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Britain Stopped Hitler's Generals from Deposing Him in 1938

September 26, 2023

(Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. Is this Masonic hand gesture the explanation of German generals' docility?)

In August 1938, the German General Staff 
informed the British that they were ready to oust Hitler.
All the British had to do was resist Hitler's demands. 
Instead, at Munich, they handed Czechoslovakia
to him, its armaments and its gold. This is further 
proof that Hitler was an Illuminati agent.
WW2 was a trap designed by the globalists to destroy Germany.

"Overall, no man has done more harm to the
present and future of the white race than Adolf Hitler." 
-Geoff Ferguson   

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." FDR

"A panel of psychiatrists was even prepared, under the chairmanship of the eminent professor Dr. Karl Bonhoeffer, 
who would certify the Fuhrer as insane, so that he could be immured in a lunatic asylum...

'By the beginning of September,' [Chief of Staff, Gen. Franz] Halder would write, 'we had taken steps to immunize Germany from this madman.'" (156)

(Updated from Jan 18, 2019)

by Henry Makow PhD

In May 1938, when Hitler announced his intention to invade Czechoslovakia, the German General Staff feared a world war that would destroy Germany. They decided to place Hitler in a mental asylum.

All they needed was confirmation from England that it would assist Czechoslovakia. The British dithered. Instead of taking a stand, they sabotaged Germany's resistance to the Nazi plague.

Ludwig Beck, the Chief of the German General Staff observed: "Through yielding to Hitler, the British government will lose its two main allies, the General Staff and the German people."

The simplest and best opportunity to avoid calamity was lost. The Illuminati wanted world war to increase their power and wealth, and to destroy Germany in advance of their satanist World Government. The Illuminati were not going to allow their creation, Adolf Hitler, to be overthrown. 

"You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism," Churchill is quoted as saying, "but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest." (Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace p. 145) 

spychiefcover.jpgTHE COUP

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, Chief of the Abwehr (Military Intelligence) was part of the conspiracy to overthrow Hitler which is described in Richard Bassett's Hitler's Spy Chief: The Wilhelm Canaris Betrayal (2012). pp.150-160.

Canaris and General Beck sent Ewald Von Kleist to London August 21 where he met Sir Robert Vansittart, the chief diplomatic adviser to the cabinet. Kleist told him that Germany planned to invade Czechoslovakia Sept. 30, 1938.  If England drew a line in the sand, the generals had plans to make an end of the Nazi regime. These plans were well advanced. But all Kleist could secure was a general statement from Winston Churchill, who was not yet in the cabinet.

Nevertheless, the plan proceeded. Richard Bassett writes: "Several generals commanding troops were prepared to enter the conspiracy. By 14 Sept. General Von Witzleben, commander of the Berlin area, had made arrangements with Gen. Franz Halder (New Chief of Staff) and others to arrest Hitler as he returned from Berchtesgaden to the capital.

 Count Helldorf, the Berlin Police Chief, would arrest the other party leaders while General Hoeppner, in command of the Third Panzer Division, would march on Berlin at the signal from Witzleben.  Count Brockdorff-Ahlefeld, in command of the Potsdam garrison, would support Witzleben while Count Fritz von der Schulenburg, son of the German Crown Prince's former chief of staff, would secure the government sector of Berlin...." (156)

adolf_hitler630_pxlw.jpg(Left, In Munich, Chamberlain greenlights Nazi aggression.)

However, the entire conspiracy was predicated on England stating it would intervene in the event of a German attack on Czechoslovakia. But instead of taking a stand, Chamberlain announced Sept. 14 he would fly to Berchtesgaden to treat with Hitler. The optics suggested capitulation. In those days, statesmen did not fly to meet each other. Chamberlain had never flown before.

Bassett: "Both Chamberlain's message to Hitler, noting 'I shall be ready to travel as of tomorrow morning' and Hitler's immediate acceptance, imply a mutual understanding that the stakes on a personal plane were high."

When Canaris heard the news at dinner, he lost his appetite. "What! He...visit that man?" Canaris exclaimed. Many prominent Germans were horrified. The coup was postponed indefinitely. How could they overthrow Hitler when he was effortlessly getting his way?

