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E. Michael Jones -- "Jews are Not our Friends"

October 15, 2021

 E. Michael Jones, left, is the foremost Catholic thinker of our time.  

Humanity has terminal cancer. We cannot fight this disease if we cannot diagnose it. We have been inducted into a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism (Communism.)  Satanic cults control and exploit their members by corrupting and making them sick, before destroying them.

As E. Michael Jones says, "[Non-Jews] have internalized the commands of our oppressors. We need to liberate ourselves from the Jewish superego."

We are experiencing cognitive dissonance. They tell us what they are doing at the same time as they hide and deny it and pretend things are "normal." We are in the grips of the occult!

How do they have all this power? "Money" is the bloodstream of society and they control the spigot.

As M suggests in the First Comment below, many Jews behave like members of a cult, incapable of acknowledging the ugly truth, and intimidating anyone who tries to open their eyes. Isn't that also true of many of the vaccinated?

In "A Goy Guide to World History" Part 4, E. Michael Jones, describes how throughout history, satanist Jews (Communists) have systematically attacked and dismantled the Christian social fabric. Their goal is to enslave humanity. Covid is a smokescreen. Time to ignore the smoke and mirrors and address the underlying problem. We are being sterilized, depopulated and enslaved but we can't believe it. The condemned study the gallows with magnifying glasses.

Cabalist Jews and their flunkies are advancing a diabolical dogma that requires civilization to be destroyed in order for them to rule supreme. 

Cabalist Judaism = Communism = Satanism

"The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that just as in the Russian revolution, the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism..." - Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and Humanity, p. 143

from Nov 6, 2015
by Henry Makow PhD

The documentary "A Goy Guide to World History" Parts 4 & 5 confirm that Organized Jewry has shredded the social fabric in the West and "social change" actually describes satanic possession. 

I will not mince words. Judaism defined by Talmud and Cabala is Satanism. It is not a religion. It is anti-religion. Mankind has been inducted into this satanic cult by both Jews and Freemasons. Freemasonry is Cabalism for the Gentiles.

We live in a profoundly subverted society. Cabalist bankers and their Masonic minions control the mass media, government, education, churches  corporations, legal system and military. We have de facto Communism.  Homosexuality is promoted to school children. Criticism of Israel is criminalized. Young women are taught to behave like sluts. Mention of God is prohibited. Entertainment is satanic ritual. 

Masonic bankers dehumanize us by undermining our social identity based on race, religion, nation and family. Lately, this is evidenced by the migrant invasion (national identity) and the attack on gender (family.) Using sex and sports, they infantilize us -- better to serve the Illuminati. The "democratic" process is a charade reminiscent of a high school student council. Political and cultural leaders are second-raters, imposters who will do or say anything for a place at the trough. 

From time immemorial, the Cabalist Jewish goal has been to dehumanize and enslave mankind. Only Jews are human. The goyim are animals. This is the real cause of anti-Semitism. Jews have been deceived to think anti Semitism is "irrational" and "a mental disorder." Organized Jewry uses many ordinary Jews to achieve its malevolent goal. Anti Semitism is on the rise. Jewish dupes will be made the scapegoats.

stupid-goy2.jpg(Jews of the CDC)

The goyim have been brainwashed to think it's "anti-Semitic" to resist their own genocide. I am an ethnic Jew who lost grandparents in the holocaust. As long as most Jews support and implement the Illuminati agenda, anti-Semitism is a natural and necessary defence mechanism. These Jews are not your friends. Nor are Freemasons. They are not the friends of God fearing Jews either.

Believe it or not, I find much to like and admire in many Jews, including my own family. That's why it hurts to see the Jewish people hijacked by Satanists. I sound an alarm, "we have been deceived, and have become deceivers."  Jews have been morally compromised and put in jeopardy by their leaders. I wish to alert them (and all people) to a dehumanizing occult power, i.e. Illuminati. In reality, I am a "pro-Semite and pro-human."


In "A Goy Guide to World History" Part 4, a handful of thinkers describe how satanist Jews (Communists) have systematically attacked and dismantled the Christian social fabric.  

