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One Woman's Answer to Sexual Chaos

January 24, 2018

144580273.jpgYoung women must demand courtship 
and commitment as a condition for sex 
says 28-year-old Anna Freeman from the UK.
It's what women want. It's time they
started to listen to their own instincts instead of
the mendacious mass media and peer pressure.

by Anna Freeman

LONDON -- Recently,  a friend looked at me in horror when I mentioned that mutual acquaintances had had a baby.

"They've had a baby?" She repeated hoarsely. "I can't believe it..."

I was puzzled. "Why not? They're married, they're nearly thirty - what's the problem?"

"Well," She replied, distaste etched across her face. "I just thought they were more intelligent than that!"

Welcome to the 21st-century feminist dystopia - where having a baby provokes horror and a family is considered stupidity.
Educated British women in their twenties and thirties, by and large, consider children and family to be an antiquated disease caused by ignorance, poverty and lack of birth control.

And why must intelligent women avoid this unspeakable illness at all costs?

So they can continue to have 'fun', of course.  'Fun' has become the single last bastion, the irreproachable emblem, of modern life.

All other values, all indicators of a civilized, sane society, are sacrificed and forgotten, considered 'boring' - whilst 'fun' rules with a ruthless and unchallenged supremacy.

'Fun', is a euphemism for sexual licentiousness; a term that's taking on ever more onerous and Orwellian forms, as sexuality becomes an indefinable darkness, where everybody can do everything with everyone, with no commitment or consequence (or often, conversation) required.

Most women under 30 now consider themselves 'bisexual', priding themselves on eradicating the distinction between friends and lovers, whilst self-proclaimed gay men spend nights out kissing and groping their female friends because it's ironic and 'fun'.

Straight men know they can go out and sleep with countless women and need never contact them again, as it's all just cool and no biggie and 'fun'.

But there's a bit of a problem with all this fun - nobody is actually having any. Underneath the hyperbole, behind the Facebook photos, is an unadorned and ugly truth - that this is a shattered generation of wretched people.

Everyone is suffering the unremitting horror of being forced to twist their humanity into something else - something manufactured, programmed, and much less than human.


I should have fitted into the engineered insanity perfectly, my background should have made me a poster-girl for it - with dad an atheist liberal and mum a feisty feminist. My parents were divorced before I even knew how to spell it. I grew up with all the usual messages about the sexes - that men are inferior, marriage is monstrous, and fish don't ride bicycles - but nevertheless, harbored all the same romantic fantasies and bashful modesty around boys that 13-year-old girls everywhere always have.

Teenage girls start off worshiping boys, finding everything about them infinitely fascinating and amazing (just look in any teen magazine - the level of personal detail included on each boyband member would shame the CIA).

Far from the fashionable media images of the emasculated male salivating after the empowered female, the reality is the opposite - girls are shy and awe-struck around boys. They admire and adore them. And the knight in shining armor fantasy is still very much a reality for them.

So the dating scene, when they finally enter it, can come as a rude awakening.

It certainly did for me. The casual ambiguity of it all, the lack of rules or restraint, the almost feral behavior, left me stunned and bewildered. I went through the motions, I did what I thought I was supposed to - but ended up increasingly confused, hurt, and angry, as relationships faltered and fell apart, with no real explanation.

The men were damaged and dysfunctional in all the usual modern ways, so the last thing I could envisage was creating any kind of family with them - even if I could guarantee they'd stick around. [And no-one is more ardent an advocate of parents staying together than those whose parents didn't.]

I looked at my friends, and saw their personal lives were in equal, or worse, states of disrepair. I watched as female friends struggled through endless emotional breakdowns, desperate dashes for the morning after pill, and of course the inevitable abortions.

I looked on as the males treated women as interchangeable, just tottering arm ornaments for a good night out.


I eventually decided this was not for me anymore. So, at age 27, I simply opted out - no relationships, no 'dating', no men in anything other than a platonic capacity. I've always liked men, and they make great friends - but, without radical social transformation, I couldn't see them doing much else.

More and more people are coming to this conclusion - that the opposite sex just isn't worth the hassle. It's easier, simpler, saner, to just be on your own.

The fact that people feel like this is a stunning indictment of just how sick our society has become. Human beings are not designed for isolation or individualism - they're designed for strong, meaningful relationships; for mutual commitment, marriage and children.

But the only way to restore these things is to restore the standards of modesty, decency, and respect that used to promote them. And this can only happen if women insist that no commitment and no love, equals no sex.

Women believe they can't insist on these standards anymore, because, if they do, men will simply pass them over for others who are 'easier' - which is exactly why women need to join together: to support each other in having the strength to maintain dignity and standards in the face of all the modern pressures and perversity. In the end, it's these women men really respect and will commit to.

