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Canada Sponsored Neo Nazi Group in '90's

February 25, 2020

racetraitor.jpgFrom 1988-1994, Canadian taxpayers got their first taste of government-sponsored terror.

The neo Nazi "Heritage Front" was financed by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) and led by its agent, Grant Bristow.

It was brought down by a gutsy 18-year-old street waif, Elisa Hategan.

"Race Traitor" is her story. The Canadian government,  publishers and filmmakers don't want you to know it. 

from Feb 4, 2015
By Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Race Traitor" was the epithet
thrown at Elisa Hategan, 18, by her former Nazi friends after she defected from the Heritage Front and testified against its leaders.

When Elisa was 16, she joined the group and was quickly recognized for her writing and speaking talents. A Romanian immigrant with an abusive mother, the poverty stricken Toronto street kid found a surrogate family in the motley group of neo Nazis.

She was trusted by its leader Grant Bristow and friends like Ernst Zundel to perform a variety of confidential tasks. But when Bristow launched a terrorist campaign against anti racist activists, ranging from psychological harassment (eg. telling employers and landlords they are pedophiles) to vicious beatings, kidnappings and rapes, Elisa defected to the other side. Her testimony was instrumental in putting some leaders (not Bristow) in jail and in later disbanding the group.

hf.PNGWith more than 2000 members, the Heritage Front was a potent subversive organization responsible for vicious beatings, arson and bombings. Its members dressed in the popular skinhead costume, accumulated an arsenal of illegal weapons and planned for a Day of Reckoning when all "race traitors" would have their throats slit. Their inspiration was Hitler's takeover of Germany.

Toronto in the early 90's began to resemble Berlin in the 1920's with street battles between neo-Nazi skinheads and their anti racist opponents.

Toronto police actually collaborated with the Heritage Front. The head of the "hate crimes" unit met with a Heritage Front leader to identify anti racist activists from pictures. Some cops were Heritage Front members.

The Heritage Front also infiltrated and provided security for the Canadian Reform Party, the forerunner of Stephen Harper's Conservative Party. Its leader at the time, Preston Manning has since spoken out against this government operation.


When Hategan and her anti-racist supporters provided enough information to arrest Heritage Front leaders and members, the police mysteriously refused to act. After testifying, Hategan went underground but she was stalked by a power far more capable than Bristow, who was a former strip club comedian turned private detective.

hategan.jpg(Hategan, left, has since become a Zionist shill.) 

In 1994, Toronto Sun reporter Bill Dunphy revealed that Bristow was a CSIS agent, and that the Heritage Front was a CSIS operation known as "Governor."

Since Bristow was not responsible for a single arrest, one can only speculate on the purpose of this operation. Governments initiate 90% of terrorism. It's a pretext for a police state apparatus. It promotes fear and division, prerequisites for control. ISIS is a bogeyman like the Heritage Front was.


The Canadian government has stonewalled inquiries into its sponsorship of the Heritage Front. Grant Bristow has been given a new identity and a large pay-off and pension. Canadian Jewish organizations have honored him for his work!

hategan-article1.jpg(left, SIRC, the government committee that oversees CSIS whitewashed the operation.)

Meanwhile Elisa Hategan struggled not just for subsistence, but to be heard. She self-published Race Traitor in 2014 but Canadian publishers, like their police counterparts, won't touch the story. It implicates the federal government in all terrorist activities. 

Race Traitor is gripping and poignant testimony to the resistance of the human spirit to tyranny. 

Elisa Hategan should have been honored and rewarded. Instead, until she bacame a Zionist shill, she was marginalized. 

This book was an eyeopener for me. As you know, I believe race, religion, nation and family are the four legs of human identity. That's why the Illuminati tries to destroy them. I have corresponded with Ernst Zundel and others linked to the Heritage Front (like Marc Lemire, Paul Fromm) on the issue of free speech. It's important never to cross the line between defending our human identity and behaving immorally. Unlike the Illuminati and their Communist spawn, I do not believe the end justifies the means.

Thanks to Ann Diamond for this tip.

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Just got done reading "Canada Sponsored Neo Nazi Group in the '90's."  Made me curious to learn a bit more on the background.  A Google search brought up her webpage with as the first hit.  She admits to being Jewish right on the welcome page!  It'd lead one to wonder what else was covered up or deceptive about her and her background?  Have to disagree with you that she should be honored and rewarded.  Seems more likely that she was intended for that role all along.  Her book probably contains plenty of fiction among the actual facts of the story.  Now she appears as a speaker for LGBT and Jewish groups.  Well, no doubt about THAT!

