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Synarchism -- The "Right" is also Under Satanist Control

July 26, 2021

This 90-minute interview with historian David Livingstone is a lot to absorb but I'll give you the gist.

Livingstone is a Communist. He thinks that rigged elections, illegal mass migration, defund the police, critical race theory, "white supremacism," big-tech censorship, cancel culture, gender dysphoria etc. are all fascist strategies to discredit Jews and not Communist Jewish stratagems to destroy Western Civilization.

by Henry Makow PhD

David Livingstone has convinced me that Left and Right are both part of a Cabalist (Freemason) world control grid.

"Politics is mostly a charade," he says.

bez-subversion.pngThe goal is a spoof religion called "Discordianism"  - the worship of chaos: "Nothing is true and everything is permitted." People don't know what to believe.

Out of this chaos, Cabalists build their New World Order.

Livingstone says the Book of Revelation is their Blueprint. It is not Prophesy but a plan they intend to implement. So are the novels 1984 and Brave New World

He says the Book of Revelations was written in 400 AD and is Gnostic.

We are familiar with Communism on the Left. Not so much with Synarchism on the Right. Most conservatives and nationalists, he says, are not Christians but occultists who use Christianity as a Trojan Horse. The contrived conflict between Communism and this "Fascist International" feeds "Discordianism."

Livingstone lists White Russians, Alfred Rosenberg, Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Rene Guenon, Julius Evola, Borris Brazol, Henry Ford, Alexander Duggin and Neocon founder Leo Strauss as Synarchists. Others include the "Moral Majority," Paul Manafort, Lee Atwater,  Arthur J Finklestein, Netanyahu, Roy Cohn, Norman Vincent Peale, the "Family," American Jewish League vs Communism, The John Birch Society, Willis Carto, the Liberty Lobby, Billy Graham, Bernard Baruch, the National Review, Knights of Malta. He says Barry Goldwater was Jewish and Jews created the KKK.

This explains why many prominent anti vaxers like David Icke and RFK Jr. have Masonic ties.
This does provide hope that their alarming warnings might be part of the Discordian scenario and not as serious as feared.

Lyndon LaRouche Jr. provided this short definition of Synarchism: "Synarchism" is a name adopted during the Twentieth Century for an occult freemasonic sect, known as the Martinists, based on worship of the tradition of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. During the interval from the early 1920s through 1945, it was officially classed by U.S.A. and other nations' intelligence services under the file name of "Synarchism: Nazi/Communist," so defined because of its deploying simultaneously both ostensibly opposing pro-communist and extreme right-wing forces for encirclement of a targeted government. Twentieth-Century and later fascist movements, like most terrorist movements, are all Synarchist creations.

Synarchism was the central feature of the organization of the fascist governments of Italy, Germany, Spain, and Vichy and Laval France, during that period, and was also spread as a Spanish channel of the Nazi Party, through Mexico, throughout Central and South America. The PAN party of Mexico was born as an outgrowth of this infiltration. It is typified by the followers of the late Leo Strauss and Alexandre Kojève today.

This occult freemasonic conspiracy, is found among both nominally left-wing and also extreme right-wing factions such as the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, the Mont Pelerin Society, and American Enterprise Institute and Hudson Institute, and the so-called integrist far right inside the Catholic clergy. The underlying authority behind these cults is a contemporary network of private banks of that medieval Venetian model known as fondi. The Synarchist Banque Worms conspiracy of the wartime 1940s, is merely typical of the role of such banking interests operating behind sundry fascist governments of that period.


Wittingly or not, David Livingstone is a Discordian in that he casts doubt on what is demonstrably true.

He argues that Communism and the Masonic Jewish conspiracy are inventions of the "Fascist International" to increase their support and advance their goals.
He thinks fascists are using Organized Jewry as scapegoats. He says courageous patriots like Elizabeth Dilling, the America First Movement, Libertarians, Father Coughlin, the Silver Shirts, Cleon Skousen were secret fascists. Basically, he thinks Communism is false opposition for "the Fascist International."

livingstone-d.gif(Livingstone, about 15 years ago)

He defines fascism as "an hierarchy of worth" where only the elite are entitled to rule. How is that different from Communism?