It's what most men want too. Men might seem to enjoy the casual sex culture, but it merely plays to their baser instincts. It doesn't fulfill them as thinking, feeling, human beings. Men just as enslaved and oppressed as women.

It is women who have the key to restoring real values and restructuring society into one founded on decency and respect, by refusing to collaborate in their own destruction.

This is possible, it really could happen - if only the true female pioneers would step forward and say it's what they want. At the moment, it seems they're too jaded, too embarrassed, or simply too intimidated by the might of the mass media, to speak up. I hope they find a voice soon. Perhaps this is a start.

(from Dec 21, 2011)

What an excellent article by Anna Freeman on your site today. She says it all and says it well.
I remember wanting to save myself for my marriage when I was in high school, but the pressure even back then in the 70's was overwhelming. If you didn't go along and have sex you were some kind of prude from the dark ages. At least back then you could count on a steady boyfriend instead of some kind of hookup. I feel so sorry for all the young ones, but especially the girls as they have been turned against their very nature. It is hopeful to see a few such as Anna claiming their dignity and sanity in the midst of this Satanic culture foisted on the West.
I have often thought since growing older that the old Europeans had it right; no young girl would be allowed to go out with a man unchaperoned. The fact is young girls are naïve, vulnerable, idealistic and hopeful for love; if they are not, then they are already damaged or brainwashed. It would take a VERY strong Very unusual young girl to know her mind and stand up for her virtue and her goal of no sex outside marriage unless the young men have been taught on a societal level that it is immoral to use another human being for sexual gratification; that sex is a serious matter for the bond of marriage and procreation.

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Comments for "One Woman's Answer to Sexual Chaos "

James C said (January 26, 2018):

ake issue with the statement: "Human beings are not designed for isolation or individualism - they're designed for strong, meaningful relationships; for mutual commitment, marriage and children."

That statement may be true for some individuals, but not for all. I think Aldous Huxley said it best in his novel Brave New World Revisited: "Professor Elton Mayo tells us categorically that 'man's desire to be continuously associated in work with his fellows is a strong, if not the strongest human characteristic.' This, I would say, is manifestly untrue. Some people have the kind of desire described by Mayo; others do not. It is a matter of temperament and inherited constitution. Any social organization based upon the assumption that 'man' (whoever 'man' may be) desires to be continuously associated with his fellows would be, for many individual men and women, a bed of Procrustes. Only by being amputated or stretched upon the rack could they be adjusted to it."

And: "A new Social Ethic is replacing our traditional ethical system -- the system in which the individual is primary. The key words in this Social Ethic are 'adjustment,' 'adaptation,' 'socially orientated behavior,' 'belongingness,' 'acquisition of social skills,' 'team work, 'group living,' 'group loyalty,' 'group dynamics,' 'group thinking,' 'group creativity.' Its basic assumption is that the social whole has greater worth and significance than its individual parts, that inborn biological differences should be sacrificed to cultural uniformity, that the rights of the collectivity take precedence over what the eighteenth century called the Rights of Man."

I would conclude, therefore, that humanity has been taken to hell by this communistically instilled herd instinct. But, "Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil" (Exodus 23:2).

TWH said (January 25, 2018):

The author states, "...sexuality becomes an indefinable darkness, where everybody can do everything with everyone, with no commitment or consequence (or often, conversation) required."

I think it's actually becoming less and less like this in practice. With the #metoo movement gaining steam, if a man does so much as make an advance of any kind on a woman, she'll destroy his career by accusing him of sexually harassing or assaulting her (usually years after the fact and once he's in a career that will allow for maximum exposure).

Look at what's happening to Patrick Brown today in Ontario, since it's instructive. I don't generally support this Liberal-lite politician, but we have two women coming forth, ten years after the fact, to say that Brown allegedly made a pass at them. According to the usual suspects led by Wynne and Horwath, Brown is automatically guilty and the accusers are automatically "brave" and "courageous" for merely making the accusations.

I'm against sexual assault and harassment and don't believe in victim-blaming, but it's come to the point where the pendulum has swung way too far the other way and a mere accusation is enough to convict someone in the court of public opinion.

If things continue like this, men are just going to say to hell with women since it won't be worth it to pursue them at all.

GK said (January 25, 2018):

I was born in 1960 and was the tail end of the baby boomers. The 1960s and 1970s when I was a child through teen, had the origins of our hedonistic wandering. Playboy magazine and Hustler and newspapers prominently carried advertising for X-rated films at local cinemas such as The Green Door and Deep Throat.

