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My Gut Check Religion

August 7, 2020

By applying my gut test, I can shut off the TV or put down the book.

A reader accuses me of insinuating New Age heresy
into my articles. I never said I was a church-going Christian.
I espouse a generic religion: an affirmation of a loving God, whom I
equate with Consciousness, a spiritual dimension where ideals like absolute truth, justice, beauty, and love are self-evident. Truth is a moral dimension like light.  "Enter into the Light."

God is Reality - the only Reality. We have been brainwashed to hate the thing we need most. This is satanic possession. 

We were sent by God to create Heaven on Earth -- but we are headed for Hell on Earth instead. 

The Illuminati are Satanists who have usurped God's place. They have denied our Divine Spirit as a step toward enslaving us. They run everything. Our best course is to eschew almost everything espoused by our corrupt society and seek solace and direction from within.

God is perfection. We are motivated by a love of God, i.e. Perfection, a desire to become One with Him. 

We have been brainwashed to reject terms like "God," but we can no more forego God than we can deny light, truth, beauty or morality
without dire consequences.

Updated from June 6, 2017
by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

My article Sunday, ''God Told Moses to Murder Jewish Sinners'' touched a nerve with many readers. One, Lazar G wrote that it was "clearly a mockery of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God manifested in the flesh." 

In the article, I said I was stopped short when I read that God had ordered Moses to murder 3000 Israelites who worshipped the golden calf and engaged in dissolute behavior. I preferred Jesus' vision of a loving God who attracted followers by example and not force. Lazar wrote:

" I may have to altogether stop reading your website even though it has some true insights on what is going on in the world. You are really throwing in some heresy religion, and speak of the evil intent of Freemasons and illuminati and Jews and such but by your unbelief in the true God of the Bible of the Old and New Testament you are really just making your own separate religion. You are very knowledgeable but I just wanted to further write that all knowledge comes from God, and by trusting yourself too much just watch out as I believe you have made your own religion, I think this Scripture will help you in Jeremiah 17:15 (King James Version Bible) "Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD."

 Many readers wrote to defend God's slaughter of the sinners. In my view, this is a justification of all killing, and perversion of true religion. Talmudic Jews regard all non-Jews as infidels. This would justify killing non-Jews.

Murder is only warranted if the sinners are trying to destroy you. In Moses' case, the revelers were only destroying themselves. Thus, I think the Tsar should have executed Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin when he had a chance.

I do not believe that the Bible is the word of God. It was written by men. I do not believe that Jesus was God. (But I'd be delighted if he were.) 

As Jesus said, God is a Spirit, and we worship him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24) I believe Jesus expressed God's will. 

I believe in his Gospel of Love. I consider myself a Jew only in an ethnic and cultural sense. I have no interest in Judaism, beginning with the ridiculous claim that Jews are God's "chosen people." The esoteric goal of Cabalist Judaism is to enslave and exploit humanity. (Only the initiated know this.)  


Generally, the Old Testament keeps people living in the past and prevents them from using their common sense and free will. Prophecy especially makes people fatalistic. I am making up my own religion in the sense that an immediate relationship with God is the only thing that matters. 

If the Bible and liturgy give this to you, more power to you.  But do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is all the guidance we need. You cannot feel good unless you are good. Ultimately, our religion is not what we believe but what we do - how we spend our day.

I am not proselytizing. I am reasonably content. But I am not a super happy person. Spiritual disciple is like climbing a greased pole. The contemplation of society is depressing and I identify too much with the disturbing trend I see happening. 


In general, the test of religious belief is the effect it has on your life. Take two men. One believes he will go to Heaven if he leads a moral life. He lives to 85 and is loved by all. The second does not believe in heaven, becomes dissolute, and dies of AIDS at 46 after infecting others. 

It really doesn't matter if Heaven exists except whether belief in it makes for a better life and a better world.

I don't look at religious dogma. I judge a religion by the behavior of its adherents.  Judge them by their fruits.

 I support any religion that posits a universal moral order and family values. My mission has always been to show that spiritual reality is real, the only reality that matters. How people interpret this reality reflects their unique culture.

I admit I have been influenced by the New Age propaganda but not in the way they intended, I hope. 

I have always been infused (and confused) by a ridiculous idealism that I equate with the love of God. I am not unique. We're all motivated by a love of Perfection. It's what makes us human. It's also why we are so easily deceived by Satanists who give us false gods. 

The whole point of the NWO is satanic, designed to deny man has a soul connection with the Divine. They are deliberately starving our souls by depriving us of uplifting and inspiring music, movies, and art. Society is satanically possessed by the Cabalists (Freemasons.) God is the Creator. Our happiness lies in contemplating God and following His design. (Why Kabbalah is Satanic)

If we demand that other people follow our particular path, we will never defeat the Satanists. Instead, let's unite on the basis of what we agree on.   

Jesus manifested Divine Consciousness and beckoned us to do the same. 


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First Comment from RL-

First of all, I want to thank you, Henry, for bravely exposing the Cabal. Even though I disagree with your spiritual position, I can say that I perceive a lot of valuable information from you.

As I read through a few of the comments, I perceive there's a lot of spiritual confusion out there. I recommend everyone watch this video-

I think it goes a level deeper than most have gone. It lays out a compelling case that our situation is more complex than the simplistic two-sided idea of God's side vs the devil's side (cabal). It points out that Satan's side has two factions consisting of BLACK MAGIC (the Illuminati cabal) and WHITE MAGIC (New Age spirituality or "Christ consciousness"). Everyone agrees that the black magic component is evil and must be defeated. However, the great deception comes in when so many people are fooled into thinking that the white magic component is the answer. BOTH black and white magic are satanic. Both are opposed to the God of Abraham and Jesus Christ.

Anders wrote-

I am sorry to see that you are now supporting the NWO religion: You are influenced by the New Age religion founded by theosophists like Helena Blavatsky (Hitler´s good.night literature) and Alice Bailey i.a. Bailey was/is ruling the UN´one-world Illuminati religion through her Luci´s Trust - originally Lucifer´s Trust.