These Jews were taught that this is necessary to prevent anti-Semitism, which they were told is irrational and a mental illness.

In the 45 minute documentary, E. Michael Jones, editor of Culturewars,  explains how Satanism inverts truth. Evil is good. False is true. Sick is healthy. Thus Jews (Organized Jewry) who hate Gentiles are the "persecuted victims" while Gentiles who defend themselves are "haters" and mentally ill.  Homosexuality is healthy while the nuclear family is sick. 

Jones, the author of a dozen books, explains that Western Civilization is built on the belief in Logos, i.e. the Moral Order, God. 

Logos uses Ethos (Will) to restrain and guide Pathos (Passions.)

Satanist Jews interpret any restraint on lust as Christian. In fact, Jones explains that, as the terms imply, Western Civilization is based on this Greek principle. 

Take away Logos and Ethos, and Pathos runs amuck. You have Satanism i.e. Cabalist Judaism. "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."  This is the  Jewish Revolutionary Spirit which Jones believes will destroy society.

Kevin MacDonald explains how Jews used psychoanalysis and anthropology to attack family and race respectively. Jews fear any kind of collective power on the part of the goyim. ("We will destroy all collective forces except our own," says the Protocols of Zion 16.) 

crucief-christ.jpgPaul Fromm describes how Jews see strong patriarchal nuclear families as repressive and anti-Semitic. They promote radical individualism, where the dysfunctional individual takes his identity from consumer society. 

Even though Masons and Masonic Jews are largely responsible for imperialism, "White guilt" is used to attack the concept of nation. According to Kevin MacDonald, Jews believe Whites have no moral legitimacy. "Europeans have no moral right to any sovereignty anywhere," he says. This is increasingly apparent in Europe today.

[In Part V, Jones takes issue with MacDonald saying religion, specifically Catholicism, is the best organizing principle in resisting the Jewish onslaught. "White? What is that?" Catholicism, he says, has the most experience dealing with the Jews.] 

Jones implies our fear of anti-Semitism is another Jewish scam. "We have internalized the commands of our oppressors. We need to liberate ourselves from the Jewish superego. We cannot pretend Jews are our friends."  

He says the inevitable result of sexual liberation and the destruction of the family is extinction. People will not have children. This affects Jews as well as Gentiles. 

biden-jews.jpg(Diversity -- Biden's Jewish handlers)


As satanic possession, Communism takes many forms. When it failed to mobilize the worker to revolt, it morphed into feminism and mobilized women.  Communist Jews promoted sexual "liberation" and "LGT rights" to undermine gender, marriage and family. They promoted multiculturalism and mass migration to undermine race and culture. Satanist Jews always find a fissure to pack a stick of dynamite. Blow up Syria and inundate Europe for example. Civilization must fail so their hegemony will succeed. 

The Protocols of Zion (10) write: "We must utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even to use torture, starvation, the inoculation of disease and want, so that the goyim see no other course open to them but to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing spell the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive."

Can there be any doubt that humanity is satanically possessed?  Society is demoralized. It's not just Illuminati Jews; it's millions of Freemasons and Satanists too. It's liberals and feminists and Christian Zionists. Society is profoundly subverted/satanically possessed.

 The Protocols are being realized daily yet most still regard it as a "forgery." We must awaken from cognitive dissonance because we are headed over a precipice. 

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First Comment from M-

Good article about E. Michael Jones. But I must tell you, Your words fall on deaf ears to the majority of Jews. I have passed numerous articles you have written to a conservative Jewish acquaintance of mine, concerned for the well-being of Jews that I consider to be good people. I have never been overbearing but simply tried to present another POV.

 For instance, I told her about the Yinon plan, and about the Kalergi plan, the Havara agreement, the Federal Reserve..... without exception, EVERYTHING I have presented to this person is met with screams of anti-Semitism.

 After the last email I sent, the person has told me never to send anything else and the friendship is over. It disgusts me. The conclusion that I have come to is that Jews, in general, are an arrogant lot whose primary identity stems from the sense of superiority and their perceived victimhood.

