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January 1, 2020


Linde thinks Eastern Europe is a flashpoint for WW3

"The document is as shocking as The Protocols of Zion because the Plan which the Rebbe propounds is The Protocols of Zion - just specific details as it pertains to the Slavs."

By Linde

I will bet you anything  we won't be hearing about the Code Red and Brown for the Slavs or any of  this on ZOG USA official 'Education and Sharing Day'.  In 1978,  Congress asked that UN catamite  Pres Jimmy Carter to fix Nisan 11 (the Rebbe's birthday) as the date to promote those 'universal values' of which he speaks.   Falls on  April 5 in 2020.

I think this is authentic.  I think this is the  Rebbe speaking.  True he disappeared from any public view before 1994, but I think this is him addressing whatever Chabad calls the  ruling council of its Kaganate.  They always gloat over those they assume to be doomed so Revelation of the Method is always going to be part of their operations..  ( Credit Michael Hoffman for this insider knowledge).  This speech was made and published after the date that he is supposed to have died, so there will always be a question mark over its authenticity.  Just one of those meticulous attentions to detail that I think seals it as the real deal.

I tend to think that the Chabad Lubavitch is rather the neck of the Snake - turning it all directions.  The capstone of their world pyramid of vassal nations owned by their Central Banking Cartel remains concealed together with its Crown - of which the final two Protocols of Zion deal namely, the King of the Jews of the lineage of David.  All of that is still covert.

The document is as shocking as The Protocols of Zion because the Plan which the Rebbe propounds is The Protocols of Zion - just specific details as it pertains to the Slavs.

And like The Protocols of Zion, it explains the operation of the 'Political' in history, an operation of which the goyim are to have no knowledge (and they don't - unless , of course they read documents like The Protocols).  Like the Protocols it predicts the future and explains all the data of the present.  

For example, ZOG West's greatest military build-up in half a century for the February 2020 military exercises in the Ukraine and the billions of dollars of military equipment that is pouring into Ukraine.  Trump did not respond with the alacrity expected of ZOG west to Zelensky's request for more billions in military/medical aid. Bang - impeachment.  

The Trump impeachment is a DIVERSION - this is punch and judy for the goy plantation.  (That said, if he weathers this process he can't be impeached again - he's locked in. And this could have big ramifications in a nuclear war).   

But what is really going on is the great forces that are massing against ZOG East in the Ukraine: Defender 2020 and the bi-partisan passage of the NDAA last year. "Ukraine is at the heart of the [impeachment] crisis"  

A crisis that has been made by The Owners of ZOG usa through the CIA and their Demonrat asset.  ZOG East - the great champion of JudeoXian civilisation, its Orthodox church with KGB succession, 'mulit-polar' world yada yada - naturally views this build-up in the Ukraine with alarm.  

Whether you look at ZOG East or ZOG West, what you see in power is wall-to-wall Jews supervised by Chabad.  We are in the part of the Plan where the big jobs are public and performed by 'brother Jews'.  This is them.  In the video : Putin I and Putin II are clearly displayed.

The important question to answer is: who are the Slavs?  Much of what the Rebbe says about the Slavs and Russians could not have been understood by the Americans until the publication in English of Two Thousand Years Together by Solzhenitsyn.  "You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians.  They hated Russians"...

At 22.22  see Chabad Lazar with an infant or a doll of this people hated above all the goyim by the Judaic Ashkhanazim.  Ethnically, historically the Slavs were ruled in the 9th century by a Norwegian Varingian Rurik Dynasty under Svytoslav and a population of the Ostragoths, Finns, Sarmatians etc became the Kievan Rus - Novrogod. These are one people and they are divided up geo-politically (by their enemies) - the White Russians in Russia, the Belarus, the Ukrainians, the Poles are ethnically one people and before the Great Schism they were one Church with both Latin and Old Slavonic Byzantine Rites.   

Under Svytoslav in the 9th century they made war upon Sarkel. They fought the Khaganate of Khazaria which ruled the Oxus, the Silk Road. Their Draco standard of Great Tartaria was obeyed as far East as the Orkhon River of Mongolia where their Orkhon script is still found on the stone monuments.  They made war with the Kievan Rus over the Amber Road out of the Baltics to the Mediterranean. And they lost.  The Rus, responding to the evangelization of Saints Cyril and Methodius threw down Khazaria and later followed their Prince Vladimir as a nation into the fountain of Baptism in the Crimea.  In the last five years Poland, which seriously understands this matter, has made Christ the King of Poland.

The ZOGs are massing great forces in Central Europe and that is where The Owners intend to ignite their war.

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