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Covid Vaccine Reminds Me of Satanic Child Sacrifice

April 8, 2021

Satanic Ritual Offering of Children for 'Vaccine' Trials is the Same Mass Sacrifice of Innocents by Parents as What Happened in My Hometown of Newtown (Sandy Hook) in Dec. 2012.

Willingness to sacrifice your own children is a prerequisite for satanic initiation. We're all in! 

"When I see parents - especially mothers - parading their own children into these Pfizer and Moderna labs to offer up the bodies, minds and souls of their defenceless children to the altar of pharmakeia under Satan's delighted gaze - I see that we have as a society, indeed entered times as depraved or more depraved than just before God flooded the Earth."

By Sandra Archibald

The sheer disgust and horror of parents offering up their children and babies for "vaccine" experimentation reminded me of a certain sacrificial ritual involving children in my hometown of Newtown, Connecticut.

Even though Satanic excrement has been refashioned as art, culture & society in America, Connecticut is particularly drenched in demonic freemasonry and occult evil of every disgusting variety.

Oblivious to this fact as a child and teenager, I meandered through my upbringing in Newtown according to the prescribed programming of public schools, not realizing Newtown and one of its boroughs called Sandy Hook is an epicenter of satanic abuse in this country, especially in regards to the most innocent in our society.

It wasn't until the eve of Halloween 2019 that a life-altering encounter with a visiting presidential candidate to my hometown set me on a course of a rapid, mind-splitting awakening to 'how the world really works.' A year and a half later, I have learned more than most minds can bear, including the realization that the Sandy Hook event - although pre-planned - actually did involve the mass slaughter of innocent children and some adults.

In order to see this truth, one must understand the way Satanism works and how the ritual sacrifice of loved ones - even one's own children - is not only required of cult members to prove loyalty, but it is also considered an honor to make such a sacrifice to the Luciferian power structure and to Lucifer himself.

Many Sandy Hook researchers reject this view and cling to the belief that Sandy Hook was just a FEMA drill and that nobody died. Perhaps it takes the front-line view of a third-generation Newtown resident or someone who truly understands the depths of evil that these Luciferians perpetrate to see what really went down that day on Dec. 14, 2012 and how it relates to children being masked, subjugated, abused and now forced by ignorant or malevolent parents to take part in so-called vaccine trials that involve injecting pure poison into their veins.

I recently reached the darkest chamber of my roller-coaster ride of terror as I have discovered that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was not only a pre-planned deception and fear-based manipulation of the same flavor as 9/11, but also a  satanic ritual blood sacrifice of children on a mass scale.

It is my belief, based on personal research and the rampant satanic cult practice in the Newtown area as well as the knowledge of how the Luciferian elite operate, that some of the most visible parents in the Sandy Hook drama are role players and practicing satanists who offered up their children in this sacrifice and accepted the resulting payoffs and perks to continue playing their assigned roles. Mixed in with this parental deception surrounding the Sandy Hook event is the truth that children of unknowing, non-participating parents of the planned event died as well and that such parents are genuine victims showing genuine grief.

(Nothing has changed)

During state-sponsored terror attacks like Sandy Hook, the criminal controllers mix up real action with fake action and real players with fake players so that nobody knows the whole truth of it - even many of the first responders who really did see piles of dead children stacked up in the tiny bathrooms and strewn on the classroom floors. The duties of criminal participants in such events are compartmentalized and information is only given on a need-to-know basis. This way the possibility of whistle-blowing is mitigated because while participants in the trick might know the part they played was a lie, they don't know the full scope and details of the entire operation.This is the brilliance and cunning evil of these planned terror operations.

Along with its occult leanings, Newtown also has a long, dark history in medical experimentation at the old, 1940s-era Fairfield Hills mental asylum in town, and Newtown is also the east coast headquarters of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, the main, west coast headquarters being in San Francisco.

It is also highly likely and possibly provable that Newtown with its underground tunnel system that runs below Fairfield Hills and possibly down the road to the Sandy Hook Elementary School with its neighboring masonic lodge, is a hub of child trafficking for the pedophiles and otherwise.

The Department of Child Services and the foster care system in Connecticut are particularly corrupt and complicit in evil channels, and I suspect some of the children sacrificed at Sandy Hook were foster care or trafficked children whose identities could be easily obscured and manipulated to match the identities of reported child victims in the press. Such exploited children would not have family members to confirm or contest their life or death. Unfortunately, children are not just sexually abused and killed by criminal elites in this country, but are used as "easily expendable" and convenient gun fodder in these planned terror events.

December 2012 was a gateway year to what the occultists see as the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, the Fifth Age or the Iron Age.  Because the sick minds of Luciferians require blood sacrifice for their many occult ceremonies honoring their illegitimate, imposter god Lucifer, December 2012 required a shock & awe sacrifice that had never been seen before.