You may have read her and Luci(fer)´s Trust´s "Great Invocation" You write: "I support any religion that posits a universal moral order and family values. My mission has always been to show that spiritual reality is real, the only reality that matters".

What spiritual reality? Unguided, people will have individual spiritual realities. That means you support a multitude of man-made idols, who have never left any sign of their existence. For they only exist in the imagination of their followers. A Buddhist may be moral as are many atheists - but they have nothing to do with God!

Jesus Christ left his visiting card: His 3-dimensional photographic negative on the Shroud of Turin. It shows incredibly many details also exactly recorded in the Biblical gospels. All sciences agree that it is genuine - not a fake. It appeared in 1357 AD. But Ian Wilson traced it back to King Abgar V of Edessa who ruled at the time of Christ and who seems to have had correspondence with Christ.

Christ was a learned rabbi - and of the Old Testament he confirmed just the 1o commandments and the prophecies (Matth 5:17-21) - not the tales of Jewish historians like the invasion of Kana´an etc.

A Christian knows that there is just one God, the Creator, the Father of Jesus Christ.

He also knows 2. John 1: 9 "Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.

10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: 11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds". Christ says: in John 14: 15 and "21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him and will manifest myself to him".

You write you do not believe the Bible is God´s word nor that Christ is God in the flesh! Nevertheless, Christ told Philip: "Whosoever has seen me, has seen the Father!" (John 14:9).

So your personal relationship with God seems to be based only on your own imagination and not founded in God. YOU ARE JUST A DREAMER - NOT A CHRISTIAN - wo is a follower of the teachings of Christ.

You support Krishna, Allah, etc. - so you say de facto. You see what high-degree Masons/Illuminati "see": The many disguises of Satan.

And this places you on a level with those creatures.

Have you ever solved the Illuminati-problem: How to unite the Father of Jesus Christ with son-less Allah who says "he will kill all saying he has a son?" (E.g. Koran sura 9:5 - the sword verse abrogating all peaceful verses).

Please, do not call yourself a Christian until you have clarified your basis.


No, I don't call myself a Christian. I just believe God is Reality and not all the names people give to him. 


There is a simple reason why there is a perpetual conflict between the Old and New Testament.  The "god" of the Old Testament is Satan, who (as you have illustrated in more than one article) is actually the true "god" of traditional Jews, his "Chosen People", whereas the "God" of the New Testament is the True God of Love, Truth, Perfection, Harmony and Beauty, the True God of ALL creation, and of ALL people. 

How else to explain a "god" as seen in the Old Testament who demands and condones human sacrifice, wars, killing, maiming, torture, terrorism, murder, genocide, patricide, fratricide, child sacrifice, incest, adultery, lies, deception, theft, and ecological devastation, etc.,  while supposedly the same "God" expresses completely opposite values as found in The New Testament?   

The God of Love, Truth and Beauty of the New Testament cannot possibly be the same "god" we see in operation in the Old Testament -- a "god" who is constantly jealous, contemptuous, torturous, vindictive, heartless, merciless, cruel, greedy, deceptive and manipulative. However, all of these negative attributes are easily ascribable to Satan, are they not?

The idea of the Bible -- the combining of the "Old" and "New" Testaments as the "Word of God" -- when these two collected works feature two entirely different spiritual supreme beings at their core -- is the center of centuries of the  schizophrenic interpretation of "God's Will."

In my opinion, the Old Testament is a fascinating historical document that combines myth, legend, and fantasy, along with a very vicious and vindictive spiritual entity posing as God, who uses and manipulates his "Chosen People" in hostility to all others of his supposed creation; whereas the New Testament truly illustrates the absolute perfection of the concept of God as you have so often expressed in your writings -- The God of Truth, Beauty, Harmony and Love, a True God who loves ALL of His Creation.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "My Gut Check Religion"

Tony B said (August 9, 2020):

On your concept of religion, some of the criticism on your comments comes close to accurate, but all have their own errors as would I in my incomplete knowledge. Especially those whose religion is NOT Christianity but consists wholly of the politically motivated and grossly modified to suit, King James bible.

But a point ignored by all of them is that you are exposing more truth concerning what is going on in the world than just about anyone else on the net that I have found; much; much more than any of your critics.

So please continue on but also give some time, as you can, learning about God and the supernatural, which does exist and is more important than our worldliness. My speculative thought is that your circumstances of life makes it somewhat harder for you to pursue that direction.

It is hard to convince anyone today, even many Catholics, that we are in the final war between the devil and God, but specifically between Mary, the mother of God and the devil, as prophesied by St. John in his Apocalypse. She has been in charge, for some centuries now, of "carrying water" for God, including appearances on earth (Fatima especially), attempting to have mankind right its wrongs. But with little positive result . . . in myself as in most others. Especially disastrously in the now satanically controlled Vatican which does all possible to nullify the Mother of God.

JG said (August 8, 2020):

LCV's comment about the one and only God of the Old Testament is outright blasphemous. If you can't relate the Old Testament to the New Testament you obviously haven't studied or read the Holy Bible. And, if you have your interpretation of it is heresy at best.

Robert K said (August 8, 2020):

Regarding other people, Jesus said, "Judge not, that you be not judged." However, regarding a situation, He said, "Why don't you judge for yourself."

Regarding your position on Jesus, Henry, C.S. Lewis observed that you can't just regard Him as somebody who gave people good advice, because of the claims he made about having come to save what was lost, etc. He was either a lunatic or the person sent by divinity to provide a means of reconciliation between God and mankind that had lost its proper connection to Love. If the text of the New Testament is reliable, no third alternative understanding is possible.

Glen said (August 8, 2020):

Glen wrote:

For anyone interested, this ex-Satanist Priest (Mark Passio) is the best source for education on Natural and Moral Law. I encourage all you Christians out there to give him a listen. I think you will find yourself agreeing with most everything he has to say.

Wade said (August 8, 2020):

Wade wrote:

Generic religion plays into Satan's plan...Generic religion has NO HOPE of defeating Satan.
This fact will become obvious to you Henry with the rise of the son of perdition that is coming.

