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Patriots Like Deer 'Frozen in the Headlights'?

March 21, 2010

FearMongering-758564.jpg"The public can't fight back. All the information you give them just prepares them for the future."

by David Richards

'This was a false-flag terror attack and...THERE WILL BE MORE!' he screams through the airwaves. I wish his audience could see the irony that he is exposing false flag terror while terrorizing them.

Then again, they are probably used to it. Fear is too often the name of the game in the Patriot and NWO 'movement'. It certainly satisfies the advertisers dependent on panic and crises to sell their goods, but we should also recognize the effect fear mongering has.

It helps people accept incremental steps in the agenda by selling imminent disaster. The swine flu hoax was a perfect illustration of fear aiding the agenda. In the end, most readers of the big NWO websites were not angry about the mountains of cash spent on useless vaccinations and the extra powers given to the WHO, rather they were just relieved to not have been killed by a government released pandemic and their body thrown into a mass grave.

Fear stops you thinking sanely. If you hear, 'our economy will be like Zimbabwe's and you'll get dragged off to a FEMA camp' on loop everyday you will start dreaming for the day to come just so you can get it over with.

The experience is akin to someone putting a gun to your head and saying, 'I'm going to pull the trigger sometime in the next hour.' You are put into a state of paralysis. A deer in the headlights cannot think rationally and organize effective political action; it is just waiting to get hit.


The panic prevents a fuller realization of the world. Patriots are given the impression that pirates have just hijacked their beautiful homeland and it can be wrestled back if we just start fighting. What a scam.

The current movements of the agenda represent the finalizing of a global government, not the beginning of one. We already live in a global system, which is why patriot radio in the US is picked up all over the world. By telling people they can go back to the constitution, you are selling fantasy. Constitutional activism is akin to men getting dressed up and play-acting the battles of the revolutionary war in fields.


Ron Paul supporters are infected with these delusions. He articulates well the wish for a return to the America that existed 200 years ago, but in the pragmatic world of politics, this is not a benign act. His supporters need to remember the vote fraud in the 2004 election; it's a rigged system. His job is to keep you playing their game and in that sense he's just another Obama. Rub your eyes and look; he's on the mainstream media nearly every day, he's not on your side.

Can you imagine what would happen if Dr. Paul enacted his policies as President of the US? The elite would crash what remains of the American financial markets before you could blink. They rule with global methods of coercion.


An event recently happened in South Korea that should be burnt into the psyche of all activists. A baby girl starved to death while her parents raised a virtual child in an online game. The same happens to political movements; while people spend all their energy online real world activism dies. The biggest obstacle to productive activism these days is the lack of any social glue in society. We have so little cultural identity or common beliefs anymore, and unfortunately they cannot be re-instated by conjuring them into existence on cyberspace.

In its current state, the Internet is a very effective educational tool but it is educational on an individual, not a collective basis. Each user is picking and choosing from a vast array of information and therefore constructing their own unique reality, which is alien to the person plugged into the computer next to them. It is said you judge a religious man by his actions not his words, and the same must surely apply to NWO activists. Beliefs in liberty and justice have to be manifested through the actions of the people.

In short, the elite are perfectly happy for you to spend your time weaving endless threads of binary code. After all, if things ever started getting out of hand they could always just turn the internet off.


A very simple calculation makes the majority of NWO information take on a more sinister hue. The public can't fight back. All the information you give them just prepares them for the future.

We need to remember that the agenda still has a very long way to go. Rather than burning out with frustration every 5 minutes, expose the long-term plan. While the true identity of the elite often varies from person to person, the general outline of the agenda is well known. So instead of reading the 10,000,000th article exposing 9/11 to be an inside job, expose the future direction of the agenda so as it unwinds, people can see it.

We are encouraged to fight battles already lost. Don't. Expose global attacks like the United Nations Agenda 21, which will have us living poverty-stricken in super cities, and the looming threat of brain chips. The brain chip is infinitely more sinister than 9/11; it would mean the end of the sentient mind, so there must be an effort to expose it right now to build up cultural immunity to propaganda in the next 20 or 30 years.

 With a long-term approach even seemingly small pieces of activism create a snowball effect that can produce unlikely victories in the long run. Writing a leaflet exposing brain chips and handing them out to 500 people in your town, even over a period of six months becomes a valuable act.

Micro-philanthropy and attempts to re-connect and communicate properly with those around you suddenly doesn't seem so futile, rather it is a vital contribution to re-establishing some feeling of connectedness in society which could be what saves us in 50 years time.

And if you ever feel overwhelmed with hopelessness remember the hellish state of blindness you dwelt in before you awoke to the true nature of the matrix.' All experience was artificial. You would lash out in confusion and look for solace in all the wrong places. Now close your eyes and feel the process of re-wilding occurring in your mind, the power that resides deep in the core of yourself. Spread that feeling.