One that didn't just involve the blood sacrifice of one or two children at an altar, but the sacrifice of 20 children. The number 20 (XX in Roman numerals) is an important number to Luciferians because the number 10 signifies conclusion or culmination, and anytime a number is doubled and tripled in occultism, it intensifies the meaning and supposed power of that number. This is likely why the year 2020 kicked off the most horrific and mass-scale genocide campaign against humanity - known as Covid-19 - that known history has ever seen.

The dark realization about my hometown and the child sacrifice and ritual sexual abuse of minors that occurs here in Newtown as well as all across the country and world, makes me first want to cry and scream as a mother with two children, and then makes me want to find the biggest spear possible and stick it into the head of the snake all by myself. Now that is true feminism - protecting our children, our young and most innocent from evil. It is the only time a woman should set aside her true feminine nature of delicacy, innocence and passivity to instead unleash the Mama Bear on a threatening entity in order to protect a child who is entirely defenseless and innocent.

When I see parents - especially mothers - parading their own children into these Pfizer and Moderna labs to offer up the bodies, minds and souls of their defenceless children to the altar of pharmakeia under Satan's delighted gaze - I see that we have as a society, indeed entered times as depraved or more depraved than just before God flooded the Earth. Although the masses are not yet partaking in straight-forward cannibalism as in the fallen times of Babylonia, this injecting of fetal-cell containing "vaccines" and the flesh offering of our own children, is simply cannibalism with a high-tech twist.

Just as some participating parents with fore-knowledge of the Sandy Hook ritual blood sacrifice willingly offered up their children for the slaughter with some even conceiving their children six years prior for the specific purpose of sacrifice for the planned elementary school terror event, parents are now proudly offering up their children for sacrifice in this contrived pandemic along with all of its spin-off evil activities of mask-wearing, social isolation and poisonous injections.

(Opening Ceremony, 2012 London Olympics)

I'll likely never be able to prove Sandy Hook was a mass ritual occultic sacrifice to usher in the 2012 Age of Aquarius (as well as further the agendas of gun control and control-by-fear), but I know it is the truth just by simply looking around at what is happening right outside our front doors today with the satanic indoctrination ritual of mask wearing, mark-of-the-beast injections and the psychological and physical abuse and culling of children via dehumanizing, anti-social and unhealthy mandates.

Newtown, Connecticut is home to Anton LaVey's east coast Church of Satan, sister church to the main headquarters of the Church of Satan (also known as the Church of Tiamat) in San Francisco.  The Church of Satan in Newtown is located at 20 West Street, situated directly behind the Newtown Congregational Church at 14 West Street. The Church of Satan's address at 20 West Street contains no structure, only heavily forested woodlands directly behind the Congregational Church. 

It is my belief that the Newtown Congregational Church and Newtown's Church of Satan are one and the same building, and the Protestant church simply acts as a cover for the true Church at that address and all the evil activities that go on in the dark channels behind its closed doors.

None of this Covid evil is happening in dark channels and behind closed doors present day. It is the most mocking, blatant, in-our-face obvious wounding and extermination of innocent lives ever witnessed on this planet. As a mother and as a member of humankind who wants to see beauty, truth, freedom and goodness prevail, I can honestly say we are nearly at a point of no return.

When children become easy pickings in the maiming and culling of humanity while parents and adults offer them up for sacrifice or simply look the other way in self-centered cowardice, there is little hope to be found except for Jesus returning and unleashing some much-needed and justified punishment and judgement on those who have turned away from Him and instead turned fully to evil.

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Comments for "Covid Vaccine Reminds Me of Satanic Child Sacrifice"

GW said (April 9, 2021):

nope ... I am not buying the essay by Sandra Archibald atop your website today
Covid Vaccine Reminds Me of Satanic Child Sacrifice

too much evidence that the thing was entirely a staged event.

the nature of evidence is that it can be tested. If it can't be tested, it isn't evidence

serious investigators pursuing the Sandy Hook HOAX, did put official assertions to the test. The facts they accumulated proved - beyond argument - the event could not have happened as portrayed in the news media.

her folding-in wild speculation about 'satanic child speculation' absent one single fact to substantiate, only obfuscates heroic work done by the real 'truthers' on the subject. I"m halfway tempted to go to Connecticut ... just drive a cab around that little town for a while. I bet I could come up with a few factoids which would blow the doors off the cover story

the way the Big Noise = Alex Jones = bailed out on this issue, was the end of the line of his credibility for me. If the guy were for real, he would have made it the 'hill he chose to die on'.

Wesley Everest said (April 8, 2021):

Concerning Ms Archibald - One of the better posts of recent times on your site. The mix up of truth and lies from the getty-up. Some may think for gun control, but all the gun manufacturers have been ringing up profits for so many years. One Dick Daley, Jr, mayor of Chicago, circa 1990, sued the gun manufacturers, I don't know of anyone else.