Chamberlain's decision to visit Hitler spared Hitler and his gang from immediate arrest. Publisher David Astor wrote that the failure to act on the Kleist mission was "the saddest missed opportunity of the whole hellish experience leading up to World War Two." (Balliol Record, 1982)


tmb_person_henderson2.jpgRichard Bassett writes: "Canaris ... had opened his hand to the British and they had ... betrayed... his entire stratagem. ...It is not improbable that in arranging Chamberlain's visit so rapidly and secretly [British ambassador to Berlin Neville] Henderson, left had obliquely impressed on the Fuhrer his knowledge of Hitler's vulnerability and the need to act swiftly...Did forces in Britain in a subtle way want a war with Germany?  Did they fear a restoration of the monarchy and the generals who would prove no less menacing to the balance of power?" (162)

Canaris is often described as a "wily old fox" but apparently, he didn't have the big picture. The Illuminati Jewish banking power based in London wanted a world conflagration. Hitler was their arm's-length agent.


Britain betrayed Czechoslavia to Germany in spite of having military superiority. The invasion of Czechoslovakia effectively doubled Nazi strength. In March 1939, the Nazis captured in Czechoslovakia 469 Czech tanks superior to their own; 1500 planes of which 500 were first line, 43000 machine guns, and over a million rifles. "These figures are comparable to what Germany had at Munich, and at the time if the British government had desired, Germany would have been facing Britain, France, and Russia as well as Russia." (Carroll Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment p. 287.)

Regardless of what the British did, why didn't Canaris and the generals act independently?  Why didn't they simply overthrow Hitler? That would have defused world tensions and saved 60 million lives. Canaris and the generals may have been tied to the Illuminati themselves. They may have been Freemasons and looked to London for leadership. Apparently, there was a branch of German Freemasonry that was not shut down by Hitler. These people may have been betrayed by their fellow Masons in England.

Canaris had ties with Illuminati bankers and arms merchants like Basil Zaharoff. On one level, the Abwehr served the Nazi cause admirably. But on another level, Canaris worked hard to ensure an Allied victory.  He supplied advanced warnings of every Nazi attack. He censored intelligence reports on both of Allied weaknesses and strengths like compromised communications and agents (ULTRA and Double Cross System.) He schooled Spain's Franco and Romania's Sturdza on how to remain neutral.

Hitler was undoubtedly aware that Canaris was a traitor but Hitler was a traitor himself. When SD Chief Reinhard Heydrich was about to arrest     Canaris, the British had him assassinated. Heydrich was the only high-level Nazi official ever assassinated. Czech agents injured him, and according to Heydrich's wife, Hitler's doctors finished him off.

Freemasonry may control the world's intelligence services. But these services, and Freemasonry in general, function on a need-to-know basis. Their members don't know Hitler served the British cause. Thus, Wilhelm Canaris, who was hung by the Gestapo in 1945, and other well-meaning Germans were sacrificed

Mankind is in the baneful grasp of the Illuminati central bankers. The Second World War is usually depicted as a struggle to save "civilization" from Nazi barbarism. In fact, the war was a trap instigated by Freemasonry to destroy Germany. 

Related: Look at a film on the aftermath of WW2 in Europe. The victims are all white.

Makow -- Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati 

"Canaris and the generals may have been tied to the Illuminati themselves...Apparently, there was a branch of German Freemasonry that was not shut down by Hitler. These people may have been betrayed by their fellow Masons in England."

It's documented that Canaris sent MI6 his notes from a general staff briefing with Hitler before the invasion of Poland in 1939. He was a mole already as early as 1938.  He even secretly met with his British intelligence contact during official trips to neutral Spain.  Once, a visit to a convent was the cover. Inside he was debriefed by the chief of MI6 in Spain.   

How could such a high-profile figure in the Wehrmacht establishment carry on like that, literally face to face with Heydrich and Himmler without discovery?  Perhaps his confidence came from a connection with an even more entrenched and formidable pre-existing intelligence network.  High Masonry, that of nobility and the elite - not the visible lodges of the proles that Hitler broke up in 1934.  

As for how he got away with it for so long, Himmler knew Canaris was a double agent for a long time, but he kept him alive in order to use him as a liaison in Himmler's secret surrender negotiations with MI6/OSS.   It's of interest to note that Himmler also had secret back channels to British intelligence. [5]

I noticed the hand sign Canaris posed in his portrait photograph.  It sure resembles the Masonic sign of 'sacrifice'. 
 In 1779, Benjamin Franklin was elected Worshipful Master of the Lodge of the Nine Sisters in Paris, and in 1782 he became head of a lodge of the Grand Orient de Paris. This painting hangs in the Green Room of the White House. 