David Richards is a 22-year-old Englishman teaching in Northern China. His debut article was "Porn- Watching Bruised, Drugged Prostitutes"


Comments for "Patriots Like Deer 'Frozen in the Headlights'? "

Frank said (March 24, 2010):

Good articulation of the current mess, and of the futility of ceaselessly drilling into it, while locked into the mesmerizing light beam of your monitor. I agree that there really isn't much that can be done on a large scale, but one thing that I rarely, if ever, see is the suggestion that we simply withdraw from those relationships we find most compromising - sort of like playing dead during a bear attack. The word is boycott.

If we decry the outsourcing of jobs, the mistreatment of workers and destruction of small community businesses, then let's quit shopping at the box stores. If we are tired of being sodomized by bankers and brokers, let's move our money into different investments - hard money, local real estate, local banks and credit unions, co-ops, etc. If we don't like what we hear of the wall streeters, let's close out our portfolio and withdraw our 401K funds, pay the penalty and do what we wish with the money, as suggested above. If we don't like the nanny state, let's contribute to the organizations that provide alternatives - rescue missions, food banks, clothing recyclers, thus making at least some of the welfare state unnecessary. If we don't like the public education system, let's find an alternative, each, our own. If we don't like mainstream media and mindless entertainment, let's cancel our cable/dish subscriptions and go broadcast for important information, read books, learn something, swap documentary and classic movie DVD's among ourselves and spend time in what is left of nature, with those we love. etc, etc, etc. In the end, the only thing we can do is to deprive those we despise of our presence at their functions and the opportunity to manipulate us. Over time, if enough of us go missing, they will begin to feed on themselves out of boredom, as they stare into the bottomless pits of each other's eyes.

This society we live in is but a macrocosm of our adolescence - there will always be those of the various "in" crowds teasing the majority of us in the "out" crowd, taunting us to seek their approval and acceptance, at some price. Those of us who hold our ground, go on to be free of the burden of lifelong patronage to the "in" crowd, while many of those 'in crowder's' become irrelevant and those who succumbed to their charms will likely die, lonely and miserable, with nothing to show for their efforts at pleasing people who never intended to let them in in the first place, except as a source of sick entertainment.

We are powerful, if we will simply put our money where our mouths are, and vote with our (in)actions. Paraphrasing some of Socrates' last words, they may eventually kill us all, but they can only take our life, if we give it to them.

Sol said (March 23, 2010):

The kid's right. You can't fight 'em. (Wrong dimension.)

All meaningful transformation is strictly an inside job. (You can't give what you don't have.)

Fulford's sniper scenario is just another play into the hands of the unindictable.

Follow the money - Ashkenazi. Sex and drugs - Jesuit. Bloodshed is common ground. Follow the leader - Pindar (the pineal?)

While I could share with you most convincingly all manner of intimate esoteric detail, re-membering who we (all) are in every given moment is the most direct path that I know to suggest.

Tom said (March 23, 2010):

My heartfelt sincere efforts to effect change in "the system" have come to naught. In my 50's I am a spent force. Rather than a "deer in the headlight" sensation I find myself battling suicidal depression on a daily basis and an enveloping sense of hopelessness for humanity. The NWO could not have succeeded more completely in my case! "


The Archonic forces have "succeeded" because you have not figured out the game and how to approach it.

Let's turn it around. My favorite saying is that your Higher Self never puts you in a difficulty you are not equipped to deal with successfully.

So, they have succeeded in beating you because you are playing their game. What is important? Not paying taxes? I always believe you should just pay them, they have the system locked in, with too much firepower against those who don't like it. You burn yourself out fighting, and look how it ends up. Or those who leave the system to avoid taxes, would be much better off just paying and staying. Its what you end up with net in the end that is the scorecard for that game, anyway. Plus, you get to keep your sanity.

Remember, they have a system, a plan, and you don't. So why should you prevail? At least in things they make you believe are important, like self sovereignty from oppression. But you can be free in any case, its all a matter of perspective. Redefine what is important in the end - a sense of spirituality separate from the captive religions might be a way to go. At least it is my working hypothesis, that I am here to be the best I can as a member of humanity and as an immortal being that is only here to learn what I can. In that case, everything is fine, just a game, and its how you play it.

Who is to say they are not trying to help you by confronting you with challenges to your ability to grow under any circumstances? Who are you to say this is not a necessary stage for humanity? And who is to say they will not get just deserts for their actions? It is not yours to judge, the Universe will take care of that.

Wake up tomorrow and thank _____ for a new day, for having your mind and opportunity to grow. Laugh at your troubles, they aren't real, anyway. Work on your health, help those in need, and detach from worrying about what we perceive as the evil going on about us. That doesn't mean not doing what you can, reasonably, but don't get attached to the outcome so much. This is how you win.

