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How Hitler Sabotaged Nazi War Effort

March 28, 2021

"History" is a Charade 

Australian history buff, Geoff Ferguson,
gives a host of reasons
why he believes Hitler
was controlled opposition, i.e.
an Allied (Illuminati Jewish) agent.

"Only  a traitor to Germany and to Europe 
and a lover of Communism would do as Hitler did...
Overall, no man has done more harm to the present 
and future of the White Race than Adolf Hitler." 

Makow Comment: Hitler's  betrayal of Rudolf Hess is proof he was a great actor. He authorized Hess's peace mission; then acted as though Hess was crazy. He could have saved his loyal comrade and reaped political capital if he had acknowledged Hess was a peace envoy and demanded his return. In general, the Illuminati media gave Hitler credibility. They suppressed evidence Hitler was part-Jewish or had been a street sweeper and homosexual prostitute. 

(from Dec 27, 2014) 
by Geoff Ferguson

In Mein Kampf, Hitler called Slavic peoples  "subhuman" alienating tens of millions of potential allies like the Christian Russians, Belorussians and Ukrainians who hated Bolshevism and the Jews that ran their countries and the slave Gulags.

He allowed the best and brightest Jews to leave and work relentlessly against Germany. Many helped to build the first atom bomb which was always intended to be dropped on Germany - not Japan.

Here are some more ways Hitler sabotaged his own cause:

* He built a Navy unsuitable for challenging the Royal Navy. His submarine war efforts were a copy of WWI which also failed.  He built no invasion force capable of crossing the English channel - only 22 miles wide, and never intended to do this.

* His newly built Air Force also was not suitable for fighting the British, or even the Soviet Union which vastly outnumbered the Luftwaffe (e.g. 20,000 Soviet planes fighting 3,000 German planes). The Royal Air Force defeated him over the English skies. His bombers had a tiny payload intended for tactical support of ground forces. His jets could have been a war winning weapon even near the end of the war - but Hitler insisted these very fast planes should only be used as bombers.

220930_1.jpg*The choice of the former fighter ace and drug addict Hermann Goering, left, was a fatal decision. Hitler stayed loyal to incompetent senior leaders like Goering yet would fire a competent leader like Guderian (twice) for telling him the truth.

*His expensive rockets were only of benefit to the winners of the war - not the Germans. The bomb payload was tiny and the high speed of the rocket meant the one-ton bomb exploded underground with minimal damage. * He located the labs at Peenemunde then Nordhausen in East Germany - ensuring that the Soviets would capture much of the scientists, rockets and equipment - not the Western Allies.

* The "miracle" of Dunkirk is evidence that Hitler wanted the English to save face and win the war.  The English in the UK were then almost without any weapons. An immediate makeshift invasion after capturing the British at Dunkirk would probably have succeeded and was worth the high risk. This was less risk than at Stalingrad and Tunisia to name two later battles. In any case, had he captured the British, then an armistice or peace may have been possible. He sabotaged his best chance to win the war against the British. Hitler said many times he loved the British Empire.


person_molotov12.jpg(Hitler let his Japanese allies sign a neutrality pact with Russia April 13, 1941, nine weeks before he attacked Russia. This released Stalin's Mongolian divisions which later repulsed the Wehrmacht at Moscow and Stalingrad.Yet after Pearl Harbor, Hitler gratuitously declared war on the US.)

*He did not pressure the Japanese to help him destroy Russia - which would have solved Japanese supply problems (such as oil) without their reckless war against the USA and Britain - another guaranteed loss for the Axis. The Soviet Union was a hated pariah nation which should have been invaded by both Axis partners and broken up to share the spoils.  When Japan attacked Pearl Harbour Hitler declared war on the USA unilaterally. He got nothing from the Japanese, having asked for nothing. The USA would not have fought Germany except in the Atlantic until the Japanese were defeated say four years later.

* Admiral Canaris, the head of the Abwehr (spy agency), was a traitor and an Allied spy. It is not possible that Hitler did not know this. He would have been informed of this via Himmler and perhaps others. Many of the rival fiefdoms maintained their own spy networks in competition with each other.

