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A World Without Globalists (i.e. Communists, Freemasons, Satanists, Cabalist Jews)

July 2, 2020


When I posted this on Monday, under the title
Sounding the Alarm, the question, "what would the world 
look like without these evil f**kers?" got obscured
(by my sounding the alarm.) There was no response. So I ask you again. Imagine what would the world be like without the Illuminati.   ([email protected]

By Henry Makow PhD

While some ethnic minorities will be welcome, they will not be used by the Cabalists to undermine the national character. Nations will foster their racial and cultural heritage. They will be dedicated to the wellbeing of all their citizens.

There will be no false-flag terror or phony pandemics. 

Society will be color and gender-blind. People will be hired and promoted on the basis of their achievements and ability alone, not race or gender. Crimes will be prosecuted the same way regardless of race and gender. All lives will matter. People won't be fired for saying so.

There will be no economic migrants because third world nations will be allowed to prosper. 

People will be able to express their opinion in public or online without fear of intimidation or loss of employment. People will behave in a respectful manner.

Women will not be tricked into squandering their most fertile years by pursuing a career instead of family after being told that marriage and family are "oppressive."  Courtship will make a comeback and promiscuity will decline. Children will be cherished. 

Homosexuals will be treated with compassion but homosexuality will not be foisted on society by mass media, government, and education. Children will not be encouraged to "question their gender." Rather masculinity and femininity will be fostered and celebrated. 

Politicians would serve the public rather than the Rothschilds. The government will be dedicated to the security, health, and fulfillment of its citizens instead of degrading, exploiting, and enslaving them.

The mass media will provide accurate and objective information rather than globalist lies and propaganda.

The arts and entertainment will be liberated! They will express human aspirations and ideals and would not be constrained by Communist political correctness and agitprop. They will not foster human depravity and Satanism. 

All genuine religions will be respected. 

Education will be controlled locally. Parental authority will be supreme.

Satanism and Communism will be eradicated.

Instead of being banned from public discourse, the word "God" will be on everyone's lips as we praise the Creator and discern his will. 

Last but not least, an end to war, most of which are contrived and orchestrated by the Illuminati. 

[Your suggestions here]    [email protected] 

Endnote: The Cabalists (Globalists) understand that this is a Battle of Wills. Yes, they have brute power on their side but they must first conquer us mentally and spiritually. We can stop them by affirming the Truth. 

Globalists serve Satan. God is using them to test us. We must defend our brithright. If we fail, we will suffer the consequences. 

First Comment from Tom F

I'll dream with you :)

Besides removing the evil men in power, it would also be necessary that people, in general, spent more time cultivating spiritual virtues and truthful living. There would still need to be some sort of structuring and discipline (since we are halfway between apes and angels still) - but it would be imposed with far more mercy and wisdom than now - and it would be done in a more transparent way.

There would be a surplus of necessities such as food, housing, and garments, and therefore far less reason for conflict between people. There would be more harmony and peace. People would be much freer to choose what way of life suited them best. Things would move slower, and people would be able to spend their time and effort on pursuits that interested them - this would heighten the quality of goods and the general happiness and contentment of people.

There would be lots of creativity, art, music, science, philosophy, sports, crafts and skill. Most people would be more locally anchored, and would care about their surroundings and local communities in another way. Human bonds would be stronger, and there would be more tolerance.

A healthy form of organization would emerge naturally, local communities getting together to form a higher level of organization for bigger projects and mutual concerns, and so on upwards, allowing for the fulfillment of large-scale projects for the benefit of everyone.

Electronic media would be used primarily for the exchange of information, and not so much for entertainment, with people to a larger extent being entertained by their friends and relatives - and traveling troupes of artists and artisans - and by their own practice of healthy and constructive pursuits. Technology would be used to build and to benefit, and not to destroy and exploit.

God would be praised in many shapes and forms, and the wisest amongst us would understand that it was the same One being praised - and would be able to explain to their respective flocks that "the others" were not essentially praying to a different God - thus ensuring the peace and cooperation between different people.

Nature would thrive and flourish, also in cities, and there would be less pollution and trash. The nights would be darker and more silent - allowing for the stars to be seen. And it would be beautiful.

HG  writes--

In response to your article "Encore- Pandemic is Pretext to Implement 'The Plan'"  global worldwide slavery was always part of the ultimate end goal for the Jewish Freemasons.

