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The Plot to Dispossess White Males (in Five Images)

February 6, 2020

Illuminati Weaponize Blacks to Dispossess Whites 
Western Men! The Illuminati are taking your women and you are sitting on your hands. 

Feb 6, 2019
by Henry Makow PhD

1)The importance of this scene, left, from Gillette's toxic masculinity commercial cannot be overstated.   A white guy sees a hot white woman and is about to speak to her. He is restrained by a black guy implying that any white heterosexual overture is toxic, and, more subtly, white women are the domain of "cooler" black men. 



2) The Illuminati don't give a fig about women or sexual harassment. They are Communists (monopoly capitalists) who seek a monopoly over literally everything -- our children, our minds, our possessions. They perceive white men as an obstacle and are waging a psyche war against them.

They use any social fissure (class, race, gender) to drive a wedge in society in order to weaken and destroy it. Thus they weaponize the poor in class warfare and gays, women and trannies to attack our gender identity.  They enlist blacks and lesbians to supplant white men as mates and providers. They stage false flags to grab guns. 



3) Ads condition white men to accept that white women will be mating with black men. 

Notice, there are no ads where white men mate with black women. The message is clear. They are taking white women, not giving black women.

Women are a symbol of the Illuminati plan for broader white dispossession. Thus, they are keen to invade the West with a third world migrant army. 


4) Anticipating some resistance, they imbue society with an intense fear of "racism" and "white supremacy,"  buzzwords which they invest with the same stigma as "antisemitism."  
How else explain the hysterical reaction to a youthful prank 35 years ago by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. The message: Avoid anything that can be construed as "racism," i.e. resistance to displacement by blacks or other favoured minorities.Similarly, in case you detect a disproportionate Masonic Jewish role in this satanic agenda, Trump has installed a Marvin Adelman crony as the new "antisemitism" Tsar to dissuade you.


5) This is happening in Europe. 

"White supremacy" is another loaded term for resisting white displacement, just as "isolationists" was the term applied to those Americans who didn't
want the US to engage in the second white genocidal war (1939-1945.) (WW1 was the first.)

Our argument is with the puppet masters. Humanity is the victim of a sinister multi-century satanic conspiracy that is nearing fruition. 

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Comments for "The Plot to Dispossess White Males (in Five Images) "

Chris G said (February 7, 2019):

Satan needs our consent to rule this planet. White males have consented to dispossess themselves when they foolishly murdered one another in droves during the US Civil War, World War 1 & 2, etc..
etc.. all for the benefit generational satanic families - Rothschild & their 300 allies. The white man has failed to protect their women from banksters so how can they possibly protect their women from the
"Big Bamboo"? Can you blame a girl anyways? White women are the ones doing most of the chasing, not black men.

Rent A Rasta - documentary:

America's sweetheart Marilyn Monroe was also very fond of the big bamboo.

Michael Berg said (February 6, 2019):

I have to say that me and my wife were repulsed by this ad. The only reason I have the 3 beautiful little blonde girls that I have is because of my "Toxic" masculinity i.e. desiring to court and have sex with the young woman who became my wife.

The reason ALL OF YOU people reading this exist is because your fathers showed sexual interest in your mothers. Courting them and then marrying and procreating with them. This is NATURE. This is the Natural Order.

Did our civilization reach a point where following the natural order is not OK anymore?!
Maybe Male Lions should stop courting Female Lions because Nature is bad?! What would happen to the Lion species if Lions would start adopting Gillette sick and twisted message?! They will go extinct!

The Globalist goal is to basically to turn the natural healthy male sexual desire for females i.e. Heterosexuality into a pathology. This is further expression of the Feminist and #MeToo agenda where these twisted people who are in power (Globalists and Feminists) want to label every sexual interest a man has in a woman as a "sexual offense" and turn even consensual sex into "rape".

This is what they want to do to us. They want to patologize our sexuality as White males in order to stop showing sexual interest in White women. The goal is to destroy courtship, marriage and procreation and make us go extinct. They want depopulation of the White race after all (Then of the rest of the world)

There are countless quotes be Feminists about how every sex is rape especially marital sex as it "express male dominance over women and female inferiority" and that male sexual desire to posses women is an expression of the "evil patriarchy".

These Globalist and Feminists had forgotten to mention that the only reason that they even exist is because their father's wanted to f**ck their mothers. Yes, The only reason they exist is because of the "evil patriarchy".

A question must be asked... How the species is supposed to go on according to the sick feminist globalist mind? I mean if we declare that the natural way to court and mate with the women is "bad" then how is the species going to survive?

Obviously they direct their attack on White man seeking women as they don't want the European race to survive. They have no problem with White women f**king Black dudes but white men?! God Forbid! They can't have that because that would mean more European babies and they can't have that !! They want White Genocide.

So this sick Gillette commercial is not only an attack not only on our healthy heterosexual nature as males but also against all of us people of European heritage.

Now If Gillette hates us as males and hates us especially as White males and want us to cut off our penises so we don't have the desire to mate (and thus procreate) with White women there's only one thing we can do about it :

Do not buy Gillette or any Procter & Gamble (P&G) product. This is what I am going to do. I've been using Gillette for 8 years now. No More!

The worst part of the Gillette Ad:

Brian M said (February 6, 2019):

British T V has had every single advert showing a couple
as a black man with a white woman

This racist slur on black women has made some very angry, the proposition that black women are not good enough for black men. When Toerag Tonies New Labour party was in office, they wanted to give a position in parliament to Peter Tatchell, the Jewish head of PIE (Pedophile Info Exchange ) they put out billboards saying sex with small boys does no harm

Patricia Hewitt Margaret Hodge and Harriet Harman, all Jewess's paid out of the public purse for gay marches homosexual parades and stunts, and supported homosexual magazines Bumboy Manboy Homo Cocksucker and Gaylife, these all had not pictures of men, but boys. We all here in the UK knew Tony Blairs New Labour was a Mossad front, but no one could fathom why they would support sexual abuse of children?
Sodomising boys ruin their lives so many commit suicide after this, even grown men in prison hang themselves so filled with disgust are they, so why push it onto kids on school education and on to the population?

Anonymous said (February 6, 2019):

If you follow every bit of disinformation that the MSM puts out you would actually think that the world has gone biracial, gay, and agnostic. Not true.

What you barely hear about is the strong Black Christian population not only in America but also in Africa. They look down on the LGBT like most of the Christian community and they don't accept gender neutrality as a Civil Right.

The heterosexual White male has been the punching bag of the MSM in recent years and nobody has been the target of this hate like President Trump himself.

Pedro said (February 6, 2019):

Notice the preponderance too of blonde women there.

I used to laugh at Mel Brooks (and other Jews like Woody Allen) but now I see the dulpicitousness of that Yiddish humour (as Ford said the same of the theatres in his "international Jew" times).

Blazing Saddles, where the (slut) lady sleeps (screws) with the black guy and, with the inevitable 'biggus Dickus' innuendo, and as he leaves
the next morning sighs - "what a nice guy". Funny in a way, but I bet that the Jewish wives of the directors who have by and large kept their race intact (eg 4th or 5th cousins in NY in one 2010 study) would not be amused if their husbands fathered bastards to black women. And heaven (or the Talmudic Rabbis) forbid if that wife should sire some half black kids.

Nah, those cues were for us white people to hate ourselves to extinction. Easier than race wars and pogroms.

How about a 7-up style program to follow and compare these mixed marriages and see if they are indeed as superior, even equal, as the propaganda tells us.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at