seemed like he was really kissing ass. I don't trust him. He has some good research and info but seems better than thou. If he doesn't reciprocate towards you after what you did for him(expose to your people) good riddance.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at