If anything, this reveals that despite his insights into the Illuminati dialectic, Livingstone is a Communist. He thinks that rigged elections, illegal mass migration, defund the police, critical race theory, "white supremacism," big-tech censorship, cancel culture, gender dysphoria etc. are all fascist strategies to discredit Jews and not Communist Jewish stratagems to destroy Western Civilization. He can't see that the Democrats are Communists and he probably thinks COVID is real.

Livingstone has an encyclopedic mind and says many things that ring true. For example, the central bankers are all Sabbateans; Pope Jean Paul II and all his successors are Freemasons; Saudi Arabia is a Muslim Brotherhood state; Sabbateans funded both Nazis and Soviets.

So, while we owe a debt to Livingstone for showing how Left and Right are two wings of the same satanist bird, he must be read selectively. He is indifferent to the Communist Jewish cancer devouring the West.

And if you define a Christian as "what would Christ do?" and doing it, how does he know that everyone on the Right is an occultist? The four things the Communists are destroying -- religion (God), nation-state, racial identity (not superiority) and family (gender) are actually the basis of a healthy society.

Discordians like David Livingstone want us to believe that people who uphold these fundamental values are fascist dupes.

David Livingstone was a friend, so I hate to say, "Go to Hell."

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First Comment from Anon

Straight out of THE FAMILY playbook, spend money on both sides, but already know the out come... Never let anyone think that they are being played...  Choose the side to which you want to win...  ( i.e. Communism )-( NWO ) It's all ran from the Vatican, paid for by THE FAMILY...i.e. The Rothschild's, since they are number 2 in control of everything...  Only the Vatican is number 1... Just remember this, The so-called church has KILLED more people then all the governments of the world..  ( i.e. All in the name of GOD )
Like I've said before, all politicians are bought & paid for, That's how the game is done... I don't care what so-called country you live in... Remember it's all a BIG TV SHOW... i.e. THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH...

It's a big happy family, but most are NOT in THE FAMILY...  ( 99% )  Just peons... Only a hand full can become 33 degree Mason's... But remember the Vatican has BIG hands... MOST president's are no lower then a 30 degree Mason...  33 RUNS the side shows... Hence, The Vatican runs the BIG SHOW...  Everyone else is just a bitch... Knowing the WORLD is asleep is reason enough to get anything done...  ( NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE... ) It's always about This party v That party...  Which are the side shows... It's like there really are no police, just military in different uniforms...

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Comments for "Synarchism -- The "Right" is also Under Satanist Control "

Tony B said (July 27, 2021):

No, about Carto. Carto was too money wise to suit me but he actually started two political parties, both of which ADL types made sure they destroyed in a hurry.

Liberty Lobby actually accomplished a couple of things in congress (don't remember what). What I didn't like about Carto was that he nixed anything about masonry because a couple of masons gave regular money (probably not that much) and always hollered that they would have to quit giving if these insults to masons continued. He should have had more guts that to cave on that.

But when this guy goes after Elizabeth Dilling, America First and Father Coughlin he's a bullshit artist with a talmudic agenda.

VC said (July 27, 2021):

Livingstone is correct that Revelations is a blueprint. I can't comment on the date of its writing, but that John was said to be in Patmos then late in life.

The answer to the blueprint aspect is in the War Scroll (aka The Sons of Darkness Versus the Sons of light, circa 150 BC) which is housed in the Shrine of the Book. Jesus & St. John would have known of this scroll. The Mossiach can't come until the Goyim (Kellipot) are destroyed which is Tikkun Olam. Now is that time.

Anonymous 2 said (July 26, 2021):

Nice article on The Synarchist Movement. A guy going by the name of Che Guarava mentions it alot. I note the comments...The Vatican controls everything? Is that why Israel booms and Italy falls apart? What a cunning plan of those Catholics! Allow their pedophile Bishops to be arrested and their pedo rings exposed by the media The Vatican controls..all to frame those "Jews". Wow! So cunning! Worthy of a Stalinist Doctors Plot.