"A number of dictionaries of symbols state that the hand placed on the neck signifies sacrifice. Now sacrifice can have at least two meanings--one, the continuing threat of the penalties to be applied to punish those adepts and initiates who so impertinently reveal the secrets of the Order; and two, the willingness of the individual performing the sign to sacrifice himself for the good of the Order, or for the good of the cause or Great Work of the Illuminati."

Canaris was connected to another intelligence organization:  the Chabad Lubavitcher organization.. "One notable person he is said to have assisted was the then Lubavitcher Rebbe in Warsaw, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn." [1]  

In 2009, the Lubavitchers promoted recognition of Canaris as a 'Righteous Gentile' by the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.[2]  Yad Vashem rejected of the request, stating: first, that Canaris did not risk his life to save Jews; second that Canaris was chief of a Nazi intelligence organization that helped condemn civilians to SS and Gestapo executioners. Dr. Ephraim Zuroff, director of the Wiesenthal Center in Israel called Chabad's request "problematic." [3] 

Yosef Kaminetzky's reply sums up Chabad's sentiment,  "He saved the Rebbe, why shouldn't he be recognized as a righteous gentile?"

Here I have to mention that as soon as Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn arrived in New York in 1940, he solicited large sums of money from American Jews supposedly to help fund efforts to save Jews from Europe.  Instead, he spent it to set up his new Yeshiva and Lubivicher headquarters in Brooklyn.  He didn't lift a finger to save the Yeshiva students he abandoned in Warsaw.   Neither did Admiral Canaris. 

I don't want to digress, I'm just adding for detail that when the Rebbe's elder cousin Levi Yitzchak Schneersohn's papers were captured by the Stalinist NKVD in Ukraine in 1939, extensive correspondence with none other than Leon Trotsky was found. 

"The rabbi led an underground community of "exiles, deportees, convicts, and refugees" and died in Almaty in 1944." [4]   I mention only to point up that Trotsky by his own admission in his autobiography "MY LIFE" was a high ranking Mason along with Lenin.  

In conclusion, I think "the case is open".  The full story of Canaris' willingness to sacrifice himself remains an open question.  

[1] Altein, R, Zaklikofsky, E, Jacobson, I: "Out of the Inferno: The Efforts That Led to the Rescue of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn of Lubavitch from War Torn Europe in 1939-40", page 160. Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch, 2002 ISBN 0-8266-0683-0

5] "According to British war cabinet minutes released in 2006, Winston Churchill advocated Himmler's assassination. In response to Himmler's attempts to open peace overtures with the Allies in 1945 through Count Bernadotte, Churchill enquired if they should negotiate with Himmler and bump him off later. 'Quite entitled to do so', said Churchill. This suggestion met with some support from the British Home Office." 
Doward, Jamie (1 January 2006). "Hitler must die without trial - Churchill"The Guardian Online (London: The Observer). ISSN 0261-3077OCLC 60623878. Retrieved 21 June 2012.

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Comments for "Britain Stopped Hitler's Generals from Deposing Him in 1938 "

Brabantian said (January 21, 2019):

The 1938 Munich Agreement to carve off the German-populated segment of Czechoslovakia, seemed reasonable at the time to many people in Europe.

Stories about 1938 Munich, tend to hide the fact that the very artificial and Stalin-linked 'Czechoslovakia' was also oppressing minorities, and should never have been created.

Not only many German-speakers, but others too wanted to leave 'Czechoslovakia' - the Slovaks also ran out the door as soon as they could, both in 1939 and then again in 1992.

At the conference that wrote the 1919 Versailles Treaty, Bolshevik-sympathising Prague Bohemians sold the attendees on an unjust claim that the Prague gang should rule over a whole bunch of minorities near to them, including Slovaks, Ruthenians, Moravians, some Poles and the Sudetenland Germans ... after which many in those minorities found 'Czechoslovakia' oppressive.

In 1938, German-speakers within Czech borders, eyed the economically-booming Reich, and many judged that to be better than living under Stalin-sympathising Czech Bohemians, and possibly falling later under Soviet control ... the lesser of two evils, they thought.

Left-wing globalists or right-wing nationalists, take your pick ... that game is still going on today.

