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Telomeric Poisoning Exacerbates Coronavirus

March 13, 2020



Electromagnetic Radiation has been turned up in Wuhan with the advent of 5G . Viruses love microwave radiation. Exposed to microwave radiation, we become the breeding ground to viruses, just like a culture medium. The apparent downturn of Covid-19 in China may be as simple as turning off the 5G. 

Rob Watson is retired photographer from Australia who believes that many diseases are caused by the interactions of insoluble nanoparticles and electromagnetic radiation  (Nano-Blenders.) He believes that the Coronavirus threat is very serious. Humanity is being deliberately poisoned for purposes of depopulation which the elites will exploit for profit.

He says that to restrict the development of herd immunity by avoiding contact is stupid in the extreme. As kids we all developed immunity by sharing food, bugs, the lot. Getting fresh air, sunlight without sunscreens is an absolute essential. Avoiding meds and foods which contain titanium dioxide. Let food be thy medicine -- Hippocrates 

See Rob's bio here (scroll down) 

Telomeric Poisons are life's short straws 

by Rob Watson


Covid -19 is a virus which contains elements of HIV, a Telomeric Poison. 

Telomeric poisons are substances which adversely effect's the length of our telomeres and consequently our life span. 

As a rule of thumb, the length of our telomeres governs our ability to recover from life's various assaults. 

They gradually shorten as we age. Telomeric poisons include HIV, Silver iodide, Electromagnetic Radiation, Titanium Dioxide and Glyphosate. 

The citizens of Hubei Province have been subject recently to all of these as HIV spikes have been found in Covid-19. 

This piece of academic research has quickly been redacted as it is not PC. Weather geo-engineering in China have been subjecting Hubei to fallout from their atmospheric seeding of Silver iodide in an attempt to increase the precipitation rate across Hubei. Electromagnetic Radiation has been turned up in Wuhan with the advent of 5G . 

Titanium Dioxide and Glyphosate, as China is a world leading producer of both these products. Traces of these chemicals will be found in many consumer products. Considered collectively, that places everyone at a considerable disadvantage with the elderly or infirm more so as their telomeres would already be extremely stressed. 

This is supported by the available evidence, with many elderly members of Wuhan passing from the virus, where the causes of morbidity or mortality would reflect pre-existing health problems of each victim. 

Further, other causes to loss of telomeres include smoking, lack of sleep, malaria and the use of drugs like Fentanyl. We expose ourselves, through lack of knowledge of the toxic effects of many these items, while unscrupulous corporates and governments manipulate populations for their own ends.

The apparent downturn of Covid -19 in China may be as simple as turning off the use of 5G. Certainly in respect of titanium dioxide, its consumption is now very difficult to avoid since governments allow food and drug producers to include it in their products. Consumption of titanium dioxide can lead to any one of two hundred pathologies. 

Recently, Barrie Trower a microwave expert has explained that viruses love microwave radiation. Exposed to microwave radiation, we become the breeding ground to viruses, just like a culture medium. 

We can refuse to accept life's short straws by turning off Wi-Fi, going bare-foot in the park ie. Grounding, without sunscreens as most of them contain Titanium Dioxide and being circumspect about what we consume.


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Of the 9500 plus citizens of New Zealand that have read this link, only 19 challenged Googles gatekeeper and made it through to read my thesis . We must stop living in fear.

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Comments for " Telomeric Poisoning Exacerbates Coronavirus"

JG said (March 13, 2020):

The public has been terribly mislead by the privately owned MSM and NGO Medical authorities.
Italy has fallen for the trap of quarantining their population to please the World Health Organiztion and the results have been dissasterous. The numbers of deaths are going up and not down. Why? Because OXGEN KILLS VIRUSES! (Medicine 101). Quarantining a person does NOT kill a virus.
Once this Corona stuff passes the world we wake up broke and in dissaray. And, they'll wonder how they ever went along with all these I'll advised measures.

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