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Makow -- Modest Proposal: A "Human Depopulation Agreement"

July 19, 2023

Humanity agrees to go extinct peacefully.

Modest Proposal -- Humanity acknowledges that it is
comatose and agrees to pull the plug. It agrees to be sterilized
in exchange for a truce from Communist Jews and
their Freemason flunkies. (i.e. Satanists, Zionists,
Liberals, Antifa, Transsexuals, Feminists.)

Within a short century, the planet will be rid of useless eaters (us) and become a playground for sick Satanists/Communists and their preferred number of perverts.

"People today are obviously too selfish, venal, cowardly, and feeble-minded to unite and defend themselves. They were too stupid to figure out that a "pandemic" with a 00.25% death rate was not a pandemic, and a disease without symptoms was not a disease. Already, slaves, they will gratefully embrace this peaceful, easy compromise. Emphasis is on easy."

"Sterilization should not be an issue. People obviously no longer care about their children or the world they will inherit."

Updated from July 21, 2021, and Nov 11, 2022
by Henry Makow PhD

I have a solution to mankind's problems that should satisfy everyone.

Humanity volunteers to be sterilized in exchange for the satanist Jewish bankers and Freemasons (Communists) ending their war against God and man.

This means that within a short century, the planet will be rid of useless eaters (us) and become a playground for sick Satanists/Communists and their preferred number of perverts.

white-flag.jpg(left, humanity agrees to go peacefully)

What does mankind get out of this?

1. Satanists/Communists call off their "vaccine" and climate change hoaxes, chemtrails, geo-engineering, cbdc's, 15-min cities, CRT, lockdown lunacy, and vax passports.

They will curb their Antifa/BLM goons before whom we cower in fear like little girls. We avoid violent "Dark Winter" dystopia and enjoy relative peace and freedom.

2. We will not be force-vaccinated, writhe in pain and die a premature death.

3. The toxic psychological war against gender, race, religion, and nation will be suspended. We will retain some vestige of human dignity during our twilight years on the planet.

4. A reasonable number may be spared sterilization in order to provide a pool of servants, human sacrifices, organ donors, and sex slaves for the Chosen.

5.  Mankind is spared a gratuitous, catastrophic nuclear war designed to reduce population. 

What do Satanists/Communists get out of this?

1. They will not have to listen to useless eaters whine and winge on the Internet as our miserable fate slowly dawns upon us.

2. They will not have to deal with a Warsaw Ghetto-like uprising as humanity finally realizes it has nothing to lose from violent resistance.

3. Satanists inherit the planet, its resources, and everyone's property.  They can start planning their paradise and not worry about imposing their farcical "Great Reset" on recalcitrant masses.

Possible Objections from Humanity

1. Quota for the sex slave caste may not be large enough.

girl-gays.png2. Democratic reform is still possible. Just because they pander to Israel, patriot leaders are not controlled opposition. The Commies wouldn't rig future elections, would they?

I can't think of any other objections. Sterilization should not be an issue. People obviously no longer care about children or the world they will inherit. (left)  Can you think of any other objections? ( Haven't received any to date.

Possible Objections from Satanists/Communists

1. One hundred years is too long to wait for all newborns to die naturally.
2. As Satanists, we are not satisfied with eradicating the human race. We serve Satan and delight in making people suffer.
3. We have already sterilized ("vaccinated") nearly half of you useless eaters. We don't need this deal.
4. You won't keep your bargain and will use the truce to gain strength and plan your resistance.
5.  Vaccine company stocks will crash.
6. We believe in Order Out of Chaos. Where's the chaos? Satan will give it a thumb's down.

Reposte from Humanity

It's a compromise. In a successful negotiation, no one is completely satisfied.

You won't be able to vaccinate us all or escape our collective wrath.

A Joint Commission could enforce the "Human Depopulation Agreement."

Sterilization is no different from vaccination. It's an easy sell; another way for people to virtue signal. It's for the common good.


People today are obviously too selfish, venal, cowardly, and feeble-minded to unite and defend themselves.

They are too stupid to figure out that a "pandemic" with a 00.25% death rate is not a pandemic, and a disease without symptoms is not a disease.

Their acquiescence to the government debt binge proves they're happy to throw future generations under the bus. Sterilization is made for them.

call-me.jpg(Jacob Rothschild, Call me!)

I don't want a Nobel Prize.

I just want to live out my remaining years in freedom, peace, and dignity.

This is satire but it's scary how much sense it makes. 


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Comments for "Makow -- Modest Proposal: A "Human Depopulation Agreement" "

TM said (July 19, 2023):

Holy fright! Or something like that.

How about NOT.

How about;

Good people lay claim to an advanced nation and silently declare they are at war with the ideologies you speak of.

Grow their population for 50-80 years.

Demographics Decide the Future.

DH said (November 12, 2022):

Won't work, they want life extension technology right now, and we aren't getting it.

They need to constantly consolidate their power because there are a huge number of people, when push comes to shove, will rise up. Christ is Our King.

There's a third power, greater than the competing factions of the nwo: God. After Our Lord defeated Satan on the cross, all power belonged to Him - including temporal power. Christ, the Logos, will restore order, but He is allowing evil men to punish us for a time, for our blasphemies, for neglecting the Commandments and rebelling against His order and will.