What defeats Satan are men you find in the Book of The Acts of the Apostles. Paul, Peter, etc.. These men healed the crippled, the sick, cast out demons, etc.. All of them, with the exception of John, who wrote The Revelation on the island of Patmos... were murdered for their testimony to Jesus Christ (God Very God and Almighty God). These men, because of their faith and commitment, had The Holy Spirit working with them in a way we have not seen since.

Peter and his wife were crucified...Peter upside down. Paul had his head chopped off by Nero.
There are no men in ministry today worthy to be compared anywhere near the faith and commitment of the Apostles. The watering down and weakening of the ministry has allowed the current sad state of affairs to develop in the so called Christian Church.

In the end times when being a Christian will cost you your life, Even in the USA...God will raise up men of the stature of the Apostles. Between now and then confusion, and apostasy, are going to rage worse and worse.

I have prayed for you Henry and will continue to do so.

Glen said (August 8, 2020):

but again nowhere in any of the 73 books of the Catholic church and 66 books of the Protestant church does Jesus claim ever to be God and to claim that Jesus is God IT'S actually blasphemy against the first and second commandments of which Jesus himself said he always would follow.. the religion currently being followed by Christian society today is the made-up religion of a man named Paul and not the religion of Jesus.

Samantha said (August 8, 2020):

I think you were very brave to share your thoughts on religion. Everything you share with the world must take a great deal of bravery, and I admire you for not stopping short of sharing your lessons, ideas, and experiences that could alienate your audience. Your writings have positively influenced the way I live my life and the relationship I have with my family. Right now, I am working on building up my courage in the way I comport myself in the world, and your example is inspiring.

anon said (August 8, 2020):

I agree the bible isn't the word of God, it has been translated and retranslated and changed to fit a king's narrative too many times, it's like the telephone game. I'm sure there are good nuggets of His word still in there.. The book "the shack" helped me in understanding the relationship between God, Spirit, and Son. I don't know how much of it is true, but I am certain God is real.

Joos are the chosen ones.. You have said on your site they worship lucifer, knowingly or not, so they are his chosen people, not God's.. Religion should be a reflection of a relationship with God, not a control mechanism. Right and wrong, good and evil are built into us, to say otherwise is ridiculous.. Serial killers (no matter how much psychology wants to say they are wired wrong) know right from wrong, otherwise, they wouldn't hide what they are doing. New ageism can be a slippery slope, I once read that yoga, chakras, and whatnot open you up for the dark side, they even mention meditation was bad because it cleared your mind for them to move in.. That's just stupid.. I think the laws of attraction apply here, if you are meditating on God there will be peace.

Thomas F said (August 8, 2020):

True religion is a personal experience - an inner communion with God, or "Truth" or "Reality".

There have been many on the Earth who have shown the way - Jesus, Moses, Muhammed, Buddha, Krishna, and others, but they have talked about their experience in different ways - also to suit the particular environments they lived in - hence the different religions.

There have also been false guides, and we can also confuse ourselves - and it is, therefore, wise to adhere to genuine teachings. But the test of the matter will always be a personal experience.

God is bigger than words and thoughts, and we should therefore not take the words and thoughts of the religions as the final truths. It is the living essence, the SPIRIT, of the teachings that are important.

Gerry said (August 7, 2020):

No one reading or studying the Old Testament can walk away with the view of God as a mean despicable bloodthirsty ogre of a god when the sum and substance of all that is the Old Testament is TREASON pure and simple!!!!! When one has been given the kind of miraculous protection and gifts as God gave the ancient Hebrews only to turn around and find treason within the heart is a grave and grievous matter. How can any human being presume to think of themselves as more righteous than God?

Lastly, I think a proper reading and understanding of Hebrews 10 is in order:

If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God. Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. How much more severely do you think someone deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace? For we know him who said, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[a] and again, “The Lord will judge his people.”It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

G said (August 7, 2020):

Re: " are really just making your own separate religion."

And that is something we all should do. It's our right. And...

"These things ye see me do, you will do greater."

"The Kingdom is within."

"My Kingdom is NOW."

He said it; I believe it. For me, to not embrace these words is putting off my connection with God. I must be connected, NOW.

Henry, I'm sure you see you're dealing with fundamentalism here. They who adhere to it can't see the essence, only structure. So tired of that old, worn-out mind-set. The heart is co-pilot with the gut in setting straight the mind. Let none coerce another to deny them.

Essel said (August 7, 2020):

There are too many objective errors in this text to attempt to list them. However, I will be less pessimistic than your opponent because error, when recognized and understood, can lead to truth. I will limit myself to a few general remarks.

1°/ As far as God and religion (which connects man to God) are concerned, two things must be clearly distinguished, which are of a very different order.

On the one hand, the realities existing outside of thought and whose existence is established by objective observation and reason; this is the case of God (, except for the introduction added by Henry and which I contest because it is in contradiction with the development that follows). An honest mind must accept the conclusion or exhibit the presence of an error.

On the other hand, the personal decision, taken on the basis of the above, to say: "I must take into account the fact that God exists, is infinite, good and intelligent, the means He will surely have given me to know and achieve the goal He has assigned to me". And this is Faith. It is a personal decision, one says yes or one says no (which would be very unreasonable). We are here in the realm of the subject, the subjective, it is of a completely different order than the existence of God. Alas, the impious, especially after the "Reformation" (Kant & succ.) , have erroneously denied that we can demonstrate the existence of God and have tipped it over into the subjective, therefore optional domain of Faith. God then exists for some, not for others!!! The manoeuvre is clear: to live as one pleases - badly more often than not - while claiming one's right!

2°/ Self-education, in these fields as in science, is to be proscribed. It's impossible to imagine reaching a correct and error-free knowledge, in one field as in the other, without studying the masters of realistic philosophy like Aristotle, Saint Thomas Aquinas, etc. On the one hand, these men possessed extraordinary intellectual capacities and, moreover, were assisted by the Holy Spirit. Before tackling theology proper, I recommend studying (it's real work!) Paul J. Glenn's, An introduction to philosophy.