 I hate to admit it but I am losing any and all sympathy for any who are innocent of all this wrongdoing because I am beginning to see them as being complicit by their refusal to see the obvious- that Jews control everything, and yet as things descend into chaos, Jews are not responsible.  One can count on their fingers the Jews who have stood up and said anything - yourself, Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen, etc. 

Everywhere else it is a deafening silence. The fact is Jews have been involved with trying to overthrow every order they have ever been in proximity to. I just read the other day that in ancient Alexandria they had their Jews only groups but demanded that whoever was controlling Alexandria at the time ( Romans, Greeks I can't remember) let them into their groups and councils. Nothing has changed. They demand exclusivity while demanding everyone else let go of theirs. The only difference now is that they have managed through Holocaust guilt and their control of the media to silence and any opposition to their perceived right to rule the world and destroy anyone who gets in the way. I find it repugnant.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "E. Michael Jones -- "Jews are Not our Friends""

JJ said (October 17, 2021):

This article mentions "cognitive dissonance", a term which holds a lot of mystery to many. The question in the minds of those of us who are awake is, "Why don't these people (the vast majority) see that something is wrong?"

Perhaps life is still too good for many. The fiat currency that has been pouring into our society for the last century has certainly propped up and bolstered many a salary, directly or indirectly. It has been truly a cradle-to-grave socialism. Many have been able to fly through life without having to marry and have children, and been able on top of that to engage in addictions such as smoking and drinking and promiscuous sex without a thought to the consequences.

This doesn't explain the whole situation but it helps.

There are people who have had enough money and good jobs and good living who are awake. What made them wake up and say that something was amiss. I think another thing that helps is to understand the deceit in one's own life and then one can accept that in others.

Still, life is a mystery. If someone in your family dies or develops autism shortly after taking a vaccine, shouldn't you put the pieces together?

In regards to the issue with Judaism, I agree that on the surface many Jews are good-living, family-oriented people with few addictions that are an inspiration to someone like myself. I work with many Jews and am in awe at their lives. It's the secrets of their religion, the religion beyond the Old Testament, that are the issue in my opinion.

Alain said (October 16, 2021):

Dr. E. Michael Jones has a response to ARCHBISHOP CARLO MARIA VIGANĂ’ video plus many more subjects discussed.

Don't let the title scare you,


Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me....

E. MICHAEL JONES (Audio no video)

Doug P said (October 16, 2021):

I think that E. Michael Jones is our best living intellectual, on par with Eustace Mullins.

I think that he gives the best introduction and overall explanation for what is happening.

I do not believe that the Jewish oligarchy is interested in the well-being of the average Jew, like Jones, I believe Judaism and other statutory religions that receive their evolving definition of evil from their clerics are all dangerous. These religions are comprised of nothing more than control methods and narratives. Our working and thinking definition of evil must be independent of our clerics, and this is only a feature of Christianity. It's why I am a Christian and believe Christianity to be the only true religion.

Dan said (February 16, 2017):

It's the ones we aren't allowed to criticize that become the subject of the wildest rumors.
People have been known to overdose on 'red pills' once they realized the overwhelming history of Jewish shenanigans. It's a deep rabbit hole. The more you study, the more questions are raised and it gets so deep you can't see the end of the tunnel. At that point the "woke" person will go through times of seeing Jews under every rock. If that stage is allowed is allowed to become chronic, you'll fail to notice other factors at work besides ubiquitous 'Jew'.

I must give this advice to those who just want to know the truth and the facts about things. Develop a conscious habit early of keeping an open mind and look for other factors before rushing to the conclusion that "Aha! It's the Jews!"

I think E. Michael Jones and Michael Hoffman III have in common something with the 'infamous anti Semite' Ezra Pound that they hold USURY and what Hoffman calls "the Money Power" responsible for the illness, debauchery and decline of Western Civilization - and they all rightly see that disintegration starting not in the 1960s, but toward of the Middle Ages due to the corruption of certain popes and kings that had the power to prevent erosion. Of the role of Jews in usury and the money power in Europe (as previous in ancient Rome), there's no doubt they played a leading role and took full advantage of it. That's was and remains the engine of Jewish temporal power.

