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Assange Judge's Family Profiting from His Case

September 21, 2020


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The Judge in charge of the Assange trial, Lady Emma Arbuthnot - who had supervised Assange proceedings personally 2017-19 - has both a husband and son deeply enmeshed with the UK and USA intelligence agencies and affiliated contractors. Her son, Alex, is directly profiting on a huge scale, via companies earning millions from selling anti-Assange and anti-Snowden 'cybersecurity' services. His company Darktrace has 1000 employees and 4000 corporate and government clients. 

by Brabantian

Previous articles have laid out evidence that Assange and Snowden are both fakers in an elaborate fraud sponsored by the intelligence agencies: statements of Bibi Netanyahu and Zbig Brzezinski; multiple links to the Rothschilds, people dead after contacting Assange, Snowden 'leaking' to Dick Cheney's biographer, both being anti-9-11-truth & supporting Israel, both of them hiding files that would make their 'extraditions' impossible, and more:

Assange & Wikileaks certainly did publish true stories of USA war crimes, killings of civilians, torture, and illegal rendition. This led many to assume that Assange is genuine and to credit the dubious story Assange was 'living in the London Ecuador embassy' all those years when he maybe was just there for photo-ops & meetings. The trial in London is, in my view, fake as well, with zero intention of imprisoning agent Assange.

So how can Assange be fake, given he revealed those awful US crimes in Iraq and elsewhere? There are multiple motives for a complex fraud like this: - Being a 'rat trap', inducing real dissidents or whistle-blowers to contact Wikileaks or Assange-Snowden media, so they can be sidelined, silenced, even killed - Frightening the world with USA power, brutality & surveillance - De-legitimising real dissidents, who stay obscure without CIA-tied media backing by such as NY Times or UK Guardian - Paving the way for a more globalist New World Order, furthered by Wikileaks stories of yet more USA government crimes

But one more motive here is flat-out profit. It's the classic merchant game - create and promote a problem, profit from the solution, as with Bill Gates' coronavirus vaccine. Assange & Snowden and their 'leaks' & revelations, quickly led to mega cyber-profits for enterprises linked to the intelligence agencies, now supplying 'security' for companies & governments around the world.

One family hugely profiting this way, is the family of the Assange court's Chief Judge, Lady Emma Arbuthnot, who oversaw Assange court events herself from mid-2017 until late 2019, her colleague Judge Vanessa Baraitser now running the Westminster Magistrates Court Assange show day-to-day, whilst Lady Arbuthnot continues to oversee it.

Lord James Arbuthnot, the judge's husband, is a UK "former Conservative defense procurement minister with extensive links to the British military and intelligence community", and has been a chair of Conservative Friends for Israel, as documented by Declassified UK:

His company involvements include defense consultancy SC Strategy; arms vendor Thales UK; intelligence strategists Montrose Associates; and cyber-security consultancy Information Risk Management (IRM), right in Cheltenham near GCHQ (the UK's 'NSA'). Judge Arbuthnot & her husband have enjoyed expense-reimbursed political junkets in Bilbao & Istanbul.

But the big Assange-Snowden profiteer is Lady Arbuthnot's son, Alexander, graduate of posh Eton, whose career even follows Assange & Snowden in timing. Right after Assange burst onto the CIA-backed media scene in 2010 via the NY Times & UK Guardian, with the Bradley/Chelsea Manning cables, Alexander Arbuthnot joined cyber-security firm Symantec, as part of the team dealing specifically with meeting the 'challenge' of Assange and then, in 2013, Snowden.

Within four days of the June 2013 media explosion involving Edward Snowden - once again, led by the UK Guardian & NY Times as with Assange - a company called 'Darktrace' was founded, "established in response to data leaks from Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning to Julian Assange's WikiLeaks and from NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden". Darktrace became highly successful, with 40 offices and over 1000 employees," targeting corporate and government customers by promising to track down troublesome employees or intruders that are already within the firewall".

Millions of pounds of investment for Darktrace is made by equity firm Vitruvian Partners, with Lady Arbuthnot's son Alexander a key figure there helping to oversee Darktrace and Vitruvian's other cyber-security holdings. Alexander joined Vitruvian after founding another cyber-security company, Rightly, in 2017.

Darktrace heavily involves veterans of the major US-UK intelligence agencies - the USA CIA and NSA, and the UK's GCHQ, MI5 (including former MI5 director-general Sir Jonathan Evans), MI6, and UK military, all colleagues now of the Assange judge's son and deriving profit from Assange-Snowden issues.

As the saying goes, you can't make these things up. A while back when Sweden 'dropped the rape charges' against Assange there, I thought the Assange fraud would get wound down. But it seems the cabal has felt a need to hold this show UK 'extradition trial' of Assange, in part to re-ignite interest fuelling 'cyber-security' profits of so many people, including the family of the chief UK judge overseeing that very same dubious 'legal proceeding'.


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Comments for "Assange Judge's Family Profiting from His Case"

K said (September 22, 2020):

Reg. your latest article, Webster Tarpley wrote a very good article on "Limited Hangout Artists" in 2013. I translated that article to Swedish, with some comments of mine and illustrations. The article is a goldmine of info. on deep politics. The article was first posted on VT to my knowledge.

How to identify CIA limited hangout op? American technical contractor and former CIA employee Edward Snowden By Dr. Webster G. Tarpley and Press TV

Here my illustrated pdf version to download:
Snowden, CIA Shill Pdf

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