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Why Big Business Collaborates in #Scamdemic

April 27, 2020


In terms of Bezmenov's stages of subversion - this is 'the crisis'

This is Part Two

Wow! So it's a done deal. Is the entire business establishment cool with its own destruction? 

Linde's answer:

"The goy traitor class of 'our Gentile Masonry' are the overseers of the vassal state owned as an asset of the Central Banks....What will be their fate when their usefulness to The Revolution is ended?  Will The Owners be willing to retain them in the style to which they have become accustomed?"

by Linde

You know I would so like to be wrong about this, but when people 'read' the present events through the historical perspective of The Revolution, they come to understand the ownership of the Revolution through the central banking cartel, what makes a ZOG, the origin of the UN, the role of the NGOs, the business class - bought and paid for with fiat credit issue -  in squashing the class enemies: namely the small independent folks, etc.  What has been seen can not be unseen.

(left, the emblem of the Soviet Union)

The business class is cruising at altitude enjoying their entitlements on a flight plan that will land at the Gulag Archipelago of the World Soviet. What will be their fate when their usefulness to The Revolution is ended?  Will The Owners be willing to retain them in the style to which they have become accustomed?

The Central Banking Cartel (CBC) is what - eight dynastic families with their governing class.  Then there is the goy traitor class of 'our Gentile Masonry' who are the overseers of the vassal state-owned as an asset of the CBC.  

The services of this group to The Owners are definitely under-appreciated by the minions because they manage the schmo screen of meaningless ideals (suitable for those without faith or morals) and the charity spiffs and philanthropy. 

The elites of this class - the 'Jim'll Fix It' class are in my opinion the worst of the lot, the absolute caked-on crud at the bottom of the barrel.  

Then there is the upwardly mobile social capital allowed to prosper from The Revolution across all bases of social influence because they are the instrument for squashing the class enemies - the majority demographics (especially of the European) that would otherwise get themselves organized and overthrow the ZOG.  

These people are the most despised by the racial and class enemies because they have not thought through the Big Picture. 

And, of course, the higher up the food chain of this category, the more 'brother Jews' are utilized as insulation by The Owners.  These are the groups Bezmenov was instructed not to bother with at all in the work of subversion.  They are in place and The Revolution would swallow them in due course as Rakovsky testified.


English majors definitely have an edge in this subject if they have read and appreciated the Great American Novel - namely "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo.  These novels are about real politk and how power works in the context of a vassal nation - a ZOG like the US.  

Both the overworld and the underworld are controlled by different poles of The Apex - namely The Owners.  The novel is set in the underworld. But we will discover like Michael Corleone that the overworld is even more corrupt - for reasons that people who read your website will understand.  Unlike the film, the novel goes into the 'policy banks' of the five families but does not penetrate the question of who owns the policy banks.  Here is the one about the 'offer he couldn't refuse"

In the China deal,  ZOG East ( the USSR )  pumped the Warsaw pact weapons, the alphabet soup guerrillas, mad squirrels and trained insurgents to Mao (a Yalie Skull and Bonesman) ; the Western support for General Chiang Kai Shek (a true world hero that every nationalist should appreciate ) somehow went missing and General Marshall told him : "It's either a UN Charter election or its the Marines".  

This looks back to one of the greatest infamies in American history when  Wilson sent the Marines to defeat the Russian nationalist army and prevent them from marching on Moscow, to put an end to the Bolshevik Revolution and removing the Red 'Russians' - probably by the testicles.  

Naturally the Chinese nationalist army had to surrender their weapons.  The Mao brigades however were free to roam around and hand out the how to vote cards.  The Owners of The Revolution and the UN, of course, own the voting apparatus of the UN Charter election.

The Logo of the Third Comintern. 

The Fourth Comintern founded by Leon Trotsky 1938 was founded to continue the objective of the Third Comintern : world wide Revolution as summed up by the state emblem of the USSR as fixed in the 1924 Soviet Constitution. 

I think a good reading of The Godfather will reveal that the Soviet Union did not collapse.  They went to the mattresses across the global village and range of projects - all of them now coming to fruition.

Stay strong for your people Henry; the American and Canadian honour rolls need more Jews and there are still some Benjamin Freedmans, Henry H Kleins and Jack Bernsteins out there.  It falls to your lot to fetch them up, dust them off and give them a talking to.

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