3°/ Consciousness represents a certain reality, but it is very variable and malleable. Just one example: 50 or 60 years ago, even people who voted communists were horrified by abortion, whereas today it is simply the opposite. In both cases, it is their conscience that speaks! We cannot, therefore, assimilate it to God, who is immutable...

Cruisin said (August 7, 2020):

Hi Henry. Nice article. Christians are like a box of chocolates; pick a flavor. But almost all miss the fundamental point that the so-called Old and New Testaments are antithetical and incompatible. Christians are to follow the New Testament and the New Covenant if they believe in Christ. And that ipso facto cancels and negates the Old.

Unfortunately by still following the Old Testament, they negate Christ and all He stood for. Further even as a historical text the Old Testament is suspect and has been shown to be the work of a succession of Scribes and written at various times for various ends. The fact that some snippets of something that at one time may have been original Divine Scripture and true history may be in there (somewhere) in the Old Testament does not change the fact that it is to be rejected by Christians and historians both on theological and historical grounds.

Coming to the New Testament, that has its own set of problems, a lot of it written by people who never even saw Christ.

All that being as it may, nobody that knows anything about Christianity should ignore that the New Covenant supplants and rejects the Old and that therefore the Old Testament is not Christian Scripture. It should never have been made part of the Bible and how that happened, when and who did it is a whole other interesting story as well.

But on practical grounds, it DOES make a lot of sense to kill your enemies when you have the chance. They would certainly do it unto you. Thus the Left has been winning since the French "revolution". They have little qualms to eliminate their enemies, unlike the Right that for the most part wants to win the argument through logic and truth. Logic and truth alone do not often win the day.

Robert P said (August 7, 2020):

Reality check for you:

Little children, it is the last hour: and as you have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time (1 John 2:18).
Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son (1 John 2:22).
By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming; and now it is already in the world (1 John 4:2–3).

Many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh; any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist! (2 John 1:7)

Stuart D said (June 8, 2017):

What I do find incredibly sad and hard to understand is like yourself many people seeking truth in this world have no faith in the Bible (KJV) being Gods word left here on earth with us.

Because of this I see many like yourself who do not understand that not one will go to the Father but through the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. God himself who was made manifest in the flesh to live a sinless life and become a sacrifice for our sins. By taking on Jesus righteousness we are acceptable unto God and will be able to enter into his presence at the appointed time. This isnt about being a good or bad person, it is about the human condition of Sin. You could spend the rest of your life doing good works and exposing evil, but without having the Lord Jesus as your advocate you will go the same way as the men and women you expose.

For an Englishman like myself, the King James Bible is Gods word left with us. God has used the English language to spread the Gospel. You only need to look at history to confirm this.

I would urge anyone who is working to expose corruption and wickedness in this present evil world to pick up a Bible. Your salvation is of far more importance than exposing some corrupt politicians.

I hope this doesnt come across as a lecture, I am not a religious person whatsoever. I believe the Bible. The Lord Jesus Christ is my savior not my religion.

Marcy R said (June 8, 2017):

I'd like to comment on your recent article regarding religion. Or rather, I have a few questions.

You wrote that...."If we demand that other people follow our particular path, we will never defeat the Satanists."

What religion or path, in particular, demands following?

Also, how to you propose to defeat the Satanists?

Do you believe that you can defeat them without God's help? If so, how would that work exactly?



I think we're leaving all the work to God. We were supposed to do His work.


Ivan said (June 7, 2017):

I read your article on what you believe and why but I have some comments to make. Lets start with, do you really believe the great I AM of Eternity would allow mankind to just guess at what should be believed concerning Himself and all that He has done in behalf of mankind? The Bible is not dictation but is a safe guide for those who want to know and serve God. The Creator through His Holt Spirit guided those writing the Scriptures to record information that would and could lead mankind to the correct path of union with Himself. Christianity and the Lord Jesus are not guessing games played by honest seekers of the truth but God like a father in a human family, provides the truth for that perfect union. Give me some feedback on my thoughts, take care.
In Christ

Robert W said (June 7, 2017):

Henry, this article from you was very disappointing to me. I have been a fan of yours for many years. I have told many friends about your website and to support you I even purchased one of your books.

But, I am a church attending CHRISTIAN.

I wish you also were a church attending Christian.

I feel sad. Broken.

I love you and I think you are doing very important very good work and I will continue to read from your website.

I wish you would read the Bible from cover to cover at least three times. I wish you would attend a Bible loving Bible believing church.

You don't know what you are missing. The Christian life is very rich and fulfilling.

I promise to pray for you and to ask God to draw you close to himself in a relationship that is so real to you, that you will know God's presence in your life every day.

In Christian Love,


Thanks Robert

People don't need to agree on everything to work together and support each other. To march forward, we do not need to be in lockstep.


RA said (June 7, 2017):

Regarding negative reactions to the recent "Moses" article, I fully endorse the points of view expressed in your response yesterday.

It could not have been put more eloquently when you wrote: "Don't look at what a religion teaches. Look at what it produces or fails to produce. Judge them by their fruits."

Unfortunately, people have been systematically programmed - blindly and to no avail, more often - to stick to rigid texts, subscribe to superstitions and search for "God" in places of worship of all ilks. The more these pagan-like practices are universally entrenched in a me-against-the-world fashion, the less affiliated people are mindful of the need to look inward in quest of discovering the God within.

This very collective automation of human minds is one powerful tool for the elite to achieve their unwavering goal toward absolute, self-destructive estrangement within and across societies - to the detriment of humanity.