A pro-Hitler Briton did a 1938 book on 'The Czech Conspiracy' discussing some of the scam elements of 'Czechoslovakia', interesting source despite the bias.

Chris said (January 19, 2019):

This guy is right on top of all the relevant issues related to the Tyranny of our age. He has a book out called
'How Britain initiated both World Wars" This book speaks directly to your positing World War conspiracy in an article tweeted a few days ago

Brendon O'Connell said (January 19, 2019):

German officers got a bottle of cognac on Hitler's private plane, it was filled with high explosive. When the cognac was delivered to the destination after it never went off, the officers noted everything had worked - detonator - Firing pin. It had simply failed to go off. They got that explosive and detonator from (allegedly) a captured French Resistance batch of weaponry. British made.

I've always felt Hitler was protected the whole way.


The only thing missing from the analysis Henry is the fact Stalin planned a June 1942 invasion of Europe.

Hitler's job was to be a bulwark against Stalin who was not doing what he was told. Just like Saddam in Iraq.

Goering was Hitlers go between the upper classes and royalty of Europe. Goering was always screaming at Hitler, "Why must we risk everything!" Hitler was supposed to "stop", not wage war against the other Rothschild asset - just "stop" Stalin in a NATO like embrace we see today. As the crimes of the Bolsheviks were well known and Europe was terrified, it was easy to form a United States of Europe - European Union.

But Hitler invaded. It was a risky but brilliant grand strategic vision which would have worked but for the Ultra intercepts - Engima code breaking at Bletchley Park most likely ably assisted by Canaris handing over code books. He never got German Naval code books though. Hence why they never broke German Enigma naval codes till 1943 when they got a code book off a sinking German sub.

The history of WW2 has never been told. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, put in a historical box of enigma and intrigue and plain old lies.

Please get your readers to read "Stalins Folly" by Constantine Pleshakov.

Stalin's Folly : The Secret History of the German Invasion of Russia, June 1941

It is the missing piece of the puzzle. Hitler was not a "madman militarist". He was saving Europe from invasion by a bloodthirsty tyrant. The great tragedy is the behaviour to which so many of the German armed forces and Axis allies stooped in this bloodthirsty slug fest. That's what happens when the dogs of war are off the chain.

Hitler was meant to stop Stalin, contain Stalin. Not take him out. Hitler had other ideas and Hitler exemplifies more than anything Rothschilds greatest problem, 'The Unstable Asset'. Soon our betters will have drones and robots and the problem of 'The Unstable Asset' ceases. That is unless the ultimate A.I asset becomes unstable and goes its own way. Won't that be ironic?

And all the time, not a single German Jewish Banker ended up in a camp. Warburg, arch German Jewish banker sat out the war in a mansion in southern Germany. I guess Hitler forgot about him.

Ps said (January 18, 2019):

Read David Irving. This is not a question, it’s a fact.
Churchill was employed - paid wages - to drive the UK to war with Germany and keep it there.

Anonymous said (January 18, 2019):

Britains intel services in the late 30s thought Hitler a good man to have in place.

he was seen as a bulwark against the march of communism, the Jews took Russia in 1917
and they were a threat to Europe and this is why people like Henry Ford and others supported Hitler.

The factions in the UK were the Rothschild /Churchill alliance against the anti-communists who supported Hitler, this is why Churchill had the heads of British intel replaced or as with naval intel chief Barry Domvile imprisoned or with Vernon Kell murdered. It was this group that Hitler sent Rudolf Hess over to negotiate with.

But when Hitler took the economy away from the jews and made a success of it, it meant all the Jewish run countries coming together, this is known a the grand chessboard, and Russia the USA and UK, all joined until Germany was destroyed then became enemies on paper for the cold war.

Tony B said (January 18, 2019):

"Overall, no man has done more harm to the present and future of the white race than Adolf Hitler."

Henry, I can think of lots of "white" men who are responsible for more harm beginning with most any Rothschild who once served as leader of the family. Think Eisenhower. And Churchill. What about those responsible for the slaughter of between 60 and 80 million Russians in the last century? What about those slaughtering as many people as possible in the Middle East this minute - and I don't mean the ISIS Muslim Arabs who aren't "white" but they are tools of those giving them the means to kill? It really doesn't take much digging.

Hitler was actually anticommunist. How insane was that?