*German espionage, spy catching (e.g. Richard Sorge) and code breaking efforts were weak compared with Allied successes.  German hubris or Hitler treason?

*Hitler's six-week delay in attacking Russia doomed the invasion and was not necessary. He invaded Yugoslavia and Greece and as usual the Allies were trounced by the Germans. But those hilly and backward countries were of no danger to Germany as the slow 1944 invasion via Italy later proved.

* German Armies were close to Moscow when Hitler diverted his tank forces to capture Ukraine instead. Then the "unimportant" Moscow was attacked for a second time with worn out tanks and exhausted crews. The capture of Moscow may have brought Japan in on his side and shelved Pearl Harbour.

Hitler then blamed and fired his able Field Marshals for his own blunders and replaced them with younger ambitious men - who would be afraid to question his orders as the Old School had done.

* Hitler starved Rommel of support when he was invading Egypt. When Rommel was losing and retreating, Hitler sent about 200,000 fresh German soldiers who were all captured in Tunisia - a loss as serious as Stalingrad which is ignored by most "documentaries" as it is not visually interesting like the Stalingrad winter.  These 200,000 troops could (earlier) have captured Egypt, the Suez Canal, Palestine and Syria, linking up with the Germans in Russia.
* Hitler refused to allow von Paulus to break out of Stalingrad to the West, which could have been done easily while von Manstein was attacking from the West. Hitler intentionally threw away the 6th Army.

*The 1943 pincer attack at Kursk was the most obvious counter attack in history and bound to fail. This battle alone lost the war for Germany by destroying his tank forces.


*Hitler did everything he could to allow the Communists from the East to overrun as many Central and Eastern European countries as possible who then installed mostly Jewish Marxist dictators - people that Hitler claimed to hate.

Hitler Yes We Can_0.jpg* He withdrew troops and tanks from the East to attack in the West in the Battle of the Bulge - a misguided campaign that Hitler subsequently sabotaged. Unless his intention was to allow the Bolsheviks into Prussia and Germany before the Allies could get there from the West. That is exactly what happened. Any normal pro European leader (say de Gaulle or Churchill) would have delayed the Soviets while retreating without fighting in the West. Perhaps even moving his entire army to the East in a strong defence and allowing the Allies a cake walk as far as mid Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia from June 1944.

Only  a traitor to Germany and to Europe and a lover of Communism would do as Hitler did. Or an Anarchist perhaps. Hitler claimed his decisions would have the Allies and Soviets at each others throats - what he did achieved the opposite. Stalin would have been furious if Hitler had allowed the Allies to move quickly to Central Europe.

* Hitler ordered the mistreatment of subjugated peoples which ensured a strong Resistance and Partisan warfare against his own soldiers, who were hugely outnumbered by their subjects. Lasting Empires are mostly built on cooperation, diplomacy and mutual benefits - not brutality.

*Hitler in 1945 personally ordered the destruction of all German industry and power stations, consistent with the then secret US Morgenthau Plan.
Some claim that the shadowy Bormann was a Soviet spy. If so, Hitler would have known as Canaris and Himmler would both have told him.

* Hitler declined to conscript German women as a factory labour force even though he knew the British were doing this even in 1939. This decision alone was enough to lose the war. Just to "protect" German women, whom he allowed to be raped and murdered by Soviet soldiers in the last months of the war? It took Goebbels to declare Total War in 1942. Where was Hitler on this vital issue? Did he ever want to win?

*Hitler made no attempt to capture Gibraltar e.g. via paratroops. He also could have marched through Spain - it is not likely that Franco would have ordered his soldiers to fight the Germans. Hitler only had scruples about neutrality with ungrateful "friends" like Franco.

*Hitler also made no attempt to invade Malta which was essential to win the war in North Africa. He was hardly interested in the North African campaign and was there just to bail out Mussolini. Rommel did as well as he did by disobeying orders from above, who gave him very little support.