More than a hunch, but the CSIS is probably not the primary driving force behind that operation as much as the tool.  This reeks of ADL handiwork.  In the US, there's another group called the Southern Poverty Law Center, who were all over the FBI with Elohim City and its direct connection to the Oklahoma City bombing.  The false narrative is always fed to the gullible media from the ADL/SPLC.  Since this was relatively the same time period, it more than likely was the Candian ADL's baby.  Increases their fundraising efforts and provides them with a convenient opportunity to yap endlessly about "white supremacists."

Tony Blizzard writes:

One eventually gets the impression that "white supremacy" has always been a fake opposition scam as it is not the nature of most whites to feel "supreme" among races.  Rather, like every race, whites in general want to just be left alone to live their lives in peace.  And most still with the remnants of Christian morality.

It is true that those who want to rule the world include whites as well as members of all races but in all cases this is a tiny membership of each race.

However today whites are certainly in need of a "white survival" organization as it appears that growing portions of every other race are being pressured by satanic oriented agenture into moving to exterminate the white race, being falsely convinced that whites are out to destroy them when, in truth, the world thrives on material advances due almost entirely to "white" thought and effort.  Although some of these advances are perverted into evil uses, the white race has no monopoly on such perversion.

It would be much more logical for each race to work on purifying its own.

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Comments for "Canada Sponsored Neo Nazi Group in '90's"

CC said (June 4, 2017):

I often mention how the cabal promotes disunity, within a race or between races. It is the only way we can be completely suppressed by the cabal and be made to behave as they would have us, as slaves. To this day, the pervasive ignorance of any individual thinking only of protecting his own race instead of the entire race of humanity continues.

So much hatred and division among us are not accidental results of misunderstandings because of cultural differences, religious beliefs, etc. Some very powerful people are funding and fanning anything that can result in a fractured society which then becomes an easy prey for them. I find it heartbreaking, and ignorance will never resolve the problem.

Peter said (June 4, 2017):

Those clowns would not last a week in a proper NAZI brown shirt boot camp (drug free, except for the Meth that Hitler and Mussolini were on) , though the NAZI movement was funded ('23-33) by the same divide and conquer Jewish bankers and Hitler was a race traitor (except , being Jewish himself, he was naturally a deceiver, Jung nailed his archetype as The Magician). Like all those Jewish layabouts (sons of Rabbis, married to rich merchants or vice versa) cooking up communism and all the other Frankist 'isms. The Australian movie Romper Stomper pitting Neo Nazis against Asians without mentioning the J word, Australia's One Nation (One Notion) Hanson Party and America's Alex Jones similarly shy of getting to the Common Core of the problems. And Australians Romper Stomping style shouting "oi oi oi" at their 2000 Olympics, a feature of culture as newly introduced as Daniel Ricciardo's F1 shoe drinking at the podium. Henry Ford said of the Jewish run theatres in his day that their comedy was laughing AT us. Sarah Silverman 'joking' "I hope the Jews did kill Christ I'd do it again. I'd fucking do it again-in a second."

It keeps getting lower like the sewer pit that Schindlers (Swindlers) List had the kids hiding in, the jealous God's golden calf whisperer shouting "goy goy goy" exterminate!!! By way of projection, they shall entertain us and enjoy themselves their Talmudic double meanings in hidden contexts (in-group, closed society, all is vanity - Ecclesiastes)

Geno said (June 3, 2017):

Henry, whenever you see a name like this... Hate again... It is part of the protocol of Zion, Tavistock Institute, psychological social programming.... We will lead with force and make believe... Bernie Madoff... Made off with billions... Another character created for certain reasons... a focal point of greed, money laundering etc.

Over at the FED there is a guy named Kashkari... cash and carry... Almost always in a shooting event there will be witnesses with silly names that usually play on genital jokes... When John Lennon sang, "don't you think the joker laughs at you." He was veiling the con artistry of the elite media mafia. The joker character is a huge part of their wink at each other.

Robert K said (February 7, 2015):

Thanks for making people aware of the existence of this book. It can be read as a Kindle book at Amazon, where you can also "look inside" at the first two chapters.

I can attest personally to the fact that trying to alert the government to wrongdoing by its agencies is a thankless task, which could very well result in personal ruination. Just consider the miserable end the whistle-blowers who trusted the Public Service Ethics Commission to be credible have come to. "Ethics" indeed!