Now just let me count all the banking cartel heads who are Catholic Well then let me count how many nukes and biological warfare departments The Vatican Let me count how many critical infrastructure contracts The Vatican has along with its top level cyber tech Gee, this sure is a cunning plot by The Vatican...

TP said (July 26, 2021):

The dating of the Book of Revelation came up today on your site. Kenneth Gentry has the best book on that, Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating The Book Of Revelation.

Anyway, there are plenty of references to that book in the 200s and some in the 100s. A date of 400 A D. cannot be when people in the 200s widely referenced it.

Never heard of anyone considering that book Gnostic. Especially since it condemns the early Gnostics to Hell.

Dr. Jim said (July 26, 2021):

Thank you for exposing David Livingstone. Much appreciated.

From my research, most of what is called "Christianity" is an ideology contrived by the
powers that be during the 3rd and 4th centuries in Rome and perpetuated by the Roman Catholic
"church." Most all of it was contrary to the teachings of a man by the name of Yeshua Msheekha
who lived in what is now Israel two thousand years ago.

I don't think anyone really knows what he taught, but from what I have found it was about doing the
right thing to our fellowman and obeying some rules that were given to Moses of the Bible.

Now it's a religion of do's and don'ts and rituals created by untold numbers of men who had agendas to control their followers. So, it is today. Sad to say.

Doug P said (July 26, 2021):

There is a certain amount of philosophical truth to this. Men who want to rule over others rather than obey rational law are the devil and they do come from both sides. The devil is man. The Bolsheviks also like to control both sides. I do not believe that we should be too convinced of what we "know" in a world full of deception.

Although all the evidence points to Judaism as being the dominant philosophy, it is at the same time a ridiculous philosophy that causes people to go against their basic nature (and possibly insane because of this), and this is why I am not settled on the idea that it's all Jewish from the top.

I think we should be skeptical at least of our own beliefs. It could be that the Jews are being set up, that a technological society will no longer need them so is setting them up as blame for everything. I think the ultimate truth may surprise everyone, although I think this website has the most likely explanation, given what I have seen with my own eyes, heard first hand and read in many books.

Al Thompson said (July 26, 2021):

If we look at the facts, we can see that the government is of the Devil; Satanic. The ticket to hell is oath taking. All government officials swear oaths the exact thing Christ allegedly taught against. The people just don't get it and it seems like I'm one of the few people who take notice of the problem.

The religions do the same thing. Teach one thing; and then do another. The natural law works much better than government and religion and I've been a lot happier lately. I don't do anymore research any longer as there is no benefit is sticking my head in the cesspool and count turds. I'm more secure in the natural order and I know my place within it.

Government people are in a satanic structure that should be avoided. The best place to start is to stop swearing oaths and begin to live a normal life. Avoiding oaths gets great results.

Tony N said (July 26, 2021):

Thanks as always for your site being a source of truth especially in exposing fake truth.
David L. exposes his big lie when he says Revelation was written in 400 when it was the last writing of John the beloved and youngest apostle before his death and closer to 100 AD.

David really does nothing except repeat truths we already know and try to stir up false mud around them. He is very much like the cia Q fake movement.

The satanists are like billionaire used car salesmen...trying all kinds of truth and lies twisted in some complex deal to get us to reject God.
Jesus taught and showed how to avoid their snares and we should follow His teaching:
"seek out the truth and the truth will set you free"
"be as gentle as doves and wise as serpents"
"do not cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them in the mud and turn and rend you"
Jesus greatest victories were hidden in the darkest moments.

May you be blessed with God, truth, liberty, and peace always !

Joey said (July 26, 2021):

“Hierarchy of worth?” No, it is called “Natural Law”; Where those who display (selfless) leadership, courage, altruistic and right (Spiritual) thinking, are born to lead.

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