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"Pre-Crime" - Trump's Plan to Target Dissent

December 16, 2019

Left, Attorney General William Barr

The same policies used to target "terrorists" overseas are set to be used against ordinary Americans, whose electronic lives and communications are now set to be scoured for evidence of "mental illness."

Andrew is a retired attorney.

by Andrew

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) already has technology for snooping on our phone discussions, email, etc. That is covered under FISA, but now Trump and Barr want even more snooping authority. 

Trump and Barr claim the DOJ has MIND READING technology to read the thoughts of 'mass shooters' and preemptively arrest them before they begin shooting. THAT'S PREPOSTEROUS! 

But that exactly what Trump and Secretary of Justice, William Barr are proposing.

Following the Walmart El Paso mass shooting last August, 2019, President Trump proposed a new federal agency to be known as HARPA that would work with the Department of Justice to use "breakthrough technologies with high specificity and sensitivity for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric violence," specifically "advanced analytical tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning." 

The data to be analyzed would be harvested from consumer electronic devices as well as information provided by health-care providers to identify who might be a threat.

 Trump and Barr's Pre-Crime Program is actually designed to furnish a phoney pretext for further invasion of Americans' privacy. 

Pretty soon people who voice "unauthorized narratives" (a/k/a THOUGHT CRIME LIKE CONSPIRACY THEORIES) will be subject to arrest for thinking outside the media circus of Congressional Impeachment Proceedings. 

By the way, that's why the enabling legislation for HARPA sailed through Congress unnoticed by the average American. That explains the real purpose for the Impeachment Proceedings. DISTRACTION!

It is important to point out that such initiatives, whether HARPA or Barr's newly announced program, are likely to define "mental illness" to include political beliefs, given that the FBI recently stated in an internal memo "conspiracy theories" were motivating some domestic terror threats and a series of questionable academic studies have sought to link "conspiracy theorists" to mental illnesses. 

Thus, the Department of Justice and "mental health professionals" have essentially already defined those who express disbelief in official government narratives as both a terror threat and mentally ill -- and thus worthy of special attention from pre-crime programs." Obviously, we're sleepwalking into an Orwellian nightmare.

This widely overlooked background is crucial to understanding William Barr's recent memorandum and the massive and greatly underreported shift in the policy it heralds. Over a period of several months, Barr -- aided by "private sector partners" as well as other current and former government officials -- has been laying the groundwork for the system he has now formally announced.

Through the software products offered by companies like Carbyne911 and through Barr's personal crusade to mandate government backdoors into encrypted software and products, Barr's new pre-crime program already has the tools for the mass extraction and storage of political and consumer data by means of both private tech companies and public services like emergency call centres. 

This is a disturbing trend. In recent decades, and especially after the September 11 attacks, Americans have quietly traded an increasing number of civil liberties for increased government "counter-terrorism" programs and wars purportedly waged to "keep us safe." 

Now, those same policies used to target "terrorists" overseas are set to be used against ordinary Americans, whose electronic lives and communications are now set to be scoured for evidence of "mental illness."

 If these untransparent algorithms flag an individual, that could be enough lead to court-ordered "mental health treatment" or even imprisonment regardless of whether or not a crime was committed or even planned.

As a consequence, William Barr's coming "pre-crime" program is arguably worse than the stuff of dystopian science fiction novels and films as it not only aims to detain Americans who have committed no crime but will expressly target individuals based on their use of electronic consumer products and the contents of their communications with their friends, family, co-workers, and others." 

Although not taught in our phoney Gone-With-The-Wind history of the American Civil War, there were mass imprisonments of 38,000 ordinary Americans during the American Civil War (1861-1865). These prisoners were never charged with any crime. They were never tried or given a hearing. 

In his book published in 1871, John A. Marshall recounts over 100 specific cases of such summary imprisonments. Anyone can read the details in American Bastille: A History of the Illegal Arrests and Imprisonments of American Citizens in the Northern and Border States on Account of Their Political Opinions During the Late Civil War. 

If Civil War is again inflicted upon us, all of this is ready to happen again.

New First Comment by Ken Adachi

I did some searching and find there are a fair number of articles sounding the alarm on pre-crime, but I wonder if the seriousness of this will wake up enough people to mount a big enough push back to get Trump to back down? They always rush trough the most liberty-destroying ploys in December. Remember Dec 2001?  I can only hope legal eagles like Judicial Watch and MANY other America First legal types will get cracking and mount lawsuits to put the brakes on this. I felt a little bit of relief when Trump canned Bolton, and hoped he would continue in the same vein, but this is as bad as it can get. The Executive order decreeing special protective status for Jews was also a very bad omen of what's to come.

This is an important article. Andrew has once again delineated the parameters and the extremely dangerous implications implicit in Barr's Constitution-shredding, Free Speech nuking, End-of dissent-in-America, 'Pre-crime' abomination. As Andrew stated in the beginning of this article: it's PREPOSTEROUS to claim that software and AI computers could accurately predict whether someone will commit a crime - in the future. That is a Predictive Programming movie script  produced & directed by Dreamland propagandist Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruz. It's not - and NEVER could be - reality. There's a little 'fly-in-the-ointment' that gets in the way of such idiotic presumption. It's called Free Will and we all have it - including William Barr.

However, as a pretext for installing an East Germany-style police state coercion rack, using the FEAR of being thrown into a mental hospital or prison for 'unapproved' opinions, critiques,  or even THOUGTHS unacceptable to the Zio infil-traitors controlling this government, THEN you've got something that would make tribal luminaries like Marcus Wolfe or even Comrade Lazar Kaganovich EXTREMELY proud. But it wouldn't make Thomas Jefferson or Patrick Henry very proud of such a despicable betrayal of the principles upon which our Republic was founded.

The role of the Attorney General of the United States is to UPHOLD and DEFEND - for the American People - the laws passed by Congress, and most importantly, the freedoms enshrined within the first ten amendments of the US Constitution --- NOT to introduce Kafkaesque 'Pre-crime' police state, thought-control ploys to destroy the very foundations of Liberty upon which the country rests. This is an unprecedented act of treason and I can only hope that enough Americans will wake up to the gravity of what's taking place here and demand Barr's removal from office.

Unless a LOT of Americans quickly move to let Trump and their congressmen know that BOTH Barr and this "pre-crime' lunacy HAS GOT TO GO, we will soon be on a straight line trajectory towards a rebirth of East Germany in America, (and it won't be fun).

Just listened to Ron Paul's Oct 30, Live Stream on the alarming dangers we now face with Orwellian Pre-Crime plans and the never-ending, excessive militarization of American police. Good stuff.

Patriot Act On Steroids: Trump's Dangerous New 'Pre-Crime' Plan
•Streamed live on Oct 30, 2019

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Comments for ""Pre-Crime" - Trump's Plan to Target Dissent"

Tony B said (December 18, 2019):

Anyone reading this who is retarded enough to think Drumpf (Trump) wasn't aware of what Barr really is when he appointed him? And if he does actually believe such nonsense, what does that say to him about Drumpf's judgment abilities?

P said (December 17, 2019):

Are we gonna have to burn our phones and computers to keep safe? Just like my dad and many more burned their dissident books back in the late 70's when I was growing up in Argentina, when the dictatorship took over. I can't believe the Orwellian acceleration going on. The Illuminati tip toe is becoming a march, very scary.

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