CSIS is a thousands-strong bureaucracy. It has to justify its existence, so if genuine threats to "national security" do not exist, spurious ones have to be contrived. Hence, it can be assumed that it is continually organizing deceptions such as the one recounted in this book. There can be no "quiet time".

It would seem as if pretty well every secret service in history has operated in a similar way--which, if the current flood of revelations about police and SS protection, and presumed handling, of bigwig pedophiles in the UK persists, promises some interesting headlines ahead.

John K said (February 6, 2015):

Racist shock jock Hal Turner was on FBI payroll.

NWO honchos follow Blavatsky, the most racist Nazi witch who ever was. AIDS
biowar on Africa was their doing., show 336, 16 Aug 2007, Donald W. Scott

If you run a militant black, Amerindian, or Latino race-hate org, you get federal
funds and fawning media promotion. Only white people are racist. Unless Jewish.

VB said (February 5, 2015):

Excellent Article Henry, especially when connecting the dots. Like the Buddha said Three things cannot hide for too long, The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.

Linda said (February 5, 2015):

tend to think the Neo Nazis, like the Nazis before them, are controlled opposition exercises. The social order of all Western states (ZOGs) is Masonic order. Globalist Jewry which owns the ZOGs wants to control the opposition of the White demographic to its policies. How better than to frame the conflict in terms of racial supremacy - Globalist Jewry's own turf.

And the White demographic is certainly opposing policies of the ZOG political elite, policies such as those acknowledged by Lord Mandelson in which he stated that the government sent out search parties to find culturally unassimilatable migrants to come to the UK and claim benefits.

J.R.R. Tolkien, professor of Anglo Saxon at Oxford University, had to deal with this Masonic and occult perversion of the Germanic and Northern cultural heritage at the time of the Nazis. In a letter to Michael Tolkien 9 June 1941 he wrote:

"I have in this war, a burning private grudge - which would probably make me better soldier at 49 than I was at 22; against that ruddy, little ignoramus Adolf Hitler (for the odd thing bout demonic inspiration and impetus is that it in no way enhances the purely intellectual stature; it chiefly affects the mere will). Ruining, perverting, misapplying and making forever accursed, the noble northern spirit, a supreme contribution to Europe which I have ever loved and tried to present in its true light. Nowhere, incidentally, was it nobler than in England, nor more early sanctified and Christianized..." The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (1981) Unwin, p. 54.

Jim Perloff said (February 5, 2015):

Henry, I have been hearing from sources, and I believe it is true, that many of the white supremacists who are seen espousing overt racism and screaming things like “Kill all Jews” are actually on the Zionist payroll.

The impact of their activity is to cause the public to move in precisely the OPPOSITE direction of their proclaimed goals—i.e., they disgust the public, which then sympathizes with the Zionist agenda. This is the same strategy as was used in the Charlie Hebdo incident, where (many of us strongly believe) actors pretending to be Muslims turned French public opinion against Islam and in favor of Israel.

Apparently, much of white supremacism is also a type of false flag—not a terrorist incident, but an ongoing psy-op, a racial soap opera. Every movie script needs a villain for the audience to root against; in this case it’s the "raving anti-Semite."

Tyron said (February 5, 2015):

Practically every single Neo Nazi- Skin Head type group out there is a false opposition front. Their role is to use the most hateful, vicious language possible to keep whites/European from even thinking along ethnic preservation lines.

Almost every time you see a white guy get on TV (David Duke and maybe a couple others are exempt) to defend whites against some political/social ethnic assault, they always pick the most backward as- hilly billy dufus imaginable and he ALWAYS brings up the most asinine arguments possible to make any who might identify with his "position" look idiotic.

But the fact remains that Whites/Europeans- authentic Christians are the most hated group of the elite Jews. They have been literally genociding us for over 50 years straight (actually much longer) to where our numbers are about 8% of the world's population down from about 33% only some 70 years ago.

Since they have taken over the pulpits, white/Europeans have been defenseless and now they have sided with the Moslem's/Arabs, flooding our lands with them, pitting them against us, based on our race and authentic religion to try and finish us off.

Why? It's simple. The elite Jews fear no one more than a white/European racial aware authentic believer in Jesus and are totally petrified that one day the prime creator will back us as we defeat all of those they have lined up against us. No nightmare could be greater for them than if we took over their Satanic JWO they are constructing, giving them our own version of the Nuremberg trials--and they're right. That's exactly what's going to happen and there is nothing in the universe that will stop it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at