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Tony Blizzard - Authentic American

July 28, 2020


I have a couple of readers, old-timers, who belong to a dying breed of patriots who uphold Christian values, freedom, and the American dream.  Tony Blizzard, 87, left, has been making cogent comments on this site for 20 years ("Tony B").  He was a collaborator with
"Mady" de Shishmareff (1882-1970) who produced the best introduction to The Protocols
of Zion under the title Waters Flowing Eastward (1953.)  Here he describes working
in the late 1990s for Willis Carto's Spotlight, the forerunner of the American Free Press. 

Below these recollections is an article he wrote on hate speech in the 1990s
for Spotlight. His colleague Michael Collins Piper, (1960-2015) one of the greatest patriot journalists, said it was the only Spotlight article by another author that he saved. I've retitled it, "Hate Speech Stems from Hatred of Evil."  Patriot movement pioneer, Tony Blizzard is an authentic American.

By Tony Blizzard

Don't remember exactly my time at the Spotlight and AFP.  About five years in all.  Latter 1990s - quit right after 9/11.  At Liberty Lobby I had several titles.  Started as the librarian making some sanity out of the confusion of years of collections of articles, books, publications on all sorts of subjects exposed by The Spotlight.  

Wrote articles from the beginning.  My central Spotlight pullout on homeschooling was the second most published pullout in the history of the paper.  I was asked to write it because I had homeschooled my kids when it was a felony and the state stole your children if caught.  Even then I had to fight Willis who wanted a sit-down copy of government schooling.  Had to sneak into it that the beauty of homeschooling was letting a child take off on an interest, just giving guidance.  With today's computers, homeschooled kids can learn more in months than four-year college grads will ever learn.  They are also in demand by corporations and even colleges.

Once, when I had quit for a short time, Willis made me some kind of editor to get me back.  Mike Piper told me later that he laughed at Willis, telling him that the title would mean nothing whatsoever to me.  Mike was right.  As I mentioned before, at the weekly editors' meetings I regularly told Willis that the paper needed at least one headline in each edition containing the phrase "Police State."  

Again, Mike was the only one who agreed.  At least he was the only one, besides myself, who would not bow to Willis' whims and wants.  I was the only blue-collar man he ever hired.  Gave me the advantage of not being college short-circuited.  But I had the disadvantage of being a political purist who wanted the truth to be told no matter what.  Willis knew that would be the end of his paper so he took the heat out of a lot of my articles.

There was even a time, when court problems were nagging Willis, that I had some title I don't remember, and signed all the weekly checks for the whole outfit.  Figured Willis picked me because I would never know where the hidden money was kept, which was true.  Also, he knew I had a few street smarts because my whole time there I worked as a consultant, not an employee.

Besides, I was surviving before he hired me and I would survive if I left.  The only job I ever kept longer than five years was my last one at the public school where I live and that one was ten years of half days so it was just another five-year job after all.

Was with Liberty Lobby when it was shut down unlawfully by that DC bankruptcy judge. This judge had been the lawyer Mark Lane (I think) defeated in the Inslaw case of the U.S. government stealing a man's software which was used as a great back door by both U.S. CIA and Mossad worldwide as a means into the secrets of nations to whom they sold the stolen software.

Think I have some more recent pics on this computer.  Will send.  But just another old man.  Liked the ones better when I was a late teen "pretty boy" whom the girls liked the looks of.  Gone are the days ...  I like the one when on my Harley, taken by my son who recently died.  I was somewhere around 40.  The two of us were out riding, throwing sparks on each other on the turns with dragging footpegs, enjoying the nice country roads in scrub oak cattle country behind Santa Barbara, CA.  No traffic then.   

"Hate Speech" Stems from Hatred of Evil  

"Hate-crimes" laws are not aimed at stopping hatred but at censoring truth-telling. Hate crime laws are in reality an agenda to force toleration of the actions of those who hate Christian culture.

By Tony Blizzard

In the U.S., as far back as the 1930s, the question of whether hate should be outlawed had been broached by the enemies of truth, due largely to the Nazi movement in Germany and the America First movement's exposures of Talmudic drum beating for U.S. involvement in what became WW2.

(Elizabeth Dillion, who exposed the Talmud, defends herself.) 

Patriots who saw no reason for America to enter that war - except to save communism - were rounded up and tried for sedition in a soviet-style political show trial.

While every effort was made to present the defendants as haters of America, it was their internationalist accusers who harbored real hatred for defenders of true national principles.

The propaganda barrage stigmatizing patriots as "haters" only escalated when the globalist United Nations came into existence after that destructive war, which did save communism utilizing American might.

In a 1947 publication approved by Cardinal Spellman of New York, Rituale Romanum, the anti-hate issue was early put into proper perspective:

"The long-range effects of this campaign [to criminalize selected hatreds] are even now evident. It is producing the 'spineless citizen,' the man who has no cultural sensibilities, who is incapable of indignation, who faces moral disaster, political disaster, and impending world catastrophe with a blank and smiling countenance. He has only understanding for the enemies of his country, nothing but kind sentiments for those who would destroy his home and family. He is universally tolerant, totally unprejudiced. If he has any principles he keeps them well concealed. He is a faceless, characterless puttyman."