Michael said (June 7, 2017):

You wrote;
They are deliberately starving our souls by depriving us of uplifting and inspiring music, movies and art.
Please view the following from Estonian born composer Arvo Part. Regarding the composition, of which my provided link is an excerpt, the composer said;
"The liturgical text of the Te Deum consists of immutable truths. I am reminded of the sense of immeasurable serenity imparted by a mountain panorama. Swiss artist Martin Ruf once told me that he can distinguish over twenty shades of blue in the mountains when the air is clear. His words immediately turned into sound; I began to "hear" those "blue"
mountains. I wished only to convey a mood, a mood that could be infinite in time, by delicately removing one piece - one particle of time - out of the flow of infinity. I had to draw this music gently out of silence and emptiness.
The work Te Deum was a quest for something evanescent, something long lost or not yet found, the quest for something believed to be non-existent, but so real that it exists not only within us but beyond our being as well."

James R said (June 7, 2017):

The problem is that people get bogged down with "religion", and look for alternatives, when the real focus Henry, ought to be on Jesus; his character, and how to follow his lead; HIS faithfulness, HIS Wisdom, HIS humbleness, HIS obedience, HIS patience, HIS forgiveness, HIS love, HIS joy, HIS kindness, HIS self-control, HIS humility, HIS fairness, HIS sense of justice, HIS courage, HIS Honesty and Truthfulness , HIS gratitude, HIS contentment, HIS generosity, HIS compassion, HIS convictions, and the the list goes on and on.

To include Jesus in or part of a "religion' is a grave injustice, and to not see him as who HE really is, is to miss out on the gift that keeps on giving. Set aside "religion" all together. Try to focus on HIM only, and see whether you will feel differently than what you do now., you may just find yourself content, and happy 2b, no longer searching for answers, because HE is the answer. The only one who will give you a quiet spirit and peaceful heart in the end, amongst all HIS other blessings.

Finally, I have not to date, meet anyone past or present in this world/in the flesh, who can achieve this, have you? Someone said to me recently that Muhammad's burial ground can be pinpointed, that is to say, by in large, people know where he is; whereas Jesus, we don't, why, because, he indeed came back.....Give Jesus a chance Henry, and watch what happens!...

Gary said (June 7, 2017):

If an alien came down to earth and you were to give him a copy of the Bible and tell him to read the Old Testament he would probably tell you the god of the old testament seemed more like a demon than a God. It is not just the 3000 Israelis who worshiped the golden calf, this kind of debauchery is all through the Old Testament.

You say you don't believe the Bible is the word of God. All any rational person would have to do is read it objectively and this would be readily apparent.

JV said (June 7, 2017):

You are so 'on' with this. It's how I saw things from a very young age, and my father did too. Semantics, vocabulary gets more in the way, the higher in the 'abstract terms' ladder we conceptually climb. People get disarmed by the confusions, and "phony leaders, parking meters"....

Vincent said (June 7, 2017):

I hope you are well. I've written you prior on a few occasions and always visit your site daily to keep sane and aware. You are a real blessing.

Since a young age I have had interest in religion. In my humble estimation, the one book I would recommend and share is called " The Holy Science" . It was written by a Swami (Swami Yukteswar) from the late 20th century and it clearly details the science of religion - down to the atoms. It also quotes holy scriptures from the Bible with the Bahgavad Gita , illustrating that there is a single truth between the religions and accounts by sages and apostles alike... It cogently penetrates and gives clear meaning ,scientifically, to arcane and seemingly simple passages from both the Old and New Testament.

I am very critical and cynical in nature and do not accept any scripture or belief easily. It has to be logical ,encompassing both minute and grand scopes.I don't care for anything that smells of "New Age" either... But upon reading works like this ,especially reading his true interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve ,for example, is quite revelatory. His disciple also wrote many books,too.

I do not even like recommending tv shows ,music or movies to people to watch,so I am far from someone to proselytize ! So I only pass this to you in a very unimposing manner.

William D said (June 7, 2017):

HELLO HENRY ….I have read your website for a couple of years now and have come to the same conclusion other Christians have come to. What I write is no disrespect for you as a person.
I believe that you are a closet Buddhist void of the spirit of truth. God is not a state of mind. i.e. love, beauty as you proport. Love and beauty cannot create birds ,trees and the stars above let alone the dynamics of your person. You have inside info on things Masonic that you identify, which the bible talks about, which are true but supplant the truth of Gods word with your own B.S.
I think your are a shill along with Perloff and the Bro who don’t teach the second birth, but deny the person of Christ who is the one and only true god. 1John 2: 22 Who is a liar but he that denieth
that Jesus is the Christ ? He is antichrist, that deniieth the father and the son. The word Anti -Christ means in place of …that is what you are doing replacing the truth of scriptures with your new age teaching.
Jesus said that he is the “truth and the life” John 14 :6 along with saying that before Abraham was “ I am” the same person Moses spoke to . Please wake up and “ smell the coffee” before it’s to late!


Thanks William

I am not rejecting Jesus. Just the opposite. Nor do I think spiritual ideals are the whole of God, just our craving from Him.


Nadir said (June 7, 2017):

In reading your last article, “My Gut Check Religion”, I couldn’t help but note how confused is your thinking in regard to the Scriptures – OT & NT - God and Jesus Christ.

Your understanding on this topic is limited because it is too intellectual [brainy] but lacking in Christian wisdom. Christian wisdom cannot be acquired by any human means except by being given by God.

In other words, understanding of the Scriptures is given by God’s grace to people of pure heart. [Matthew 5:8] Then grace and faith in Jesus Christ, as the Saviour, Son of God and true God, will follow – because the just live by faith. [Galatian 3:11]
You might think that you are close to the truth as you see it, intellectually, however the truth is not an abstract thing, but a person, Jesus Christ Himself. [John 14:6]
You need to acquire a child’s heart for Jesus said: unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." [Matthew 18:3]
I would also add that not only you, but many of your responders think that Christianity is one religion among other religions, like Confucianism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Mithraism, and the many shades of Paganism.

As a Catholic believer, I discovered that Christianity is not a religion in the sense that most uninitiated people think; but the WAY that is Jesus Christ Himself. [John 14:6; see also Acts Of Apostles 11:26]

I say this because, as I understand the Scriptures, it is God who takes the initiative toward man; whereas among many other cultures, we see that it is man who makes the first step towards their divinities.

