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They Murdered The Aged Even Before Covid1984

June 24, 2020


"A gang of medical students along with surgeons surrounded his bed with a ventilator, which unbeknown to us, the ventilator was to end his life rather than give him life. As the drama was going on, I noticed a note on the wall, above our friend's bed, written, "please do not feed the patient", which appears to have been placed in the middle of the night. They started to starve him to death."

By Tina

Everything written in the article, COVID Cases Transferred to Nursing Homes to Inflate Deaths, is true however the killing of old people was already implemented in 2019 and maybe before, by virtue of the euthanasia laws. I refer you to a case of a hospice in Delta, B.C. 

My sister and I witnessed such ordeal last August when my best and dearest friend of 86 years of age was admitted to a hospital in Canada for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) caused by antibiotics, prescribed by his GP.  The antibiotics first caused constipation and soon thereafter a UTI.

First thing the hospital did for my friend when he was admitted to ER was to put him on the drip medication.  As our friend's legal advocates, we advised the nurses and doctors that our friend's main concern was his constipation. We pleaded with the doctor and the staff to administer a manual disimpaction in order for his UTI to heal but they ignored us. Instead of providing alternative remedies, including colonics, doctors and nurses heavily sedated our friend immediately.

The next day, we pleaded again with the doctor to stop administering antipsychotic drugs and antibiotics, and to STOP tying our friend to the bed but to no avail.

By the time we asked for his discharge from the first hospital, our friend was sicker than when he got in.  The discharged papers showed as many as twenty and more medication was administered to our friend, including loxapine, a drug for schizophrenia.

Unfortunately, when our friend came home, he was not the same. He was crying and having nightmares every night and could not sleep.

I made an appointment for colonic irrigation, but it was not meant to be. Our friend started to vomit dark-brown, toxic substance. He also stopped peeing, even with the catheter. We tried to get some private nurses to come to the apartment other than the ones assigned by the BC health care, but apparently there were no nurses dealing with catheters in a home situation. Basically, no matter how much money you have Henry, you are at the mercy of the Canadian medical system.

I called 911 on August 17, and this time the paramedics brought our friend to a Catholic hospital.

We were asked by the paramedics whether our friend had a Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) order and we said yes. His DNR was level 3 which means that if the patient has a heart attack, a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) should not be attempted. We learned later, from the medical report that, that the second hospital changed our friend's DNR to level 1 without the permission of our friend or our permission. DNR level 1 gives the hospital the right to take a patient's life, without any fear of being criminally charged since the Criminal Code of Canada has removed any accountability for murdering patients. This apparently occurred after the law of euthanasia was legislated in Canada.

After some tests, the ER doctor said our friend only had 24 hours to live because she claimed he had an embolus but he survived a few more days.

On the late evening of the 20th of August, a gastroenterologist from the University of British Columbia conducted tests on our friend's abdomen, and the doctor confirmed that our friend had no obstruction and no bowel perforation. The gastroenterologist also performed a physical exam, and he assured us that everything was good. He had a plan of action for our friend that included using water enemas, back to back, starting the next morning. My sister and I were hopeful!

On the morning of the 21st of August, however, the plan of action proposed by the gastroenterologist the night before was ignored. Instead, doctors and nurses created chaos in our friend's room as though there was a crisis with his health. The medical staff, doctors, and surgeons appeared to be in a hurry and in a panic for no reason, creating a scene that came straight from a b-movie.  A gang of medical students along with surgeons surrounded his bed with a ventilator, which unbeknown to us, the ventilator was to end his life rather than give him life. As the drama was going on, I noticed a note on the wall, above our friend's bed, written, "please do not feed the patient", which appears to have been placed in the middle of the night. They started to starve him to death.

My sister advocated for our friend to the doctors, surgeons, and nurses, while other patients were listening in the room, pointing out, amongst other things, how they were treating our friend inhumanly with a complete lack of respect for life. She also advised them that their ongoing legalese was preventing them from caring about our friend and applying the right procedure and remedy.

When my sister advised the doctor and staff that we wanted to bring our friend home, the staff, acting nervously, asked us instead the permission to move him to a private room across the hall so we could play and sing his favorite musical tunes. My sister and I did not go along with any of their egregious suggestions. We wanted our friend to be discharged forthwith and brought home by ambulance. Failing to discharge our friend, my sister advised the staff to make sure to not use medication to kill him.

To make a long story short, in the afternoon, my friend signaled me to his bedside. He was frantic and filled with apprehension.  I got close to his face to hear what he was trying to say and he looked at me and said in a slurred speech with words that could barely be understood due to all the heavy medication, "What are they doing to me ...? What are they doing?"   

Within minutes, the nurse was by our friend's bedside, as if the nurse didn't want us to interfere in their plan. She gave our friend what was to be a final lethal shot of hydromorphone, and before we knew it, within minutes he appeared to go into a semicoma - so much for easing the suffering when in fact the nurse killed him right before our eyes.

As soon as the high dose of morphine was administered, one the head nurse came to us and knelt on one knee to give us a book on how to handle death. We were in a state of shock.

My sister and myself had never been subjected or witnessed and/or been an advocate for someone else in a hospital setting.  It was Orwellian, to say the least.

With the scam of Covid19,  it makes it easier to kill on a big scale since there is no interference from advocates and family members.   In the case of our friend, it took the hospital a little longer to kill him because we interfered in the process but nonetheless they proceeded without any fear of consequences.

What happened to my friend can easily happen to us and it's easier since we have no way of arguing with scientists, as we don't with a mechanic that tells us we need a new transmission. At least with a mechanic, we can get a second opinion but not so with Covid-19. They have the guns.

First Comment from Al Thompson

Most of the people who work in hospitals are evil.  I'm very sorry Tina and her friends had to go through such an experience.

The problem is that no one expected their friends or family will be murdered.  But in this case that looks to be what happened.  It is so diabolical as the nurse bitches have that phony smiles on their faces while they shove morphine into the patient.

A good old fashioned ass-kicking would be in order for these situations.  I have a few other stories that are in the comment section of my article on the subject.

I encourage anyone else who has had an experience like this to send it to [email protected] and have him post it in the comment section.

MM writes:

This is actually nothing new, it's been going on for a long time now. It's just that more are realizing the truth. NHS Nursing Homes have been literally Murder Homes for the elderly here in the UK since at least the 80's or '90s. My mother worked in such, she told me once that if a patient was a constant bother like bedwetting or otherwise needed too much attention they [the staff] would one way or another terminate them [she used the term "turn them off"]. I was shocked as she assured me "they all do it." Meaning it was common practice.

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