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Was Katyn Massacre Zionist Revenge?

February 7, 2012

Katyn.jpegA 1999 Document, "Warning to the Polish Nation" by a Polish half-Jew who met Katyn murderers in Israel presents the 1940 massacre of 14,000 members of the Polish elite in 1940 as revenge for abandoning Poland and its Jews to Hitler. This might shed light on Katyn II, the April 2010, Smolensk plane crash that killed President Kascinski and 95 Polish leaders. As far as we know, no Jews died. The Chief Rabbi of Poland was invited but did not attend, citing the Sabbath.

[Editor's note: We cannot confirm the accuracy of this information and urge you to use your judgment.]   

Part One - Polish Jew Exposed Zionist Subversion

See Polish translator's comment below article.

by Marek Finkelstein-Dobrowolski
(Translated from the Polish by

Dated: June 16, 1999

(The original appeared here, the website of a Chicago Polish radio program. Marek F-D is half Jewish and half Polish.When he was in Israel, they treated him as Jewish, and they openly revealed various secrets to him, which were hidden from Poles and other Gentiles.)

The case of mass murder in Katyn, is a riddle in Poland. In Israel I met a few individuals - repatriates from the former USSR, who boasted that they were the perpetrators of this murder commented on those "anti-Semites."

Here is their version of the liquidation of 15,000 Poles by Jewish NKVD in Soviet Russia.  After the Soviet Army's embarrassment in the war with Finland in Dec.-Jan.1939-40, the camps were taken over in March 1940 by Jewish NKVD primarily composed of crypto zionists, who decided to bring to justice those "Sanation bandits," who sold Poland along with the Jews to Hitler himself.

[Sanation (moral "healing") was the name of the dominant political movement in Poland from 1926 until 1939. "Sold out" to Hitler? Have they forgotten Stalin made a pact and invaded half of Poland?]

There is some truth to this. The Sanation Polish Army, 3/4 of generals bore German surnames, with the exception of Gen. Monda, who was a genuine Jew.  Zionists accused "Sanation bandits" of flirting with Hitler (Colonel Beck and General Kasprzycki) with regard to central Europe, and as a result of it, they were sold into the bloody hands of Hitler and they were doomed as early as 1940.

They blamed the Sanation elite - captured by the Soviets - for the fate of the Jews, and therefore the Jews desired revenge against the elite, i.e. professional and reserve officers, judges and the "Navy-Blue" Police (the popular name of the collaborationist police in the German occupied area of the Second Polish Republic.)

Taking advantage of the evacuation of imprisoned Polish officers, who were transported from Kozielsk and two other camps, they secretly headed those transports to Katyn, where they could murder several thousands civilian and military prisoners.

All the investigations carried out in relation to executors and commanders of the crime never led to figuring out the reasons for burying the corpses in full uniforms, including coats, just the way those people were pulled out of the wagons.

Now, (as I found out) the reason for such waste of material goods was the fact, that none of the victims' personal belongings could remain unburied, because it would cause disclosure of the crime and its perpetrators.

Therefore, the secret was so strictly hidden from the whole world and Soviet authorities as well - which could be accused primarily of this mass murder, at least because of the longstanding hatred for Pilsudski's attack on Kiev, and also revenge for defeat in the 1920 war, by Polish Marshal Tuchaczewski.


 Zionists on the international stage led by the CIA, Jewish Council, Mossad and Zionist activists all over the world, plus Jewish policy in Europe, plan to cause riots all over Europe, bringing the so-called Gentiles to mutual slaughter.

Hans-d.jpgFamed Hans Dietrich Genscher, [ left, German Foreign Minister 1974-1992] treacherous ally of the Social Democrats in Germany, sold the alliance to the CSU of Kohl for many millions.
Now they sparked the war in former Yugoslavia, in order to cause mutual slaughter of  Slavs with the help of bribed [President of Croatia] Franjo Tudjmann - also a Jew.

Another Zionist - Krzysztof SkubiszewskiIn also took part in this game. Skubiszewski along with Michnik, also mobilized Lithuanian Riflemen (Union of Lithuanian Riflemen) in the east of Poland  against the Polish population in Lithuania.

Similarly, Michnik and Geremek operated in Ukraine organizing Ukrainian followers of UPA created by [Ukrainian nationalist]  Stepan Bandera, [1909-1959] and other murderers of Jews to fight against Russia.

 Both of these activists blinded by hatred against the Slavs, bring to life the worst memories of fascism: Lithuanian Riflemen, who murdered over million Lithuanian Jews (extermination camp in Banarach), the murderers of UPA plus Ukrainian divisions that are responsible for slaughtering over a million people.