In the past only popes and kings could have prevented but the one thing Modern man has is we're all savvy now, and that's the only real key to our restoration. It begins with rejection the things the loan sharks, pimps and pushers got us hooked on.

J said (November 8, 2015):

I really want to thank you for all the work you've done and for all the information that I have gotten from your books. I have tried to pass this information along but I get frustrated sometimes because people just don't want to believe it. I am a Christian which is not important to this conversation, but my Christian family wants to call me anti-Semitic. I'm not. Not at all. They are so steeped in Zionism that anything I say is counted anti-Semitic. (Sigh).

I want you to know, I don't hate Jews AT ALL, my interest is in humanity, all humanity and the people of all races. I have to admit, I don't believe in races, only cultures. For me there is only one race, the human race. I'm trying to wake people up to the Satanists or Luciferians whichever you want to call them and their design to rule the world. God bless you in your work, I will keep trying to wake people up.

KS said (November 7, 2015):

As E Michael Jones points out, what we understand as Christianity wont save us. It turns us into obedient sheep full of 'faith' and 'belief' and renders us ripe for the slaughter.

Here are two quotes from Revilo P. Oliver (August 1985), a writter that I have been introduced to through this website.

"the Christians served as a perfect screen for the Jews"

"It cannot be a coincidence that the brand of Christianity that the Fathers put over was one which lugged with it the "Old Testament" and identified Yahweh, the big Jew up in the clouds, as the Christian god, or that the first concern of the fathers, as soon as they got their hands on governmental power, was to exterminate the Marconists, the Manichaeans, and all the other Christian sects that refused to accept as their god the fiend of the "Old Testament." By utilizing some passages in the gospels that sprang from antagonism between rival Jewish factions and stigmatized opponents as a "synagogue of Satan," the Fathers could serve the Jews by promoting a factitious antagonism between the Jews and their Judaized *goyim*"

One of your other readers recently recommended Mark Passio's Youtube presentation on The Occult Demystified.
I would like to endorse that and additionally recommend his seminar on Natural Law. It's a forlorn hope but it is about all we have.

Anon said (November 7, 2015):

Masonry is Jewish Cabbalah, which is Satanism. Henry claims society is possessed by a Satanic cult. Nearly all cops, judges, politicians, and bureaucrats are Masonic. Read the welcome signs for any small town near you. Not all Masons are Satanists, but all Masons serve those who are.

Now they mount false flags to blame on Islam, while training DHS and FBI agents to put Christians on watch lists, and duping pastors into clergy response teams for concentration camps they've built. I call that behavior Satanic. Where are the rebel porch Masons telling on their brothers?

Jesus was apolitical and His message wasn't guilt, but remission of it: Go and sin no more. The Founders felt Christianity very necessary in government. They wrote that perfect constitutions would die without it, ending in tyranny. They knew well European persecutions. They fought Popery and Jesuitism. Study history case by case, do not wave hands, blaming "religion" for polluting holy politics. That's the Masonic con of the Secular Progressive Eschaton, which is in fact the Holy Masonic Empire. Even a non- Christian esotericist like Freeman tells you so. Faith isn't the danger, but power, of any kind, in anyone's hands.

Politics is ugly, not sacred, and the Founders knew it. The main goal of America wasn't limited church, but limited state. To limit state power means less danger of anyone attempting to grab it, or having done so, abusing it.

Stevev said (November 7, 2015):

Thanks for turning me on to E Michael Jones. Because of your mentioning him several times I have been reading his book Libido Dominandi. It's a great book that's been comforting me in my struggle to be continent and not seek the sleeping around most people my age are obsessed with.

Hundreds and hundreds of years ago Jews were able to organize into a proto-masonry and leech off everything good in their host cultures while giving just enough to subvert their host cultures to their own objective of supremacy.

A moral person is the only person who can't be controlled by outside forces. A person has as many masters as they have vices. The jewish control of media shows that they're happy to master us as we seek pretty women and violent adventures.

