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Were the Nazis the Greatest Hoax in History?

January 10, 2020

left, Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler 

Miles Mathis:  "Are we there yet? Can I quit? I am feeling a little nauseous. 
I liked these guys better as evil Nazis than as gay Jewish actors. 
At least then there was something solid."    

No one resembled the Aryan blond blue-eyed ideal less than the Nazi leadership.
According to a recent essay by Miles Mathis, they were all Jews.
He says Hitler was a full Jew and part Jews included Goebbels, Magda Goebbels,
Eva Braun, Heydrich, Eichmann, Hess and Himmler. The Sabbatean Jews
sacrificed other Jews in order to create Israel, the future capital of 
their world government. 

Miles Mathis excels in demolishing historical assumptions.  Unfortunately, he says in 30 pages of mind-numbing detail and digressions (Juan Peron?) what should be said in five pages of conclusions. I think Hitler and Eichmann may have been Jews; Hitler and Bormann certainly were traitors. The argument could be made that Nazism was modelled on Zionism, and that many Jews were sincere Nazis. Here are some excerpts.  

from Jan 19, 2017
by Miles Mathis 
(Excerpt by 

So with almost no research, we have already found Hitler is Jewish in all or almost all his lines. He is Jewish on both the maternal and paternal side, and on his mother's side--the important one--he is Jewish in many lines. There is no way he wasn't aware of it. Given that, we may assume that the whole story about his paternal grandmother being a servant is also false. Like everyone else we have outed, Hitler looks to have been from wealth. He would never have been chosen for his part if he weren't from wealth. To be picked for the magnificent Beer Hall Putsch fake, Hilter must have been from the top Jewish families of Germany and Austria.... 

Eichmann smirk.jpg
(left, Eichmann, born in Israel?)

It wasn't only Hitler: all the other big names are Jewish as well, including Goebbels, Himmler, Hess and Eichmann. We will start with Otto Adolf Eichmann.

As another clue, it is admitted in this FBI document that Eichmann could speak Yiddish, Hebrew, and several Arabic dialects. Really? If you wished to wipe out an entire race, would you take the time to learn their language? Say you wished to destroy every cat on the planet: would you learn to meow? 

Beyond that, remember that in Eichmann's bio, we are told he dropped out of vocational college and worked as district manager for an oil company. So when and why did he learn Hebrew and Yiddish and several Arabic dialects? He was 26 when he joined the Nazi party, and we are told he advanced due to his knowledge of the enemy. So he must have already known all this in his 20s. And we find another problem in that FBI document. This one is a doozy. Director Hoover tells us Eichmann was born in the "German colony Sarona, which is now the seat of the Israel Government and called Hakiriya".

 But the current [official] story is that Eichmann was born in Solingen, Germany. Given that, it is worth searching on Sarona. Wiki tells us it is a German Templer colony founded in 1871, now a neighborhood of Tel Aviv. It was "a model for Jewish pioneers". This means that Hoover has admitted Eichmann was Jewish. ...Eichmann was working for the Rockefellers [Vacuum oil company.]. In fact, that is where he was working when he was "discovered". He went directly from Standard Oil to the SS. It says so at Wikipedia. Since the mainstream admits Eichmann was teased as a boy and called "the little Jewish boy" by his classmates, we should ask why. We are told this teasing caused him to hate Jews, but we are never given a good reason why he was called that...

So let's move on to Rudolph Hess. This is also ridiculously easy. His maternal grandmother is listed at Geni as Adelheid Ferber. Ferber is a Jewish name...

NSDAP was built from the ground up by agents of the billionaires. Like Hitler, Goebbels is a very obvious agent, and I doubt that he was even married to Magda Quandt. The whole thing now looks like theater--as Goebbels' 105-year-old secretary tried to tell us.  "The only thing you can say about Goebbels is that he was an outstanding actor." Magda was playing a part just as much as Joseph, and the children were likely plants as well. 
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Thanks to Z for the Tip 

Note on Dietrich Bronder, Before Hitler Came 

This book is in german language. English title would be: Before Hitler came - A historical study (1975). Dietrich Bronder's monumental book exposes the occult roots and shadowy organizations behind the rise of Adolf Hitler. From philosophers that helped to shape the political doctrine of national socialism to secret societies (such as Thule) that later implemented it as the 3rd Reich slowly gained its final form as envisioned by the secret founders. But all this was not the real reason why the book was (and still is) banned from print. 

