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How's this for 9/11 Foreknowledge?

May 21, 2002

You don't need to work for the CIA or the FBI to have had foreknowledge of the events of Sept. 11. Historians of the elite conspiracy have been predicting them for years.

Recently, I came across the following quotation from a book published in 1995 that has gathered dust in my basement since then.

"According to William Cooper [see] the Third World War is planned for the middle of 1996. He got this information from secret papers he had seen during his time as a Naval Intelligence officer. Thus it is planned to destroy one of the three largest American cities (New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles) with an atom bomb. Extremists from the Near East crisis area (Iraq?) will be blamed to have a reason to start the Third World War. Was the bomb that exploded at the World Trade Center perhaps just a test to see how the masses would react? Think about it!"
(Jan van Helsing, Secret Societies and their Power in the Twentieth Century, p.263)

This quotation reflects certain assumptions that provide us with a new roadmap.

  • Terrorist attacks and assassinations are almost always planned by intelligence agencies. Asking "what did the CIA know and when?" is like asking the fox when it knew it was going to raid the hen house. The inner circle of the CIA and all the world's intelligence agencies do not owe their allegiance to the nations that finance them.

  • Rather, they are controlled by the people who are pushing "globalization," the UN and world government. This so-called elite consists of the world's oil, banking, media and defense cartels, organized crime, and various powerful Satanic and occult secret societies. It is coordinated by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and its US branch, the Council on Foreign Relations. Essentially, this is the Anglo American establishment, known in the US as the "Eastern Establishment." Rothschild and Rockefeller are at the heart. It has expanded its worldwide grip to include the "Bilderbergs" group and the Trilateral Commission. This parasitic super class has been feeding off the United States and the World for the past 100 years and is responsible for economic catastrophes (Great Depression, Enron etc.) and wars. The media and academia are essentially mythmakers.

  • Essentially the world's "establishment" consists of tycoons, criminals, traitors and salaried sell outs who are creating a world dictatorship to consolidate and increase elite wealth and control. The purpose of terrorist attacks is to start wars in order to kill (they love depopulation) and destroy nation states. They want to convince the people that their "world government" is the only path to permanent peace.

  • No doubt they are behind the Muslim terrorists trying to foment nuclear war between India and Pakistan. They are behind Osama bin Laden. The CIA station chief visited bin Laden last July in Dubai (see "9/11 timeline" at Islamic extremists were created by the CIA to fight the Russians. (see John Cooley, "Unholy Wars" 2000). Certainly some are still working for the CIA.

  • The WTC attack did signal the beginning of the elite's third Great War, the one designed to bring about the "New World Order." Don't be fooled by the media blackout on preparations for the attack on Iraq. It is coming.

If you want to learn more about the 9/11 deception, I recommend the following web sites:;; and For more on the big picture,, (see their bookstore), or any of the sites linked at For more background and the relationship to feminism, read my archives at

We are in the uncomfortable position of being held hostage by our own ruling class. This is disheartening but if it's any consolation, it's been happening for a long time.

Dick Cheney says another big terrorist attack is almost a certainty. How much credibility does the Bush administration have when it refuses to investigate September 11? The head of the congressional panel recently resigned. We hear constant reports of stonewalling from the Dept. of Justice and the CIA. What could be more incriminating?

Certainly when another attack comes, we will know who is responsible.

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