Doug M said (June 6, 2017):

I personally believe that Jesus was God in the flesh and that it is critical to make contact with Him during the brief while we are alive...if we want to live for eternity. But I respect your true-to-form honesty which will cost you many readers.

C S Lewis came to a personal relationship with the living Christ in stages. Perhaps you will too.

Since such research may be the most crucial thing you have ever done, I earnestly suggest you read “Hostage to the Devil” by Malachi Martin. It is close to empirical proof of the vast power Jesus currently has in the spiritual realm; the demons cannot even say His name for fear of retribution. The book is a free download on the internet.

KMG said (June 6, 2017):

I believe that its not important what Henry exactly believes or does not believe in. Otherwise we come to the issue of dogma and pushing dogma onto all people which makes a good faith unattractive by its clergy and it´s exactly what has killed all religions.

Personally I believe in two things as being of major importance: traditional culture and a faith which is orthodox and coming from the divine and which leads people to become better and better people. In China they call this cultivation of one´s mind and heart. Everyone needs a law which can lead them to become better and better people. Everyone is different and can´t have the exact same faith. Also faith changes as one improves. I can´t still believe the same things when I am 5 years old and later at 50 years age.

I personally cultivate Falun Dafa which I believe is an upright faith. It is based on traditional culture, personal cultivation of mind and body and the fact that there are no dogmas, no priests, no membership and no fees.

Everything can be downloaded for free online and that makes it incorruptible - which of course triggered the CCP to persecute these believers in China. The future world is a world without religion as we think today. It is only about improving one´s heart proven in one´s actions by working on improving one´s mind and body in line with the laws of the Universe. Good guiding principles in daily life are always Truth-Compassion-Tolerance .

Just my two-cents.

RP said (June 6, 2017):

The only thing I have to say to you is honestly​ investigate the claims of Yeshua. If you do you, you will know He claimed to be Yahweh. Why do you think the Jews murdered Him?

So, if He claimed to be God, then you can't merely define Him as just a good man. He would either be a heretic, a liar or in fact God. You can't put Him in the box of being a good person.



I don't think he did claim to be God. The Jews murdered him because Jesus said God's love was universal while Jews believe God loves them only.


AZ said (June 6, 2017):

I surely would like to support you in your very clear vision on what’s going on in this world. Obviously you are human too and don’t have the whole truth. When people talk or write about the bible, one must always ask which bible they are referring to. It is a well known fact that because of all the translations and censoring of scriptures, like the ones that are found at Nag Hamadi (the Dead Sea scrolls) this known bible is being used as a mind control program.

The Roman Catholic Church used it in her power play, the Protestants used in their own way, the fundamentalist (Zionistic) Christians in yet another way and probably the Orthodox Greek and Russian Church too.

To me the gospel of Christ is about living the moral message of your own conscience in your own life. Practice the message of that conscience. Deep in our own hearts we know what is right or wrong. The Dutch word for conscience is geweten. Which means ‘knowing’.

I certainly believe that the real spiritual liberation of mankind in the coming time is lying in freeing itself from scriptures from the past that are mostly falsified, censored and misinterpreted, to fit in a power agenda. Mankind also has to free itself from authoritarian religious leaders.

The word religion stems from the Latin word religio which means connection or reunion. So the real religion is based upon to reconnect or reunite our souls with its source. This can only be done on an individual level. I firmly believe that the real religion/spirituality for the coming time is not going to scriptured and thereby deadened, but that it will be lived in everyday life by people who have connected their souls with the source of creation. It will be a living spirituality/religion without books, commandments and power lusting priests, imams, rabbis and all the rest of those religious power brokers.

I feel that you by your writings have been supporting this vision of the future.

Annette said (June 6, 2017):

I read your article this morning on you being accused of making your up own religion, and wanted to say, I more or less agree with you, and think the persons making the accusations are afraid to look at all the surrounding information out there, and as you say, follow their gut.
I consider myself a Christian, but that does not mean I cannot think for myself. I can barely stomach parts of the old testament, and it is clear to me that Jesus was not part of the same God that the ancient Israelites were worshiping. It is just so obvious that the old testament God was not the same God of Love that Jesus was talking about. I have one very spiritually advanced acquaintance who maintains that the old testament was artificially grafted on the testament to tie it to Judaism. And I think the following interview pretty much points in that direction too.

Dave Mathiesen lays out a pretty good case that when the Romans sacked Jerusalem that there was a traitor in the Jewish ranks who bought his safety with the treasure from the temple.
You can listen to the second hour at Red Ice. He goes on to say that the scriptures are all astro theological, meaning allegory for astronomical and astrological truths. For me this still does not prove that Christ never existed, but that the Church as we know it today was more or less built by Jewish Occultists and the Flavius family who were the recipients of the plundered treasure. It would be a surprise if they hadn’t tied the new religion to Judaism when you know the back story.

Dane said (June 6, 2017):

hey henry, you say you would be delighted to know that Jesus was God come in the flesh. read john the first 16 verses. that should clue you in to who he is. he is God the word that created all things & came in the flesh to die for the sins of the world. no one can do that but a sinless God. then read 1john in the back of the new testament. the word is God with the father. they are both the Godhead. give it a read. you are prayed for.!

CR said (June 6, 2017):

"Murder is only warranted if the sinners are trying to destroy you. In Moses' case, the revellers were only destroying themselves."


"Baal Moloch was conceived under the form of a calf or an ox or depicted as a man with the head of a bull."
"Worshipping Baal meant sacrificing human life, never your own, just the innocent newly born, so you might have prosperity here on earth."

Your views on religion seem indistinguishable from secular humanism.



I am using the Baal worshippers in the wider sense of sinner.

Secular humanists are unwitting Satanists.


Steve said (June 6, 2017):

Generic religion Is pretty much all we have left today.

While there are many roads to Chicago, the is one way to heaven, Romans 10:9, 10.

People try to apply the Old Testament to today; the OT was written pre-Jesus Christ and it was written to Israel. Today is the age of Grace, not Law. Salvation is a gift, cannot be earned.