I believe historians will look back at this time and laugh about the lack of reference to the jewish world leadership in the media and private correspondence.

Pat said (November 7, 2015):

I read the comments after this article. Same thing has happened to me. My new Jewish friend, asked me to stop sending her stuff on the Palestine/Israel conflict. She doesn't want to hear it.

Something is wrong with the Jews. They fall for this brainwashing and really believe everyone hates them and have hated them - for no reason - since forever!

Al Thompson said (November 6, 2015):

This is a good article. I've been studying these conspiracy observations for many years. I usually avoided the Jew issue because I too thought it was racist to challenge the actions of a Jew. So, this anti-semite stuff worked on me for a long time and it wasn't until I started reading your website extensively did I realize that I was missing a big part of the puzzle.

However, the so-called "Christians" are to blame. If their morality was so strong, then why haven't Christians been able to maintain their own beliefs and allow immorality to go on for so long? My view of this is that the Christian churches have a fundamental problem in the accuracy of their own doctrines. The word Christian is used for thousands of denominations and organizations. Each one teaches a few doctrines that would completely disqualify them from being Christian. Many churches don't think keeping the commandments is important and that all you have to do is to believe in Jesus.

My studies show that if the Christian church had any value, it would have been sometime before 300AD. The reason for this is that some of the earlier Christian writings spoke a lot about keeping the commandments and had very useful writings about morality. What is being passed off today is not Christian in the biblical sense of the word, unless of course, Christians are pagans and none of us got the memo.

Without a strong moral foundation, no religion is good for anything, including Christianity. Bad religion gets millions of people killed. The problem with Jews is the Communist Jews. Their religion is the state and everyone is to participate. The goyim, people who are considered animals by Communist Jews, are the ones who make it work through their delusional belief in the communist state system. There are places in the United States Code that look like they came from the Talmud.

Anyone who practices this disgusting Freemasonic Satanic stuff is completely disgusting no matter what is his race. These people cause severe social problems and they get millions of people killed. But it is also the goyim "Christians" who should know better than to go along with any of it, yet they do. This is one of the reasons I do not engage in religion any longer, it is just too dangerous for the mind.

Kristina said (November 6, 2015):

In answer to a comment by Al Thompson:

Religion is never good but to believe in Jesus Christ - and being born again from above - is a complete different thing!

Kind regard

Kristina from Sweden

Tony B said (November 6, 2015):

I don't know if you are in correspondence with Thompson but his lingering confusion on Christianity is that he, as most English speaking people - myself included for most of my life - mistakenly include protestantism under the heading "Christianity."

Protestantism was deliberately created and nourished by the same satanic forces you so elegantly expose, the whole purpose being to have the "dumb goy" destroy their own religion.

Only when one does an honest study of Catholicism, the Church started by Jesus Christ, does one begin to understand what real Christianity is, even though V2 Catholicism is also mostly not it. There exists a superior, spiritual world above our material world which protestantism completely dropped and hid from its dogmas. This is not to condemn every protestant as anyone who honestly believes he is doing the will of God is so judged.

Satanism is not just a word, the force is real, spiritual and personal. A pope in the early 20th century fell into a coma while walking with others and when he regained his senses he was very shaken as he had a vision that the devil had been given a time freed from "the pit" to do what evil he could on earth. I think the time was a century. If so we are near its end.

Edgar said (November 6, 2015):

Truth be told, the "Semites" ("Jews") are the first victims of the Kabbalah and its attendant satanism. Kabbalism has reduced the Jews to automatons of the devil.

The great shield and smoke screen of this subterfuge is the battle cry and mantra of "Antisemitism", as your piece on E Michael Jones reminds us. This cry, in one brilliant stroke, causes Jews to close ranks and puts the goyim on defense and a guilt trip.

You could turn this around by making this red flag of a term stick where it really belongs: on the elite Jews. It is the elite Jewry that applies the Kabbalah to the rest of the Jewish sect to reduce and maintain it in slavery. It is the elite Jewry that is at once both the principal engine and beneficiary of antisemitism. You know this better than I do.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at