The clean up was, as she addresses in her scenario, was well contained. Was it an abandoned school as some suggest? Underground tunnels? Wouldn't simple drone coverage with InfraRed capability see tunnels? When the black slaves following the North Star talked of Underground Railroads, could they have been talking of underground railroads or Underground Railroads, meaning tunnels exist, have and will, under the Vatican and under the Capital. Under LosAngeles. 40 miles of tunnels dug harvesting gold In the CA Rush 1949 under Grass Valley and surrounding areas. There is a dark culture.

My daughters are disturbed when I ask them, "If you rearrange my grandchildrens' DNA are they my grandchildren?" We don't talk. I make them write me postal letters.

Keep your heart open. Spring is here. Take a long walk in the woods. Seems to work for me.

David C said (April 8, 2021):

After they start the permanent lockdown later this year, escaping the testing and vaccinations may be almost impossible, even if you aren't sick. They will likely say asymptomatic people can be carriers, so we all have to be tested and/or vaccinated. Klaus Schwab (WEC) already declared unvaccinated people are a THREAT to humanity. The tests are dangerous too, and even some masks seem to be contaminated with Morgellon's-like fibers, and God knows what else. Satan controls this world, and there is only one way to be saved - through Yeshua.

I appreciate this article supports that opinion, and hope people reading this will learn that MOST important lesson, if they don't already know. God warned us it's going to get much worse towards the end of time, which is coming at us fast, like a train's light in a tunnel.

Sandra Archibald said (April 8, 2021):

In response to Peter Colt's comment below:

I think the FBI crimes database listing of zero deaths is a purposeful distraction to fuel Sandy Hook researchers. The controllers of these government-sponsored terror operations put out this kind of disinfo and redirects in order to send everyone into prescribed channels of research and to stay away from issues they don't want looked into or mentioned, such as satanic aspects.

In response to your theory that the FBI could have avoided listing the death counts because the children were non-human clones or sovereigns, the same would apply if the children were trafficked or foster care "Jane Doe" and "John Doe" kids that probably don't even have social security numbers, as I theorize. These unidentifiable and essentially non-existent children are used for the purpose of being no-name gun fodder in such contrived terror events. This is my theory and also makes sense that these no-name, undocumented, exploited children could be easily used as body doubles for children we were told died in the event.

Your comment that "the whole town seems to consist of a tightly-knit group of outsiders who all moved there a few years prior to the incident" is entirely non-credible and impossible. Newtown is over 60-square miles with nearly 30,000 residents. There are four elementary schools, an intermediate school, a middle school and a high school. Sandy Hook is just one of FIVE boroughs in Newtown. Sandy Hook is not a one-square-mile village as some researchers like Sofia Smallstorm want you to believe for some reason. Sandy Hook is huge and is the only borough in Newtown with two fire stations and its own zip code of 06482. Hey, I just realized those numbers when added up actually reduce to 20, which supports my occult theory about the number 20 that I explained in my post.

DD said (April 8, 2021):

April is high on the calendar, also, for child sacrifice. it is associated with moloch worship which is nothing new to the satanists. the columbine high school shooting was in april & so was the sacrifice in oklahoma city at the alfred murrah building. the days of noah are here & have been here f or a while now. it is the day of lot, also. Jesus said it would be this way just before his return. there will be demonic activity. for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. 'vengeance is mine, says the Lord, I will repay'.

Peter Colt said (April 8, 2021):

For years I've been saying that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

Here's the official FBI webpage for all crimes in Connecticut that year. Scroll down, to Newtown and you'll see the number of murders is ZERO. The total of all violent crime not resulting in death is SEVEN. And don't say that because it happened late in the year that the killings were listed in 2013 because they weren't. 2013 had ZERO killings and only TWO violent crimes. I've searched diligently for the Sandy Hook case in the terrorism databases. It's not there. It wouldn't be there since such an act wouldn't actually qualify as terrorism. Some people make the claim that it was considered to be an act of terrorism and as such it falls under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security and not the FBI, but they're wrong. Official data shows that only 7 people died from terrorism in the USA in 2012. So, taking all of this into account you must come to realize that according to the FBI itself the SANDY HOOK SCHOOL MASSACRE NEVER HAPPENED.

Now your latest article has me wondering if perhaps the reason for the FBI not acknowledging the massacre could be that either these kids were perhaps not "persons" (in the legal-fiction way that 'Sovereign Citizens' would take that to mean), or that perhaps since there are many stories about how the whole town seems to consist of a tightly-knit group of outsiders who all moved there a few years prior to the incident, these kids could possibly have been 'clones' and therefore not seen as human under the law, which would therefore mean that they couldn't have been 'murdered'.

I find it hard to believe that human cloning hasn't been done on a large scale already.

I would welcome any thoughts on this from the author, Sandra Archibald.

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