I was exactly what the latest generations became in terms of promiscuity and only wanting to party. Commitment was hard and irresponsibility easier. Even though I was hypocritical in wanting my cake and eat it too with women I really liked and who I wanted to be faithful to me, I was never faithful to them.

Once one soils a woman's trust, it is over. My son who is 29 now shows the scars of two parents who angrily attempted to raise a child out of wedlock with turmoil, resentment and worse. Honestly, if I had to do it all again, knowing what I know now I would have been faithful because I never found a woman who would have been better for me, and I blame my own wanderlust and immaturity for ruining all 3 of our lives.

Honesty, integrity, loyalty, trust and monogamy lead to the best friendship, the best sex in the world and the best most well-adjusted children. Something society needs.

Peter C said (January 25, 2018):

Anna is almost ready to be an angel. I am 80 years old and never had a girlfriend after age 12. I fully agree with the old way to join up when one takes the time to listen, support, ask questions, fully trade the life stories so that one can be safe, sound, relaxed and competent. Then the time will have arrived for becoming closer and always be super polite. Never take advantage over the other one.

Old Salt 80 in the Twilight Zone searching for Moon Beams and a good friend

Lynh said (December 23, 2011):

Hi Henry, Anna,

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the article. You are absolutely correct and I too have followed this course of action as a single Vietnamese American woman living in New York City.

If women desire to be wives one day, then they must act like one now.

Happy holidays,

Marcio said (December 23, 2011):

Great article and comments. They summarize the stupidity both men and women are trapped in. The author acknowledges we, men, are a little smarter: at least we listen to older generations, we do not want to follow crazy fads and we try to keep good values and practices. Women are the revolutionaries, the devil's favorite puppets to ruin society (Eve was the first one). No wonder we deserve the leadership and women deserve censorship (and guidance) before they are told what to do by psychopaths in the fashion world, psychology offices, sociology classes, feminist glossies and satanic creeds.

Dave said (December 23, 2011):

Anna, your article is quite excellent . The part I disagree with is the idea of 'dropping out'. One painful truth is this: A woman's beauty and grace is generally what attracts a man. You can reserve sex for a man who is right for you.... BUT... You must use your natural assets while you still have the beauty of youth -- that is, if you wish to find a suitable long-term partner. And I think you do.

Don't settle for just anyone -- you deserve a man you can love and respect. But make an effort to go out and meet men at events. Meetup groups ( based on your interests, painting classes, dance classes, etc. These will make it easier to broaden your social circle. It is hard to find a partner you can love and respect in this world , I know. It took me almost 10 years. God bless.

Victoria said (December 23, 2011):

One reason that young woman find themselves in the situation they do is that they have not 'learned the lessons' at the feet of older women. Unlike men, who often seem to value the outlook of their elders, young women take pride in leaving the 'old biddies' behind. "After all, what do older women know? They are yesterday's people - sexually barren and uninteresting."

I, at age 61, and many of my female peers have acquired a wealth of knowledge about relationships often, learned the hard way, through harsh experience. What a shame that there are so few young women who wish to hear what people such as we, have to say.

Many of the women I know, our lives having been damaged by the social engineering of the past 50 years, would love to be able to share this knowledge with younger women but girls seem to be most resistant to advice, especially from mothers.

It has crossed my mind to get a group of older women together to give seminars to young women so that this knowledge is no longer wasted but I have my doubts whether the intended audience would be receptive to such information. Please, someone, tell me otherwise.

Anna (author) said (December 22, 2011):

Thanks everyone for all the encouraging comments, much appreciated, and good to know there's still some sane voices out there...

I just wanted to particularly address the comment from Marcos [below].

Marcos, you make some valid points, but I think there's some inaccuracy there too. Yes, women should, in an ideal world, make the 'right decisions' in their teens. But can we really expect teenage girls to have the huge psychological insight and personal strength to be able to reject every bit of aggressive social programming they've been bombarded with since birth? It seems extraordinarily unlikely, to the point of being impossible. Unless girls have been brought up with solid moral values, they won't spontaneously acquire them at age 18.

Girls of this generation, like every other generation in history, want to conform and be socially accepted. Society tells them that to earn this acceptance they must pursue careers, travel, 'party', not marry etc. It would be quite wrong to think they do this in some sort of calculating, way - to 'exploit' men with their youth and beauty while they still can. They do it because they've been told, very firmly, it's "what you do".

And girls - who want to please and be accepted far more than boys ever do - do what they're told. We can't denigrate or blame them for this, for being girls - this sensitivity to what others want is part of the nurturing mentality that makes them good mothers. That's why social engineers created feminism, and not meninism - because women are easier to influence and control, especially when they're young.

