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Celeste Solum-- Human Life Will Be Unrecognizable

March 21, 2021


According to FEMA whistle blower Celeste Solum, left, Americans have been cast in the role of Jews in Nazi Germany and will meet the same fate. 

Global governance means we'll have to play by a "totally new set of rules."

Ecclesiastes 4-2. I envy those who are dead and gone; they are better off than those who are still alive. 3. But better off than either are those who have never been born, who have never seen the injustice that goes on in this world. 

by Henry Makow PhD

If Celeste Solum is right, we are in much worse trouble than we think. She comes from an Illuminati background and worked as a FEMA planner for 20 years. So she is in a position to know.

Her horrifying vision is the darkest you will find. I cannot confirm that it will transpire but this may be a case of "forewarned is forearmed." Prepare for "a world of hurt."

She doesn't write so I couldn't find a text to repost. Instead she gives interviews to people like Mike Adams, Dave Hodges and David Icke. I listened to a few and provide some of her claims:

With robotics, most human beings have become redundant to the Illuminati. When there are famines and power blackouts, people will stream to "reception centers" (at Costco's and Walmarts of all places?) where they will be interned and sent to concentration camps where they will be gassed or guillotined.  The goal is to offload 90% of the population.

Covid tests are intended to collect your DNA. The vaccines contain aborted fetus stem cells
and human proteins that have been bred in plants and mice ("a human in a mouse suit.") They also contain "hydrogels" - nanoparticles that permanently fuse with your tissue, that connect with a 5G computer network that "monitor your health" at all times and determine if you can go to work or buy food. 

Speaking of food, meat will be phased out and concentration camp rations --"micronutrients" -- introduced for the general public. There will be no "going to the supermarket." We will not be allowed "to take anything from nature" and must downsize to half our carbon footprint. If we live in a mansion, we must move to a bungalow. (I know it sounds crazy.) 

 FEMA estimates only 3% of gun owners will resist gun confiscation by force. 

 They are making an inventory of everything of material value. All private property "will be federalized." 


It is tempting to dismiss Solum as a crackpot and a fear monger. There were many red flags. She tends to exaggerate, claiming she grows 500 varieties of tomatoes on her farm in Montana and there are "seven million drones" monitoring us. She places a lot of emphasis on cosmic changes: "2000 year cycles'; "the sun has gone silent" and the "magnetosphere" has weakened. We are in the "end times." She claims that a second Wuhan virus was released- a "plant destroyer" that decimated her orchards in Montana. 

(Committee of 300, published in 1992)

On the other hand, consider her message in the context of what is actually happening. Trillions have been spent and millions of lives have been disrupted or destroyed for a virus that has a .25% mortality rate. 68,000 Britons have been fined for lockdown breeches. A young couple was terrorized by 12-man SWAT team who thought they were having a party. An 82-year-old grannie was watching TV in bed when police arrived to warn her about having tea in her garden with two friends earlier that day.  A Michigan restaurant owner was led away in shackles after publicly warning Americans they were being enslaved. 

Make up your own mind. But my view is prepare for the worst and pray for the best.
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Celeste Solum Interviews 

Must-watch: What's REALLY in the fake 'vaccines - former FEMA employee Celeste Solum talks with David Icke


Mike Adams -

Yekeldegannes  --     

17 Podcasts -

First Comment from Mary-

 Ms. Solum is correct on the following.  There are thousands of drones in the sky daily and nightly.  I live in Colorado, in the mountains at 9000 ft. I and all of the neighbours see them.  This started about 2 1/2 years ago.  We also see space ships but no way in hell I will report that.  They are also probably our own govt. ships.  Pictures of guillotines on freight cars being transported to unknown locations in this country were printed on the internet but taken off quickly.  People working on these devises plus trans cars with shackles were also shown by former workers.   Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows about the vaccines and what they will do, plus they have a tracking device.  It has been stated so many times by Kissinger/ Brzezinski, Gates and many more of their ilk throughout the last 50 years.  Every Sam's Club/Walmart that closed was fenced and being reconfigured for FEMA.  They have already said we will become vegetarians, which I am, but I choose that.  

We will only be able to eat GMO food provided by Brain-dead Billy Gates who is the largest owner of farm land in this country.  Many states are already implementing laws against home gardening , with Michigan leading the way.  I do not see the gun owners giving up guns.  They I do believe are wrong about that.  They just do not know rural America.  Yes it is possible to have that many tomato plants.  We have only been exposed to a few.

NASA admitted in a phone conversation with a reporter inquiring about hearing that a hole had torn the magnetosphere  This happened about 3 years ago and the jerks reply from NASA said yes that was true but it would be fixed within the next two years.  It has not been.  That is why the sun is so deadly hot  We have drones equipped with DEW's (direct energy weapons) that have actually killed some horses in the area, caused injury to animals.  I crashed on Jan. 7, 2019 wit heavy metal poisoning.  Lead and metals I have no idea what they are showed up in my tests "above allowable" and after continual detox of edta and chelation they have come down but still out of range.  My well water shows no heavy metals.

