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Makow -- Compare Vaccine Genocide to a Forest Fire

November 7, 2021

Play the Long Game

"Fire is a natural part of many forest ecosystems, and can serve to renew and invigorate forests.  "Prescribed fires" are planned by land managers to manage forests... Ashes left behind after low intensity fires can increase the availability of nutrients and organic matter to the soil and to plants. Some seeds also need the heat of fire to germinate.  Finally, just like pruning bushes in your home garden helps your plants, the removal of dead or competing vegetation by fire can help invigorate forests."

They have been caught red-handed committing genocide. It's not only humanity that is aflame; their whole system of covert Masonic control is also on fire.

by Henry Makow PhD

Watching a planned genocide unfold, and seeing civilization go down the toilet is depressing.
I do this every day while maintaining my Twitter and Gab news feeds.
Seeing so many beautiful lives ruined is disheartening. Seeing the credulity of the masked masses is sickening. Watching the pillars of society betray their constituents is maddening. Seeing liberal democracies morph into hideous police states is infuriating.
Desperate as the situation is, there is a way to cope if we compare what is happening to a forest fire.

"Fire is a natural part of many forest ecosystems, and can serve to renew and invigorate forests."
Humanity is controlled by an occult (satanist) power that is engaged in a process of destruction comparable to the great wars, which they also caused.
But we must not despair.
Yes, humanity is being culled.
But God is not affected.
God is Reality. 
Reality is Spiritual in character: Perfection.
Eternal and Immutable. 
perfect.jpgPerfection, as in perfect Love, Truth, Bliss, Justice, Goodness and Beauty.
Humanity is at the interface of the spiritual and material world.
Material things are flawed and ephemeral.
So while we are understandably depressed, we take heart in the knowledge that God is not affected by the satanist inferno on earth.
He is not affected by their lies.
God has not been defeated and enslaved. Humanity has.
We can identify with God. We can worship Him.
Those consumed by unreality will meet their fate.
Satanism worships Deceit, Degradation and Death.
Satanism destroys its adherents.  (Satanism Explained)
God reigns supreme. Timeless and immutable. The only reality that matters.

The scamdemic may have unintended consequences for the psychopaths responsible.
They have exposed their covert system of Masonic control to all those with a functioning mind. They have discredited:
The Mass Media & Entertainment
The Medical Profession
The Church
Justice and Law Enforcement
The Military
All have been subverted. All are globalist/Communist i.e. NWO.
They have been caught red-handed committing genocide.
It is not only humanity that is aflame; their whole satanic system is also ablaze.

regalia.jpgThey have overreached. Psychopaths tend to make this mistake.

The whole world knows that covid is nothing but a bad flu. They know that the vaccines are the killer. 

A pandemic with a death rate of .25% is not a pandemic. A sickness with no symptoms is not a sickness.

People are choosing to lose their jobs rather than take the poison.

Everyone who promoted the scam will be thrown to the wolves.

Justice will prevail.

Inevitably, attention will turn to the criminals responsible for this calamity: the world central banking cartel.

This fire is a needed reality check. They could have run this scam indefinitely.

But they have removed their masks and are more vulnerable than they have ever been.


My mother-in-law has some bougainvilleas bushes on her garden walls. They blossom year-round and attract birds and butterflies.
A few months ago she decided to trim all the flowers.
The birds and butterflies went away. The bushes lay barren.
But today they have returned in full splendour.

So it will be with humanity.

"Covid"  has exposed the Cabalist (satanist) cancer eating at our entrails for centuries.
This is an opportunity to remove this cancer and return humanity to its intended path.
God has plenty of time.
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Comments for "Makow -- Compare Vaccine Genocide to a Forest Fire"

Steven said (November 9, 2021):

The good news, Henry, is that all fires eventually burn out, along with the maniacs who started them.
Good analogy, great post.

M said (November 8, 2021):

You are getting a whole lot more like Jesus. He used parables of the natural earth, too, to teach simple truths. [Forest Fires and Bougainvilleas] I like that you still have hope. Many of us have to have our noses rubbed in it or suffer great and searing pain before we learn. Sad, but true, and this was certainly true for me!

God still has it all under His control. We can learn the easy way, or we can learn the hard way, but we will all learn in the end, one way or another!

John said (November 8, 2021):

I don't see genocide as good in any way. God can use evil and turn it into good (like Judas betraying him), but that does not mean we should act like Judas nor sin.

Also you say that everyone knows covid is a lie and they have been caught red handed. Judging by the amount of people who took the vax or wear a mask - you can't say everyone or even most. Almost all of my relatives have no clue there is something sinister afoot. Maybe once people they know who are vaxxed start dying, then they may figure it out, but until then, they are still hoping things will get back to normal soon.

The reason I have hope is that God does win at the end. Not that I am so concerned about the outcome - I just do my part or do what I can do, and the result is up to God. I believe that God will look after his own.

As I've read on your site, Satan punishes his adherents, and God rewards His adherents, and so I just do my best to be the humble servant of God. I also know God wants us happy, so I take joy in, and am truly grateful for, all the little pleasures of life - hot water, clean air, health (lack of pain, ease of breathing), food, family and friends - and let tomorrow's trouble be tomorrows. Living in the moment!

Thanks John

I don't see genocide as good. I am talking about coping with something evil that we have no control over.


A said (November 8, 2021):

I have been following your blog since 2013,

Demon attack on humanity through western culture video

You changed my way of viewing things in the midst of despair as a young teen, big thanks.

I think there will be a war to stop all this scamdemic nonsense, as enough people aren't rising up against this insanity

There will be respite from this all, some say that
the Antichrist will rule for 35 years but before that the Orthodox Christian gospel will be preached to the world as it is the true understanding of the logos

This is just based off St John the Russian and his predictions and St John Vatatzes the marbel emperor who was the noblest Byzantine emperor amongst many emperors

St John the Russian

The west was falling away since the dark ages, I.e. through bad theology that eventually made Roman Catholicism too rational, and Aquinas didn't help with that

JOHN VATATZES is known as the marble emperor as he will come back and set nations in their place

Only a heart and simplicity of faith will be able to understand these predictions

Turkey will be defeated in a brief war with Russia, Istanbul will be handed over to the Greeks

Thanks and keep up the good work

Sorry if this was all a bit too much I hope you can let it sit with you a bit

St paisios of Mount athos too speaks of inoculations and the flu ,plz share these

Abdul said (November 8, 2021):

Hi Henry, You wrote “ The scamdemic may have unintended consequences for the psychopaths responsible.

They have exposed their system of covert control to all those with a functioning mind. They have discredited” I disagree, I think they want to discredit their puppet system of worldwide that they were using very long time. People won’t be obeying their global Gov, while loving local, state, central governments, and the rest of the all institutions that you mentioned. That’s what build back better- all about.

They’ve been writing on the wall for the Goyim to see their power manifestation, by demonstrating killing of JFK in a day light with hd cam recording, and biggest was 9/11. We failed to see’em, and now they’re mad as hell!

I’ll say one thing which nobody is talking about it. The Rothschild, and their elite loyalists have defeated, and conquered all nations, peoples. But they forgot the real power, sole owner of the universe the Almighty Lord God.

Just like arrogantly Pharoah they’re direct confrontation with lord God himself. For us, just like ancient Israelites who had no power to stop the Pharoah’s atrocity against them, we have no collective power to stop’em.

Obey lord God, let him know that you’re nothing to do with them, and you’ll be saved.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at