Real men of that generation despised such people as "gutless wonders." Today they are praised as "politically correct."

G. K. Chesterton, left, always ahead of his time, mused: "Modern toleration is really tyranny. It is a tyranny because it is silence. To say that I must not deny my opponent's faith is to say I must not discuss it."

That is exactly the censorship objective of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), as the creator and promoter of "hate crimes" laws throughout the world. Those ADL conspirators work to nullify intolerance for evils they promote, arrogantly retaining for themselves the right to be world arbiter of what will be tolerated and what will not, replacing the edicts of God and nature concerning right and wrong with their own total intolerance of anything in the way of their Talmudic world conquest agenda.

In order to understand the true purpose of ADL written and lobbied "hate crime" laws, already in place in nations such as Germany, Canada and Britain - and scheduled by the ADL for every nation, it is necessary to understand something of the passion called "hate."

Universally acclaimed deep thinkers of the ages, Thomas Aquinas, recorded that all passions stem from the single passion of love. 

Hatred, the "contrary of love," Aquinas contended, is simply passion against that which would threaten a love. 

For instance, one's hatred of poison is a reaction to love for one's life. Because "hatred is based on love," reasoned Aquinas, "it follows that hatred is a great power for good in man's life. Hatred enables man to avoid the evils that would destroy him." It is precisely the hatred for those evils now in the process of destroying western civilization which the ADL-written "hate crime" laws are designed to criminalize, neutralize, and quiet, always in the name of undiscriminating tolerance. To thus "make putty" of the collective will for the defense of western man's civilization is a necessity to the implementation of the new world order slave state of the global plantation. Those "plantation owners" are too few in number to conquer and rule without the manipulated cooperation of their victims.


No mainstream media mention is ever made that the same forces who write laws to stymie the hatred of evils they sponsor are the world's real haters, especially intolerant of anything concerning Christ and Christianity. The reason for their intense hatred was given by the Pharisees when they demanded Christ's crucifixion. Unless destroyed, they announced, he will "take away our place and our nation." 

Their intense love of their exalted position among the Israelites, with attendant perks, was threatened by the superior teachings of Christ, who was drawing the people away from their control, freeing them by educating them in the truths of God, thus engendering their bitter hatred against Him. 

That hatred has not waned to this day among the Talmudic leaders of Judaism. It has been written into the Talmud itself. Those revealing today's fabrications indoctrinated into Jewish culture may definitely take away that leadership's "place and nation," thus the vicious, hateful attacks on historical attempts to update "holocaust" information, list crimes of the political Zionist movement, explode the "chosen people" myth, debunk Jews as perpetual victims, expose the substantial Jewish role in organized crime and in high-level financial misdeeds, etc.

 Especially if the growing education of the public in the criminal money creation scam, which has been perpetrated upon almost the whole world, is allowed to continue, will they lose their place and world rule as their dysfunctional money creation is the key to their success. Already the prostitute U.S. Congress has not been able to stop the introduction by honest representatives of bills designed to force that government to create honest, workable money. When successful, this change would spell the end of their criminal reign. No wonder they want to outlaw truth.

Even before the ADL existed, in 1908, New York City police commissioner, Theodore A. Bingham, in reference to an investigation of the ongoing white slave trade, truthfully remarked that 50 percent of NY crime was committed by Jews. Bingham's career was destroyed and such remarks have been banned from the media since. This event resulted in the creation of the powerful New York Kehillah, which instantly, in conjunction with the American Jewish Committee, saw to it that a national magazine discontinued its series on the white slave trade after its introductory article.

Likewise, major book publisher, George Haven Putnam, owner of Putnam and Sons, was forced, in 1920, to trash an already printed edition of the much-maligned Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, heeding hardly veiled blackmail threats of bankruptcy from ADL member Louis Marshall, a forceful figure in New York politics as well as world Zionism.

The SPOTLIGHT has very recently informed readers of ongoing censorship by this same ADL gang, which today uses total censorship power over all school texts, libraries, and the establishment media, blacklisting all materials it will not tolerate while demanding courses on such as the Diary of Anne Frank, whose uncle won a lawsuit in New York over publishing rights since he wrote most of it with a post-WW2 ballpoint pen. (And the case was instantly sealed.) Worse, agents of both the ADL and SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center, spawn of the criminally degenerate professional liar, Morris Dees), now has been given the ears of our police and military, converting them into knee-cappers for those professional haters in the name of eliminating hate. The police mistreatment of demonstrators against abortion child murder is a prime example of this brainwashed misuse of what were once constitutional peacekeepers.

All the while, outfits such as the ADL and SPLC are constantly blathering to the public on how it must tolerate any affront on Western culture lest it offends some thin-skinned pervert. Defense of family, community, and nation against such evils is labeled "hateful" and progressively outlawed due to these same groups' overt control of lawmaking bodies. Yet, ongoing destruction of western, especially Christian, entities by people who seethe with hatred for them is to be tolerated by "puttyman" or he will be jailed.

