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2016- Mike Pence Was Accused of Murdering 51 Children and Raping 77

January 8, 2021

2016 - Landscaper Tory Smith Accused Indiana Governor Mike Pence of Murdering 51 Children and Raping 77

Disclaimer- Obviously we are not in a position to confirm or discredit these claims. Nonetheless they are consistent with other claims that have appeared on this site over the years. This material is distasteful but may explain why Pence betrayed MAGA and US society is disintegrating. I reserve judgment.

Illuminati Abuse Children for Demonic Power

Carolyn Hamlett - A Victim's Memoir

Underground Bases Where Children are Abused 

Chidren Released from Underground Bases 

Fiona Barnett - Satanic Black Magic Rules the World 

Vicki Pollen - Jewish Insider Described Child Sacrifice 

Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture

Weiner's Laptop Reveals Giant Illuminati Pedophile Ring 

Defector- Illuminati Sacrifice Children Eight Times a Year

by Brabantian

His YT video channel is still up ... probably because some of the content and claims are so extreme they would be viewed as 'self-discrediting' and thus harmless, and thus covering for the real core story. 

The videos came rapidly in just over 7 months, from Dec. 2015 to July 2016 ... Beginning of June he seems ok, but then is hit with something that quite destroys him, he is quite withered and physically collapsing by the final video in just a few weeks. He died July 20, 2016 at age 52. 

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Tory Smith MILABS- DARPA's Playground for Men who Rape and Murder Children

What and Where are MILABS?

By Tory Smith

MILABS are Military Intelligence Laboratories operated by DARPA and the CIA, owned by the Bush family.

There are 39 locations in America with other locations that are connected for child trafficking. The list of operations include #1 The creation of Temporals and AI Drones.

These are used for spying, to commit crimes such as rape and murder. #2

The creation of biological and chemical weapons, including flu viruses and HIV and many others. #3 Child Trafficking.

In the past, Human children were exchanged for weapons and technology. Politicians, Corporate Executives, Military and Police

Officers gang rape and then murder children in service to Lucifer and Satan, who they are required to make a pledge to.

Since the ones who ate the children are gone, now the children are processed into hamburger meat by the Cargill company. #4

Transhumanism experiments. Like the "Borg" in the "Star Trek" series, machine and Humans are combined to make better slaves.


Also Reptilian-Human people are also modified. If you would like to see some of this, look at the artwork of a man named H R Giger. There is also a Netflix Documentary of him. I have witnessed some of the males he has done art work of myself.

The locations of MILABS in America:

Los Angeles #1 and #2, San Bernardino CA, San Jose CA, Carson City NV, Nellis AFB called Las Vegas MILAB, Roswell NM, Albuquerque NM, Denver CO, North Dakota [about 50 mi to Bismark], Lincoln Neb, Minneapolis MN, Chicago #1 and #2, Indianapolis IN, Crawfordsville TX, Dallas, Houston, Jackson Miss, Montgomery AL, Atlanta GA, Grand Rapids MI, Detroit MI, NE Ohio [by Akron near Tallmadge,OH], Pittsburg and Philadelphia PA, Raleigh NC, Langley and Arlington VA, New Jersey [near Newark], 4 in NY- Financial District NYC, Midtown NYC, Montauk, LI, and upstate under a resort community Bolton NY [about 50 mi away], Washington DC #1 and #2, Pentagon, Wilmington DE, and Boston Mass. The locations that are connected for child trafficking are the United Nations Building, the basement of the White House (before President Trump), the NSA spy center in Utah, the TSA location in South Michigan, Orlando FL, Arizona [near Flagstaff] and Seattle.

Other International MILABS are in:

Cern, [close to the Hadron facility] Tokyo Japan, Moscow #1 and #2 [operated by the Russian CIA], Shanghai China, Perth Australia, the Vatican Vatican City Italy, and two in London #2 Essex Road, and London #1 Heathrow Airport, and Dubai. The Vatican and Dubai are almost used exclusively for Temporal creation and child trafficking. The Vatican is used as a distribution center. Mostly refugee children from the USA war crimes, the children are sent to the vatican where they are gang raped, and then are shipped out to over 70 locations in the EU. I became aware of this in January 2013. It took me awhile to calm down and be able to think clearly.


(H.R. Giger, pre-covid. Masks are satanic)

Bush Sr wanted me to join the illuminati and he was the first one to rape me in January 2012. They wanted me because of the gifts Father God gave me, including being able to see DNA of people and read information from it, other psychic gifts and working with various Light energies that God gives us as tools, such as the SACRED FIRE, and the VIOLET FLAME.

The MILAB staff experimented on me for a very long time to exploit my gifts in Healing, including injecting me by needle with HIV 185 times including all 77 mutations, placing snakes and other live animals into my body, such as revealed by artist H R GIGER's artwork, and other horrible activities such as being raped [anal sodomy] by high profile politicians, corporate executives, military males, and police officers. 

Also non-human males some of which I can Identify, and some I cannot like this guy... and a guy like this... and a male that looked exactly like this...



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "2016- Mike Pence Was Accused of Murdering 51 Children and Raping 77"

Tony B said (January 8, 2021):

This is the manner of unity at the top in today's world. This massive organization for evil of those in power that is almost impossibly hard to believe although it should be easier now as we have been taken through this obviously stolen election being shown daily that there is no proper power left to stop the evil criminality while it is done in your face. It is totally satanic with the huge number of people accomplishing it out rightly owned by the devil.

The ONLY defense against this powerful evil is God the creator of all. No human can fight this without being right with God. There is no other choice today. You either give up worldly things and concentrate thought and action on the God of love and all around him or you will be part of the hell now on earth.

It is now easy to see why the children of Fatima always reported that the Virgin Mary, with her heart of mercy, never smiled when appearing to them.

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