Martin said (March 14, 2017):

Henry, I think that the Rothschilds controlled the U.S. , Germany, Russia, certainly Canada ,Australia, new Zealand and India. For them a war is like a multidimensional, 3D, Chess Game where they plot out every move that everyone will make , and they have their Masonic agents in control of all governments . Look at Roosevelt, Churchill, King,Stalin , almost all of them Masons.And all of them of necessity liars to their own countries. They took down the Catholic Church through Masons, look at John23rd , a mason,and up to Francis 1st, masons ,homosexuals all Satanists. Look at the different countries major Corporations, probably run by Masons as well. He got rid of a lot of Masons in Germany but that was just to fool people and hide the connection to the Rothschilds. The Media of all of the countries that fought world war 2 was mostly controlled by "their people".After 10 years of Depression they knew that many unemployed men would flood into the war eager to sign up just to end their poverty and boredom and misery. They had worked out all the behavior al kinks of the ordinary men and knew they were ripe for "action". How Satanic is all this.

I think you have proven, at least for me, that nothing happens by accident and Bormann was England's man because he was Hitler's paymaster. Keep digging, this teeter totter will soon flip to the other side. No one who was part of the Allied cause would like to think that they were tricked in to going to war , that their whole life was a meaningless waste of time.

Germans as well were conned into war as well. This is what happens when usury runs riot. It is totally satanic from the beginning. And is the major reason why war happens. and now we are heading for World War 3 and the Rothschilds can't wait till they control the whole world with their phoney anti-christ sitting in Jerusalem "roaring" at the world pretending he's the "Lion of David.

Brendon O'Connell said (March 13, 2017):

The only thing I disagree with Henry is that Hitler was to lead Germany to destruction. No. He was to stop at the Polish border with the new Soviet Union and contain Stalins push for a June 1942 invasion of western Europe - read Constantine Pleshakovs, "Stalins Folly". Stalin was out of control and not doing what he was told. A bit like China now...

With the threat of the Bolshevik athiest, Christian killing Soviets, Europe would hastily form a "United States Of Europe". The called The European Union.

Hitlers handler was Herman Goering. Hitlers path into the elite European banking and royal families. Hitlers Adjutant stated that Goering and Hitler would fight. Goering would end it with, "Why must we risk everything!" Meaning, "your supposed to stop now! Not take out the Soviets! Our financiers in Wall Street and City of London will be pissed!" You can say much about Hitler - but he was sincere. He didn't work for anyone but he took their money. Like Saddam did.

It looks like a repeat unfolding. Savior Trump?

I don't blame people for voting for him, but people are deifying a very flawed and very tainted character. People should step back a little.

Anonymous said (November 3, 2014):

His hand Sign is the masonic distress signal over the heart "I cannot tell a lie" is what it means even when he lies.

Mike B said (November 3, 2014):

'Canaris worked hard to insure an allied victory. He supplied advanced warnings of every nazi attack' etc.

'Thus, Wilhelm Canaris, who was hung by the Gestapo in 1945, and other well-meaning Germans were sacrificed."

I suppose it is a part of the social engineering of Zionists and Freemasons to see betrayal of jobs they have been entrusted with as being justified morally because a supposedly higher purpose is being served. But a useful idiot like Canaris would be responsible for the deaths and suffering of his own fellow countrymen whom he is sworn to serve. Calling such a traitor 'well meaning' is indefensible. He is not a good fellow because of secretly serving what someone thinks is the right side. I'm sure he well deserved hanging from a meat hook with piano wire wrapped around his neck, as does anyone with that mindset.

Overthrowing a government is not treason and not dishonorable. But to suggest anything honorable about someone like Canaris is spreading a poison into social thinking.

JG said (November 2, 2014):

Henry, you've done a lot of good work and I've learned so much from your site and especially your comment section.

This "beast" that we continue to follow and analyze is full blown and out of control now. It is becoming fruitless to uncover it's true identity because it's designs have become so embedded in the public's psyche that a lot of them can't even begin to understand it's presence.
I'll continue to reference your site but will refrain from commenting.

As Paul tells in 1 Cor:8 we really don't know anything in the spiritual tense. Worldly knowledge and spiritual knowledge are two different things.

I've recently discovered that we don't gain spiritual knowledge through the accumulation of worldly knowledge. We can't enter the kingdom through the back door.

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