It's worth bearing in mind that there's sound neuroscience behind this, too - 18-year-old brains are still very much in flux, malleable and adolescent. The maturation of the frontal cortex that allows the kind of incisive, rational, independent thought we recognise as 'adult' doesn't start until age 25, and isn't complete until 30. That's probably why programming in MK Ultra victims notoriously breaks down at age 30 - and why people everywhere don't generally start to 'wake up' until their late twenties.

Finally, I don't think we can dictate to people that it is ever 'too late' to change their minds or see sense - what a bleak and hopeless world we would live in were that the case! We shouldn't segregate or discard people as 'unsalvageable' just because it took them a while to come round; instead, we should encourage and support them in breaking free of this suicidal programming, whatever age they are.

Jeff said (December 22, 2011):

As a 42 year male, it is sad to see many of my female peers walking around alone, or walking with their dogs. Too many women my age fell for this corporate fools gold, and years ago I had to stop myself from dating and pursuing American women.

I had been at the mall this week with my 27 year old pregnant wife and our daughter, and I thought of how lucky I was that I escaped from the modern western women's lifestyle. (I met my foreign born wife 5 years ago, and invited her to live with me in the states).

While at the mall, I caught eye contact with some women my age who were alone.. and I could see the damage in their eyes. Now they are often viewed as no longer desirable to have children with, and many are miserable about it.

In the past, when I talked to friends and female peers about the corporations controlling peoples minds, etc.. I was looked at like I was nuts and crazy.. so I don't bother to talk about it anymore. That is part of the advantage the illuminati has. But I will surely teach my 20 month old daughter, and 2nd daughter soon to be born.

Sandeep said (December 22, 2011):

I just read your latest article from Anna and I can totally relate to her. I have been single for 3 1/2 years now. It is not so much that I don't want anyone, but because most girls/women are absolutely out of their minds and not worthy of being considered. So called men/women now a days (the majority) are really grown up kids and the boys/girls are little babies. They never live up to what it means to be a man/woman even though they think that when boys have a beard growing or because woman have breasts to impress the boys. When Anna wrote ''More and more people are coming to this conclusion - that the opposite sex just isn't worth the hassle. It's easier, simpler, saner, to just be on your own.'', I for my part have to admit that I have been doing this for the last 3 1/2 years. It is not nice to live like this because you see couples on the street hugging and cuddling and you know deep inside you want the same thing. Everyone wants someone. I think if you wait patiently (crazy enough that could take years and years if it has to) you will get the right person. Jumping into things or being desparate always results in failure. I am not desparate, but I go look here and there and if I find someone interesting I will talk and see how they think/live/behave etc.

Gary said (December 22, 2011):

Good for Anna Freeman, but she is probably selling herself a bit short thinking that women need to band together to make the stand of "no commitment; no sex" work.

Guys aren't stupid (okay, at least some aren't), and they have been programmed to want what they can't have, not what they can easily have. If she toes the line alone, one of the 3% of the quality guys out there will pass over all the other sluts and work for a more fulfilling long term relationship. Longer term intimacy is a joy that "fun" casual encounters can't hold a candle to.

All we can do is change ourselves, and be an example for the rest of the world.

Marcos said (December 22, 2011):

One common thing now is feminists telling men to "man up". That men don't want to marry them now that they are over their wild years.

Women today want to spend their 20s cashing on their beauty, going out with as many rich and successful men as possible, traveling and having "experiences". Then, once they are on their 30s, well spent and wasted by their sluting, with their beauty fading out, they want some loser to marry them and take care of the wreck other men made of them.

No ladies, men still want to marry, they just don't want to marry you. They prefer the grace and femininity of younger women, not spoiled by the crudeness of the partying scene. No man wants as the mother of his children a woman who has been intimate with a dozen men. Your knowledge of the best bars in Ibiza or the ashram you visited in India means nothing for a man who wants kids. You have to make the right decision when you are 18. 27 is already too late.

Christian said (December 22, 2011):

Thank you Anna, for your article. It expresses exactly my point of view. I think it´s a process, as there are men and women out there who think and act alike. When they find together and support each other against the harsh pressure of modern society, this will be a real foundation for a human society.

Al said (December 22, 2011):

This woman has the right idea. I think that men would probably find her much more attractive as a potential wife than even she thinks.

This kind of arrangement takes away the pressure and the bondage of fornication, and allows for the development of a true
friendship first. Men should also adopt this rule. No sex until marriage; end of story. The marriage would then be set upon a firm foundation of love, friendship, and respect.

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