It could be worse - you could live in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, etc. But they seem to carry on.

Robert said (March 23, 2010):

I just read David’s article, and I liked what he had to say, but I have a question: Aren’t the following two sentences contradictory?

1. The current movements of the agenda represent the finalizing of a global government, not the beginning of one.

2. We need to remember that the agenda still has a very long way to go.

I wish he had explained the first sentence because the statement came as a surprise to me. It was my understanding that the NWO agenda was being advanced incrementally, including with the recent passage of the health care bill, and that another false flag incident would lead to martial law and the imposition of a NWO socialist dictatorship. I would have liked him to document or provide evidence for what he says.

David Repplies:

I suppose it wasn't clear. 2012 is often given as the date when the basic structure of global government is complete (is what that film of the same name is about- the whole world falls to pieces and the elite of the world sail off into a brave new future at the end of the film). I also think that with the UN, WTO, WHO, all very effective we already live in a system of global governance now.

Really what's happening now is the hidden power structure is becoming more overt in my opinion, it's like with the EU now officially being a new country (I wrote an article about this - if that link doesn't work it's called 'The European Union: The Land of the Blind').
The EU has been making most british laws for ages, so in substance it was already a country really but now it's official and has a president etc. The North American Union is already the same, you have NAFTA (all laws comes form economics) and now you have had all the government agencies in the US, Mexico and Canada blending for a while.


But a structure of global government isn't just the agenda, implementing agenda 21, brain chips, a global police state etc are all part of it.

So the first sentence should have been 'The current motions of the agenda represent the finalizing of the basic structure of global governance' or something like that.

Michael said (March 23, 2010):

Some good points are made here, specific plans and actions should be a part-
but awakening people are necessary. A lot of Americans do not have a clue-are mis educated. I find when they are see they have been had on some points they are open to seeing more. 9/11 was no doubt a false flag, swallowed by too many people, but many are awakened by seeing the clear facts presented by researchers. I have awakened a good number myself.

Whats the point? To fight for truth and expose lies are always right. Knowing your leaders are feeding you a pack of lies on many issues, somewhere down the line when they say,
"receive this mark and number or you cannot buy and sell" you'll know its not the thing to do. For those who may be overwhelmed, get into The New Testament, get to know the Saviour, he was never ruffled. And read the last chapter. The
New World Order and its cronies and the spirit behind its implementation fail ultimately and they fail big time.

David said (March 23, 2010):

The situation does seem grim. I agree that no matter what we do, civilization is hurtling down the path set by the NWO. I like Ron Paul, and without him and people like yourself and Jessie Ventura, the number of 'asleep' people would be even greater. Perhaps we live in hope. Perhaps we refuse to concede without making an effort. God is the eventual arbiter of things and many believe that He will step in to clean things up whether as Christ, Kalki of someone else. Others think that God is guiding the good guys to accomplish the same goal. Perhaps they will awaken the sheep until 'critical mass' and eventual resolution is reached.

Thanks to the cleverness of the NWO (wasn't that what John Lennon's song IMAGINE was all about?) money, materials, enjoyments, paying bills etc imprisons the bulk of humanity. Their consciousness cannot migrate from these into the more important things in life. People don't generally listen unless you paint a picture to them filled with kittens, beautiful sunsets, blooming flowers, snow-capped peaks etc...just like commercials for pharmaceuticals. People are too busy or lazy. Guess what, The NWO has all they need to know 'already packaged' on TV and mainstream media. Awakening others is not all that easy. Their mindsets have been so totally formed by NWO programming that they think that by informing them, you are attacking them. Others who enjoy the joyride want to hear nothing 'negative'.

Anyone who dares to stand up and fight can have themselves or their efforts neutralized. There are very few workable solutions to the problem of the NWO. The militias may be an answer...I cannot tell. Mass protests may help. Non-participation in various aspects of the system may help. Migrating to remote areas may buy you more time. Will Russia, China and the rest of BRIC prove to be a foil? Will aliens step in? It does seem like it will go the way of the NWO. So do what really matters. Evolve until you become SOUL. If you die, your life would have been well lived. If you become soul, maybe you could help defeat the Occult Conspiracy. With this done, the veil of illusion lifts from the living dead. You help mankind. The NWO is busy erecting and building their illusions, all backed by occult power. Fight the occult...the real engine of the NWO system. Of course, fighting in your specialty is a must. The NWO does it this way. Don't give up hope people. They persecute you and rear you in captivity but only you have unlimited access to your within. You must drop out of the NWOs civilization and swim upstream. God's help lies in that direction!

Dan said (March 23, 2010):

We can fight back! This is what we were meant to do, seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow. Dr. Ron Paul is exactly right in that it is an uproar that will change things for the better. (I only used what Ben Stein stated on my website, regardless of his NWO intentions, as it was a nice article).

