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Headlines for April 22, 2022 - Worldwide Pandemic of "Vaccine" Injuries

April 21, 2022

snow.jpg(Bob Snow, left)

Yet governments and businesses insist we inject their pesticide.

They are murderers!

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Gonzalo Lira is alive and well!            Interview!

  Pilot  Bob Snow was told "No Jab, no job."

"I will probably never fly again"

Bob Snow - Airline Pilot who had a heart attack on the flight deck speaks out about the forced vax

Six minutes after landing the plane, Captain Snow collapsed due to cardiac arrest.

Pilot Snow's incident shows that the FAA has not only abdicated its mission but has weaponized COVID-19 vaccine politics to put airlines employees and passengers in grave danger.
assange2.jpgMUST WATCH

Study shows that vaccinated are suffering from a host of other ailments, including athma and adhd, at twice to five times the rate of unvaccinated.

Doctor who conducted this study lose licence to practise.

Pandemic of  "Vaccine Injuries" in the Philippines

Website devoted to adverse reactions suffered by medical employees

Mark Smith -2 days ago

Hi all I have been following this group for awhile now and wanted to share my story. I work in mental health and my state (Maine) mandated vaccinations to continue working in health fields. Two weeks after my second dose of pfizer I developed the following symptoms. Internal tremors/vibrations in my chest and back, sometimes eyes, intermittent muscle twitches/spasms that can last for 5 minutes and can occur anywhere and essential tremor. All this is accompanied with some kind of what I call dizziness but there is no spinning, it's hard to describing but I simply don't feel good, laying in bed is preferable to almost anything. These symptoms have persisted for 8 months now. A brain MRI showed nothing out of the norm and blood tests we've done are normal. Off to see a neurologist next. I do worry this is something that's killing me. Anyone with similar symptoms that have had improvements please share, it is somewhat comforting that it's not just me. My mother also had an issue with the moderna shot, her lymph nodes have been swollen( the largest 4cm) for 12 months now, not cancerous yet painful. One node is being removed soon and her surgeon said he's seen alot of this post vaccine, just wanted to share that incase anyone has experienced something similar. Thank you all I pray we all heal quickly.


Study Shows MOST People Now Have Microplastics -- Found in Disposable Masks -- in Their Lungs


(((They))) are out to kills us

Biden Admin Extends COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for Non-citizens at Borders


iJustine-no-booster-Tweet5.pngiJustine: 38-year-old social media star posts the "5G" trope on Instagram after second Moderna injection, diagnosed with blood clots, Paget-Schroetter syndrome


Large Canadian meatpacker, Maple Leaf Foods, given green light to potentially fire unvaccinated employees
The employees' union is challenging the mandate, saying workers have the right to be able to 'protect their privacy regarding their vaccination status' and to 'preserve their bodily autonomy to not take a vaccination they do not want.'


Union leader files petition to protect Air Canada workers from federal vaxx mandates


New social credit app to reward Italian citizens for 'virtuous behavior'

Citizens using the app will be rewarded for things such as recycling, using public transports, managing energy well, and not getting fined.


A comprehensive history of the COVID GENOCIDE:

The "Art" of the Psychiatry-Cult...short and to the point!


Saskatchewan ready to welcome Ukrainian refugees

Don't they know that Ukrainians are white?


freefall.jpegMore (CIA) Myths About Ukraine  By Chuck Baldwin

We should call the Ukraine conflict Covid-22, because the same propagandists that created the phony Covid-19 narrative have now created the phony Ukraine narrative.


Russ Winter- The Communist Bankers Behind the Rise of Adolf Hitler
RAKOVSKY: " In direct negotiations with Hitler they agreed as to the financing of the National Socialist Party, and the latter received in a couple of years millions of dollars, sent to it from Wall Street, and millions of marks from German financiers, through the freemason Schacht for the upkeep of the S.A. and S.S. and also the financing of the elections, which took place, which gave Hitler power."

YouTube censors Tucker Carlson interview with 'detransitioned' woman exposing dangers of trans lifestyle

'I consider myself lucky that I was able to get out of it unscarred really medically, but there's so many young people who can't say the same.'


Most of the top 25 medical schools in America are teaching "woke" nonsense and biological delusionism to tomorrow's doctors

"Anti-racism" is anti-white propaganda, plain and simple

At 21 of the top 25 American medical schools, students have been offered materials such as books, talks, and articles from Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, two CRT proponents who are often praised by white-haters for their works on "anti-racism" and "white fragility."

jew-gun.jpgIsrael is still arming Ukrainian Nazis

Nazis were created and funded by Zionists

Makow- Hitler was Godsend for Israel

Only google had this link -- Other search engines suck in terms of shadow banning my site

Tenured female economics professor is fired for saying Black Lives Matter 'destroyed' Mount Royal University in Calgary so much she 'doesn't recognize it'


Russia's Largest Chemical Plant Engulfed In Flames Hours After Mystery Fire At Military Research Facility


Cabalist shills jumping the shark

It's official: Wimbledon announces all tennis players from Russia and Belarus - including those who have publicly condemned the war - will be banned from competing. Includes numerous top players. -

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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