In Czechoslovakia, the Jewish-Zionist clique: Vaclav Havel and Klaus Diensthiar [Czech Foreign Minister] sold out the whole Bohemia and Slovakia into the hands of Jewish and German capital earning huge commissions for making such transactions possible.

Zionist Jews in Poland, who lead the Democratic Union and Liberal-Democratic Congress, organized the plunder of Polish wealth for the benefit of the Jewish dominated Western corporations.

Jewish-Austrian, Jewish-German and Jewish-French mafias are buying Polish companies for one tenth of their value.To make this possible, they destroy them by providing high-interest loans of 90%, using taxes and interest revenue, bringing them collapse as a result of fabricated, fictitious debt against the state.

The collapse of companies in this way, is a typical symptom of a massive economic crisis deliberately caused by frantically insane economists such as Balcerowicz and Lewandowski, by selling businesses to foreign capital for a minimum price.

Jews and their agents working in Polish departments make millions of U.S. dollars for each successful transactions, which then are transferred to coded accounts in Swiss and American banks.


The heroic Polish nation saved tens of thousands of Polish Jews, thanks to the joint fight against the Soviet Army.  Also it saved three million Jews from the territories of Russia and Ukraine, where the fascist General Wlasow came to power in 1941 in Russia. Nobody would have survived.
Therefore, the Polish nation cannot become a victim of the Jewish conspiracy, which intends Poles to be extinct in the fashion of Indians by Anglo-Saxons in America or the slaughter of seven tribes of the Jordan Valley by Jewish invaders in the XII - VI  centuries BC.

II. The mad triumphalism of the Jewish society.

 During my last, eight months stay in Israel, I became terrified by lunatic triumphalism of the Hasidim and even by the intelligent wing of the Jewish society.

Fed with the insane idea of ​​biblical Chosen People, they proclaim to all, the successes of Jewish financiers who robbed Gentiles according to the pattern of Jews fleeing from Egypt, after robbing of gold, silver and clothes their befriended Egyptians, claiming to follow the advice of their God Jehovah....

For the reason of being half-Polish (my mother was Polish) and coming from the Polish Nation, which has never been blamed for aggression against other nationalities, ) on the contrary, repeatedly defended Poland and the entire West from the flood of the Mongols, Tartars and Turks,) I believe it is my duty to warn the Polish nation against the danger of its enslavement by the Jewish and Western capital.

It is stained with the blood and plunder of the colonized peoples and nations of Europe, chocked by international financial deception, perfecting in the plunder and enslavement, while Poles fought in Legnica and Vienna, in defense of European civilization.

Poland is rich in raw materials, self-sufficient in natural resources, and in terms of production, energy, and having good conditions for growing plants, has all the conditions to be the richest country in Europe, and to become economically independent body, free from financial and economic enslavement.


Polish Translator's Note on Poland Today:

This is What the NWO Looks Like

I cannot verify this document as the truth but according to what is happening in Poland now and how average people are struggling to survive financially, how the wages in Poland have been kept low for years with average $500 or less a month while the prices are growing continually reaching the level of US prices and even higher.

The gap between the rich and the poor is very wide and growing ,with all the previous top 'Solidarity' members in power, and very rich. Most former communist leaders and party members are still in power and in the government, and are also very rich.

The government, courts and other public offices are corrupted; the government doesn't care about the people. The mass media are manipulating the public and practically people are cut off from independent  information, especially those who don't use, or don't have the internet and don't know English.

Independent journalists are ostracized and have to work underground. Millions of Poles have left the country to work abroad, not being able, to support their families.

The  media destroys Polish identity and tries to pit the Poles against each other, making them fight and hate Poland.

 I am prone to think that this warning to Polish nation is absolutely true.

There are hands pulling strings in Poland and outside to keep Poles working as slaves, to cut them off from vital and basic information on what is going on in the country and in the world, to lower the education level, and to brainwash them with miserable and extremely low level of Polish tv.

The overall goal is  to weaken the nation, to destroy unity and pride of being Polish, to rob the country (which has been mostly done) to flood the people with porn, sex and gay promotion and violence, to weaken family bonds, which has been done systematically since 1989.

This is how Poland looks like now, after the fall of Communism, after over 20 years of so called transformation when people thought they had been set free to work, to act, to live with dignity. This is how all the nation has been duped and deceived.