Such an arrogant, in-your-face, double standard requires your intense hatred and opposition, as it will if allowed to continue, destroy everything you love. Possibly even your life.

Tony Adds- I'm glad you mentioned Elizabeth Dilling.  She and Mady were friends and both were also friends of Lyrl Van Hyning whose "Woman's Voice" once had a large subscription.  The last several copies of it came off of an AB Dick offset press in my bedroom in San Bernardino, CA, before moving to Laguna Beach.  They were mostly cut and paste articles from old additions with a few new articles of which I cut stencils on a portable Underwood to burn plates for the press.  She had no more money for professional printers.  Crude looking stuff but it kept her subscribers a few more months.

First Comment from Ken Adachi

In Honor of All Who Stand in Truth

Nothing gladdens the heart and enlivens the spirit more than the telling of truth. You can't help but feel a sense of satisfaction, relief, and vindication, all at the same time, whenever you hear or read something that's true. It's like Oxygen for the Soul and gives you such a lift in hope and renewed ambition to battle against those who would intentionally mislead and deceive our most vulnerable citizens - our children.

Tony's writing can often elicit that sort of reaction and this very astute analysis of the JWO's Talmudic interpretation of 'hatred' stands out as a masterpiece. It's one knockout paragraph after another. The quote from the 1947 document was a magnificent exposition of logos, as Dr. E. Michael Jones might put it; as were the Sunday night 'Life is Worth Living' televised talks by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen in the 1950s, which inspired millions to live their life in a way that was in sync with the Divine Order, and leads to true happiness and fulfillment.

However, none of these concerns will matter much if we don't QUICKLY wake up to the life-ending peril that we now face with the 'For-the-Goyim-Only'  Final Solution, COVID Vaccine Poisoning of America. We must stop IT before it stops you - and your children - and the American Dream.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " Tony Blizzard - Authentic American"

GB said (July 30, 2020):

By the way, your article about TB was one of the most eye-opening for me. I never considered the Love Hatred connection.

I had to read those parts many times before I could understand it fully.

I knew I was brainwashed a long time ago, but this is even more sophisticated manipulation then I ever imagined.

The ADL is truly an evil, historical event.

This was indeed one of your best articles.

DAS said (July 28, 2020):

Update for HOMESCHOOLERS... Blizzard says “With today's computers, homeschooled kids can learn more in months than four-year college grads will ever learn. They are also in demand by corporations and even colleges.”

Take heed:

1) The truth will be ever harder to find on the web. You need OLD PRINT books or your own sharp memory.

2) You have failed miserably if your carefully homeschooled child goes to work at a corporation or a politically correct college.

3) They need real-life skills, ie, to stop a leak, grow a tomato, and stay married for life to one woman. Forget about a spelling bee.


Tony replies:

DAS, you jumped right over the point in that statement which was that the farce called education in American is less than worthless, it is non-existent as education. Those in charge know this as they made it so; it is they who WANT the home schooled brains to use, just as the CIA has, since its inception, grabbed off as many of the smartest college kids as they can manage. The comparison was to show the difference, not to recruit. No one is more anti government schools and monopoly corporations than I but those entities do know the value of homeschooling as opposed to learning how not to think in a government politically-dead-wrong hell hole misnamed "school."

Your blanket indictment of the Internet is not really true, it is mostly the political, economic (especially money creation) and, to an extent, religious sites that are most attacked. Today we do have a lot of truth about health attacked by those with the "pandemic" agenda, but the attack is outgunned by honest doctors. We have reached the point wherein the kept media when attacking "fake news sites" are simply guiding truth seekers to the sites they want.

The technical type sites in our ever more technical world are wide open and amount to daily updated encyclopedias, a real bonanza for useful worldly knowledge. My children, their children, and soon their children's children - all homeschooled - are all self-sufficient in every way that matters, mentally, morally, and physically. All use the Internet. My only problem with that is getting them to use wired, not health debilitating wifi.

Even political truth is relatively easy to find. After all, you found Henry's site, did you not? If Henry is blocked I'm sure you'll find another site to your liking.

JG said (July 28, 2020):

A lot of the old "truthers" from the Spotlight and American Free Press era have passed or have retired. Michael Piper and Marc Glenn both started out good but let the Jewish Identity issue consume them taking them away from their focus on Patriot and the US Constitutional Party movement of the early 1990s. These Constitutionalists were labeled "skinheads" by the MSM. Timothy McVeigh was used as a patsy for the false flag Oklahoma City Bombing to stop the "skinhead" movement. And, thanks to the MSM and the dark forces in Washington this false flag terror incident was sold well to the public and they bought it hook, line, and sinker. It squelched the movement for many years to comes.

I myself have studied the "Jewish Identity" question at length only to find that it is NOT the key to all understanding. Once we start going down that road we regress and become helplessly defeated.

Mike Stone said (July 28, 2020):

I loved this article on Tony B.! He is a true patriot. His piece on hate speech was decades ahead of its time and more relevant today than ever.

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