Overall, no man has done more harm to the present and future of the White Race than Adolf Hitler.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "How Hitler Sabotaged Nazi War Effort "

Stephen said (May 13, 2016):

Henry, as some know the entire war was paid for by and large from the same sources. Hitler let the Jewish scientists out who built an A-bomb intended to be used on Germany. Come on! There were too many Jews in Germany for an A-bomb to be used, no way, yet how many Jews were in Japan and died when the Jewish man opened the doors on two cities.

As for the Holocaust so-called, well in denial circles some say to convince others concerning that Hoax with books, pamphlets, first hand accounts etc. etc. is like showing a movie to blind people.

Marcus said (May 12, 2016):

Without Hitler there would have been no nazi war effort.

The more I read about WW2 and in particular Hitler, the Third Reich, the successes of Germany when Hitler rose to power and his removal of Jews from running most establishments, including kicking out the Rothschilds, the more I see that your belief Hitler was a British agent, the more I realise that on this particular topic, you are gatekeeping. I have full respect for the majority of all of your other articles on feminism, global Jewish bankers, new world order, the LGBT agenda etc but it's clear to anyone who has researched history will see that although Hitler did work with Zionists, to send Jews to Palestine, common sense decreed that he needed Jews to work as part of his war effort when most of the men capable of work were fighting in his armed forces. If Hitler truly was a British agent and working for them, then why on earth did he attempt eight peace treaties with the allied forces?

The allied forces waged war on Germany (read Jewish forces) because Hitler was destroying the power of the Rothschild bank by giving families in children interest free loans to have large families. Hitler was yet another victim of the Rothschild banking cabal. History is littered with this - Uganda, the Phillipines and of recent times, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and currently Syria. The private bank must be instituted in all lands in order to connect all countries to the private Rothschild world bank and subsequent one world government within the totalitarian, socialist, new world order.

The more I research on Hitler, the more I see, he was the only one who made a valiant attempt to destroy the power of the Red Shield. He failed as all have and continue to do so. History is written by the victors and Hitler must be continually demonized in order for the benchmark to measure Jewish persecution and victimhood to exist. To all people reading this, next time you watch a movie, or watch your favourite TV show, guaranteed there will always be a mention to Hitler, the Third Reich, the holocaust and WW2. People are not allowed to think when it comes to WW2 & Germany. They are just supposed to accept the western, indoctrination of the public - allied forces good, axis forces evil. It is most certainly not as black and white as we are told.


Thanks Marcus

Part of my work is disabusing true believers, of whom there are many. I am not a gatekeeper. We simply disagree.


James C said (May 12, 2016):

We've had 70 years of this one-sided anti-German propaganda which has portrayed Hitler as a warmongering monster. In reality, Churchill and FDR were the actual warmongering monsters. They were responsible for World War II, not Hitler. The allied atrocities committed on the German people after the war are beyond human imagination. I suggest Australian history buff Geoff Ferguson watch Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany. Here: The Zionists gave us World Wars I and II, and they are in the process of giving us World War III.

Thanks James

Hitler was their agent. They could not have done it without him


CF said (December 29, 2014):

Hitler's numerous fumbles were always puzzling to many a duped student of history. The listed/posted observations only make the obvious more blatant. Puppets are usually the most blinded by their given position, and/or by the script they are handed, and required to follow.

This will soon be seen, more and more, in THIS current era, as the puppet players begin to move the game into ultra high stake realms. Within the Luciferian agenda, everything is reversed, inverted, literally turn upside down; good = bad, patriot = enemy, and "helpers" = destroyers.

Can we really be surprised that Hitler was just another shill? Is there really any doubt that 'they' would "reward" their puppet by ensuring his escape, after destroying Germany and much of Europe? The puppet minions are like trained pit bulls (with perverse tastes and habits, more easily blackmailed and manipulated), who just do what their masters tell them, and wait to be thrown a gold plated bone.

Gregory said (December 28, 2014):

Another way that Adolph Hitler served the Illuminati and Zionist agenda. Long before the Nazi Party took power in Germany, the international Zionists wanted to find a way to entice, or to coerce, the Jews of Europe to emigrate to Palestine. By persecuting the European Jews, Hitler provided the Zionists with what they wanted – a Jewish Exodus to Palestine.

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