It is truly an irony that Bronder, a Jewish professor of history, would discover the forbidden history of dominant Jewish involvement in building the 3rd Reich. He shows in incredible detail which Jews financed Adolf Hitler and thus helped him to power. As it later turned out many high-level Nazi dignitaries had Jewish ancestry and were actively working to terrorize the European Jews to get them into Palestine. Later the Zionists have done everything in their power to suppress information of their co-operation with the Nazis in the years before the Second World War.

 It turned out that it was the Jewish masonic lodge B'nai B'rith, in co-operation with the Zionist organization, LICA (Ligue International contre l'Antisemitisme) in Paris that was behind the so called Kristallnacht on 9 November 1938. The aim of the LICA provocation was to encourage the emigration of German Jews to Palestine. B'nai B'rith had previously infiltrated the Nazi movement's vital parts: the SS, the SA and the party. The Nazi leadership took no legal action against B'nai B'rith, which was allowed to continue its subversive activities. It had 12 000 members in 80 lodges in Germany, three of them in Berlin. B'nai B'rith was the only Jewish organization allowed by Hitler to remain active and open during the Nazi regime after 1933. 

The Zionist collaboration with Hitler went so far that some of them were declared Aryans, among them the banker Oppenheimer and the aircraft manufacturer Ernst Heinrich Heinckel. This explains why a large number of Jews were given Aryan documents. Thus the Nazi leadership also included Jews with "the right documents", among them the head of the SS Heinrich Himmler, Wilhelm Canaris, Alfred Rosenberg and Joseph Goebbels. The deputy Chancellor of the Reich, Rudolf Hess, was born in Egypt by a Jewish mother. Thousands of men of Jewish descent, and hundreds of those designated as Jews by the Nazis, served in the military with Hitler's knowledge. 

In some twenty cases, soldiers of Jewish descent were decorated with the Ritterkreuz, one of the highest awards of merit in the German army. But it seems the "other" side was also full of them as 430 000 Soviet Jews fought German Jews in the Second World War. The Red Army high command also included many Jews, among them the generals Solomon Raikin, Isaak Revzis, Simon Reizin, Josef Rubin, Mikhail Belkin, Zelik Yoffe, and Grigori Preizman. 

Fully documented, Before Hitler came lays bare the biggest secret behind antisemitic movements, namely that it was started by Jews themselves. As Austrian writer Rudolf Kommoss warned the world: "Should there arise a party led by anti-Semite Jews or half-Jews, we will have to watch out!" 450 pages.

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Comments for "Were the Nazis the Greatest Hoax in History?"

Phil M said (January 22, 2017):

'm pleased to find you liked my guy, Miles Mathis.

His Adolph Hitler genealogy was a huge surprise to me.

Miles is very diligent, factually, only his Ezra Pound failed muster.

Miles Mathis' "Unified Theory" is fantastic physics, but
heavily suppressed. It'll be worthy news at some future date.

Geno said (January 21, 2017):

I am thrilled about the article pointing out the biggest lie in history... The AshkeNAZIs... were Jews... The false Jew killed the real Jews to create Israel and to destroy the in the know Rabbis who fought zionism....

But for the record this is the worst line I have ever read to give credence to a premise...

Say you wished to destroy every cat on the planet: would you learn to meow? -

Ummm... well .. why not.... to sucker in cats or Jews one might speak yiddish or Kittish... silly line defeats the would be wise to remove it.

Phil said (January 21, 2017):

This is from Mathis' Beer Hall Putsch article:

I will be told that those of Jewish descent are—to put it nicely—over-represented in the ranks of top scheming Industrialists, and I am afraid I am finding that to be true. However, even that doesn't make this a Jewish problem. Why? Because if we removed all the Jews from these ranks, their positions wouldn't remain empty, would they? No, greedy Gentiles would be happy to take their places, and within seconds they would. We all know that. That's why I can't take the step many want me to take, blaming everything on the Jews. Neither Jews nor Judaism invented greed. I honestly don't look around myself and see a lot of virtuous Gentiles being corrupted by evil Jews. What I see is a very few semi-virtuous Gentiles, Jews, and Others being swamped by vast hordes of blobs and climbers. In my personal opinion, these blobs and climbers have no one but themselves to blame for who they are. None of the climbers are “chosen”, no matter how high they climb—as they will find out when they die if not before. And it is doubtful even the semi-virtuous are much pitied by the gods or Muses, since they are always free to become more virtuous no matter how they are surrounded or outnumbered. Virtue is not a statistical matter.

