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The Cabalist Plot to Destroy Civilization ( Pandemic in Context)

May 13, 2020


( Henry Ford's statement about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion 100 years ago is more relevant than ever.)

Satanists (Organized Jewry and Freemasonry) intend to destroy the authentic American: White, Heterosexual, Christian. 

The fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto calls for a private (i.e. Rothschild) central bank. Society is under constant attack by these cabalist (satanist) central bankers. Sounds crazy but the coronovirus hoax must be seen in the context of a larger program to destroy civilization. You do not torpedo the world economy over a flu unless you want to shred the social fabric. This is called "creative destruction."

Occult Attack - Ten Examples of this Occult War on Civilization

The list below is not meant to be detailed or exhaustive but to provide a list to see the virus hoax in context. 


 Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? For if it prospers, none dare call it Treason.
 John Harington 1561-1612

(Updated from April 16, 2019. We need constant reminders.) 
by Henry Makow PhD

Cabalist Judaism is Satanism; Satanism is Communism. It is a death cult that enslaves and exploits its members, including Jews. 
"Enslavement" sounds abstract. This is what it looks like in living color. 

1. Immigration & Migration -  To re-engineer humanity as servants, the Protocols state, "we will destroy every collective force but our own." (16-4) The four legs of human identity (collective force) are race, religion, nation, and family.  Migration undermines two of these directly, race and nation, and the other two indirectly. They are a form of gerrymandering to ensure people of European descent become a minority and are disenfranchised. 

2.  Vaccinations, Chemtrails, Fluoride and Soy. They are inoculating us with diseases, making us comatose and feminizing males.  In general, a satanic cult such as Western society has become, controls and exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick. Western society is obsessed with sickness which is a bigger industry than war.

3. Control of information and discourse - Media and higher education now are mind control instruments.  Political correctness & censorship punish thought crimes.- Non-Conformity leads to loss of employment.
Gaslighting - political widgets can say anything and be taken seriously. As with 9-11 plane disappearing into Pentagon, the goal is to make us question reality.  

4. False flag terror is used to confiscate guns (Christchurch) and to justify war (9-11) or civil strife (Notre Dame)  Mass surveillance using CCTV, Internet, and smart devices.

5. Satanism, occultism, violence and sexual depravity in the entertainment industry. Major stars are all Satan worshippers.
Their success isn't based on talent alone. They have sold their souls to the devil. Increasingly our culture and entertainment reflect that of a satanic cult.

6. Agenda 21; "Climate Change" -- comprehensive UN Plan to limit economic development & control the world

7.  The Demonrat Party: Making removing Trump their first priority and lying. 
Buying votes by promising the moon for free. The media constantly gaslighting us re. 9-11, JFK assassination, Syrian gas attacks, and numerous mass shootings (Sandy Hook, Parkland.) The Communist Manifesto calls for state control of communication (#6) - which we effectively have when we realize that media corporations are all controlled by the central bankers. 

8. Attack on marriage and family by erasing traditional heterosexual values using pornography, sexual liberation, gender dysphoria, homosexuality and transgenderism. Sexual "liberation" is pure Satanism because it dehumanizes and makes sex an end in itself.

Disregarding female rights by allowing trannies in their bathrooms. Canada issues apology to gays and new "equality" coin.  Some say transgenderism is the worship of "the Beast" before his return.  This is all presented in terms of tolerance and progress; in fact, the aim is to undermine and shred the social fabric. 

9. Income inequality. The "one percent"     In France, Chile, Iraq, and Lebanon, people are in the streets because they can't make ends meet.

10. Attack on white men and the promotion of miscegenation. Undermining all races but especially people of European descent. This is an ad from the Saturday paper seeking a Journeyman Electrician starting at $71K. They give preferences to anything that isn't a white male: They "encourage candidates to indicate on their application if they are a woman, Aboriginal person, a person with a disability, or member of a visible minority." Whatever happened to hiring on the basis of merit and not discriminating against anyone?

In conclusion, the only way out of this morass is to nationalize central banks and disavow debt created out of nothing. 

Or for the Masonic Jewish leaders to have a change of heart, and become the benefactors of humanity instead of its deranged cruel jailers. 

It's very simple. Humanity can choose God or Satan. If we choose God, the earth will be heaven. If we choose Satan, it will be a hell. 
White people need a national home. This mural removed because it wasn't diverse.

-----------Is Trump Family Cult Behind Coming Armageddon? 
-----------  Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult 

------------------  We have de Facto Communism

Note for Newbies:

The Satanist (Cabalist) central bankers are extending their credit monopoly into a monopoly over everything. They plan to dispossess humanity and establish a world Communist police state. Communism which calls for the abolishing of private property and inheritance is just a way for the Rothschilds to take everyone's property. 

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Comments for "The Cabalist Plot to Destroy Civilization ( Pandemic in Context)"

Marc said (November 4, 2019):

Henry - excellent recap even though scary. Earth will never ever be heaven until the Lord God remakes it after the Great Tribulation. If you quote Jesus Christ on occasion as you do, then you’re under obligation to quote ALL of Him to not mislead your audience, causing them to stumble. True followers will always experience persecution and yearn for their real Home where the Father and Christ dwell. One cannot have it both ways on this present earth.

Thomas said (November 4, 2019):

You write, “The fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto calls for a private (i.e. Rothschild) central bank.” In the reference that you give, the fifth plank reads, "Centralization of credit in the hands of the state,” which is what is also in my copy of the Communist Manifesto. A state (government) central bank is not a private central bank. A nationalized central bank places the control of credit in the hands of the state (government), which fulfills the fifth plank. The solution is not nationalization but abolition of centralized banking whether it is in the hands the state (government) or private owners. It should be replaced with decentralized bank and concomitant decentralized credit.


Do you think the Rothschilds would own the Fed and the Bank of England etc. but not the banks of outright Communist countries?


JG said (November 3, 2019):

We can't stop what has been written. We are entering the final days of civilized humanity for many.

The sufferings in the third world nations is a direct result of Communism which draws the blood of the masses as it extracts the wealth through corruption and militarized force.

America and Russia today are Nation-State Democracies that have yet to totally fall to the NWO Globalists and this is why President Trump and Vladimir Putin are constantly being attacked by the Globalist Democrats and MSM. They are dubbed as "white nationalists" which they consider a symbol of fascism and racism. They don't believe that white citizens have the right to independent sovereignty in their own nations.

It's really sad what has happened in Europe today with the once White European Nations like England, Germany, France, and Sweden. They have been successfully dismantled by the IMF bankers who control their banks and finance the campaigns of their legislators. They are on a fast train to destruction.

The fall of the Royal Family of England was a big one. It sent the message to the world that no elite white institutions regardless of their history or national identity are exempt from multiculturalism.

Al Thompson said (November 3, 2019):

Everything a communist, liberal, progressive, socialist, or fascist person turns into shit. The key points to watch out for are listed in the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto; another nice gift from the Jews. People should memorize them so they understand the evil that is present in all governments.

Pedro said (April 17, 2019):

The commies also change cultural icons at the drop of a hat, or wig.

Female impersonator banned for knocking "transgender rights"

From the original Spectator interview "He calls transgenderism ‘a fashion — how many different kinds of lavatory can you have? And it’s pretty evil when it’s preached to children by crazy teachers’

" There was no evidence of any link between the two fires."

And no Dancing Israelis were seen at either event chanting "God is not
so great but we are".

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