Gates and Fake Fauci have both said there will be another virus only worst.  Really.  What geniuses they are to know all of this.  I am relaying all of this because it is time for people to wake up.  I no longer send out info unless I know someone wants to know about it.  One of your commenters referred to this as Doom and Gloom.  That is really putting it mildly.  I could go on and on about things like the DUMBS.  We have them all over and in just about every mountain.  They fly out at night.  These people no longer care if people know because they have become so arrogant and believe they cannot be stopped.  Possibly they are correct.  But I am 80, lived though everything the brain dead people call conspiracy and my response is their ignorance is showing.  There is no conspiracy, it is and has been in our face for decades.  The only president to give a crap about we-the-people was JFK and you see what they did to him.  Anyway, thanks for printing that article. I sent it to people who would want to know and because she validates what I have been saying for years. 

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Comments for "Celeste Solum-- Human Life Will Be Unrecognizable "

Tony B said (March 22, 2021):

You might mention to commenter "Drew" (below) that some of us have had proof positive of shackles welded into train cars, parked in remote places, for at least four decades as well as mountains of plastic coffins, each made to hold multiple corpses. Whenever either were found and photographed they were moved. It was not much later that we had the proof of the guillotines. FEMA "camps" are now abundant. Refusing to believe the utter satanic evil of these people will not save one single person.

Chris said (March 22, 2021):

This is a spiritual battle so we must fight in the spirit.

"Pray or be defeated" is the motto of a youtuber which happens to have had explicit dreams and visions about the insidious nature of nano-tech assembling from the bio-weapon "vaccines" and our dystopic future.

David C said (March 22, 2021):

I've been following Ms. Solum for a couple years, and find her information intriguing, but not totally convincing. The fact she chose to be on the David Hodges and Mike Adams shows is telling - both obviously controlled opposition imho, and David Icke denies the Gospel of Christ, while Celeste claims to be a Christian. I do agree with her that we are living the "end times", and the evil entity controls the world, so it's going to continue getting worse as we approach armageddon and the apocalypse. The Holy Bible clearly warns us about these end times, including Enoch, which was written 300+ BC, yet already predicted the "son of man" returning, as does Daniel and other biblical books. The most important issue to me, is being saved spiritually, which can only happen through accepting Jesus Christ as my redeemer and savior. Getting out of this population center is my highest priority. The only way to live through the end times, and be alive for the return of Christ, is by moving out of population centers, and becoming self-sufficient for water, food, and medicine, etc. I never believed in the Holy Bible previously, because I didn't understand it, but then I found Walter J. Veith, who explains the Bible so that even me, with my damaged brain, can understand it. I highly recommend looking into Professor/Pastor Keith, who makes many videos on the "Amazing Discoveries" channel. If not for him, I would still be doubting the Gospel of Christ.

Frank said (March 22, 2021):

3% of 100 million is 3 million.

The entire U.S. military is about 2.5 million men.

The foolishness of going to war against yourself is only exceeded by
going to war against yourself when you are out gunned.

Erik B said (March 22, 2021):

Celeste Solum, from a Illuminati family, is either telling the truth or mixing truth with disinformation. But consider her message in the context of exactly what is going on. If we really are in the End times things will surely get out of hand and tptb will like to keep control at all costs. No infrastructure; no food in the cities. We are now restricted at every move we make by our rulers.

The last time the Earth was in chaos was around the time Moses was around, therefore you could consider the cycle to be more around 3600y instead of 2000y. I don't know about others but I get my daily fix of information for years on Nibiru and phenomena like signs in the sky and lately, petrol(cosmic fire?) blobs around the Sun, taken by ordinary people with ordinary cameras, since 2003, when I noticed changes in the Sun. 2021 is the year the public will get aware, hopefully, tptb knew this was coming all along of course.

Hence the present restrictions and the oppressive governments, especially in countries with lowlands and coastal areas. Tptb expect something to happen globally soon. Agenda 2021 remember, visibility of Nib is occurring almost daily now and can no longer be denied in 2021 to the public, as all heads of government were informed. But they will not inform you of the consequences. Every time a big magnetic bully passes us in space continental shifts occur and Earth is in turmoil. A lot of people would start migrating in case of earthquakes or when earth changes flood their countries. See how sudden travel is restricted now and control is on high level? Certain countries will wage war when coastal defences are lost to tsunamis. Lots of geopolitical and sociological changes.

Ray said (March 22, 2021):

Reading your latest post, I have come to conclusion, that we white European people will have to ask refuge & asylum in Russia, China & even North Korea to escape the genocide planned by the Satanic go'fers ...

Drew said (March 21, 2021):

Henry you discredit your previous good works by posting this kind of Doom and Gloom drivel.
Guillotines and gassing seriously? Most of your followers know better and probably think you are having a slow news day, so you have to post just anything that will get a few views.

I wouldn't even give Celeste the title of a limited hangout, she's an outright crankshaft!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at