Most Christians today espouse the Trinity, which is simply Babylonian/Egyptian triune godhead idolatry. Roman Catholics pray to Mary, the "mother" of God, rather than praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the son of God, not God. Sinless, pure blood, the perfect sacrifice.

The Bible is the revealed Word and Will of God.

Leave it to "organized religions" to complicate things.

Dene said (June 6, 2017):

I was astonished to see that you would write an article like "God told Moses to Murder Sinners" plus that introductory comment.

The fact that the loving God Jesus preached about would order the deaths of those people should tell you how bad those people and the situation was. Instead God gets the bad press again. God said in Ezekiel 18:23 & 32 that He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Jesus explained His mission to His disciples by going through the writings of what we call the Old Testament. Have you read Isaiah chapter 53? What about how God sent the unwilling Jonah to Ninevah to turn the hearts of the non-Jewish inhabitants? The Amalekites were given a long time to get their lives in order.

There were about 2 million Hebrews plus a mixed multitude of Egyptians and others. How would you go about leading a crowd like that, inclined to sin and selfishness like you and I are, with the ultimate goal of trying to save for eternity as many as possible of the human race from Adam to the last person conceived on this planet? Keep in mind, given the Biblical context, that Satan and his angels were there going all out to stop God's plan from working.

How would you supervise a large number of people in a life and death situation? How do they do things in the army... no time for sugar daddies there eh?

Raef said (October 12, 2016):

My religion is Islam, my God is Allah, Lord of the worlds, that we worship him and we ask him for help and to guide us to the straight path.

We belief in the Oneness of God: Muslims believe that God is the creator of all things, and that God is all-powerful and all-knowing. .

We belief in the Angels of God: Muslims believe in angels, unseen beings who worship God and carry out God's orders throughout the universe. The angel Gabriel brought the divine revelation to the prophets.

We belief in the Books of God: the Quran (given to Muhammad), the Torah (given to Moses), the Gospel (given to Jesus)....

We belief in the Prophets or Messengers of God: Muslims believe that God's guidance has been revealed to humankind through specially appointed messengers, or prophets, Muslims believe that Muhammad is the last in this line of prophets, sent for all humankind with the message of Islam.

We belief in the Day of Judgment: Muslims believe that on the Day of Judgment, humans will be judged for their actions in this life; those who followed God's guidance will be rewarded with paradise; those who rejected God's guidance will be punished with hell.

Doug P said (October 12, 2016):

"Love thy neighbor as thy self" This is the same as loving thy God with all thy heart and all thy mind. The NT has two commandments which are really the same, this is stated in the NT.
"My burden is a light load" Matthew (speaking of conscience)

Even better, the categorical imperative: "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law without contradiction.". Immanuel Kant

So there it is, less than 100 words.

A world government cannot stand under a religion such as this. Other religions are authoritarian based. Christianity is an evolution of thought.

Randall said (October 12, 2016):

I don't have a religion - I have a relationship with Yahuah, Creator of the universe, and His Son Yahushua!

Neither One can be condensed into a few words - not even a billion words!

I'm truly sad for you, and those like you.

I mean no offence by stating this.

AZ said (October 12, 2016):

Great article again on your own religion. I totally agree with you. The only religion is believing in yourself and your divine powers, that are to be discovered and utilized by living your life in an authentic way, according to your conscience. The fact that we have a conscience means that all we need to know for our lives is within us. It is our moral basis. The next religious/spiritual testament will not be written, but be lived in our daily life. Living according to a high moral code is what is needed now. Walk your talk and practice what you preach are the guidelines for this. Let’s say it is Love in action!

M said (October 12, 2016):

There is an Almighty Creator at work
HE has not abandoned the nations. HE gave witnesses of Himself to people. Some global elites and experts are busy distorting those witnesses. I have been deceived by those distortions. Nevertheless, the Almighty Creator is still at work in and through me. His Purpose will prevail for all mankind

Glen said (October 12, 2016):

After years of being subjected to "big religion", I have come to settle on the principles of Natural Law to be my moral and spiritual guide. For the most part, religions are nothing more than control systems and another way to extract money from the "flock". One thing I always found telling is how we underlings were always called sheep, while the pastor was our shepherd. As anyone knows, a sheep is one of the dumbest animals on planet earth, and as dear old uncle who was a cattle rancher used to say about sheep, "from the moment they are born, they are looking for a place to die".

That is not to say there are not some good ministries out there, because there are. We have real men of conviction out there trying to sound the warning bells about the modern day state of Israel and how they have managed to co-opt our very national government with their Zionist Goy lackey's. My hats off to them, for they are preaching truth.

For anyone interested, this ex-Satanist Priest is the best source for an education on Natural and Moral Law. I encourage all you Christians out there to give him a listen. I thing you will find yourself agreeing with most everything he has to say.

Pat said (October 12, 2016):

God is Love!

Jesus said: "Love God, love each other - as I have loved you.".

Because if we really loved - cared - for each other - we'd have a better world.

JWW said (October 11, 2016):

and yet, not one word of acknowledgment of Y'shua HaMoshiach.
You poor man.
I used to be an avid reader of your articles. No more. All that intellect, knowledge and no wisdom.
You would deny the One on whom your entire eternity hangs.
Again, you poor man. Poor, wretched, without a Saviour.

AK said (October 11, 2016):

Very sorry for my English !

agree with you - only experience can connect us with God.
Experience take place when the both sides are real .
Jesus said : I am The Truth
our turn to became true.
Scripture is map for the road but not The Way.
Church is a vehicle . If we have confidence to the driver we can get in .
If not we can walk .

" experience must be our only guide. Reason may mislead us " do not know who said that



How do you know Jesus wasn't referring to the experience I am describing? He wanted us to worship God, not him.


David G said (October 11, 2016):

I admire your work. I’ve been reading your articles for two years now.

You are honest. You look for the truth. You try to educate and help people.

There is one true church founded by God. The Catholic Church.

But the Catholic Church is in a mess. Vatican II was a disaster. This is a mystery.

Look for the answers to your questions in the Catholic Church. Before Vatican II.