Brendon O'Connell said (January 21, 2017):

Hitler definitely had Jewish roots. But I think he was sincere.

He was working class, never rich. A bump on the streets of Vienna, disillusioned.

He won the Iron Cross first class twice. A Regimental Runner, messenger. The most dangerous job on the front.

He was "handled" by Georing, his link with the European elite. He went his own way. Georing is quoted as saying repeatedly, "Why must you risk everything!" Hitler job was to unite Europe and fend off Stalin in a stand off Cold War. Europe under control with the bogeyman of communism just to the east. But Hitler had other plans and he sought the utter destruction of the Bolsheviks.

Just like Sadam Hussain, he was a pan European nationalist as Sadam was a pan Arab nationalist.

Hitler could of ushered in a Renaissance. But he let it degenerate into racial supremacism. He treated the Slavs terribly. Millions fled back into the arms of the Soviet Commisars after the woeful behaviour of the German administrators in the East.

Hitler lost because of the Ultra Intercepts - Enigma.

General Wilhelm Canaris, head of German military intelligence, was handing code books to the British via The Lucy Spy Ring in Zurich. Stalin had the full German order of battle within 24 hours of Hitlers orders from his Wolfs Lair bunker.

Had Hitler held off on the racial rhetoric and promoted a culture of individual excellence, the world would be a very different place today.

WW2 is still going, right now. This is a war for global domination, destruction of borders and the end of national sovereignty. The greatest crime of Hitler was independent development and a nationalist outlook. Not the persecution of European jewery. No one gave a damn about ordinary Jews. Just like they don't give a damn about ordinary people in general.

I hope Trump lives up to so many expectations.

AZ said (January 20, 2017):

Much credit for the article on the Jewish background of Hitler and much of his gang. WOII was one of the ultimate goals in creating a super dialectic and fear generating opposition within Europe. The Bolshevik revolution was setting the stage for the aftermath of that war. Of course all because, as mentioned in the article, to prepare Palestine for the implementation of a Zionist Jewish state and Jerusalem as the throne for the false messiah. The possible outcome for the division of the European continent was at the end of the 19th century already envisioned in a map with a Ducth text, that refers to a English Freemason. It circulated at that time within secret societies in the west.


So one can see how the occult leaders of geopolitics use their dialectic scheme to entrap the hearts and minds of mankind, to manipulate her into the abyss of everlasting fear, enslavement, war, destruction and above all control over the soul of every individual. They want our soul!

Z said (January 20, 2017):

Henry, many thanks for publishing excerpt from Miles Mathis’ article on Hitler. I would two more things from the article:

1. Miles claims that the real name is Hiller.

2. Even the mainstream now admits about his Jewish roots

Like you have said before, the Zionist threw the Jewish people under bus and they are likely to do it now again considering they have a pro-Zionist American president.

According to one of the best Hitler’s biographers, the historian John Toland, in the London Daily Mirror’s issue from 14th October 1933 there was a picture of a gravestone in a Jewish cemetery in Bucharest inscribed with some Hebrew characters and the name Adolf Hitler. The picture sufficiently worried Hitler that he had the Nazi law defining Jewishness written to exclude Jesus Christ and HIMSELF.

A clear sign of a guilty conscience.

Shawn said (January 20, 2017):

Kudos on article about Nazi leadership being mostly Gay Jewish Actors. $27 million to get the Party going from Warburg & Co. Schickelgruber & the Rothschild Mansion. Hess' imprisonment. Alliances between German Industrialists & American Industrialists. Nuremberg show trials. NASA Hoaxes, The Bomb, and the Vatican Ratline. Building Germany and Europe up to be eventually destroyed. Bolsheviks & Genocide. Nazi False Flags. Current White Depopulation Agenda. Its goes on & on.

Too bad we can't seem to find out more of the Truth about the Inhuman Element hiding behind all of this-certainly not human to kill hundreds of millions of people and destroy the earth ...and that desire to have absolute complete control.

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