Sin is disorder, we are like these evil men, in that we walk in our own ways. The only difference is in degree, ignorance and hatred. Every Christian in the world must consciously submit completely to God's God's Commandments and conform his actions to the Divine and Natural Law.

We must repent, and pray for others.

Then God will re-establish order on earth, but as per the prophets, saints, and mystics, the Day of the Lord will be terrifying.

Keep up the awesome work,

AA said (July 30, 2021):

That is so funny it probably made the Rothschilds laugh!

On the serious side I never make any agreements with satan, a major reason I never mask or comply with satanic torture rituals.

Anthony Migchels said (July 26, 2021):

Your assertions over the last ten years or so, of how Humanity was being initiated in a satanic cult, has been proven entirely correct.

It really is the best explanation for the total insanity that people are showing.

I never really got it, saw it more as a figure of speech, but it was really the best description of what they were doing.

The utter disrespect for the facts of the People. The sheer love for the System, and all its lies, destruction. The hate they have for the non-believers.

As usual, the women are the worst, but it's the 'men' that matter, and they're on board with Big Brother.

They're never going to 'wake up'. They'll just march to their doom happily.

It's not just the 'vaccine', it's also what you can see on the 'libs of tik tok' feed. The extreme leftists in the US, they're diseased, and it's getting worse very rapidly. A few more years of chaos, and that's a cancer that's going to blow up in all our faces.

I also believe that Priest was right on the money by saying 'they want us to be like them'. They want the masses to be total degenerates, screw children, and God knows what. And they will, no doubt about it.

'Society' is breaking down, and while there will be rear guard battles, people with a soul will be forced out of society, in the years ahead. There is no point in 'resistance', only in preparing for the breakdown, and having to live on our own.

And it will turn out to be a religious war. The Moloch and Ba'al worshipers, who sacrificed children, that got destroyed by Moses, Joshua, and Israel, and who are behind Cabbalism and Freemasonry will return to rule openly, as they did in the Bronze Age.

We're really coming full circle.

There's no use 'saving' 'society' anymore, it's going to melt down. And it must.

The Markets will crash soon, I'm still counting on this summer, and it will end in War, which will result in World Government.

There's nothing much we can do about it. All we can do is keep plugging Truth and Love, and prepare to come through the next ten years. Or a good death.

MW said (July 26, 2021):

Wouldn't it just be easier and more logical to crowdfund a group of mercenaries such as Blackrock to wage war and eliminate our enemies you speak of.

JR said (July 26, 2021):

you are one of the very few people I actually understand Henry.

those of us with the insight are experiencing grief.

this proposal reminds me of the 3rd stage of grief... the 'bargaining' stage

you are one stage ahead of me.

I am stuck in the 'anger' stage... sometimes I go directly to 'depression', briefly consider 'acceptance'

and then hurry my ass back to 'anger' again.

thankyou for giving me the opportunity to enjoy my imagination for a while.

John said (July 26, 2021):

Hi Henry . "A modest proposal, humanity agrees to be sterilized" . I am 100% in agreement, much better than the current situation. Thank you for a sane proposal in an insane world. I will be first in line.

Doug P said (July 26, 2021):

If everyone else knew this was a good deal, we would have the will to get out of this. Many people still think things are going back to normal when we "beat this thing".

Abdul said (July 26, 2021):

Hi Dr Makow, You’ve proposed a brilliant idea, but the great Khans aren’t talking to anyone, they aren’t interested in truce either they’re moving in for the kill! When Genghis Khan was getting drunk with his victims blood in Muslims land he wasn’t negotiating with anyone. He’s motto was surrender by your own will, or will kill you anyway. He even talked to some Muslims scholars, were he told them “I’m a banishment from your lord” He ended with his conversation with them by saying if you were an obedient to your creator almighty lord God I wouldn’t be here exterminating you. Now Roth Khans are here to banish the so call humans of 21st century. They left God, hate everything that associated with his name such as Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. The great Khans are on the move again. They even celebrated for Genghis Khan for causing global cooling by his killing 40 Millions of useless eaters of his time. So let the chips fall where they may.

They even celebrated for Genghis Khan for causing global cooling by his killing 40 Millions of useless eaters of his time

David C said (July 26, 2021):

You are being facetious Henry, although you left me wondering after reading your proposed scenario, which is so seemingly serious.

I used to believe the Holy Bible and Revelation was predictive programming, but have come to believe it really is God's warning, which also occurs in the books of Daniel and Enoch (etc.). That doesn't mean we just give-up if we are Christian, rather we try to save as many souls as possible, before it's too late. Assuming the "Tribulation" period has began (signs point it), then we have about 7 years more of chaos, and horrors beyond imagination coming. The population centers seem destined to be the killing fields of the future, so anybody wanting to live until the "end of time" (beginning of the New Jerusalem Eden) needs to come out of the beast system, and head for the hills.Only those who have created an off-grid sustainable lifestyle, away from population centers, will be able to survive in the near-future imo.

I too have given-up on the majority of humanity, but there are still many people open to being saved, and saving a single soul is SO important. We are human beings having a spiritual experience and our souls live-on forever, but NOT if the satanic beast machine takes over your mind, then your self-will is gone forever?

Steven Fishman said (July 25, 2021):

Henry, this is indeed a very noble proposal, but how many will agree to be sterilized? I would much rather fight to the death.

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