International Commission:  Polish Expats Investigate Smolensk


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Was Katyn Massacre Zionist Revenge? "

Carl said (February 9, 2012):

Henry,the new world order is not Jewish; However, since the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel are deceived into thinking that the Jews are Jahs chosen people by Satans ministers they (Christians) are giving support to the new world order. It boils down to these two children of Isaac for in these two boys are the the two seedlines. Israel is Gods and Edom is Satans. By the Word…Esau has everlasting Hatred for Jacob.

Marcos said (February 9, 2012):

The article is thoroughly inconsistent and based only on a very fuzzy personal testimony.

Anyone with the slightest knowledge of Communist Russia's history knows that they never needed any kind of incentive in order to mass murder people. They consistently destroyed any elite in conquered countries, and in this case, it was only done in a massive scale.

For observers of the new world order development, Putin seems to be a wild card, but the man is KGB born and bred, and represents the continuity of authoritarian Russian imperialism. His mentor is Aleksandr Dugin, who proposes an Eurasian new empire, led by Russia. they are clearly using Europe's dependence on Russian gas to force their sphere of influence. Obviously, the murdered Polish leaders step on Putin's toes somehow.

The new world order is not a solid, written in stone system. And Zionists are only part of the Illuminati elite, albeit over represented. China and Russia have always been very nationalist and suspicious of foreign western powers. Sometimes they work together, sometimes they don't. This point is critical in order to understand future events.

We have to be careful about blaming everything on Jews. Jews suffered a lot in Russia, as any emigré can easily tell you. People tend to confuse Jews in general with a small bunch of Cabala followers, who may not even be jews, but belong to the synagogue of Satan.

Benjam Fulford said (February 8, 2012):

(from his website)

My understanding is that the Polish leadership was killed in order to force Poland to give up the Zloty and with it financial independence, and join the Euro. The people behind this murder are most certainly the people behind the Euro, that is to say the fascist P2 Masonic Lodge and the Khazarian Lucifer worshipers (not to be confused with Jews) who own the BIS.

These criminals need to put nations into debt slavery in order to control them. That is what they are doing to Poland, forcing it into debt and using that as an excuse to seize ownership of everything in the country. As far as I am concerned, the Polish people need a new Solidarity revolution. Donald Tusk is a traitor and belongs in jail.

Z said (February 8, 2012):

If you ask me Putin is the hardest nut to crack in this puzzle. He was empowered by Elzin, but very quickly reversed course on his predecessor's businesses. The immediate financial effect was the Berezovski flight to London and Chodorkovski detention. Pls note both are Rothshild pawns.

Note also recent offensive of Berezovski/Soros against Putin. It looks like he really pissed them financially off. Moreover he does not seem to bow in the chicken game played over Iran. He says Niet. Although I have absolutely no love left for this KGB-man, because he is clearly a war criminal and an abominable beast, he is currently the only remaining obstacle before massive carnage in Middle east. Bear in mind this party is being prepared for over ten years now.

The Kaczynski coup d'etat was the first move in this III WW. Yes, the war is already well advanced. Just like previous one, it started in Poland, just this time nobody noticed. Make no mistake. The war is already here. There are strong indications, that the coup was an inside job, through polish special forces, Putin only delivered convenient camouflage. It was all a great deception game.

If you want to inform normal peace loving people, so called sheeple, just post it. There are strong tactical and ritual recommendations for nearest future.

The carnage in Syria/Iran will possibly start in one month's time, March 8th. Purim 2012. Be prepared.


Z- You need two sides for a war. Putin could be just playing his role. Smolensk could not have taken place without his cooperation.

Z (in Poland) said (February 8, 2012):

From my perspective it is clear that the generational plan of installation of an auxiliary Promised Land in the shape of Judeopolonia, is well under way.

One should read the "polish holocaust", "polish concentration camps" and "specific polish antisemitism" in this light. We are under constant propaganda barrage of highly organized Jewish organizations. The goal is clear - to force us into silent submission and payment of a tribute to chosen people.

Reportedly sitting PM signed a reparation agreement in Jerusalem, agreeing to payment of 65 billions of dollars of war damages to Israel, for so called "Jewish property", notwithstanding that such tribal definition of the claimants is unheard of in international law, Israel has no claim and title to it, being born after the war and having no representation of victims of war, them being of different citizenship - American, Russian, German and others.

Poland settled all damage disputes after the war, paying for example to the USA for destroyed and left properties of its respective citizens.

As it seem the "chosen people" have special, tribal law, in which the goyim have to pay tribute eternally, even for the war, in which their country was destroyed and millions of its citizens perished. Why? Because.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at