This could not be more evident in the passing of Obama's Health Care Reform Bill. There was a great program on the passionate eye recently. The Americans were demanding change, and one individual actually stated that if this change does not happen soon we are going to start shooting those responsible. Why do you think that the US Senate 57 lawyers, out of 59 lawyers, worked until Christmas Eve to have the Bill enacted.

Maybe people understand that it takes fear to defeat fear? You know the punishment for the most severe crimes, not theft, or slapping a person, but murder, or the aiding and abetting in murder, or the planning of murder through psychological manipulations, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

People know who is responsible for the oppression, injustice, the chaos and confusion that is being instilled within society. Why? Because the Holy Bible tells us why:

Jesus Denounces Pharisees and lawyers

One of the lawyers answered him, “Teacher when you say these things, you insult us too.” And he said, “Woe also to you lawyers! For you load people with burdens hard to bear, and you yourselves do not lift a finger to ease them”.

Luke 11:46

People do not know what to do about the wrongings that are happening within our society. Why? Because we, the flock, have lost our Shepherds.

I believe that the only way for us to fight back, before we turn to guns, is with the help of the various religious elders, if they can get pull their acts together in a timely fashion. The elders are the hosts of God, they are the shepherds, and we the sheep. The religious elders, under God's law, owe us this duty, and if they do not want live up to their responsibilities to us then society should turn on religion, but we must remember that religion has taken a very well planned beating as well. We must now give religion a chance to prove to us that they can over come their recent Luciferian attack, and now fulfill their Godly duties to us.

Jose said (March 22, 2010):

I couldn't have said it better myself. The way some "patriots" seem to solely live and fight in Internet message boards while listening
to egomaniacs "defending" the constitution and fighting the New World Order, is truly pathetic, hiding behind their computer screens,
not taking action, arguing ad nauseam over who's right and who's wrong, going around in circles, never moving, pretending to be
doing something righteous, yet simply fueling the system which keeps them imprisoned. Get out and spread the message, don't simply sit
idly behind a computer screen living life through proxy.

And then there's the fear mongering some of these New World Order "fighters" and "leaders" spew out, which is enough to make one go mad, repeating ad nauseam day after day the horrid conditions of the economy, of the world, of the terrorists.

Oh, and lets not forget about those FEMA camps they're building! Better stock up on food and buy gold at once.

They're making a living off of people's insecurities and fears, pretending to be fighting for a cause, when the only real cause they care about is the money they're siphoning off the poor, naive people who are just "waking up."

There's profit in fear and confusion and many of us have fallen for it too many times.

Brian said (March 22, 2010):

Your guest columnist struck a chord.

16 years ago I decided the federal income tax was the crucible of the threat and advance of the NWO. I devoted many 100's of hours to reading case law on taxation, constitutional rights, writing letters to Congress, the IRS, even the courts (as if judges could be swayed by "letters to the editor"!). I attended tax trials of patriots in federal court. I harangued fellow workers at break time and over lunches. I joined the citizen committee of a freshman congressperson after the '96 "Republican Revolution" (what a hoot that phrase was!) devoted to taxes. We had numerous meetings, made recommendations and I'm proud to say that the 1998 IRS Restructuring & Reform Act was inspired in part by that activism.

Next I took my battle to another level by suing the IRS in federal court. After 5 years of legal wrangling and pro se paperwork, fighting not only the IRS but the court system itself and (at one time or another) at least 12 attorneys from the Dept. of Justice, I was handed my head in a blistering decision by an IRS hitman masquerading all along as an impartial judge. In the interim I almost lost my family, my marriage and my ability to stay gainfully employed.

What I did lose was investments made over 25 years and a sterling credit score. I was so preoccupied with my personal war against the IRS that I neglected warning signs in the financial markets during the 2005-2008 timeframe.

Looking back over these last 16 years, I see that we now have more government, more regulation, more taxation, more centralization of power and more tyranny than ever before. I thought all along I was doing something beneficial for society and my children's future. Every day I watch the young families on my block waiting for their kids to be dropped off the yellow schoolbuses (that so much resemble prisoner transports) bringing them home from the state indoctrination centers laughingly mislabelled "education".

My heartfelt sincere efforts to effect change in "the system" have come to naught. In my 50's I am a spent force. Rather than a "deer in the headlight" sensation I find myself battling suicidal depression on a daily basis and an enveloping sense of hopelessness for humanity. The NWO could not have succeeded more completely in my case!

James said (March 22, 2010):

For such a young man, David Richards, seems to have a clear picture of the forest exposing those of us who may be bent on focusing on the knot holes of a few trees.

After 38 years of research and study of the NWO et. al. I have met just one man who shares my desire to know what's going on. Sad but true, Without a community of like minded people we humans have little hope or future no matter what the future brings.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at