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Satanist says Social "Reset" is Enslavement

July 20, 2020


(left, Anton Lavey, founder of the Church of Satan.) 

"We plan a stratified society, largely based 
on the early work of Howard Stanton Levy.  * 

As many are born slaves, they have no option but to serve. 
We will help them fulfill themselves by serving us. 
Many more are congenitally stupid and being 
herd animals are destined to follow."

Fozdyke refers to COVID as "Common Cold" 

Smoke & Mirrors

by Aloysius Fozdyke

The main reason we will win is that we know what's best for humanity. Our Father never once lost faith in humanity and we follow His example. 

Surely your readers have noticed just how quickly and irreversibly we act? Does anyone imagine they'll ever be going back to 'normal'? 

Moreover, do the ignorant, stupid, and compliant sheeple care?

We plan a stratified society, largely based on the early work of Howard Stanton Levy. * (see below)

As many are born slaves, they have no option but to serve. We will help them fulfill themselves by serving us. Many more are congenitally stupid and being herd animals are destined to follow. The only difference is that as their shepherds we'll be able to afford to be even more open with them.

It's not as if the vast majority will miss the few weak freedoms they currently have. When it comes to a choice between liberty or safety and security there is no choice for the masses, is there? 

Just look around! If you want to live, it'll be by our rules. Compliance is guaranteed because excuses for obedience are like arseholes, everybody has one. 

And if you still believe in god-given human rights, despite what is happening, then you need the help of a kind I'm not qualified to offer.

Rest easy. The future is looking great. We are on your side. The die-off, especially in distant, over-exploited countries is already happening - but what the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve. Already we've achieved so much and so quickly. Solve et coagula!

Some time ago I told you that President Trump was a harlequin and no one believed, probably still don't, but he's wearing a mask all the same. 

Apart from making all of America's economic problems more profound, what has Trump done? 

With supply chains - especially in food - destroyed it'll be a short time before the masses are kissing in gratitude our hands which feed them. 

When medicine - especially mind-altering prescription drugs - run out the culling will begin in earnest in case you didn't know.

9/11 that date without a year, the Port Arthur massacre by two SAS men and global warming worked, just as this common cold is working. 

Socioeconomic smoke and geopolitical mirrors if you like. 

My responsibilities are Australian and to a lesser extent, New Zealand matters. 

Standing upon the shoulders of others I've dedicated tens of millions of predominantly white trash in both countries and in Canada to the coming Chinese Empire and the trash still vote away the soil from under their descendants' feet.

Humans are not an endangered species and population control is required.

 It's happening now and when societies breakdown we will be there.

 Satan wants nothing more than that humans to ascend to individual Godhood. By way of one example, this was His promise recorded in Genesis. 

Unfortunately, the masses don't understand this. We are the soon to be openly revealed living deities who walk amongst them. 

The masses will obey because they have no real choice and their taxes have funded the inevitable. 

As we pray, "Our Father, which wert in heaven; Hallowed by Thy name in Heaven as it is on Earth. Give us this day Our Ecstasy! Deliver us to evil as well as tempaatation; For We are your kingdom (or princedom) for eons and eons."


* LaVey---"I do believe that with a certain degree of stratification, people could be a lot happier because water simply would seek its own level. As long as there were hard, steadfast rules, if there were going to be any rules imposed, that there would be no ethnic, no past pedigree restrictions whatsoever."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satanist says Social "Reset" is Enslavement "

Marc said (July 21, 2020):

I would like to comment on your latest article 'Satanist says Social "Reset" is Enslavement'.
Once again that writer does not make any point or sense.

I didn't need to read more than a few lines and found him schizophrenic.

"Our Father never once lost faith in humanity..."
Then he writes " As many are born slaves, they have no option but to serve. We will help them fulfill themselves by serving us. Many more are congenitally stupid and being herd animals are destined to follow." (sounds to me Judaism)
At least he just can't hide his wet dream. " and we follow His example".

The writer is most likely currently locked to the mental hospital whom hiding behind a nickname and write so revolutionary essays.

Just mention he/she reading Holy Bible like satan himself... and we know the end already.

Mick said (July 21, 2020):

No matter how twisted and dark he appears to be, this Fozdyke guy is right on certain accounts. He is right about the “herd mentality” and the general compliance attitude. I’m from Canada and I can say there is nothing in this country, not even on the radar, that could indicate any kind of revolt against this COVID medical global tyranny and nonsense.

Deep down, the vast number of white people in Canada are pro-socialist, lazy, and poorly educated. It is so easy to get them startled with anything, just keep pedaling any kind of bullshit story on the CBC and Global News for a week and voila – the new “religion” is there.

Never mind the fact of how intoxicated the Whites in Canada already are with social tumors like sodomite rights, racial & political correctness, etc. Our federal government is a joke, our so-called PM is a charlatan & a narcissistic idiot, our provincial governments are just another echelon of bureaucracy that we have to support financially.

So, when Fozdyke mentions “tens of millions of predominantly white trash people…” Well, I’m a white guy myself and not at all proud of his statement, but he may be pretty close to the mark.

The only thing in my opinion that could reverse this steep slope towards the abyss is a quiet, armed, and ready-to-act “good” elite on the other side. People will always need shepherds, so ultimately this is to be duked out between the Dark & Good elites – like Sith vs. Jedi, or Aragorn and Gandalf vs. Sauron & Saruman. Are Trump and Putin really the good guys? I guess it remains to be seen.

Thomas F said (July 21, 2020):

If there's any merit to his claims, this Fozdyke is a damned and short-sighted fool, intoxicated by fantasies. I wonder what he imagines will happen after he dies. Perhaps he doesn't spare it a thought... in which case he will come to regret it bitterly.

As he seems unable to digest Christian teachings, he could perhaps take a look at a Buddhist "Wheel of Life" to get an idea of his destination. Whatever beastly delight he may be successful in wringing from this life, it is assuredly not going to be worth it.

He is right, however, to place some amount of responsibility at the feet of "the herd", as he calls our fellow humans, but he forgets that with power comes responsibility - and consequence. To twist the fact that humans need leadership, and even actively seek it, to justify deceiving and enslaving them is not only blind arrogance but also extremely ignorant. We reap what we sow.

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