A great new article by former CIA Station Chief Phil Giraldi appearing at tries to show why terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter ("BLM") and ANTIFA never attack shrines devoted to Jewish slaveowners or slave transporters but also misses a huge salient point that only a website like yours and your loyal readers can understand - that these terrorist groups, left-wing BLM and ANTIFA were born and bred within Freemason lodges by and between Jewish and Black Freemasons.

I know this because I am a Freemason having taken the blood oath and sworn to secrecy within these groups.

Freemason lodges also gave us Al Qaeda Muslim terrorist groups by and between Jewish and Muslim Freemasons, as well as the Italian Mafia by and between Jewish Freemasons and Italian Catholic Freemasons.

No to mention that Chinese Communism was formed by and between Jewish Freemasons and Chinese Freemasons in Hong Kong many decades ago.

The goal of all of these racial/religious/ethnocentric collaborations by and between Jewish Freemasons and other races/religions/ethnicities is worldwide communism, total and complete lockdown, global police state, headquartered in Jerusalem, with Jews at the top of their New World Order.

All of these collaborations are by nature top-secret owing to the fact that if the masses knew, they would raid each and every single Freemason Lodge in the world, the worst offenders being in New York City at 71 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010 which has taken over for the English United Grand Lodge of England located at Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ.

The fact of the matter is that the Freemasons control all of these secret societies, even the former Ku Klux Klan, under the aegis by and between Jewish Freemasons and of former Albert Pike followers within Freemasonry.

Jewish Freemasons are even behind Hindu reform extreme movements such as within the Arya Samaj movement founded and fronted by Indian Freemasons Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Swami Vivekananda.

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Comments for "A World Without Globalists (i.e. Communists, Freemasons, Satanists, Cabalist Jews) "

Doug P said (July 3, 2020):

I have thought about this a lot. I have come to the idea that the rulers of this world want to keep humanity around and the danger of technology and human ingenuity is that they make life too easy and we sink into a state of entropy. We would all end up having sex and playing video games all the time and bored out of our skull. We would become absurdists, much like we have now. The only things that are worth preserving in the West is its great law system and the basis for that, Christianity, the Christian sexual ethic, and sport. This Hollywood/Network News/Public Education system needs to be flushed out of existence. We would have none of it if Satan's evil little brother wasn't in charge. I think the Jesuits let the Jews run free to keep us awake and strong, to keep us from falling into a state of entropy. If every day was a sunny day there would be no such thing as a sunny day.

Alan said (July 3, 2020):

Not sure how I missed your Sound the Alarm article. Usually, try to read all of them. Thanks for all your great work. This one asks a great question: What would the world be like without all these rulers of evil?

True peace would become a real possibility. No wars .. can you imagine that?? Peace on earth, goodwill to men. Honest money? No big brother surveillance. Taxes would be way lower.

Instead of fighting each other, over insignificant nothings, we should focus all of our wrath, vengeance on these few bankers, lawyers, politicians, think-tanks, CFR, etc, etc. They should all be removed.

Tony N said (July 3, 2020):

Thanks for all of your years of exposing the globalist swamp and looks like you were right about Trump as well, although there is no alternative to him for now.

Anyone who thinks that getting rid of the current generation of satanists would free humanity is wrong.

Satan is eternal, smart, and hard-working (all gifts from our Father) and he will not be defeated by man.

When all worship our Father in truth we will have peace and this will not happen until Jesus returns to rule with a rod of iron.

Wishful thinking of humanists has and will never work, in fact all of the antifa and blm idiots are exactly what happens when man thinks he can solve his sin problem by himself.

God, Truth, Liberty, then Peace in that order for any of them to be true and lasting and pray that we all find them.

Andy said (July 2, 2020):

What would the world look like without these evil f**kers?”

We really have no idea, humanity has been living under these enforced cultural dictates for centuries. Even traditional Christianity is a construct of Constantines Rome. What would Jesus have thought of the religion in his name even just 3-400 years AD? Do you believe Jesus would have softened his stance on money changers operating from the temple, or usury? The scourge of the Talmud i.e communists, freemasons, Satanists, cabalist jews- globalism is all rooted in the “synagog of satan”, the Jewish priest class. Would humanity have the stomach to end their reign of terror

On the other hand, God=truth=love would be a good starting point. Is humanity capable of great things, yes we are? We are also capable of the most heinous bias, ignorance, fealty, narcissism, and greed imaginable. Humanity can do whatever it chooses, but that’s the rub, making good choices has never been humanities strong point. In starting fresh I would begin each day, as I try to do now, by asking myself this simple question; what would Jesus do?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at