Tim said (October 11, 2016):

I wholeheartedly agree with you that God is reality and true religion is each day—and I too try to be a good acolyte but often fall short. For that reason, I value the written word (an ability that sets us apart from all other creatures) as a source for inspiration—but I do see your point that it can be used in an attempt to confound God/reality.

Nonetheless, I think the essence of the Didache tells the same 'Be Real' religion like you've described—so I reduced it to 75 words and added a sentence of mine own to make the contrast clear:

'There are two ways, one of life and one of death, and there's a great distance between the two ways. The way of life is this: First of all, you shall love God who made you; secondly, love your neighbor as yourself. And all things whatsoever you would not have befallen yourself, neither do you unto another.

But the way of death is this: First of all it is evil and full of a curse'—the way of death is the unreality that rebels against God and seeks to destroy the sanctity of His creation.

Sif Green said (October 11, 2016):

Your site is one of the best on the net. My religion is to do what I think God wants me to do, based on some guidelines in his prophecies. I don't limit the holy texts to just one religion, I read texts from all of them. The texts aren't about details, I use them to connect to the basic ideals of truth and love. I can tell that the world is in the grip of evil people, and that I don't live up to God's ideals either. So I try to go back from my rebellion and do what's right.

Thats 101 words but it includes 10 words unrealted to the religion

Larry said (October 11, 2016):

Henry, you ask "Can you put yours in less than a 100 words?"

Piece of cake. Actually, another guy came up with the idea first. Here it is:

30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.
31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. Mark 12, KJV

Gary Kinghorn said (October 11, 2016):

One of the accomplishments of the Illuminati over the centuries has been to change the definition of religion (believe it or not, this was a very important step in their process of turning the world away from God and to satanism/statism). The word religion has changed largely from something oriented around a "duty", to some sort of system of belief (afterlife, good v. evil, etc.). The distinction may seem subtle, but its not. The effect has been to move the masses to thinking they are being "religious" by BELIEVING something, and not DOING what the satanists wanted us to stop doing (and what God's laws indicate), and it's been very effective to the indoctrination to the satanic cult.

Take a glance at this:

Going up a level from that page

(, you can get a wealth of insight into an array of topics about how the early Christian church was organized and set up to avoid the luciferian take over, and the meaning of lost messages in the bible, and why Christians today have generally lost their way. In fact, not only early church, but Christianity up through the 1800s when people started to lose focus.

Religion is about our duty to save the world from satanists, yes, and it's really hard work, somewhat specific work (and laws), and very few people are doing anything productive (you do great admirable work in educating, obviously, but its not exactly what old form "religion" would ask for). Books have been written about this "practical" way of religion (for lack of a better term), so I'll just stop explaining here, but wanted to share with you a perspective on what "religion" could really be all about that most people have lost sight of. It's duty, laws, work, and being a warrior.

Here's an excerpt from one page ( that provides some good background..(see page)

Is the present apostasy of modern religion and the false Christians of the world today the result of that lack of knowledge or do they really reject Jesus and His teachings?
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who believe they are free. The Pharisees thought they were being faithful to God and Moses but in truth they did not know Him. Today "many" of the Modern Christians are actually Workers of Iniquity rather than Believers.
They do not understand that they are Enslaved.
They laugh when you try to tell them what true Christianity looks like and that they are not going The Way of Christ. But it is Satan who will be laughing out loud if they do not repent and seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.

Magda said (October 11, 2016):

My religion is about worshipping a Creator (Allah)who is the embodiment of those spiritual ideals you addressed. Especially that of mercy and justice because we can not function healthily in our societies with out these 2 ideals. It is about focusing on the Creator daily in praise, supplication, worship and gratitude. It is about lowering our wings of mercy to others even when it is difficult.

I do not want to harm others and I would love to help others for my sake (well being has an intrinsic value) and in hopes of seeking nearness to him. Let us not allow attributes that are with us due to circumstance be the reason for our division. I would like to tread peacefully on earth and be part of the solutions not the problems.

Kevin Boyle said (October 11, 2016):

By your definition you are, in essence, a Swedenborgian.

His description of "The true Church" was "the community of Love throughout the world" ... that God was exactly all the things you list and that members of all religions could be members of this True Church.

(Swedenborg was a Christian himself, but obviously not a conventional one, nor submissive to any established Church)

The Swedenborg Channel ... full of fascinating material. Just thought I'd pass it on.

Swedenborg said that we channel spirit from the heavens and the hells all the time unknowingly. That we are not "source". Below is an excerpt I particularly like and believe to be true (having experience invasion by demonic spirits and an exorcism ... not boasting, if that's the right word ... just relaying why I believe his take on reality to be literally true. I was annoyed to realize this fellow had been written out of history when I came across him a couple of years ago.


If man believed, as is really true, that all good is from the Lord and all evil from hell, he would not make the good in him a matter of merit nor would evil be imputed to him; for he would then look to the Lord in all the good he thinks and does, and all the evil that inflows would be cast down to hell whence it comes. But because man does not believe that there is any influx into him either from heaven or from hell, and so supposes that all the things that he thinks and wills are in himself, and therefore from himself, he appropriates the evil to himself, and the inflowing good he defiles with merit.

...'Heaven and Hell', paragraph 302

Gerald said (October 11, 2016):

My Religion can be outlined in less than 100 words too. It’s called the Apostles Creed!

HS said (October 11, 2016):

I am human and I have learned a lot about religion from your website. I look forward to your articles like a child looks forward to Christmas morning. I am a Rasta Mon and your website reminds me of the articles mentioned in Catch a Fire that have been collected by Jamaicans over the past hundred years or so. I am unsure if they are still clipping ominous newspaper articles in Jamaica, with ominous news being so prevalent these days, however, I feel like the next generation of Rastafari when I get to read your selections. That being said, I wanted to share this youtube video of Merovingian hand signs that features Michelangelo's painting displayed at the top of today's article. Skip to the 0:40 point. (Seen at

Thanks for your work and may Jah guide and protect,

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at